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On The Front 26 December 2016 | Imran Khan - Dunya News -
Published: 1 year ago By: Talk Shows Central

By: Talk Shows CentralPublished: 1 year ago

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Watch On The Front 26 December 2016 Imran Khan Interview on Dunya News.

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Danial you smell like a shit You took money from PMLN
'bravo45' 1 year ago
yeh kis haramzaaday ka bacha hai???
'topkhani' 1 year ago
Afsos only country founded on foundations of Islam is a choron ka bazaar. Imran and PTI is true Pakistan which follows ISlamic ideals. Rest are daaku luTere...
Sheraz Zaidi
'Sheraz Zaidi' 1 year ago
Great Imran Sir.
Talib Rana
'Talib Rana' 1 year ago
His past a play boy, present a lost person without any direction. Negative person full of negative thoughts
hafeez khaksar
'hafeez khaksar' 1 year ago
khan history apko yad rakhy ge
Mohammad Afzal
'Mohammad Afzal' 1 year ago
Imran Khan must concentrate on the next election and get election rules straight. Overseas Pakistanis must get right to vote. Devil Zoordari, the vulture living on dead meat has jumped into the country. He will join the forces of evil to win election. It will be impossible for Imran Khan to break the devil's circle. I am afraid, 2018 election may again go in the lap of Main Jee, Zoordari and Altaf "Bhai" Beware our track history is bad.
hafiz abdul rauf
'hafiz abdul rauf' 1 year ago
is ko jutai marnai chaheyai imarn bahi
Zabi Ullah
'Zabi Ullah' 1 year ago
nawza choor party hia
Zabi Ullah
'Zabi Ullah' 1 year ago
muhboob butt tum ghulam how nawza ka
Zabi Ullah
'Zabi Ullah' 1 year ago
muhboob butt tara zameer nhi
Ajaz- Allah save Pakistan from corrupt politicians
Pakistan needs Islamic revolution against this corrupt system we need a revolution similar to Iran but unfortunately, 99% of Mullah's are not credible or trustworthy, they have sold their soul to devil for personal gain like any other corrupt politicians, they will go to bed even with devil if they find opportunity for themselves. I am so much disappointed with Gen Raheel Sharif he presented hope for this nation, he commanded respect, honor and trust of the people like no other leader in the entire nation for decades but, unfortunately he decided to serve this corrupt system and left the nation with utmost corrupt tyrant like Nawaz Sharif, his corrupt family and majority of his ministers and we have another corrupt to the core leader Asif Zardari and his corrupt and inept, incompetent party which is as dangerous for our country as PML N. Only Mr. Imran Khan is dedicated to remove these corrupt politicians and thugs but, he has to stand firm on his decisions, so people behind him can have faith on him that he will not keep changing his mind. A wishy washy leader can not lead the nation, masses need a leader who stands by his words. Thus he as many flaws which helps him keep shooting himself on his foot. Tahir Qadri speaks big words, but his actions are disappointing, it seems like he comes here to seek justice but ends up receiving something else and leave back to Canada, therefore, has lost respect and trust. Now the nation's last hope is again hanging on our flimsy justice system which has failed many times and sided in favor of corrupt but powerful leaders. Any how our last hope is with new Supreme Court Judges lets wait and see what how much he can deliver to the nation. But Allah forbids, if this judge also fails to fulfill his promises and fails like his predecessor CJ who seems to have failed in his final test to deliver justice to the nation. Probably either the judges were intimidated by Nawaz Sharif usual tactics threats and intimidation through his gangsters or they got suitcases filled with our stolen money as an incentive of Golden Parachute at the end of their carrier to retire luxuriously. Unfortunately, I do not see the light at the end of tunnel, because, we are stuck between these two most corrupt leaders, so, I see big turmoil brewing because, majority people will lose hope and they would become revengeful out of desperation, without wise leadership, this could be a recipe for a bigger disaster leading nation to chaos and anarchy, similar to Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank Allah Pak we have a very dedicated and strong Armed Forces which would fight back to save this country, may be some of our generals are compromised but our soldiers and officers up to brigadier level will not go with out