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BEST VINES of December 2015 with Titles! - NEW December Vine Compilation Part 5 | BEST VINES ✔ -
Published: 1 year ago By: BEST VINES

By: BEST VINESPublished: 1 year ago

3, 603, 034 views

33, 946 Likes   1, 941 Dislikes


New Vine Compilation, Best Vines of December Part 5!

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Belieber Lovatic
'Belieber Lovatic' 4 days ago
Yaaaay Justin's everywhere 😂❤
Jacob Thomas
'Jacob Thomas' 1 week ago
The 1st one is savage
iñigo perez
'iñigo perez' 1 week ago
0:13 ewww thats grose
Greg thecats
'Greg thecats' 2 weeks ago
I thought it said "Vines now with Tits"
'BecMakesVids' 2 weeks ago
brbdog king
'brbdog king' 2 weeks ago
14:45 same reaction a him
LukeSucks AtGaming
'LukeSucks AtGaming' 2 weeks ago
when i say I'm hungry my parents say nice to meet you hungary I'm france nice to meet you
'Phil's Eyelash' 2 weeks ago
Miley Sparkle
'Miley Sparkle' 2 weeks ago
nothing make me laugh it is immmmmmpossible to make me laugh or grin
jacob Parlane
'jacob Parlane' 2 weeks ago
12:08 the kid was setup you can see someone push him
mohamed hassan
'mohamed hassan' 2 weeks ago
the ted talks man is the best ♥ carzy one
Nakiya and Espie
'Nakiya and Espie' 2 weeks ago
10:15 😂😂😂
Libby Potter
'Libby Potter' 2 weeks ago
Olivia Jasso
'Olivia Jasso' 2 weeks ago
At 5:00 tho
Gracie Davis
'Gracie Davis' 2 weeks ago
3:21 hey sexy thang😉
Maysae Tahiri
'Maysae Tahiri' 2 weeks ago
14:08 😂😂😂😂😂😂
'moonkey500' 2 weeks ago
who is that at 2:25
Realjun Almacha
'Realjun Almacha' 2 weeks ago
whats the Title of the song that Goes Aya ya ya ya ya Keep on Holding Kick by the Ocean?
Gaming Bee
'Gaming Bee' 2 weeks ago
ramosangel 203
'ramosangel 203' 2 weeks ago
who else is watching in 2017
4:52 BABY ARIEL!!!!!
Jeremiah Cole
'Jeremiah Cole' 2 weeks ago
Marlon Webb is stupid at making Vines and he just dumb
Brewsterion 1017
'Brewsterion 1017' 2 weeks ago
6:55 I have that exact same shirt. Five Nights at Freddy's is everywhere.
Maverick Delikat
'Maverick Delikat' 2 weeks ago
wow 6:20 lmfao so fucking stupid cant help but laugh though
rsvp jcp
'rsvp jcp' 2 weeks ago
bruh people complaining that they got clothes or shit they didn't want ,I got fucking playdoh I'm 18
Delayna Bell
'Delayna Bell' 3 weeks ago
I think they meant 2016
Noreen Carvalho
'Noreen Carvalho' 3 weeks ago
5:30 my name Jeff
Noreen Carvalho
'Noreen Carvalho' 3 weeks ago
2:26 wtf
Ramiro Sanchez
'Ramiro Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
They're called my sandals 😭😭😭
Addois Brisco
'Addois Brisco' 3 weeks ago
Obama Mcnuggets
'Obama Mcnuggets' 3 weeks ago
Rolandoeueu Perezeje
song 2:23
Kellen Morris
'Kellen Morris' 3 weeks ago
3:14 to 3:20 fanny and true😂😂😂😂
mystsry girl
'mystsry girl' 3 weeks ago
13:20 gold absolute gold
Petar Todorić
'Petar Todorić' 3 weeks ago
they had no idea what was coming
HankFlynn1 1
'HankFlynn1 1' 3 weeks ago
1:10 is so funny 😂
'MarbleLemon7075' 3 weeks ago
18:25 poor dude probably broke his ankles
Jacen Edwards
'Jacen Edwards' 4 weeks ago
14:46 just gets me laughing Everytime
Yourfriendlily 87
'Yourfriendlily 87' 1 month ago
Some of these vines or clips aren't even new.
Why do they gotta take away vine? Make us pay for shit, do some kind of subscription thing, flood us with ads, just don't take away my baby.
Checker Fox
'Checker Fox' 1 month ago
Poor puppy 3:
Chloe Sparkle
'Chloe Sparkle' 1 month ago
8:36 well son of a B**** clide lmao
'Zane' 1 month ago
... really :( the dog puking when i feel sick really...
Keje yolo swag
'Keje yolo swag' 2 months ago
what is the song at 10:15?
Paula Drake
'Paula Drake' 2 months ago
on 17:03 I thing he is drunk and gay
ARandomPerson LOL
'ARandomPerson LOL' 2 months ago
XD When the puppy barfed. It was like Woman: *Ooh, A puppy!* Puppy: *BARFS* Woman: *Nevermind*
Burnin Leo 64
'Burnin Leo 64' 2 months ago
"Have you met Jesus Christ?" 😂
Joshua Rodriguez
'Joshua Rodriguez' 3 months ago
