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Guy Asks Anti-Muslim Question At Trump Rally | What's Trending Now -
Published: 2 years ago By: What's Trending

By: What's TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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Last night, Donald Trump took a question from someone who claimed that Barack Obama... isn't American. Subscribe for more videos!

Trump Takes A Question:

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Jay Walker:

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Pawan Basumatary
'Pawan Basumatary' 1 month ago
fuck islam
'hyakoutake' 3 months ago
unedicated white redneck trash...thats whats Trump supporters are
Jeremy Laschen
'Jeremy Laschen' 4 months ago
this guy is dumb
alex k
'alex k' 4 months ago
all Muslims must have a tracking chip in plant,
Greasy Memphis Kid
'Greasy Memphis Kid' 5 months ago
luffy Ali
'luffy Ali' 5 months ago
the moment the host told the question, i knew it was a fucked up hillbilly that shoves a stick up his ass while getting fucked by a horse, those are the main fucked up reason for America, the KKK, colour racism, and islam haters, and they think they're Americans, most of them are from Scottish and European decent. fuck them
Faisal Niazi
'Faisal Niazi' 5 months ago
74mza_ _gamer
'74mza_ _gamer' 5 months ago
First Fuck you Then Muslims are not Fucking people
Mainul Akash
'Mainul Akash' 5 months ago
if youre reading this then trump has won
'ReMaKaBlEHD' 5 months ago
subbed and liked the vid 😂😂
'TxTechAirRaid' 5 months ago
And aren't you a racist for how you're acting this way towards whites?!
'TxTechAirRaid' 5 months ago
I've got no problem with muslims but Obama shouldn't have been allowed to be selected as he is Kenyan born
'TxTechAirRaid' 5 months ago
Lol whaaaaa whaaaa look at me I'm black feel sorry for me!!!Obama is a Kenyan Muslim. If you're stupid enough to be a liberal and believe otherwise .... that's on you.
Ilovedoritospinksheep Erd
'YUMMY MUFFINZ' 8 months ago
Is that Tyler The Creator?
Dragula M
'Dragula M' 8 months ago
SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS PLEASE : ANYONE who thinks Islam promotes terrorism is a dumbass and whatever verses they have read from the quran were MISTRANSLATIONS i have the quran sitting right next to me, original arabic and with the correct meanings of verses straight from al azhar in Cairo, u can ask me any question or point out any verse and i will tell u what u want to know but PLEASE be open minded because i cannot stand narrow minded ppl
martin lawrence
'martin lawrence' 8 months ago
T R U M P 2 0 1 6
'Snake1n' 8 months ago
Lol. Like for the host
Richy_ Tyler
'Richy_ Tyler' 8 months ago
this dude is a fucking retard
Ashish Kumar
'Ashish Kumar' 8 months ago
i am a hindu indian .. and i believe obama is highly sympathetic to muslims ,, including radical arab muslims... did u forgot obama ... bowing before saudies ... i know trump is little stupid and inexperienced but much better than hillary
Martian Knight
'Martian Knight' 8 months ago
*imagines how peaceful everything would be if muslims were gone* admit it. you can see it too.
'scorpiostrikes' 9 months ago
This host is a jackass. Liberals will cause the death of the United States of America as we know it. They don't understand the culture pervasive in Islamic countries. What is ironic is that Islam is not compatible with the values that Liberals stand for. 1. Freedom of Speech, 2. Separation of Church and State, 3. Women's Rights, 4. LGBTQ Rights. Muslims are against all of these issues. In effect Liberals are protecting and aiding their enemy. I grew up in an Islamic city. It is their agenda to populate the world and change laws democratically. They will have 3 to 7 kids at a minimum so that in 50 years in any given country they will eventually overpopulate and change the demographics of the country. They will then change the laws. If you believe in Freedom of Speech, Woman's Rights, LGBTQ Rights and Separation of Church & State please do not allow the infiltration to continue, because all of these things we take for granted now will be taken away. BTW I don't like Republicans either and having them force their horseshit Christian values into law.
