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10 Things That Will Happen If The Internet Collapsed! -
Published: 1 year ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 1 year ago

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top 10 shocking things that would occur if the internet went offline around the world
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johny movie
'johny movie' 3 hours ago
i wish interntet stopped working all of technology in fact
'Amaracea' 3 days ago
You have to love how the narrator is so happy about all of this horrifying apocalyptic stuff.
Edgar Zhuravlev
'Edgar Zhuravlev' 4 days ago
And if the internet went down, we would never get to see life again
Hugh Mongus
'Hugh Mongus' 5 days ago
I would love to punch that bitch in the face! None of this would happen if the internet collapses. We can take care of ourselves thank you. Fucking retarded, brainwashing, Predictive programing cunt!
daniel moreno
'daniel moreno' 6 days ago
my god n no more porn? thats devastating
Merlin Borghuis
'Merlin Borghuis' 6 days ago
'Noo food in shops' you kidding me. They did it 100 years ago so why not now
Zev Sharma
'Zev Sharma' 6 days ago
If the internet collapsed, I would just play Minecraft on single player.
Varghese Antony V.B.
Iam waiting for That day with no Internet
Mauricio Sierra
'Mauricio Sierra' 2 weeks ago
Only millennials would go in a widespread panic. Anyone else who was born and grew up before the 90's would know how to manage. And that's a fact Jack!
Nunya Beeswax
'Nunya Beeswax' 2 weeks ago
'BLOCKY STUPID DUDE' 2 weeks ago
if the internet dies then so dose the economy. loads of companys will go out of business. youtubers will be poor resulting in loads of companys dieing cuz millions are youtubers witch means the loss of millions of dollars.
Killer Vibe
'Killer Vibe' 2 weeks ago
HOLY SHIT NO MORE PORN That is not a bad thing tbh
I low key started dying when this nigga said "no more porn"
Deadpool being a badass sense 2010 PORN!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh wait im an artist i can make my own
Frank Meng
'Frank Meng' 3 weeks ago
No more porn? Shit.
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 weeks ago
I hate this bitches voice
Blu Crystal
'Blu Crystal' 4 weeks ago
Teacher: If I could choose to shut down the internet for good then I would do it just because ya'll go on ya'lls phones too much and should enjoy the simple life more! Me: Yea... You have fun with that o.o ...
Kibo Eynxal
'Kibo Eynxal' 2 months ago
If the internet collaspes ill be sure to watch this video
Enrique Enriquez III
'Enrique Enriquez III' 2 months ago
Ajit Pai should be watching this right now.
'JohnnySky' 2 months ago
Just shows how shitty humans really are... lool the end of the world... jezz... going not very far back as in the 90's people lived perfectly fine without any of that... few years later is chaos ?
Windows 10
'Windows 10' 2 months ago
Drunk Rafie
'Drunk Rafie' 2 months ago
Hitler would return if this happened
houssain brendon
'houssain brendon' 2 months ago
no people can stil survive
Exotic Butthurt
'Exotic Butthurt' 2 months ago
I kinda hope the internet goes. We've become to damn lazy
Frank Hamel
'Frank Hamel' 2 months ago
Funny. The human race lived and survived without the internet for thousands and thousands of years. How long does the internet exists? between 20-30 years? and now we think it would be the end of the world when it collapses. :D oh man....."with the lack of information" a newspaper for once....
retard man with ebola cats
End of the world? I thought only god can destroy the world Wait, Ajit Pai want this world end
'calx' 2 months ago
Stephen Fisher
'Stephen Fisher' 2 months ago
Good News. It Will Take Forever To Collapse The Internet. No Worries!
Dragoon Z
'Dragoon Z' 2 months ago
lol the society survived so many times before the internet and technology or even the industrial revolution was even a thing the internet only made us lose touch of our physical reality and we some of us barely interact deeply outside anymore.
Dragoon Z
'Dragoon Z' 2 months ago
big cities and cpu run towns are fucked.
Dragoon Z
'Dragoon Z' 2 months ago
self sufficient and rural people win!
Hikazaya Nikushi
'Hikazaya Nikushi' 2 months ago
We can still charge phones... but, no internet.. so oof we still rip
'Dlox' 2 months ago
'OK FU' 2 months ago
Its. about. to go. down.
