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Here's Why You Get So Excited By Surprises! -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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Even small surprises can set off activity in the brain called the Nucleus Accumbens. That’s one of the brain’s pleasure sensors!

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'OptimistPrime' 10 months ago
The real question is: why do some people HATE surprises?
Bong Salvador
'Bong Salvador' 10 months ago
shocked at those dentures!!hahaha,
Flip Green
'Flip Green' 10 months ago
Uhhh cause its a suprise.
Zangoose7270 AJ
'Zangoose7270 AJ' 10 months ago
So what happens to people who hate surprises?
Andy Yip
'Andy Yip' 10 months ago
and now school teaches kids : being surprised can be addicting and should count as a prohibited drug (jk
mahdi al-kawaz
'mahdi al-kawaz' 10 months ago
Fun fact: People with Autism actually hates surprises, because they Think they brought you what they want. and afterwards gets really dissapointed
'Bleach' 10 months ago
3rd comment
'Bleach' 10 months ago
Six like
'KrisGamer1703' 10 months ago
Second comment !!!!
Aravind Ashok
'Aravind Ashok' 10 months ago
Advanced happy new year Science Channel and Everyone
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