Ali Rasheed
'Ali Rasheed' 9 months ago
Matthew hobbs
'Matthew hobbs' 9 months ago
religious nuts Christianity vs Muslims basically!!!! atheist don't go around killing people do they get no credit!.... Obama is Africa by origin. what the f__k rednecks are dangerous
Omer farooq
'Omer farooq' 10 months ago
Isis is funded by israel and aided by us
؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُإإإ
I hope everyone in this world lives peaceful life. we are tired of white usa citizens claiming bad things against us muslims. they are giving weapons to ISIS and governments to kill each other. while we are the people among them suffering. instead of they say we pray for you to keep you safe in middle east they fight us and say we are bad and need to be killed. I wonder what native Americans says about white people. did they ever said to them go back to Europe and Russia ?
Eon Flix
'Eon Flix' 10 months ago
J Walker your awesome brother I love u
Alromaizan Jaddi
'Alromaizan Jaddi' 10 months ago
are you racist?
Ace Sledge
'Ace Sledge' 10 months ago
You don't know what you are talking about. Lefty. Obama is a Muslim
Brandon Alan
'Brandon Alan' 10 months ago
he avoided the question you dumbass... unsubscribe
Walissa Tanaya
'Walissa Tanaya' 11 months ago
Thank you for this video! The host is so likeable.
'Diadorax' 11 months ago
Fuck off Pisslam. GO to hell
Lynn Kalee
'Lynn Kalee' 11 months ago
Muslims CAN be Republican. After converting, my friends father married a Muslim woman who swore to be republican "until death"....they worked local Tea Party conventions, they always campaigned and loved, loved, LOVED Trump in many ways. PEOPLE ARE MISSING THE POINT -- Forced out by their conscience & unshakable betrayal, I was blown away by the fact a single man was able to turn the tables against people who'd given their lives to the Republican Party by speaking. Remind you of anyone?
openmind AR
'openmind AR' 11 months ago
Please please people don't forget to vote for anyone but Trump that's the only way we can get sweet revenge on Fox News watching ignorant people!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE
Fun-with-purpose 14
'Fun-with-purpose 14' 11 months ago
Lame. Smart ass kid thinks he knows the world. You should go visit Muslim countries. I'm Muslim. I've been there. It sucks.
Sindhibalochi same
'Sindhibalochi same' 11 months ago
All white people should also be killed
Najwan Najib
'Najwan Najib' 11 months ago
didnt obama agree that he is a muslim
Najwan Najib
'Najwan Najib' 11 months ago
actually im a muslim and thank you for supporting us all
'illustrate100' 11 months ago
Muslims have a word for black people........abeed. It means slave or lessor human. Read the book "Escape from Slavery" and learn about Muslims enslaving black Africans.
jessica abbassi
'jessica abbassi' 11 months ago
60% of Americans have not met a muslim, stop being ignorant. their are many American muslims. how some muslims are amd treat people is a political thing NOT religious matter, many, many muslims respect women, people and are peaceful people. please do NOT be ignorant. their are peaceful Christians and hateful Christians, etc it's not just muslims and again their are peaceful muslims. stop the hate people, do not be ignorant.
haider boul
'haider boul' 11 months ago
damp people, I'm not surprised, the guy doesn't know how to ask a question, he seems that he never went to school, ehhhhhh
'SANJAY KUMAR' 12 months ago
we need right wing governments all over the world to fight this problem called Radical Islam
4 the win
'4 the win' 12 months ago
something is going on read the bible look what's going on people with the storms wether wake up
Personal Person
'Personal Person' 12 months ago
let's be honest. At this current year, if there was no islam, it would not be missed. There would not be a large minority that supports religious inspired terrorism. Imagine the Mormons killing protestants, that's the fear people live in, in some Muslim majority country s. Sure the questioner was generalizing, but I bet you and almost all Americans don't know the different brands of Islam! Its a rational fear if America let's in the most pious Muslims. Nothing against Muslims, there just victims of indoctrination.
Dimas Akhtar
'Dimas Akhtar' 12 months ago
im telling muslim is one of a hell strong religion they will fight back, they will!!!