Kakang Radit
'Kakang Radit' 2 months ago
Olivia Dimalanta
'Olivia Dimalanta' 2 months ago
...make this relevant again. this makes me really sad seeing all the comments being jokes and now it’s real.
'GameShow45' 2 months ago
Ajit Pai will destroy net neutrality, which will cause all this.
'Cavy' 2 months ago
Ummm... before the internet was a thing the world was quite fine...
'HunterXgaming' 2 months ago
Is that mean internet is a part of our life?
Rajay Downer
'Rajay Downer' 3 months ago
When they say no more porn my heart skipped a beat😂😂😂
MusicIs l0v
'MusicIs l0v' 3 months ago
Our people wouldn't be so shit. That's what would happen. We'd all come out of our bedrooms and actually make something of ourselves.
Well we better enjoy Net neutrality while it lasts!
'SirTalksAlot' 3 months ago
Mostly no more masturbation.
Bas Akap
'Bas Akap' 3 months ago
I’m confused! I lived in the 80s and 90s without the internet and everything was absolutely fine and if anything everything was so much better!!!
survival of the fastest
I cant believe you bitches wont survive without social media 😒
Shawn Cox
'Shawn Cox' 3 months ago
this is bs propaganda magnetic cards worked well before internet lol and most stores call in there order and gps is not part of the internet in fact a lot of electronic information is not through the internet companies tend to have there own intra-net
Lucifer Raviere
'Lucifer Raviere' 3 months ago
Considering the internet is about to come to an end, this video is terrifying to me
Matthew Cochrane
'Matthew Cochrane' 3 months ago
The only people who would survive is blockbusters.
Radi Kowalski
'Radi Kowalski' 3 months ago
Haha most people don’t even know how to survive without their WiFi.
Gold Boy
'Gold Boy' 3 months ago
No roblox wtf nooooooo
Fikri Fata
'Fikri Fata' 3 months ago
My mom wish that the internet shut down.. even tho my mom use work from the internet so wtf
Mr Wash
'Mr Wash' 3 months ago
I think too much information is a bad thing
MegaGuy 2005
'MegaGuy 2005' 3 months ago
we will have this in the us soon
Maikeru oruton
'Maikeru oruton' 3 months ago
Well. We better prepare for this to happen
Amy Roybal
'Amy Roybal' 3 months ago
I'll die if I don't have wifi
'WindBladeYT' 3 months ago
dafuq who knows that losing internet is worse than a zombie apocalypse?!
Aimee wanjiru
'Aimee wanjiru' 3 months ago
Well the internet was not there years ago and nobody died so...
Epic Playz
'Epic Playz' 3 months ago
No I can't survive with no roblox and Minecraft multiplayer that need wifi
mr cJn
'mr cJn' 3 months ago
if it will happen i will miss xVideos BEST ONE ! PornHub xHamster XNXX YouPorn YouJizz HClips Porn TnaFlix Tube8 Spankbang DrTuber Spankwire KeezMovies Nuvid SunPorno BravoTube PornHD Porn300 SexVid XXXBunker PalmTube Mofosex X18 Xbabe UpdateTube BeFuck MasseurPorn Hdmovz PornRox PornMaki Pornid Inxporn Slutload ProPorn FakePorn Pornhost HandjobHub Vpornvideos MyXVids DansMovies Fapdu Rude TopFreePornVideos FreudBox AdultInc PornHeed HdPorn Orgasm PornRabbit MadThumbs Fux Eroxia DeviantClip Xxvids H2porn ApeTube MetaPorn ElephantTube Long PornerBros Tubegalore Best Mobile how about you?
'Target' 3 months ago
If you dont want to watch the this 4:41 mins long video... No internet = Fallout 4 :)
Leslie Garcia
'Leslie Garcia' 3 months ago
i would die
Ken Does Gaming
'Ken Does Gaming' 4 months ago
Girls are all ovah the internet. It is their livelihood
Ken Does Gaming
'Ken Does Gaming' 4 months ago
Mostly GIRLS would riot
Hentai Otaku
'Hentai Otaku' 4 months ago
fuck no more porn, no more hentai :/
'mrbry728' 4 months ago
Now I know why PHILIPPINES has always been in chaos.... WE HAVE THE SLOWEST INTERNET SPEED!!!
Steffen Brix
'Steffen Brix' 4 months ago would be the best thing EVER!
Nutshell nutter person with infinite Mondays
The world will collapse of the screams of billions of 10 year olds.
