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Ice Wizard Vs Wizard - Clash of Clans Battle! New CoC Troop Attacks -
Published: 1 year ago By: Judo Sloth - Clash of Clans & More

By: Judo Sloth - Clash of Clans & MorePublished: 1 year ago

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Who Will Win? The Ice Wizard and regular Wizard face-off in this epic Clash of Clans Battle. The New CoC Troop attacks alongside the Wizard in a hybrid attack to try and steal victory at the end of the video. Can the Wizards team up to form the ultimate attack – find out with gameplay of the new Clash of Clans Troop! The Ice Wizard is only available for a limited time, until January 5th 2017. The new troop is part of the 2016 Clashmas Event and is Gift #3 following the addition of the Santa’s Surprise Spell and the Freeze Trap. These mass attacks feature 60 x Ice Wizards Vs 60 x Wizards, all Ice Wizards v all Wizards, to see who can win against a max TH9 base. A CoC hybrid attack featuring gameplay of 30 x Ice Wizards and 30 x Wizards is also tested to try and win the fun battle. How are you planning on using the new Ice Wizard Troop in Clash of Clans? Remember, he’s part of the Clashmas event so use him while you can! Clash On.


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Outro Music:
Music By: Lino Rise
Title: "Alpha Omega"

Usama Majeed
'Usama Majeed' 2 weeks ago
i like this movie
Sunil Kumar
'Sunil Kumar' 4 weeks ago
videos khan
'videos khan' 1 month ago
videos khan
'videos khan' 1 month ago
'MAMTA VERMA' 1 month ago
Th7 bro
'MAMTA VERMA' 1 month ago
Wiz ice
albert jusman
'albert jusman' 1 month ago
i love ice wizard.they always target defenses and the sound of their ice is fast and crashing. love them
coc with officer
'coc with officer' 1 month ago
from inspiring judo I opened a channel try it once.....
lalitsinghcl yadav
'lalitsinghcl yadav' 2 months ago
fahmi saman
'fahmi saman' 2 months ago
'deepikamaurya321' 2 months ago
I like gire wizard
krish roshan
'krish roshan' 2 months ago
How you r having so much games,gold ,exlir and darkexlir
dhana maharjan
'dhana maharjan' 2 months ago
ShAAn Bhati
'ShAAn Bhati' 2 months ago
hello guys my tag no. is #9uugcovc9 join us
Nitu Thakur
'Nitu Thakur' 2 months ago
Oa bhar ma ja
Mahabub Hasan
'Mahabub Hasan' 2 months ago
alisha bhattarai
'alisha bhattarai' 2 months ago
very nice
Jeeva Chettiyar
'Jeeva Chettiyar' 2 months ago
Teri maa ki chuta benchode maderchode
Sairamraju Raju
'Sairamraju Raju' 2 months ago
ice wizards are so handsome
parshw Patel
'parshw Patel' 2 months ago
Ice wizard
'MCPE GAMING' 2 months ago
Why wiz lvl max?
Moza bhaiti
Dhruvin Kikani
'Dhruvin Kikani' 2 months ago
Please send background music name i like it
Steron Lopes
'Steron Lopes' 2 months ago
Nice bro
swapnil gund
'swapnil gund' 2 months ago
ice wizard target only difence
Daniel Keric
'Daniel Keric' 2 months ago
Farel Farel
'Farel Farel' 3 months ago
Manoj Patil
'Manoj Patil' 3 months ago
Please can i join your clan?Please
Prabhat Vaishnav
'Prabhat Vaishnav' 3 months ago
Can I join your clan
technical gamer rajveer 1
U mad wizards are of level 7 while ice wizard are of level 1 Kya bhai
'BhavyaLakhina' 3 months ago
bibek roy
'bibek roy' 3 months ago
'SANJEEV. Das' 3 months ago
aryan kandari
'aryan kandari' 4 months ago
please give me your any th id
Abhishek bakshi
'Abhishek bakshi' 4 months ago
nice good
Pavitra Chettri
'Pavitra Chettri' 4 months ago
Pavitra Chettri
'Pavitra Chettri' 4 months ago
Azhar Bhayat
'Azhar Bhayat' 4 months ago
sanjna rajputan
'sanjna rajputan' 4 months ago
Ice wizard abhi nahi aya hai
Henry Vaiphei
'Henry Vaiphei' 4 months ago
tha dou a
Azka Rahaman
'Azka Rahaman' 4 months ago
Rabintamang7 Tamang
'Rabintamang7 Tamang' 5 months ago
firewizard is mac and ice wizard pokemo s not max that is good
