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Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video] -
Published: 1 year ago By: Migos ATL

By: Migos ATLPublished: 1 year ago

543, 281, 342 views

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The Killer
'The Killer' 4 minutes ago
i rap just like them abdabadaba tatatata abdabdaba
Fuego 愛會
'Fuego 愛會' 5 minutes ago
Antonio Jones
'Antonio Jones' 16 minutes ago
Offset stepped up and bodied that beat like Takeoff would have.
Janaye Thompson
'Janaye Thompson' 20 minutes ago
We listen to it every day.
Elias Pizarro
'Elias Pizarro' 31 minutes ago
Esta es la q dice fargan?
1! 2! 3! DASHIRUN
'1! 2! 3! DASHIRUN' 55 minutes ago
RM brought me here
'Faka_' 58 minutes ago
Pussy nigga
Danillo Henrique
'Danillo Henrique' 1 hour ago
Cadê os Brs Porraaaaa !! ✌❤
Enrique The gamer123sav
This is good song
Donnie Kingd
'Donnie Kingd' 2 hours ago
Who all realized takeoff in the bck
eman kemp
'eman kemp' 2 hours ago
Dumb ass negro
Gerardo Orozco
'Gerardo Orozco' 2 hours ago
Your fuck up you jump x
Inah Gomes
'Inah Gomes' 2 hours ago
0:32 best little dance movement lol
É muita Doidera
'É muita Doidera' 2 hours ago
Quem veio pelo meme?
Vampire And ySlowp
'Vampire And ySlowp' 2 hours ago
a blad a bradbouji
yordi batista
'yordi batista' 2 hours ago
Rompiendo to desde Santiago RD
Skittle Jamz
'Skittle Jamz' 3 hours ago
Can someone explain the sticking factor of this song? Everyone I know loves it and I just don't get it
Carson Peaks
'Carson Peaks' 3 hours ago
your a flicken nigga bro
'bab' 3 hours ago
is it just me or does Uzi look small
Fábio Tayle
'Fábio Tayle' 3 hours ago
Ficou bão! #Brasil #ZO_SP
'MeatballTheCat' 3 hours ago
Whos watching this in November 2017?😂🙆🏻‍♀️
marcel roberson
'marcel roberson' 3 hours ago
This is the best. song ever
oloko bicho
'oloko bicho' 4 hours ago
Como eu faço pra comprar uma churrasqueira de controle remoto?
OMI Aranha
'OMI Aranha' 4 hours ago
MIGOS é o krl aki é X poha #FUCKMIGOS
Маматов Нурдолот
Мне нравится:)
El Barto
'El Barto' 5 hours ago
#fuckmigos XXXtentacion. Best lil uzi vert
Jorge Zamorano
'Jorge Zamorano' 5 hours ago
how jusyjsjsjdjkddjjd
'bakai:)' 5 hours ago
Nubaum GM
'Nubaum GM' 5 hours ago
Vim ver se algum BR veio aloprar nos comentários HUEHUEHUE
Ирина Иванова
Ирина Иванова
matheus Alexandre
'matheus Alexandre' 5 hours ago
Liu uzi fock
matheus Alexandre
'matheus Alexandre' 5 hours ago
Is music fock you
Fran Gonzalez
'Fran Gonzalez' 5 hours ago
Like si soy de latino amerca
Fran Gonzalez
'Fran Gonzalez' 5 hours ago
Like si lo escuchas en finales de 2017
unknown_girl 2016
'unknown_girl 2016' 5 hours ago
Drop Cardi B or Remy on this🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brandon Steve Mantilla
Brandon Steve Mantilla
Megan Thomas
'Megan Thomas' 5 hours ago
What this sucks
Serban Ivan
'Serban Ivan' 5 hours ago
#FuckMigos hope all of ya die
jazmín Durazo
'jazmín Durazo' 6 hours ago
03:21 When my mom tells me to do the dishes
German Neuball
'German Neuball' 6 hours ago
Los Kings del Trap ...colombia...culture 2
chanel Wallace
'chanel Wallace' 6 hours ago
'Terrible.dee' 6 hours ago
Just in case anyone wants to hear what someone with talent sounds like...
'Terrible.dee' 6 hours ago
So....I grew up on stuff like Public Enemy, thought I would see what the kids are up guys are being fed crap music, could make this song yourself
Pedrø Edits :3
'Pedrø Edits :3' 6 hours ago
Mohammed Zaman
'Mohammed Zaman' 6 hours ago
lil uzi vert pussy
Nunca Nem Vi !!