Shin Christzilla
'Shin Christzilla' 4 months ago
Yodernote Boy
'Yodernote Boy' 4 months ago
It still be great if the internet could just go away.
AAC What will you build
Okay this video should be 3 sec long Cuz we will all die
Pure Sugar With A Pinch Of Diabetes
Patrick: Why don't you guys fix it?
Yoo Toobah XD
'Yoo Toobah XD' 4 months ago
There would be no Electrical Grid
Nick Shortridge
'Nick Shortridge' 4 months ago
Well, No more Online Pedophiles.
Vam rbx
'Vam rbx' 4 months ago
Go play outside kids. And why no more porn in this Aha xD.
Jonathan Pippin
'Jonathan Pippin' 4 months ago
I pray that really happens. It would be better. Just go back to the way we was living before the internet. It's not that difficult. People would actually have to care for once. We don't need the government to control us or the internet. We need to control ourselves, care, love and help each other. We have learned a lot about how we should treat each other. Don't forget it or freak out because there's no internet. I do my best to live without it. We rely on machine's to much. Morality leads to immortality. wink, wink. Turn to God before it is to late. Spoiler alert. The future in the next earth age will not have technology.
'Monkeydog' 4 months ago
People would be a lot nicer
'MegaMinerDL' 4 months ago
4:00 What? Seriously..?
Geovany Rodriguez
'Geovany Rodriguez' 4 months ago
*searches how to make a brownie in a coffee mug*
Nader Issa
'Nader Issa' 4 months ago
JSM Is Best
'JSM Is Best' 4 months ago
Back to the traditional ways; books.
Barbecue Wings
'Barbecue Wings' 4 months ago
If the internet shut down forever and no more video games that means no more Pokémon
Kieran Antonio
'Kieran Antonio' 4 months ago
Girls well be hul and get angry beacuse they didnt see there crush selfie😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
goodyear 1957
'goodyear 1957' 5 months ago
humanity would survive without it no problem.. but it would take a few years to adjust .. banks would be fu*ked as we would have to be paid cash again by employers, as was many years ago.. thats a plus.. and now for something completely different...
'ItzGhoul' 5 months ago
the should make a movie about it
I Stole your wife while you read my username
is full of shits , we will just bring back medieval ages!
Razia Solomons
'Razia Solomons' 5 months ago
Not possible because militaries around the world along with scientists and software engineers will figure out a new way of internet connections
First Hot
'First Hot' 5 months ago
Why did we make internet this will happen sometime in the future
YT_ BlockyGamerZ
'YT_ BlockyGamerZ' 5 months ago
My goodness they put a pic of the greek national bank!!! Try to look at the paper on the left side of the SCREEN and you will see a paper with greek letters.
Spaceman36 6435
'Spaceman36 6435' 5 months ago
Not the porn
'Amy' 5 months ago
Well if this happened everyone will need to go back to living in the 1940s. We can all survive without internet. Basically all humans before it was invented survived without it.
'JammyBuick' 5 months ago
what did we do without it before it existed
diogo pires
'diogo pires' 5 months ago
I wouldn't live without the internet I've even had no wifi and I started panicking I mean I could live without wifi for about a few minutes because I'll be busy outside and by the time I'm back home the internet will be back
Terrarian Gaming
'Terrarian Gaming' 5 months ago
unless the world was filled with pervs how could no more porn be a problem?
'Racejam' 5 months ago
I love (no por_)! i hope thet hapend!
Marko Kasanický
'Marko Kasanický' 5 months ago
how does the internet stop food production ? food isnt related to the internet in any way you dumbasses
Lane Moje
'Lane Moje' 5 months ago
We would all actually study more instead of procrastinating.
Jo Montanee
'Jo Montanee' 5 months ago
This is what I'm tired of you Millennials generation. My grandparents, parents and I have lived just fine without internet or even cellphone. (I'm Gen X.) And you guys throw tantrum when your cellphone connection (or internet) is off. Duhhh.....
Ignacio Magana
'Ignacio Magana' 5 months ago
I came home from work one night and i had no internet,worst 5 hours ive ever had.
People Evil
'People Evil' 5 months ago
Black Lives Matter will start rioting
'Gammareign' 5 months ago
Phone lines predated the internet and so did satellite and cable T.V. to an extent. Cable and satellite internet came after cable and satellite T.V.
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