Shadow warriors Oi
'Shadow warriors Oi' 5 months ago
A. Z. A
Tech Ahmed
'Tech Ahmed' 5 months ago
join my clan judo sloth plzzzzz and clan name boys and my name HAMID
Mai Tau
'Mai Tau' 5 months ago
Mai Tau
'Mai Tau' 5 months ago
coc bbbbb crgh ghm
Tarida Sihotang
'Tarida Sihotang' 5 months ago
mantap jiwa
Lakshmi Rani
'Lakshmi Rani' 6 months ago
sreedevi binoy
'sreedevi binoy' 6 months ago
Not nice village...
sreedevi binoy
'sreedevi binoy' 6 months ago
Md. Bashir Aun Nur Mahi
I wanna ice wiz again
Jose 777
'Jose 777' 6 months ago
I love ur channel
hayya noor
'hayya noor' 6 months ago
fire wizard is more powerful
savage beast
'savage beast' 6 months ago
thats the tag
savage beast
'savage beast' 6 months ago
savage beast
'savage beast' 6 months ago
be my freind on coc
'MASATO CJR' 6 months ago
you yes wizard..
Prabhash Raturi
'Prabhash Raturi' 7 months ago
Bekar haiii
Marc Brown
'Marc Brown' 7 months ago
Lol, my tablet CPU cache is choking on 240p.. ):
Alexander See
'Alexander See' 7 months ago
I think the ice wizzard won!!!!!!!!!!
CardiMum EjiLato
'CardiMum EjiLato' 7 months ago
How do u create ur thumbnails plz can u tell
Hrittik kazagi
'Hrittik kazagi' 7 months ago
very intresting
'B JEGANATHAN' 8 months ago
#cyyvu88u bro please join here and free elders good donation active members these is new clan bro join
Poonam Singh
'Poonam Singh' 8 months ago
Maya Chetri
'Maya Chetri' 8 months ago
rheduanul karim
'rheduanul karim' 8 months ago
Abdul Aziz
'Abdul Aziz' 8 months ago
Kok lama filmnya lambat
Misbah COC
'Misbah COC' 8 months ago
c my chnll plzplzplz...
Rahul roy
'Rahul roy' 8 months ago
How to attack coc
Manish Maan
'Manish Maan' 8 months ago
Hlo frnds I need help too donate nd too start a war in my clan '"Cyberlords'"
'ASHOKKUMAR JAIN' 8 months ago
I want your account
Gudiya Kumar
'Gudiya Kumar' 8 months ago
Muhamad Soleh
'Muhamad Soleh' 8 months ago
vidio nya bgs apa lg game nya COBA CARI YANG PUNYA COC NAMA SAYA=LUCKY
Eternal Eternal
'Eternal Eternal' 8 months ago
Dhananjay Gawande
'Dhananjay Gawande' 8 months ago
ice wizard ko se laye
'BangYou'reDead' 9 months ago
Triple 3 star
Steelwolf 200
'Steelwolf 200' 9 months ago
cakep bener kan ini punya daffa mahadika rumah nya di ke bonanas 4
Hitesh Gupta
'Hitesh Gupta' 9 months ago
Can u give me your phone no
King plays
'King plays' 9 months ago
if only he stayed there would be attack strategys with him
'Grelizaga' 9 months ago
What did you use to record your screen app?? Pls answer im looking an app for like 4days
HACK THE FUN with Abhi Singh
How do you get 43000 above gems pls explain
Shobha Dadmal
'Shobha Dadmal' 10 months ago
bro can u be mybfrend in coc
vampire GUES
'vampire GUES' 10 months ago
Balveer Bhatia
'Balveer Bhatia' 10 months ago
hi friends ,,i dont like ice wizards but i like video because i like producer:judo sloth
krishna kumar dey
'krishna kumar dey' 10 months ago
who invented coc are lol
Key Juda
'Key Juda' 10 months ago
how to i get ice wizard
Sharon Basil
'Sharon Basil' 10 months ago
Jp Dulnuan
'Jp Dulnuan' 10 months ago
your smart
Tabassum Zafar
'Tabassum Zafar' 10 months ago
I love coc game
boy sing
'boy sing' 10 months ago
Saleem Tahir MST
'Saleem Tahir MST' 11 months ago
guys good work , but I need your help!!
AFIF Rifqyd
'AFIF Rifqyd' 11 months ago
kenapa coc ice wizart nya g ada y
Abdullah Zubair
'Abdullah Zubair' 11 months ago
Igede Andi Perayoga
'Igede Andi Perayoga' 11 months ago
masak ada ice wizart di coc aku enggak pernah liat
jason lopes
'jason lopes' 11 months ago
What does that 1or 2 down in red and 1or 2 up in green indicate in clan castle?
Mohd Manaf
'Mohd Manaf' 11 months ago
please bring ice wizard next year
Mohd Manaf
'Mohd Manaf' 11 months ago
please bring ice wizard next year
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