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10 Things That Will Happen If The Internet Collapsed! -
Published: 9 months ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 9 months ago

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top 10 shocking things that would occur if the internet went offline around the world
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'Racejam' 5 hours ago
I love (no por_)! i hope thet hapend!
Marko Kasanický
'Marko Kasanický' 1 day ago
how does the internet stop food production ? food isnt related to the internet in any way you dumbasses
Lane Moje
'Lane Moje' 2 days ago
We would all actually study more instead of procrastinating.
Jack Sparrow
'Jack Sparrow' 2 days ago
actually half of this information is retarded
Jo Montanee
'Jo Montanee' 6 days ago
This is what I'm tired of you Millennials generation. My grandparents, parents and I have lived just fine without internet or even cellphone. (I'm Gen X.) And you guys throw tantrum when your cellphone connection (or internet) is off. Duhhh.....
Ignacio Magana
'Ignacio Magana' 6 days ago
I came home from work one night and i had no internet,worst 5 hours ive ever had.
People Evil
'People Evil' 7 days ago
Black Lives Matter will start rioting
'Gammareign' 2 weeks ago
Phone lines predated the internet and so did satellite and cable T.V. to an extent. Cable and satellite internet came after cable and satellite T.V.
'Creeperkillerrd' 2 weeks ago
'Stovan' 2 weeks ago
Why does she sound so happy during all of this!? XD
prum chhangsreng
'prum chhangsreng' 2 weeks ago
without internet. those weird horny prideless girl disappear.
Jason Hatt
'Jason Hatt' 2 weeks ago
I have enough faith in our intelligence that we could figure something out- especially for food supplies. I would wager that Amazon would start printing a regular catalogue. YouTube would have to play in some kind of theater.
Jason Hatt
'Jason Hatt' 2 weeks ago
Well that escalated quickly
Pill Box
'Pill Box' 2 weeks ago
The Devil created Facebook
'mytenbaby' 2 weeks ago
I would be completely destroyed inside if the internet collapsed.
Erick lee Rebigan
'Erick lee Rebigan' 3 weeks ago
I would not survive and i will Freak out and loot😊😄😤😠😬😈
Henry TAN
'Henry TAN' 3 weeks ago
Not the end of the world,it's the end of CIVILIZATION
'Ink' 3 weeks ago
If the internet collapsed then the teen suicide rate would get higher.
ManA ManB
'ManA ManB' 3 weeks ago
I hate to admit it, but Internet is close to be as basic as food, water, clothes & houses. Only those who have learned to live without the current technology for many years and those who are (in a way) "very satisfied" with what they've got would have a chance to survive - at least more than the average person. This is how I see it, in general.
Elite Fox
'Elite Fox' 3 weeks ago
My WiFi doesn't work much anyways so yea. I'm using Costa coffe WiFi to comment this
Matthew Davis
'Matthew Davis' 4 weeks ago
GOOD... HUMANS will show their that their really animals.
rita Stutesman
'rita Stutesman' 4 weeks ago
If the world had no power. I would say I would be able to survive because, when our ancestors was alive we had to live on the land. Such as hunting, growing own crops , have to deal with going to the creek and getting a little bit of water and taking it back to the stove boil it. I mean the WiFi/ the enternet was never one of the survival items . If the world went with no power I would say go to the Dorset of the first week. Because, the first few weeks their will be riots and everything else .Also going to the Forest will also keep you safe from Tornados and high winds BC of the trees. And after people starts to calm down and stop killing each other which they won't. Then that's when you will have to go back out of the forest and grab some cloths and what ever you need to survive for a few weeks
Boski Patel
'Boski Patel' 4 weeks ago
I will be mad
MrDraw vannick
'MrDraw vannick' 4 weeks ago
Well if you live in the wilderness you can survive but you just need survival skills
overhyped nerd
'overhyped nerd' 4 weeks ago
no more porn ? is this bad ?
'BJL1738' 4 weeks ago
I can't watch boku no pico 😭
Bloxykat2678 Johnson
No Internet = Global Suicide
Waqas Ahmed
'Waqas Ahmed' 4 weeks ago
There'd still be network communication without the internet...