fight. We are running out of time people do not trust politicians, mullahs or even some Generals because of three past Generals Gen Yahya Khan, Gen Zia-ul-Haq and Gen Pervaiz Musharif who has completely derailed the nation with his NRO and Support of USA in Afghan War. Last two Generals have created huge mistrust, Only Gen Raheel Sharif was able to regained trust and respect for our Armed Forces, but he decided to leave his job unfinished, therefore, in my mind he did lasting damage not only to his Institute but to the country, which country may have lasting negative impact and we may not recover from it. Allah gave him skills, talent, respect and chance to lead the nation out of this dire and hopeless situation instead, at the end he supported this corrupt and dysfunctional system and a tyrant who is deliberately destroying our country. I don't think Gen Raheel Sharif was a naive, who did not know the situation that  country is at a very critical juncture, if put on the right path could achieve the purpose of her existence but, if that opportunity is missed, it could lead the nation to the path of destruction, unfortunately, he missed that opportunity, and now the entire fate of this nation is the hand of two most corrupt leaders, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari both are proven crooks, liars, deceptive, selfish, greedy and self serving people who have no interest in the well being of nation. But Nawaz Sharif is even worse, he has intentions of breaking our country and merging it back to India, to save his stolen wealth, he is not only corrupt, greedy selfish, self serving conniving, deceptive but he is also an agent of our Arch Enemy India and Gen Raheel Sharif left the fate of this nation in the hands of this traitor. May be he received his Golden Parachute too, which my mind can not accept, because he belonged to one of the most honorable family and I can not imagine he will jeopardize the reputation of himself and his family for any amount of money. For me it is sinful to even think of him at that level. Beside, no amount of money would replace the glory, respect, honor he could have could have received, if he had chosen the righteous path and save his country from the enemies. Alas he made the wrong choice of his life and unfortunately, it can not be reversed. But he was begged, pleaded and advised to do the right thing but he ignored all the plea made to him by the nation, instead he chose to serve a tyrant and protect a deceptive, dysfunctional system. May be he is content with his farewell parties and a lousy meaningless, written speech uttered by this crook Prime Ministers, who could not say even few good words of his mind or heart. This whole saga makes me believe, nation's deserve their glory or misery because of their choices. I hope we have not reached the end of rope, because as a nation we all have become corrupt, self serving, selfish, deceptive, conniving and have no conscience left in our souls. So our leaders are our reflection what we have become. May Allah Pak forgive our sins and help us walk on the righteous path and save us from self destruction. Ameen !!
Ali Zaib
'Ali Zaib' 1 year ago
Imran is right all the department in Pakistan are zero including fouj and rangers. Fouj and Rangers can show they massels only to poor and kamzoor Mahajir and their leadership. Sab k saab mounafiq haen including Fouj, Rangers and Adaliyah. You have seend what Jamali has done he did not respect his beard. No one want to go against Punjabi and this pakstan is no more Pakistan for all of us it is only for Punjabi. if you want to remove this thinking from other than Punjabi speaking people divide Punjab in 5 to 6 proviances and then you will see how
Waqas Zafar
'Waqas Zafar' 1 year ago
Imran Khan
zahid khan
'zahid khan' 1 year ago
Sanjay Daswani
'Sanjay Daswani' 1 year ago
Boss by the time you become prime Minister Pakistan's coffers will be empty.With no money in hand you will not be able to do anything,as in KPK.
Aina Diana
'Aina Diana' 1 year ago
ALLAH SWT give him so much strength dt he s still standing 4 our rights...IK s true leader...
Submission to Computer Lovers
Nawaz Sharif saheb Jhoot bolnay kay mahir hain. Or jhoot insan usi waqt bolta hai jab apni koi burayee chupani hoti hai, ya koi zaati mafad hasil karna hota hai. Nawaz Sharif saheb kay jhoot dekhnay hain to Pakistani TV channels per unki mukhtalif Taqareer , unkey mukhtalif mawaqay per interviews dekhen, Sabit ho jaye ga woh kitna sach or kitna jhoot boltay hain.
