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Naija music 2016 DJ Abbott Mixtape.1 (latest Afro Mix ) Ft Timaya, KC, Inyanya,Don Jazzy, Davido, -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dj Abbott

By: Dj AbbottPublished: 1 year ago

534, 563 views

1, 292 Likes   170 Dislikes

Naija music 2016 (latest Afrobeat Mix 2016)Ft Timaya, KC, Inyanya,Don Jazzy, Olamide, Davido,Wizkid , Selebobo, Marshal , Yemi Alade , Harry Song, Uhuru, 2 Face, Phyno, Bracket, Flavour, Dr Sid, Don Jazzy, Skata, Fuse ODG,Dbanj
DJ Abbott ...Music the way you like it !

Naija Music 2015( latest mix) Fresh from Naija 5 Feat. Wizkid,Davido,Flavour,Yemi Alade,Phyno, Harry Song ,Skales,Iyanya,Wande Coal,Timaya, Olamide,Dj Abbott, Lamili..... By DJ Abbott



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1. I concur ------------------------------------------------------Timaya Feat Don Jazzy
2. Alkayida------------------------------------------------------------KC feat. Timaya
3. Ego-------------------------------------------------------------------Bracket Ft Olamide
4.Talk and do-------------------------------------------------------KC feat Uhuru
5.OMG (Free Me )------------------------------------------------Psquare
6.Sexy Rosey--------------------------------------------------------Flavour Feat Psquare
7.Last Bus stop---------------------------------------------------Dr Sid
8.Igbeyawo--------------------------------------------------------- Oritse Femi
9.Egwu ----------------------------------------------------------------Inyanya feat Mystro
10.Kabiyesi----------------------------------------------------------Dr Sid
11. Dance go ------------------------------------------------------2 face feat Wizkid
12. Mama -----------------------------------------------------------Marshal
13.Skank Anywhere---------------------------------------------Skata
14.Gbosa-------------------------------------------------------------R2Bees feat Davido
15.Wonna Love you --------------------------------------------Lamili
16.Wole---------------------------------------------------------------Dj Xclusive Feat Davido
17. Money ----------------------------------------------------------- Yemi Alade
18. Knocking on my Door------------------------------------Dbanj
19. Ye Play----------------------------------------------------------Fuse ODG
20. psychology---------------------------------------------------Inyanya feat Harry Song.