Evan Perrine
'Evan Perrine' 1 month ago
1. The early 1990's.
Made with Mingyu
'Made with Mingyu' 1 month ago
If internet went down thats mean no more kpop😰😰😰
Henry Cavalier
'Henry Cavalier' 1 month ago
Total nonsense. There would be almost no change. Banks, food supply, traffic lights, communication, police, government, education, ect... all the things you mentioned work just fine without internet. The internet is not even 30 years old. The global economy, banks, traffic lights, shipping, food production, government, education, and so on... have been around much longer. hell we've been trading with other countries for centuries.:) to say we couldn't get food to our local grocery stores is absurd. ( One to many Apocalypse movies I think.. ;)
bruce walker
'bruce walker' 1 month ago
Dam people their was life before the Internet
'Icearity' 1 month ago
I died laughing at the "No more porn"
'AvixenK' 1 month ago
How would it even collapse? How would that be possible?
Imsocute 123
'Imsocute 123' 1 month ago
How can I survive without brownies?!?
Claudio Farro
'Claudio Farro' 1 month ago
Mr.tops aqui sacas tus videos?
Claudio Farro
'Claudio Farro' 1 month ago
Arsène Lupin
'Arsène Lupin' 1 month ago
All those points are only viable for the 1st world. Most of the other countries don't rely on the internet as much as on the air to function. Still don't see a connection between loss of net and food shortages. Re-establishing and re-calibrating exsiting functions of society to function without the web would probably only take a few months. And in less then a year it will be possible to reach the point of rebuilding entire net space and re-establishing servers around the world. Internet 2.0 basically. Internet is not some alien technology that nobody knows how it works. With our current technology re-building the net is no big deal.
'Savage' 1 month ago
everyone would die cause we cant look at memes anymore
Seviche 4 life
'Seviche 4 life' 1 month ago
The porn one 😂😂😂😂
Raphael Ignacio
'Raphael Ignacio' 1 month ago
i can survive without internet!!!! bcoz i can live without the internet!!
Alison Cloughan
'Alison Cloughan' 1 month ago
We would all die
Janeen Rosado
'Janeen Rosado' 1 month ago
Rolling Guy
'Rolling Guy' 1 month ago
So, we would just go back 30 years? That's it?
Mr. Angery
'Mr. Angery' 1 month ago
If you really wanna know what would happen without internet Watch the South Park episode "Over Logging" and you'll get your answer
awesome mate
'awesome mate' 1 month ago
if the internet collapsed your video will gone forerver
awesome mate
'awesome mate' 1 month ago
if the internet collpsed we start to repair it
'xVonix' 2 months ago
If the internet went off the keyboard warriors will become ninja warriors.
xX squeaker Xx
'xX squeaker Xx' 2 months ago
Okay most of the stuff here is just exaggerated the world has made it through so many years with out internet and here we are listening to this youtube channel tell us that it would cause us a "end of world" scenario
clasher and sports
'clasher and sports' 2 months ago
How did the old nations survive
Ya Boi Bura
'Ya Boi Bura' 2 months ago
without the internet i would die i need memes to live
Damien Joni
'Damien Joni' 2 months ago
Bruh,porn is bad
'sambuss90' 2 months ago
Nuuuuuuuuu!!!! Muh depraved porn!!!
Michael Word
'Michael Word' 2 months ago
The consequences of losing the internet are very overstated here. The truth is that good old land line telephone service works to keep the gas pumps and grocery stores going. Stores and gas stations just call in their orders and and the trucks show up. There would be disruptions for a few months and everyone would adjust to the old way of doing business.
4:00 complete and utter *BULLSHIT* 😐
The deleted DAGGER
'The deleted DAGGER' 2 months ago
EgoManiac YouTube
'EgoManiac YouTube' 2 months ago
Honestly, without internet it would be better. There will be food still. There will be no "apacolpyse". We would finally use librarys. All i'm saying is... "The Richest" wont make money anymore lol.
Corbin Greiner
'Corbin Greiner' 2 months ago
Rednecks wold be our new rulers.
AlexanderYT AlexYT
'AlexanderYT AlexYT' 2 months ago
i can live without internet world would be better place
Abbie LovesButter
'Abbie LovesButter' 2 months ago
It's good to know that I'm not the only 1 who is probably a bit too obsessed with the Internet XD
'「Remilia」' 2 months ago
no internet, no hentai :c
'Tяαcεя' 2 months ago
Fucking really??? It has been only 26 years since the public has had access to it, and we'd kill ourselves faster than were doing it now....
