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3 AMAZING life hacks you never knew -
Published: 4 months ago By: MAD Science Hacks

By: MAD Science HacksPublished: 4 months ago

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3 simple life hacks with household items

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MAD Science Hacks
'MAD Science Hacks' 4 months ago
HOW IT WORKS - The pencil 'lead' is made mostly of conductive graphite and therefore can conduct the small amounts of electricity required to activate the capacitive sensors in the touch screen. When you place your finger in the groove you made, the electricity from your body is conducted through the exposed graphite and activates the touch screen. WILL IT SCRATCH? No it wont! Graphite is much softer than glass and wont scratch it. Just make sure to use a BLUNT pencil or else you may have problems. There may be residue left on the screen if you are using pencils with softer graphite such as a B or 2B or softer. I used HB but recommend H - 3H pencils. IT'S MAKING MARKS ON MY SCREEN! Relax, that's just lines in the dirt and oil on your screen. Give it a good clean and it will be good-as-new. IT DOESN'T WORK So if you're still not convinced or if you're having trouble getting it to work, take these points into consideration - * You just watched a video showing you that it DOES work. * Make sure the pencil is free from oil. There may be a thin layer of glue on the lead that prevents contact, so just scribble on a piece of paper to get rid of that. * Make sure your pencil is made from graphite and not another composite or recycled materials (green/eco pencils) * Make the groove closer to the tip to improve contact.
Aeden DeStefano
'Aeden DeStefano' 1 month ago
'Lovely' 1 month ago
why is everyone so damn mad? it's a cool vid
Ralph Garrett
'Ralph Garrett' 2 months ago
Great Video!!!!
The Boss Sitze
'The Boss Sitze' 2 months ago
You are awesome
Vikky kumar
'Vikky kumar' 2 months ago
lol baklol
Shashank Shetty
'Shashank Shetty' 3 months ago
pencil did not work
Shashank Shetty
'Shashank Shetty' 3 months ago
pencil did not work
The Abhimanyu dwibedi
what is your name
Dylan Taylor
'Dylan Taylor' 3 months ago
That Pencil Trick!!?!!!
Judith Cañizares
'Judith Cañizares' 3 months ago
El ultimo no entiendo como funciona!!!!!! Si es casi los mismo!!!!!!
stratos apk
'stratos apk' 3 months ago
I think I found something about WHY THE PENCIL TRICK does NOT work. Most of us use screen protectors .. They do not allow electricity of our body to stimulate the sensors of touch screen. Try direct contact with screen and pencil. Hope it helped 😀👍
'bluefish704' 3 months ago
1st and 3rd ones are pretty cool. The 2nd is a bit rubbish.
Javier Bustamante
'Javier Bustamante' 3 months ago
the pencil stylus thing is just pure genius, loved it!
Local Liz
'Local Liz' 4 months ago
the blinds cleaner is going to help me out Soo much
Bella and Kassi
'Bella and Kassi' 4 months ago
Very useful!!
Bella and Kassi
'Bella and Kassi' 4 months ago
Very useful!!
'RedPandaFTW' 4 months ago
I tried the last one it didn't work? Did I make it to big?
Hayley Gabbard
'Hayley Gabbard' 4 months ago
Will the pencil trick work with my iPhone if I have protective glass on it?
TheGreat Gaming
'TheGreat Gaming' 4 months ago
y so many dislike?
Dan13 Lol
'Dan13 Lol' 4 months ago
help the pencil trick isnt workin
Kendra Flowers
'Kendra Flowers' 4 months ago
Why are there so many dislikes?
Ashely / MissMariePaige
would you not end up writing on your screen with your pencil?
Diego Godoy
'Diego Godoy' 4 months ago
Wouldn't The pencil scratch your phone or no
'cub35guy' 4 months ago
The pencil one is amazing - just the coolness factor.
Duce Duce Magoo
'Duce Duce Magoo' 4 months ago
'Samsung's BIXBY' 4 months ago
pencil trick didn't work I have HB
Richard Kurph
'Richard Kurph' 4 months ago
Now everyone knows because its trending
'Samsung's BIXBY' 4 months ago
I wish I knew the first one before my laptop started overheating and DIED EVENTUALLY
'PBM' 4 months ago
Keep grinding for life!
Shellbug-Michelle Greene
VERY short...but sweet at tht!!
MAD Science Hacks
'MAD Science Hacks' 4 months ago
Will you be the millionth view?
Ghost Power
'Ghost Power' 4 months ago
How dose 6k not like this?!?!?
Jesse Tellez
'Jesse Tellez' 4 months ago
Now those are life hacks, unlike so many other so called "life hacks" that are nothing more than art projects.
Vincent Lim
'Vincent Lim' 4 months ago
the second one I knew
Nike Raikage
'Nike Raikage' 4 months ago
Most "lifehack" vids are stupid. But this one was actually really cool
Victoria Paradiso
'Victoria Paradiso' 4 months ago
'Bachz' 4 months ago
The clickbait
'Ashley' 4 months ago
Thank you for not being click bait and including your thumbnail picture in this list!!! Much appreciated!
'DTriniRedMan' 4 months ago
won't that pencil scratch my screen?
Lavanya natarajan
'Lavanya natarajan' 4 months ago man!!
Mak3up Lov3r
'Mak3up Lov3r' 4 months ago
Cartoon Toys Baby Game
Sean Smithy
'Sean Smithy' 4 months ago
Does the pencil one get graphite on my screen, because if it doesn't, in using it.
Bubba D
'Bubba D' 4 months ago
That fork one was actually kinda smart