'Nunca Nem Vi !!' 6 hours ago
Legacy Gymnast
'Legacy Gymnast' 6 hours ago
“We from the north yeah dat way” um.. they are all from Georgia wtc??
Gta Online
'Gta Online' 6 hours ago
Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop drop
Yung Nugget
'Yung Nugget' 7 hours ago
Rain drop Drop top When X pulled up TakeOff didnt stop
samuel nu
'samuel nu' 7 hours ago
rain drop drop top I lick your ice cream
Chiva David
'Chiva David' 7 hours ago
'I'm Savage' 7 hours ago
1 year and dis still gud
Rohan Kistamma
'Rohan Kistamma' 7 hours ago
Look at 4:11 she taking a pic of her pu**y
'TheBrain212' 7 hours ago
what are all these depressed x fans doing here listening to migos. oh wait probably because x's music sucks
Jack Uberdo
'Jack Uberdo' 7 hours ago
pablo santos
'pablo santos' 7 hours ago
pega o cara 1 a 1 seus merda
pablo santos
'pablo santos' 7 hours ago
seus bosta
pablo santos
'pablo santos' 7 hours ago
xxx esta atras de vcs
pablo santos
'pablo santos' 7 hours ago
diego pro123 crak
'diego pro123 crak' 7 hours ago
pendejo fuck
LC Gamer
'LC Gamer' 8 hours ago
Lil peep morreu
Joel Williams
'Joel Williams' 8 hours ago
Пётр Жмышенко
Fuck Migos
Fuego 愛會
'Fuego 愛會' 8 hours ago
#HailX >:v
Kurtisha Johnson
'Kurtisha Johnson' 8 hours ago
Offset made this song what it was. Quavo part doesn't stand out
'haxborn' 8 hours ago
They say he still havent finished his champagne
'TRAVIS JUDSON' 8 hours ago
Taco SeaBear
'Taco SeaBear' 8 hours ago
Lil Uzi flow was perfect for this beat.
Brandon Mccalla
'Brandon Mccalla' 8 hours ago
Quavo verse weak i know takeoff would of bodied this riddim thats y u aint hear him they was like u going go too hard man ....takeoff is the best in my opinion
100k Sem Videos
'100k Sem Videos' 8 hours ago
#xxtentacion #Lilpep😩
'AndRey' 9 hours ago
Talvik Kersell
'Talvik Kersell' 9 hours ago
155 Team
'155 Team' 9 hours ago
Mr. kreker
'Mr. kreker' 10 hours ago
Kto ruski like
Jeison Utria
'Jeison Utria' 10 hours ago
Adr1an Montage
'Adr1an Montage' 10 hours ago
I liked this shit just for Lil Uzi...
picsa szőr
'picsa szőr' 10 hours ago
Dá dá dá Csáp csáp csáp csáp
'Cohen' 11 hours ago
Máté Bozó
'Máté Bozó' 11 hours ago
Offset, Quavo and Left Off😁
4,00,000,00 Billions
'4,00,000,00 Billions' 11 hours ago
Take off is missing
moises j.king
'moises j.king' 11 hours ago
Gustavo Perales
'Gustavo Perales' 11 hours ago
ooooooofffffffffffffff sssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttt
Crazy Red Lobster
'Crazy Red Lobster' 11 hours ago
Şevval Özköse
'Şevval Özköse' 11 hours ago
tak tak tak PAT PAT PAT 6Lı 7Lı
Irytzy Crisol Sandoval Ctllo
canta chido jeje me gustan esas cansiones
FilhoDoArcano INTROS
'FilhoDoArcano INTROS' 11 hours ago
you can t attack xxx
Neqo Behare
'Neqo Behare' 11 hours ago
yeah dat way
'hakualex' 11 hours ago
I don't want to be a rapper, I just want to be the guy that makes noises in the background.
Lucas Locateli
'Lucas Locateli' 11 hours ago
276 mil fdp's deram deslikes
alex israel LH
'alex israel LH' 12 hours ago
Andu aka 90
'Andu aka 90' 12 hours ago
F#ck da MIGOS _|_
Adroman Ad
'Adroman Ad' 12 hours ago
travis scott is in this
Lucas Matos
'Lucas Matos' 12 hours ago
Marquay Piller
'Marquay Piller' 12 hours ago
Marquay Piller
'Marquay Piller' 12 hours ago
Marquay Piller
'Marquay Piller' 12 hours ago
B Davis
'B Davis' 12 hours ago
When your high and your baby mother keeps yelling at you so you say this in your head 3:47-3:49
Lívia Moura
'Lívia Moura' 12 hours ago
Xxx Tentacion <3
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