Aaron Doh is so annoying
Robert neybe
'Robert neybe' 3 months ago
0:15 I've never seen a dog vomit , do dogs vomit?
Princess Ruto
'Princess Ruto' 4 months ago
whats the song at 10:12?
Kamisha Thomas
'Kamisha Thomas' 4 months ago
This is a commentary
'This is a commentary' 4 months ago
Bro this shit ain't funny
Official Young Kid
'Official Young Kid' 4 months ago
Is it just me or does gabby show sound like Dom tracy
Official Young Kid
'Official Young Kid' 4 months ago
I bought u a Christmas present aw u did I hope u have a reciet
'Lucky' 4 months ago
9:52 WTF????
- MysticalPhantom -
'- MysticalPhantom -' 4 months ago
Song at 4;20, the run away one? Lol
'rockysikander' 5 months ago
ITS AT 6:58 ! your welcome !
Chris Bussie
'Chris Bussie' 5 months ago
Son, da 2K11 shit was fuuunnny
Asda Bleach
'Asda Bleach' 5 months ago
Happy birthday to the ground!
Skylor Hollifield
'Skylor Hollifield' 5 months ago
17:43 when a white kid try's to act like us savage black kids XD
'BGIRL MELBY' 5 months ago
watching this at one and scary movie ad comes up and the music right away scared the fuck outta me i had a mini seizure in my bed
'r.i.p' 5 months ago
Haha I thought it said with titties XD and the thumbnail made it worse
Shane Toy
'Shane Toy' 5 months ago
Nicki Minaj she's not ugly she's actually cute I wish you would come to my house😘😋😍
brandon taylor
'brandon taylor' 6 months ago
nigga the fuck
brandon taylor
'brandon taylor' 6 months ago
Diane Stevens
'Diane Stevens' 6 months ago
omg no
Diane Stevens
'Diane Stevens' 6 months ago
adam compton
'adam compton' 6 months ago
well son a clyde
Nata W
'Nata W' 6 months ago
2009 uncastle n Creaks debrandt xmas secret santa Miranda
eragon slayer
'eragon slayer' 6 months ago
some want to see the world burn
Vladmir putin
'Vladmir putin' 7 months ago
He need some meal xD
'Heavybomber' 7 months ago
4:27 that dog is a giving dog instead of taking the cake for himself, he gave it to the ground 😀 that brought a tear to my eye
uriel Ramirez
'uriel Ramirez' 7 months ago
18:42 best part begins haha
Abby Beshers
'Abby Beshers' 7 months ago
so funny
chaos 48
'chaos 48' 7 months ago
what movie is that from with Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson
Vegas_Born88 Who knows
aaron doh is a fat douchebag not even funny
Jim Dimitropoulos
'Jim Dimitropoulos' 8 months ago
17:21 I died
Joseph Waterbury
'Joseph Waterbury' 8 months ago
6:16 I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
carley shaffer
'carley shaffer' 8 months ago
Detective Inspector “Turnabout” Cuthulu
HK Mon
'HK Mon' 8 months ago
7:54 best clip...
Skrillex Dupstep
'Skrillex Dupstep' 8 months ago
I'm legally blind p.o.p hold it down.momma I love you
moon wolf
'moon wolf' 8 months ago
The dog that was excited about Christmas was so cute!
Anaconda Opasna
'Anaconda Opasna' 8 months ago
who can tell me song 03:56
Madeline Murphy
'Madeline Murphy' 8 months ago
15:54 lol
Zayd .Ls
'Zayd .Ls' 8 months ago
Pause at 4:22 he is like yeah that's the spot keep going
'smoshprincess13' 8 months ago
He could've still asked for milk and cookies, as long as she understood what he meant by that.
Nekopara Maple
'Nekopara Maple' 8 months ago
5:49 lmao. Goodbye, hope you had a great Christmas.
Nami Nom
'Nami Nom' 8 months ago
aww the kid at 14:10 is soo cute :3
Gamer Sisters
'Gamer Sisters' 8 months ago
amy latifa
'amy latifa' 8 months ago
I am the 1 million sub
Ken Kaneki
'Ken Kaneki' 8 months ago
At 4:27 it cracks me up😂😂😂😂😂!!
Eddy Martel
'Eddy Martel' 9 months ago
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'ROSSTHEBOSS766' 9 months ago
Antonio Diaz
'Antonio Diaz' 9 months ago
I like the dinosaur one
Rukia Uchiha
'Rukia Uchiha' 9 months ago
14:12 Awwww cute so innocent haha
Gaster sans
'Gaster sans' 9 months ago
"yes, yes, my house, yes" lol
Mobile King
'Mobile King' 9 months ago
15:53 got me it was so funny!
5:02 lmao
Oriana Dani
'Oriana Dani' 9 months ago
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