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10 Things That Will Happen If The Internet Collapsed! -
Published: 6 months ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 6 months ago

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top 10 shocking things that would occur if the internet went offline around the world
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nick whaley
'nick whaley' 5 hours ago
Inserts internet killer virus 😂
Tim G
'Tim G' 10 hours ago
There would be mass plagues that would spread because Water and Water treatment plants are all controlled over the internet and rely on it for pumping stations, and sensor data.
dan laesu
'dan laesu' 23 hours ago
1000 years ago people lived without internet...))))))))))))))
Wholemeal Bread
'Wholemeal Bread' 1 day ago
we lived without it before, and we would be able to live without it after too.
Ryan sharlotte
'Ryan sharlotte' 1 day ago
has this narrator ever heard of the 90's the internet has only taken hold in the last 20 years
Themis Borobokas
'Themis Borobokas' 2 days ago
'Goodbye to easy knowledge' READ A FUCKING BOOK
Matt Miller
'Matt Miller' 2 days ago
no the world wold not end 3red wold contrary's don't have internet and they still live its not grate life but they manege
Daniel Pearse
'Daniel Pearse' 2 days ago
The last one is lie if people in 1800 had no internet then we can survive
John Barajas
'John Barajas' 2 days ago
I can survive if the Internet went down because I don't really use the internet I only use it for online gaming.
'thisisloca' 2 days ago
I dont have internet at home i only do now bc im in a hotel and yes it is that hard😂
angie higuera
'angie higuera' 2 days ago
navr hlmingp
Incredible Creation
I am the internet and I am collapsed now!
'Josiah' 2 days ago
turn on your mobile data
M0nkeyb0mber 339
'M0nkeyb0mber 339' 2 days ago
Yes we can, don't believe me? Then look at economics, documents, etc. from the first country's till roughly 2000
Velvet Vulpix
'Velvet Vulpix' 2 days ago
Oh no!! Without the Internet, people would have to a library and read a book to find things out!! How awful!! (much heavy sarcasm Intended) It's easy to live without the Internet, go camping for a week or so. No reception, no free WiFi. You get to learn so many things, you also get time to spend with your family. Family is more precious that your social media following. Rant over. (had to get that off my chest.)
Lego motion Picture studios
By I'm off to destroy the internet
Ariel Garcia
'Ariel Garcia' 2 days ago
Good thing I still have my porn dvds from back in high school
Troll LOL
'Troll LOL' 2 days ago
Not gonna lie once I read no more porn I actually got worried
Salman B
'Salman B' 2 days ago
No no I Kant
'Spets' 3 days ago
Wtf, the world would just make a new internet system
'PiXeLGeneral' 3 days ago
Prepare to fallout
Brendon Urie_P!ATD
If the internet collapsed everyone in the world that uses it will be depressed.
'mmsibi' 5 days ago
this a joke, right?
Tom Ricci
'Tom Ricci' 5 days ago
This videos a load of shit.
Mark S.
'Mark S.' 6 days ago
Fallout 5 looks good
Lil Dumb Nit Wit
'Lil Dumb Nit Wit' 7 days ago
If the internet collapsed we would never be able to subscribe to TheRichest. That would be a total nightmare. ;-;
'SOMESH VALANKE' 1 week ago
No more porn, what? 😅 yeah! I never think about that.
'FlamingExcadrill' 1 week ago
no more porn i dont want to think about that
Simply Pachia
'Simply Pachia' 1 week ago
I was perfectly fine until she said "no more porn" my heart drop
Angel Fox
'Angel Fox' 1 week ago
I can survive without the internet
'XxFaisalgamerxX' 1 week ago
actually did you know that Thousands of years ago people Lived without Internet, TVs, phones, and no light or electricity, and traveling takes months
no porn? well shit.... :(
there would be no memes.... omg
Rab carn
'Rab carn' 1 week ago
All of these things we had before the internet. It wouldnt make a shred of difference. There was atm machines well before internet and supermarkets were always stocked well. I dont believe this video.
Animesh Deka Phukan
'Animesh Deka Phukan' 2 weeks ago
this means i wouldn't be able to get pussy online😕😭
'anisuthideyakoindu' 2 weeks ago
during an internet crash?  forget sending letters since also postal runs on internet ...perfect agenda 2030 fulfillment ...
LuigiSwag2164 Films
'LuigiSwag2164 Films' 2 weeks ago
Then people would freak out to not jack off
Stan Kroenkenshit
'Stan Kroenkenshit' 2 weeks ago
rape would increase without porn on the internet. i wouldn't be able to control my urges in this stage of puberty so sorry women, no respect.
'RCPRO B' 2 weeks ago
Wow, how much porn do you watch?
TheIridiumic 138
'TheIridiumic 138' 2 weeks ago
I could live without it if the year was in the 80s or 90s.
Zach Waller
'Zach Waller' 2 weeks ago
No more porn!!!!!!! N0!!! :(
'dontstopremembering' 2 weeks ago
Hello we still have TV and Smart Phones because its just a internet not all signal We Still have Telephones
Ben Ellis
'Ben Ellis' 2 weeks ago
This is retarded. It's safe to say that anyone who lived through the early 90s or earlier did just that.
Yay no more p***
Alik Balika
'Alik Balika' 2 weeks ago
Bill Gates would go broke
David Drew
'David Drew' 2 weeks ago
no more food is a lie. we will still have food.
TheRadGaming ProChris
The Richest Is Getting Subs Fast.
'IXtemper' 2 weeks ago
not the porn!