Muhammad Shakil
'Muhammad Shakil' 1 year ago
best leader
Mr. Wait
'Mr. Wait' 1 year ago
i am in Dubai from 6 years, no any Shaikh give me any single Dirhams, But why Nawaz and his family rewarded by Shaikh
Farida Shireen
'Farida Shireen' 1 year ago
go corruption go
Ak & u pakistan
'Ak & u pakistan' 1 year ago
imran khan 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ak & u pakistan
'Ak & u pakistan' 1 year ago
ab asy nhi chly ga sab ko pata lag jay ga ilove imran khan pakistan zindabad pak Army zindabad
Tasawar Khan
'Tasawar Khan' 1 year ago
Great leader ik
Tasawar Khan
'Tasawar Khan' 1 year ago
'undercovereye1' 1 year ago
Amer A
'Amer A' 1 year ago
shahid does yellow journalism and imran khan is just as corrupt.
Hamid Sheikh
'Hamid Sheikh' 1 year ago
akram sheikh . we heard you are good lawyer .. but we didn't knew you are that cheep try to protect currpt Nawaz shreef . I feel sorry for you . Imran khan is not currpt and you know it but money can bye lawyer like you .. go newaz go ..
Saifullah Gulam
'Saifullah Gulam' 1 year ago
great leader.
kamran khan
'kamran khan' 1 year ago
Muhammad Chatha
'Muhammad Chatha' 1 year ago
kaash pakistani leader imaandar houn aur taleem sehat aur police ko rah a raasit per laain. Love you Imran khan
kabir ali
'kabir ali' 1 year ago
Great man imran khan.
Abdul Ghafar
'Abdul Ghafar' 1 year ago
Great leader IMRAN KHAN
Zain Ismail
'Zain Ismail' 1 year ago
is ko kehthy hain lifafa journalism.. yeh anchor choor league ka hein ullu ka pata..
khan bhai
'khan bhai' 1 year ago
great leader is khan
Shahzad Ameer
'Shahzad Ameer' 1 year ago
veri good Imran khan jalny walay jalty rahy
Zain Ismail
'Zain Ismail' 1 year ago
Long Live the Great Khan
NGK 786
'NGK 786' 1 year ago
IMRAN KHAN is one and only hope for PAKISTAN 👊
NGK 786
'NGK 786' 1 year ago
Pakistan main insaf nahi mil sakta KHAN bahar niklo jala do aag laga do is nizam ko. Awaam sath dai ge, sirf dharna mat do humara pass dharna ka time nahi hai, jaan sa marr do sub corrupt logo ko Pakistan ka har dushman khatam kardo. Humari jaan b chali gayi toh koi fikar nahi.
NGK 786
'NGK 786' 1 year ago
Khan toh phir apna Khan hai, khan pa sub qurban hai.
Tayyab Khan
'Tayyab Khan' 1 year ago
love ik
Tayyab Khan
'Tayyab Khan' 1 year ago
go nawaz go
Azram Bi
'Azram Bi' 1 year ago
go nawaz go nawaz go nawaz go nawaz go nawaz go ppp go ppp go ppp go pti👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌💖💞
Sajid Khan
'Sajid Khan' 1 year ago
khan sab pak ki adalat se kb insaf ni mil skta sab chr hi crupt hi Yea soe hoe nation hi ......good luck hopes still alive God help u
Sajid Khan
'Sajid Khan' 1 year ago
khan sab pak ki adalat se kb insaf ni mil skta sab chr hi crupt hi Yea soe hoe nation hi ......good luck hopes still alive God help u
Ahmed Bilal Ab
'Ahmed Bilal Ab' 1 year ago
I've been watching these talk shows for past 8 to 10 years continuously. Just different faces, exactly same questions and same answers from different mouths. It's the collective system that needs to be changed entirely. Cheers
Qamar Zaman
'Qamar Zaman' 1 year ago
imran khan zindabad
'shivi422' 1 year ago
Salute to his struggles.... nawaz or zardari ne sub institute ko corrupt ker dia hai!!! Imran khan or Kia kare?
