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Best Vine Trend Compilation | Top Trends of Vines November 2016 -
Published: 11 months ago By: Dumb Genius

By: Dumb GeniusPublished: 11 months ago

219, 350 views

1, 796 Likes   182 Dislikes

The Best Vine Trends compilation from the Best Viners of November 2016! Featuring the Bottle Flip Challenge, Damn Daniel, Haters Say It Fake, Dab On Em Dance, Mannequin Challenge and more from KingBach, Curtis Lepore, Smauel Grubbs, Lenarr Young and more! Check out Team Internet's Lost Vlogs ►

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stephanie gutierrez
'stephanie gutierrez' 10 months ago
I can't hear anything
Tim Dook
'Tim Dook' 10 months ago
No sound -_-
Eloise Odom
'Eloise Odom' 10 months ago
Am I the only one without sound.
Thymelord purple
'Thymelord purple' 10 months ago
y no sound
Filip Vlahek
'Filip Vlahek' 10 months ago
no sound wtf
Hafiz Ramdhani
'Hafiz Ramdhani' 10 months ago
8:07 what song?
Alice Love
'Alice Love' 10 months ago
whats the song at 0:45
Facundo Bottaro
'Facundo Bottaro' 10 months ago
00:35 song original? I can not find the original version
'cena1ist' 11 months ago
Vine is gonna be filled with damn Daniel mani quiz challenge and running man for ages. Mabel it's time to say good bye vine.
'wealthyear' 11 months ago
8:42 song
'CrimeRate' 11 months ago
Wahts the song at 10:53
'CrimeRate' 11 months ago
Wahts the song at 9:08
'PineGamer' 11 months ago
Pause at 7:50
'ProseArtist' 11 months ago
New content, Check again! Weird side of YouTube On my channel
Vikingstar 123451
'Vikingstar 123451' 11 months ago
also 8:42
Vikingstar 123451
'Vikingstar 123451' 11 months ago
Frashavocado damn that always gets me 5:49
MidnightDragon 700
'MidnightDragon 700' 11 months ago
What's the song on 11:32
MidnightDragon 700
'MidnightDragon 700' 11 months ago
What's the song on 8:00
MidnightDragon 700
'MidnightDragon 700' 11 months ago
What's the song on 4:30
'yungsnoop03' 11 months ago
what is background music at 0:16
Nickos King
'Nickos King' 11 months ago
whats the song at 0:52
Sergey Aseev
'Sergey Aseev' 11 months ago
Please guys say me all music this video?Just im love this music but idk name((((((HELP MEEEEE
'MsSexyEdits' 11 months ago
Hey guys, I'm starting with YouTube channel. This channel is about Twerking vines, Sexy edits etc. Please check it out ! Peace
Pokemon Trainer Genwunner
2:22 Danielle's tits.
Pokemon Trainer Genwunner
0:22 What the fuck is that?
Pokemon Trainer Genwunner
G u i l m o n
Brendo Lee
'Brendo Lee' 11 months ago
these vines are so fucking shit
Hungry God
'Hungry God' 11 months ago
What's the song at 2:32?
Patricia Alvarez
'Patricia Alvarez' 11 months ago
¿what song is that @ 4:10?
'MaxPayneInTheAss' 11 months ago
The mannequin challenge proves nobody has any original thoughts or actions left. Faggots
TobyProjects TB
'TobyProjects TB' 11 months ago
What's the song on the first one
'ThESLyGuY' 11 months ago
well... officially the death of the Dab
'AjX SENSEI' 11 months ago
Man dogs are smart
daniel Rimonte
'daniel Rimonte' 11 months ago
People keep saying my name zzzz..
Voidex Gaming
'Voidex Gaming' 11 months ago
The first ones song
Chex XD
'Chex XD' 11 months ago
9:10 no thanks XDD
'WheresJelly' 11 months ago
12:48 How day to dat?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
'MrSnikadoo' 11 months ago
All this stuff is super old...
We Honor
'We Honor' 11 months ago
My Name Is Skr1llex
'My Name Is Skr1llex' 11 months ago SAVE VINE
Abhijat Singh Jamwal
'Abhijat Singh Jamwal' 11 months ago
What's the song in the first vine?
La Licorne
'La Licorne' 11 months ago
Song at 7.53 plz !!!!! :)
Legolord Productions
'Legolord Productions' 11 months ago
So once Vine ends, what's next for this channel
'vlad' 11 months ago
14:08 music name?
Kane Roker
'Kane Roker' 11 months ago
why it not available
'NoLost' 11 months ago
'BlameBanter' 11 months ago
K1ng Siah
'K1ng Siah' 11 months ago
Song in the first vine
Joushua lim
'Joushua lim' 11 months ago
13:37 song please