Corazon Blanco
'Corazon Blanco' 2 months ago
That's means we rely too much on the internet, we should stop doing that.
Enforcement Officer Holland
internet made people more shitty and retarded.
Canyon Jones
'Canyon Jones' 2 months ago
Humans have lived without the internet for all of human history, You should change your name to TheDumbest
'ADHD'S Planet' 2 months ago
If the internet collapsed there would be no more the richest sadly
RuziFilms RBLX
'RuziFilms RBLX' 2 months ago
Sean Marowa
'Sean Marowa' 2 months ago
no more xvideos omw I would die
'FLOPPYTHEFLAPY YT' 2 months ago
Hungry Penguin
'Hungry Penguin' 2 months ago
If the internet collapsed, Donald Trump couldn't address the nation with his stupidity.
Armaan Brar
'Armaan Brar' 2 months ago
The fucking world survived without the internet before so why should it fucking end ?
'FabianDiazVEVO' 2 months ago
ok but internet isn't going to cause us to become crazy and start burning everything
'FabianDiazVEVO' 2 months ago
lol this gave me anxiety. i started to worry and tried to find ways to solve everything but in my head it got worse
Random NOOB
'Random NOOB' 2 months ago
without internet...this should not be here
Βυρων Ο Χαοτικος UH Fan
I'm fine with that at least the kids will not break my balls pissing me of commenting on youtube
Naruto Shippuden eposides and clips
20 years ago internet didnt even exist omg the richest really
'CrazySwiftieJess' 2 months ago
I want the internet to be shut down 1 day
Stefan Technologies
'Stefan Technologies' 2 months ago
If the internet collapses Amazon will Turn into a supermarket.
Load Galax
'Load Galax' 2 months ago
I don't think I can even imagine a life without internet, since most of us rely on it.
Vladimir Plantin
'Vladimir Plantin' 2 months ago
It just astounds me how this woman could announce all this end-of-the-world chaos with such a calm flight-attendant tone
Kennetholux Thomas
'Kennetholux Thomas' 3 months ago
WWI All over again
Crystal Latsyrc
'Crystal Latsyrc' 3 months ago
PACS, the thingy that runs on the Internet that hospitals use to store patient digital records such as x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds, would cause havoc within hospitals as all patient information would be lost and we would have nowhere to store future information.
Christine Jaquith
'Christine Jaquith' 3 months ago
Would be a simpler time again. I wouldn't mind it.
Saint Zeppelin
'Saint Zeppelin' 3 months ago
I was cool with this until the porn one, I'm going to be up downloading videos all night now... gotta be at work in 5 hours.
carson the clasher
'carson the clasher' 3 months ago
we are fragile
Marcus Aurelius
'Marcus Aurelius' 3 months ago
Would there still be medication if the internet collapsed?
Brandon L.C.
'Brandon L.C.' 3 months ago
One day, we will stop having food anyways even with the internet.
'Teaze' 3 months ago
"no more porn" xxx dvds/blurays still exist I believe
'iProDragonexGaming' 3 months ago
Then 90% of the human population would commit suicide.
KenHu Teves
'KenHu Teves' 3 months ago
Horrible results. We can survive without internet. Before internet we already have system learned in home, community and schools. We also learned basic things to survive.
The Interesting Nobody
I almost wish.
'OnceInABlueMoon' 3 months ago
I do not believe it would be the end of the world, if the Internet collapsed.... which is highly unlikely.
Migrant Thought
'Migrant Thought' 3 months ago
If the internet ended we would have much larger issues...
Jayden Donski
'Jayden Donski' 3 months ago
I think we could survive humans haven't always had use to the internet.
'EAGLE EYE' 3 months ago
maybe we can learn from farmers they are living without internet!!!
GrowGamerz _GT
'GrowGamerz _GT' 3 months ago
If internet collapses it collapsed
'AToxicPotato' 3 months ago
Actually the society collapse not the world lol
'HissingCylinder' 3 months ago
Can't we just use stoplights with timers? As far as I know there are 2 types of traffic lights. The one with detectors and the ones with timers. Does a timer really need wi-fi to work? I think not
Larry Alexander
'Larry Alexander' 3 months ago
Clearly we didn't exist before the internet came along.
Skippa Da Flippa
'Skippa Da Flippa' 3 months ago
Inserts internet killer virus 😂
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