Malik Abubakar
'Malik Abubakar' 1 year ago
Great leadar Imran khan sab
hameed khan
'hameed khan' 1 year ago
Glee Glee ma shor ha CHOR Zardari DAKO Nawaz Sharif ha..,
muhammad Abdullah
'muhammad Abdullah' 1 year ago
khan tu khan h tb tk jan nhi chory ga jb tk chor chori ka aitraf nhi kr laity
fayaz khan
'fayaz khan' 1 year ago
Great imran khan
Bashir Ahmed
'Bashir Ahmed' 1 year ago
Great Imran Khan 👍
Naveed Shakoor
'Naveed Shakoor' 1 year ago
welcome back mehboob butt you pmln troll
'SOHAIL SHABBIR' 1 year ago
Shareef family is Currupted...
'shaheen...' 1 year ago
25.50 p imran khan ne zabardast joke sunaya ha ... love u imran .. but problem ye ha ye nation ghulam ha koe bhe bullet proof car wala a jay ye us k paon par jate ha
Haris ali
'Haris ali' 1 year ago
Imran khan es bar pore Pakistaneo ko nekalna parega q k nawaz ko lazemi jeel bejna ha k log me yah tahasoob khatam ho jaye 1971 ke tara pr yah bat na ho k panjab ke waja se pore Pakistan aik jise he sab kly 1 qanon hoga tu yah Hoga Naya Pakistan
Malik Talet
'Malik Talet' 1 year ago
need revolution boss not evolution. we should work towards to chane the system. All major posts at least tope 20 including NAB ,Election commissioner and chief justice should be elected by Educated public for every four years for max 8 years . Unless Pakitanies comeout and danand this changes, these mafia will again win every election by throwing croupt earned money. Pl Pl do something for our kids who will suffer from these so call unintelgent and slfish leaders.
kamran aftab
'kamran aftab' 1 year ago
Allah khan shb ko sht day...
Hero Numbr
'Hero Numbr' 1 year ago
Sanam Khan
'Sanam Khan' 1 year ago
ALLAH PAK maaf kery ye prime minister bane k chaker mein pagal hu raha hy .
Hammad Ramzi
'Hammad Ramzi' 1 year ago
great yrrr
Sanam Khan
'Sanam Khan' 1 year ago
imran khan per ki batao per hasi ahnti hain apny ap ko umeed de raha hy
Nemat Sidhu
'Nemat Sidhu' 1 year ago
خان صاحب بھول جائیں یہ قوم ھی گانڈو ھے فوج اور عدلیہ بھی اسی قوم کا حصہ ہے۔
Ashraf Yousafzai
'Ashraf Yousafzai' 1 year ago
excellent IK and pti. nawaz and his all derbaris are mafia in pakistan and must eliminated to save pakistan.
irshad ahmed
'irshad ahmed' 1 year ago
Great imran
Hammad Azam.
'Hammad Azam.' 1 year ago
imran khan only hope
Sony Sony
'Sony Sony' 1 year ago
kpk ke log buht kushkismat hain ke pti jisee party unkepass hai
Sony Sony
'Sony Sony' 1 year ago
sindh mai sindh police ppp ko jiyeaige.
Sony Sony
'Sony Sony' 1 year ago
agla election nawaz ko punjab police jitwaige. shart lagalo
Sony Sony
'Sony Sony' 1 year ago
jab gilani naihl hosakta hai tou saala nawaz kui nahi.shyd gilani south punjab ka tha islie
Muhboob Butt
'Muhboob Butt' 1 year ago
we don't want see this program gesi piti talking of derna khan,
Hsjdnsk Bsnskdnd
'Hsjdnsk Bsnskdnd' 1 year ago
bast ledar
Atizzz Abbasi
'Atizzz Abbasi' 1 year ago
Last hope IK. We are with you Khan, INSHALLAH we will make one day #Naya Pakistan. Love & Respect from UAE
Poiuytrewq Khan
'Poiuytrewq Khan' 1 year ago
zahid sharif
'zahid sharif' 1 year ago
good leadar
Javed242 Iqbal
'Javed242 Iqbal' 1 year ago
Great leader imran khan loveyousomuch sir
Zabi Ullah
'Zabi Ullah' 1 year ago
go nawza go zardari go diesel go shahbaz go ya sab choor hia
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