Themis Vogdanos
'Themis Vogdanos' 11 months ago
What's the song at 12:30 please?
Papa Bear
'Papa Bear' 11 months ago
Who's watching this at 2016
xavier morris
'xavier morris' 11 months ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Vine is dead Your channel is to
KH Productions
'KH Productions' 11 months ago
sub to me and i'll sub back just like this post and comment done. no fuck around
'Darkshred13' 11 months ago
11:51 No shit he aint got friends dude has a Xbox
Miranda McHenry
'Miranda McHenry' 11 months ago
This vine comp is so cringy how old these are
'Gytis' 11 months ago
why i can see this video aaaaaaaaaa fuck you vines your vines is old every time uploading old vines fuck you!!!!!!
Relevant Harambe
'Relevant Harambe' 11 months ago
I got off YouTube because there are stupid vines that would replay over and over again. I didn't care if they were good, they were always replayed. Now I come back AND SEE THE SAME RETARDED VAGINA ASS LIPS FLOPPING AROUND A NON EXISTENT DICK AND THEY ONLY FLOP AROUND THE NON EXISTENT DICK. WHEN VINE DIES SO DOES THAT NON EXISTENT VAGINA ASS DICK.
the life of chris
'the life of chris' 11 months ago
Song name 0:01
дядя деда
'дядя деда' 11 months ago
treck pliase
Xx _Its_Simply_Tiffany_ xX
Dog was litttt
Sleezy J
'Sleezy J' 11 months ago
Look how at how fake the skate boarder is u can clearly see the photoshop being used at 14:46
a25 bucky
'a25 bucky' 11 months ago
Courtney Waithe
'Courtney Waithe' 11 months ago
Savage dad
'NEW LITTY TRAP I' 11 months ago
The phone is freeze
'NEW LITTY TRAP I' 11 months ago
Dab dab dab
'NEW LITTY TRAP I' 11 months ago
The bottle
หมาLnwZa ตาลีบัน
กุฮา 555555
Jay Lewis
'Jay Lewis' 11 months ago
John wick Bitchers
'John wick Bitchers' 11 months ago
hey people
'RockGum' 11 months ago
'RockGum' 11 months ago
Pineapple Girl
'Pineapple Girl' 11 months ago
How is this channel still here because vine is dead
Cody McCarron
'Cody McCarron' 11 months ago
Ffs. Most of these arnt even from November. Ffs.
Damion Fayne
'Damion Fayne' 11 months ago
3:31 song
Unfair Ruler
'Unfair Ruler' 11 months ago
Just stop...
Nate _____________________
7:13, his ex was a male
Ty Key
'Ty Key' 11 months ago
On 17:13 she blinked
Spoon Maas
'Spoon Maas' 11 months ago
12:00 i was about to click off untill i realized they were playing trip lee in the background:)))
'JayRay' 11 months ago
I can't wait to tell my children how my generation flipped water bottles and thrust our faces into our elbows for entertainment...
Jay Bee
'Jay Bee' 11 months ago
4:30 song please
Rishabh Bhattarai
'Rishabh Bhattarai' 11 months ago
at 6:55 um, is that dog doing the mannequin or is Quincy dead because Quincy has some reeses which have chocolate
'SwOvDog' 11 months ago
most of these are really old 👎
Chase Johnson
'Chase Johnson' 11 months ago
Half of these are shitty ass mannequin challenges. Not worth it
Mr Mcpufflenuggets
'Mr Mcpufflenuggets' 11 months ago
Dogs doing mannequin challenge and my dog can't even sit
wolfy sucks
'wolfy sucks' 11 months ago
this are so old :l it's getting very boring
Dalliance Music
'Dalliance Music' 11 months ago
'PJ05' 11 months ago
Super funny
kelly sookdeo
'kelly sookdeo' 11 months ago
after the irist one i left i knew it was going to be about bottle flips.
'EmanuelFA' 11 months ago
3:31 song?
Sub-Zero a.k.a Limon de Trump
What's the song at 0:35 ?
Bart Simpson
'Bart Simpson' 11 months ago
2:08 OMG he has a nakumura shirt on
Destiny Gamer
'Destiny Gamer' 11 months ago
Song at 10:57
'Jakal02' 11 months ago
3:36 never noticed but that is Ookay
'Jakal02' 11 months ago
After the first vine I closed the video because no other vine will ever be as good as that
Noel wani
'Noel wani' 11 months ago
vine has really gone downhill
Tanner Linford
'Tanner Linford' 11 months ago
'HADİ CANIM' 11 months ago
first comment
'Matth' 11 months ago
6:30 music name plz !!!!!!!!!
Tony Prozorov
'Tony Prozorov' 11 months ago
Most of these aren't even vines.
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