Moises destructor 411
i dont like it
Getrude Washalla
'Getrude Washalla' 1 week ago
hello...why can't I upload the video it keeps saying video is unavailable
vision edge
'vision edge' 3 weeks ago
how can i download this songs?
vision edge
'vision edge' 3 weeks ago
this very nice
Austeen Onwudiwe
'Austeen Onwudiwe' 3 months ago
Sherry Parker
'Sherry Parker' 4 months ago
I'm happy to this Nigerian Music God Bless
Juliet Jerry
'Juliet Jerry' 5 months ago
I love it👍🏼
Fudii A
'Fudii A' 5 months ago
love this mix
Eddy Mark
'Eddy Mark' 5 months ago
This mixtape is so beautiful, i like it too much
Mrs Zyi Boo boo
'Mrs Zyi Boo boo' 5 months ago
Beautiful nice one Dj Abbott Who sing 21.10
Igie Eseosa
'Igie Eseosa' 6 months ago
i really like your style
Igie Eseosa
'Igie Eseosa' 6 months ago
DJ AB i there anyway someone can get to you?
johnayorinde michael
'johnayorinde michael' 6 months ago
Nice mix
Ben Ikem
'Ben Ikem' 7 months ago
I sure will. Have a good one bro
Ben Ikem
'Ben Ikem' 7 months ago
Abbot my man nice one. Nwannem Kaa! Abiriba wee madu. your playing my bash Jan. 2017 in Dallas Tx. Cheers
'FRIDAY ELLAH' 7 months ago
Eric    Osa Osa
'Eric Osa Osa' 8 months ago
good mix, thanx
Godwin Prince
'Godwin Prince' 8 months ago
9ce one
Siam Lee
'Siam Lee' 8 months ago
Nice, big up !!!
adenike oretuga
'adenike oretuga' 9 months ago
second song is alkaida kc ft timaya
Ifeoma Grace
'Ifeoma Grace' 9 months ago
Nice one DJ Abbott, pls how do download?
balla bilivogui
'balla bilivogui' 9 months ago
please wish song is the second song ? help me
'AFRI' 9 months ago
good music
fitsum hagos
'fitsum hagos' 9 months ago
like it
A. Onos
'A. Onos' 9 months ago
I like it. Is a great mix. Thx. But i will love to have ithe CD if possible.
Brian Dave
'Brian Dave' 10 months ago
i jst lyk naija
Adzape Mike
'Adzape Mike' 10 months ago
good afro beats
Maria Martinez
'Maria Martinez' 10 months ago
Mad love for this music🔥😍😣
Carlos Martinez
'Carlos Martinez' 10 months ago
Yeah man really good!
'LUISA XAVIER' 11 months ago
nice mix d j
jude desmond
'jude desmond' 11 months ago
gbedu wey dey burst brain
Alpha Sow
'Alpha Sow' 12 months ago
very nice mix
chinyere ugugbe
'chinyere ugugbe' 12 months ago
Mamadou Oury Bah
'Mamadou Oury Bah' 12 months ago
Pasquale D
'Pasquale D'Angelo' 12 months ago
Ay vedio
Anna Badjie
'Anna Badjie' 12 months ago
its prefect am very glad keep it up with blessing amen
Anna Badjie
'Anna Badjie' 12 months ago
its prefect am very glad keep it up with blessing amen
Anna Badjie
'Anna Badjie' 12 months ago
its prefect am very glad keep it up with blessing amen
juliana fred
'juliana fred' 12 months ago
am enjoying it especially number one
juliana fred
'juliana fred' 12 months ago
am enjoying it especially number one and two
juliana fred
'juliana fred' 12 months ago
am enjoying it especially number one and two
juliana fred
'juliana fred' 12 months ago
am enjoying it especially number one and two
Ugochukwu Arinze
'Ugochukwu Arinze' 12 months ago
pls dj abbott i need d mix send a mail on my mailbox [email protected]
Francis Ahator
'Francis Ahator' 12 months ago
nice one
Barbara Fugueroa
'Barbara Fugueroa' 1 year ago
nice mix
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dennis arthur
'dennis arthur' 1 year ago
U are the best dj mixer 2017 bro i love it
Rasheed Shaibu
'Rasheed Shaibu' 1 year ago
nice selections
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Peter Isaiah
'Peter Isaiah' 1 year ago
Nice ones
Afro Latin
'Afro Latin' 1 year ago
good work
Blessing Bless
'Blessing Bless' 1 year ago
I love this song
Pretty Sezy
'Pretty Sezy' 1 year ago
I love this mixt so much its my favourite now.
Ray Kene
'Ray Kene' 1 year ago
Thank you DJ Abbott for the mix. But this just that this mixtape 1 is not in Hulkshare. Any chance of uploading it. To your success
David Teddy
'David Teddy' 1 year ago
pls whats the song title and artist on 54:22 ?
Dj Abbott
'Dj Abbott' 1 year ago
Dj Abbott
'Dj Abbott' 1 year ago
One Hope One future
Chibuike C I
'Chibuike C I' 1 year ago
Na so
saintfleur filsaime
very good myman
qing W
'qing W' 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing,naja music is amazing,i love it so much.
agu olivia
'agu olivia' 1 year ago
necessary songs needed nice one dj
Maria Peter
'Maria Peter' 1 year ago
best wedding 06.09.2014 😉with Dj Abbott 👌
Maria Peter
'Maria Peter' 1 year ago
dj Abbott du bist der beste 👌
i.t Babe
'i.t Babe' 1 year ago
bomb 💯👍👍👍👍👍👍
Karina Fuchs
'Karina Fuchs' 1 year ago
amazing compailation of great african top artists,represting US in Diaspora.thank you dj
Nwachukwu Daniel
'Nwachukwu Daniel' 1 year ago
diz is dee culest mix
'FRIDAY ITOTA' 1 year ago
very OK
lanry joy
'lanry joy' 1 year ago
nice song & thk 4 ur post., i really like it.
isaac ajax
'isaac ajax' 1 year ago
Nice one 😉
Brady Boy
'Brady Boy' 1 year ago
nice mix
Brady Boy
'Brady Boy' 1 year ago
nice mix
Niyi Epega
'Niyi Epega' 1 year ago
wicked mix. afrobeats excellence. well done.
Kingsley Masoso
'Kingsley Masoso' 1 year ago
Dj Abbott you too much
Hade Camara
'Hade Camara' 1 year ago
Hade cam's ils dor c musc
Bigg Dreamz
'Bigg Dreamz' 1 year ago
Favour Paul
'Favour Paul' 1 year ago
Rose edobor
'Rose edobor' 1 year ago
thanks for so pruad of u guys. nd my kids love nigeria música becos the way u the can Dance. música Is life Happy.peacs.God bless dose fingers of yours keep we are out ther playing for u.ok one love keep us together.jah bless we all on.kisssss
Lily Emma
'Lily Emma' 1 year ago
this is really hot....i enjoy it shaaa
Dj Abbott
'Dj Abbott' 1 year ago
Alima Sweet
'Alima Sweet' 1 year ago
i love this mix
Wiz Nsk
'Wiz Nsk' 1 year ago
Nice mix bro
Eddy love Endurance
i like it
Zara Amanda
'Zara Amanda' 1 year ago
ebenezer moses
'ebenezer moses' 1 year ago
+Dj Abbott hello nice job please can you create a mix for workout please... A bit fast and the song musn't end before playing the next one so one doesn't get bored off easily at the gym house. THANKS
Tray Michaels
'Tray Michaels' 1 year ago
I'm loving this!!!
Walker Jeff
'Walker Jeff' 1 year ago
nice mix with gud intro🔫🔫🔫🔫
Nafisa Conteh
'Nafisa Conteh' 1 year ago
what the name for the first and second music
Kelly  Chibuike
'Kelly Chibuike' 1 year ago
new in town
Jimi Oyefeso
'Jimi Oyefeso' 1 year ago
Psquare still got mad vibes #Respect4UrTalent
Timmiro Love
'Timmiro Love' 1 year ago
loving tune at 36:00
Ndidi Orachia
'Ndidi Orachia' 1 year ago
nice mix
chigbogu live well
Move on bro i love de mix
'NANCY ESE' 1 year ago
9ce one
Emmanuel Kalu
'Emmanuel Kalu' 1 year ago
GodSayathe white are evil they should died allah wackubaah.
jennifer winstanley-inglis
Wooooowwwwww!!!!!! Dancing me little feet off haha live to do a song with you (just Jen) have look the song is called dedicated haha goin to carry on dancing xx
Ellabella Omos
'Ellabella Omos' 1 year ago
Nice 1
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