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Here's Your Guide To High-Stakes Pogo Jumping -
Published: 6 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 6 months ago

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For record breaking pogo jumpers their height comes from a mix of specialized pogo sticks and some tricks to achieve balance and momentum.
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'Rakudo' 4 months ago
'Ebilex9595' 6 months ago
happy wheels?
'MeJoho' 6 months ago
Either that's fake, or the ground is really really hard! Have you ever used a pogo stick on grass? You go right through the ground.
Diego Rivas
'Diego Rivas' 6 months ago
I live right next to that park
Omar Al bulaihed
'Omar Al bulaihed' 6 months ago
Thats not biology it's physiology !
Jim Bemmerson Salvia
'Jim Bemmerson Salvia' 6 months ago
bounced on my boys D to this for hours, thanks Science channel. If it weren't for my fear of Scientology I would bounce on your networks D as well but that seems to be out of the question. Last night I ate the last sandwhich in the fridge and a very large lady broke down my front door and started beating me down with a hammer? I didn't fully understand why so I just gave her an apple and sent her on her way. Thanks for the good spank material. Small Denero papa out.
'SADDGUY' 6 months ago
'Bla'wof 69' 6 months ago
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