Kevin Ma
'Kevin Ma' 2 weeks ago
Alucardjr69, I almost spend my whole life using the internet I would get skin cancer after staying outside for 1 millisecond
Kevin Ma
'Kevin Ma' 2 weeks ago
LOLZ, The last time I went outside was 10 days ago, that's how long I use the internet, if the internet collapsed, my life would be useless
'Tiger_I4' 2 weeks ago
It makes me sad that TheRichest has to say social media requires internet
Babe Ruth 123455
'Babe Ruth 123455' 2 weeks ago
Can't live 1 second without the internet
napkin seal
'napkin seal' 2 weeks ago
Can the government just create the internet again, but it will take time?
Drew Barnes
'Drew Barnes' 2 weeks ago
What a tonne of utter shit. The internet is a very new thing, we would just go back to the way we was.
UCLA Student
'UCLA Student' 3 weeks ago
Chase Pearson
'Chase Pearson' 3 weeks ago
Who's internet is out while watching and your using data on your phone? Me!
Mark Peters
'Mark Peters' 3 weeks ago
Over reaction. Broadcast TV is free.
'FinalFantasy7Freak6' 3 weeks ago
Well shit....
Taylor vettese
'Taylor vettese' 3 weeks ago
Aka, we will eventually live how I did as a child in the late 80s/early nineties and anything prior
My best friend hacked my name.
y no more hentai WHYYYYY
Hot Mustang
'Hot Mustang' 3 weeks ago
I couldn't take u seriously after no more food. really?
'TheClumzylerch' 3 weeks ago
I don't know. I remember a world with out internet. It was actually pretty nice. I still try to pluck myself away as much as I can cause definitely know how addicting the net is. Shoot internet didn't really kick into gear until the first xbox system with Halo but even than the best way was to take four systems and link them. I think the Net in a lot of ways have taken peoples lives.
The Octopus Movie
'The Octopus Movie' 3 weeks ago
Don't worry, we will just ask google to help get the internet back up
'GoldMinecraftPro' 3 weeks ago
i can live up to months without internet.
'GoldMinecraftPro' 3 weeks ago
even africa has no internet,they can still survive
'Conwayfan98' 3 weeks ago
The world would return to an early 1990's state.
'Draven' 4 weeks ago
Not if but WHEN the internet collapses.
hadi abuhaija
'hadi abuhaija' 4 weeks ago
Pornhub would die 😭😭😭
die schwarzefledermaus
if the internet crashes, all wifi, satelites, and other wireless equipment would be shut down and humanity will find extraterrestrial life that desperatly tryed to contact us but couldent do it for all that electromagnetic noise
michael yujoco
'michael yujoco' 4 weeks ago
Great Video
lekkere pizza goed
'lekkere pizza goed' 4 weeks ago
if internet collapsed im Going to kill myself then seriously i cant live without wifi
'EHXKOR' 4 weeks ago
Caden Presley
'Caden Presley' 4 weeks ago
Imo, I don't think it would be this dramatic if the internet collapsed. 80 years ago, people at that time didn't have internet and they still survived. I do agree with some of the stuff in this video, but I don't think it would go that far.
Clash Royale Noob
'Clash Royale Noob' 4 weeks ago
no more porn ??????!?!?!?!?!?!
Ethan Roemmele
'Ethan Roemmele' 4 weeks ago
the only good thing is that there will be less pornos
'Emperio' 4 weeks ago
green house
'green house' 4 weeks ago
this is bullshit. i lived on a time where there was no internet, we were fine.
'TheBastionMa1n' 4 weeks ago
Y'all know the internet didn't always exist right
_PastelHailey101_ ヅ
If the internet crashed the fucking purge would start and we'd all loose our minds
Loko Time
'Loko Time' 4 weeks ago
So Your Basically saying an apacolypse
Wei Zheng
'Wei Zheng' 4 weeks ago
You are fucking lier
Patrick butler
'Patrick butler' 4 weeks ago
would be glad to see social media disappear. It has caused so much trouble.
D Pepa
'D Pepa' 4 weeks ago
We were just fine in the 80s. How is it that we became to rely on this so much
Super Nova
'Super Nova' 4 weeks ago
But I live in food
Kyle Mendoza
'Kyle Mendoza' 4 weeks ago
Get a pen pal
'BenGr1' 4 weeks ago
"No more porn" Me -NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo? k das fine.
'RandomGuy' 4 weeks ago
Got bored at 3:05. We was living perfect long before the internet even began in 1991
Brice Pash
'Brice Pash' 4 weeks ago
I don't think it will be this bad if the internet collapsed....people would just wait for it to be restored. After awhile then maybe.
F Red
'F Red' 4 weeks ago
Ron 50
'Ron 50' 4 weeks ago
#11: the fall of Kekistan
Mason Mcmains
'Mason Mcmains' 4 weeks ago
Heck I could survive without the internet I mean in the 18 and 1900 we didn't have internet and the world didn't end so BOOM
Maria E Toro
'Maria E Toro' 4 weeks ago
If the world would end when the internet collapsed,how did people survive before the internet?
Benjamin Pavsner
'Benjamin Pavsner' 4 weeks ago
Uh, how many millenia did humanity survive before the Internet?
Jay Irwin
'Jay Irwin' 1 month ago
If there was no internet I would go back to living in the woods man I taught myself shit! 😒
MLG Sanic
'MLG Sanic' 1 month ago
One of my school classes is to do with the Internet XD
KarRU_06 「Denis」
If The Internet Collapses I'll Never Use Twitter.
Michael Cruz
'Michael Cruz' 1 month ago
so we will go back to the 1800 s
Jamie Swain
'Jamie Swain' 1 month ago
OMG I love the internet *internet crashes* me:: AAAAAHHHH NNNOOO MY WORL *sees sister you have green eyes *sister ya I've always had green eyes
'SpookScares' 1 month ago
the way she said 'no more porn' had me
Brandon Hill
'Brandon Hill' 1 month ago
If the Internet Collapsed then no more Memes!
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