'HeyyitzAlyssa' 4 months ago
Interesting! Has anyone in the comments actually tried the pencil hack?
'BeyondGenGaming' 4 months ago
im questioning the whole pencil thing...
Sir Quest Giver
'Sir Quest Giver' 4 months ago
Wow, that pencil trick is probably the coolest hack I've seen on youtube
YoBeast/Beasttrick246 - CSGO / Random Stoof
Pretty useful actually.
John Hurley
'John Hurley' 4 months ago
Ok, that last one was really cool. So I guess the electricity from your skin is being conducted through the graphite in the pencil?
'R3velation' 4 months ago
Jesus loves you
'LolPrisonMan' 4 months ago
doesnt number 3 have a chance of damageing your phone
'Channelchannel' 4 months ago
You know, I was gonna be mad, but you came through with the title image. Good job. I wouldn't use a pencil as a stylus, *but damn do I respect people who don't use clickbait thumbs.*
'WinSDFina' 4 months ago
So pencil cut was for a better grip? So my high school years i could have had better a experience of holding a pencil?
'PattyCakes' 4 months ago
hey those are some koo hacks!!! thumbs up =)
'0080' 4 months ago
Thanks for the arrow in the thumbnail, without it, I wouldn't have knew what it was.
j c
'j c' 4 months ago
Its all about that pencil hack. We all clicked to see it, and then gave it a thumbs up! Awesome thanks.
'jack' 4 months ago
how the hell does the pencil thing work
'uabir' 4 months ago
Thought it was a clickbait. But wasn't. Try not to hide your like and dislike ratings
'Jake4rmStateFarm' 4 months ago
Please do not use the pencil stylus, it leaves lead particles on your phone which is dangerous if you use your phone regularly and you do not wash your hands
El Smoke Serrano
'El Smoke Serrano' 4 months ago
you just blew my F-in mind
Gypstar Plays
'Gypstar Plays' 4 months ago
I subbed plz reply thanks
Evan Jae Lee
'Evan Jae Lee' 4 months ago
That's awesome!!!!!
Cameron Harper
'Cameron Harper' 4 months ago
It you dont have a file for the pencil Stylus, what else could you use?
quest 34667
'quest 34667' 4 months ago
epic pencil stylus.
Davy Wojdac
'Davy Wojdac' 4 months ago
Wow! Great video man! I will make sure to use this shit because it's SUPER useful. I TOTALLY can't buy any you just showed. LIKED.
Jack Shyt
'Jack Shyt' 4 months ago
+MAD Science Hacks Hehehe. The way you respond to all of the comments is sort of creepy. It's like you are stalking, hehehe.
Taken Bye
'Taken Bye' 4 months ago
i thought he was making a poket pussy
Brian Geisler
'Brian Geisler' 4 months ago
kinda thought that blind cleaner was going to be a homemade pocket pu$$y
'Nytroh' 4 months ago
lol never seen a youtuber that replies
butt head
'butt head' 4 months ago
No hacks, just simple innovation.
'Jasper's Channel' 4 months ago
That was amazing the blind cleaner is a most use
'FirePhoenix' 4 months ago
'LukeCRAW4d' 4 months ago
So just by carving in a pencil it all of a sudden works as a stylist????
Christina Martin
'Christina Martin' 4 months ago
simple life
Clark Vlogs
'Clark Vlogs' 4 months ago
I used the first one for years
Tanner Schuck
'Tanner Schuck' 4 months ago
Hey can I get a title too?
John Cena
'John Cena' 4 months ago
Congrats your #10 on trending
ben eskenazi
'ben eskenazi' 4 months ago
I also heard the pencil stylus also works great with sharpies.
Julian  FFA
'Julian FFA' 4 months ago
Not gonna lie... when he started folding up the towel, I thought he was going to make a *device* for *RESEARCH*
warren saqua
'warren saqua' 4 months ago
how does shaving a pencil make it a light pen!?
warren saqua
'warren saqua' 4 months ago
'How's That Thing' 4 months ago
How is cutting a slice off a pencil a life hack? Hey, I have a life hack for you, if you punch a wall with your fist you will get a big hole that you can use to stash things.
Nova 6
'Nova 6' 4 months ago
U a hairy mofo
MAD Science Hacks
'MAD Science Hacks' 4 months ago
Check out my latest video here -
Lissa Kimmeleer
'Lissa Kimmeleer' 4 months ago
That is so amazing
Epic Caveman
'Epic Caveman' 4 months ago
Me:how does that pencil thing work? *scrolls down to see "HOW IT WORKS " Me: Oh
King Killa
'King Killa' 4 months ago
what kind of pencil did u use
Ashley Nicole
'Ashley Nicole' 4 months ago
that last one tho
'Smoore' 4 months ago
meh I guess that's cool
Triple-K 卐 Våülł 卐 Bøÿ 卐
648k views #8 on trending.
India Hill
'India Hill' 4 months ago
MM Creative
'MM Creative' 4 months ago
Like if u wanted do blow those pencil bits after he finished it.
We Gon
'We Gon' be Alt right' 4 months ago
I came here for the title faggot
Radioactive Panda
'Radioactive Panda' 4 months ago
The last one blew my mind. I constantly have to a buy new stylus (the cheap ones that lose their firmness after 3 - 6 months). Definitely going to use this when I'm back on campus.
Leonardo Da Vinci
'Leonardo Da Vinci' 4 months ago
which editing program do you use to edit your videos?
Rad Domino
'Rad Domino' 4 months ago
1:22 lol, that's gonna give me anxiety
Ali Ahmed
'Ali Ahmed' 4 months ago
Burning Machete
'Burning Machete' 4 months ago
Few of them i know already, but some was really good.
granoah_ bar
'granoah_ bar' 4 months ago
Who came here from thread banger?
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