Dimas Akhtar
'Dimas Akhtar' 12 months ago
why would u get rid of muslim in america
Sam Mok
'Sam Mok' 1 year ago
let all east destroy that why jesus came to help muslim ....let them all kill us,let god love muslim more than any people...the reason why jesus will help muslim because america already attack so much innocent people
Rajone Uddin
'Rajone Uddin' 1 year ago
wait wait wait wait and wait trump go fuck your self you fucking emigrant
Scribbley Stuff
'Scribbley Stuff' 1 year ago
For all of the people that say "Get rid of the Muslims," you do know not all of them are bad? If you're thinking about Isis, yeah. They're a terrible group. That doesn't mean you could take out what they did on all of the other people of Muslim religion. That's called being racist and stereotypical. Honestly, get with the program. That happened years ago and now we have much better protection after the incident during 9/11. Please don't blame the people that weren't part of the event that started this dumb stereotype. It disappoints me and many others to see people being so ignorant.
Kimi Kimi
'Kimi Kimi' 1 year ago
Chukotka Peninsula
got why are you talking like a white person
'prguillen' 1 year ago
this guy didn't see the first interview of President Obama declaring is Islam Faith. Have you seen Christian speak like that? that's funny!
Nyla Coates
'Nyla Coates' 1 year ago
Obama ain't a muslim he's a a nice man that is better then Trump his hair so messed up it looks like a Eagle landed on it HARD!!
Sabaa Salem
'Sabaa Salem' 1 year ago
F*** donald trump
gabiley Boss
'gabiley Boss' 1 year ago
White people are unbelievable stupid.
kulan barney
'kulan barney' 1 year ago
your great, pls. kill the background music
phil donahew
'phil donahew' 1 year ago
islam is as much a religion as nazisim. these people use P.C. culture and white guilt to spread their fascisim to europe and america. it's disgusting to see these barbarians walk all over decent folks
namgyal phuntsok
'namgyal phuntsok' 1 year ago
Justin Gibbons
'Justin Gibbons' 1 year ago
no wonder other countries hate us. I would like to give that man an IQ test
Asa Jaman
'Asa Jaman' 1 year ago
umm could you show the complete clip next time instead of being a mainstream media I hate America because its controller by the mainstream media government pays to have them show anti-what they want content and americans buy into it but not me
Neo Anderson
'Neo Anderson' 1 year ago
McCain lost! lol
Metal Lizerd
'Metal Lizerd' 1 year ago
My answer is before they get rid of all of us...
Matt James
'Matt James' 1 year ago
your a fn moron
'TheDavenator7' 1 year ago
Armchair Christians love Trump.
W.D DR. Gaster 78
'W.D DR. Gaster 78' 1 year ago
im cry why you all want to banned muslim
'Sith'ari Azithoth' 1 year ago
Democrats stand *on* the minority vote, but not *for* minorities. Once they loose that, they are finished... But have fun, if you want to vote for socialists like Sanders and Clinton who think the only way to help black people and minorities is through _welfare_, as if _that_ isn't racist...
'kittysrock16' 1 year ago
The host is cute and smart ah yesssss. And trump and his supporters are disgusting :^)
'Tauruss96' 1 year ago
this guy and obama have something in common, not the color but something else only i dont know what.
'jbarryalive' 1 year ago
chopped up... play full responses idiot! And the the piece of trash obama is a Muslim
'tropicaldolphin4' 1 year ago
I love everyone in the world,simply because you exist.I haven't & will never hurt anyone.I only would if I had to in self defense.I had an interesting question pop into my head:"How do I treat someone who I believe is inferior?" I do not believe I am better or less than anyone,although I'm not perfect, and I've had times where I wasn't proud of what I said because I was arguing to be right. When I had the courage to honestly answer the question: " How do I treat someone who I believe is inferior?" ..I was shocked and astounded at the automatic thoughts that came in reply to my question. I believe it brought some awareness not just of myself & how I sometimes judge others, but also why some people choose to be so physically hurtful. I believe we are all doing the best we can with the beliefs that we have. I know I don't know everything, and that what's right for me may not be right for another. My constant prayer for everyone is that all that is in their highest good come to them.
'killboggins' 1 year ago
Ladies and gentlemen, your typical Trump supporter.
jay howard
'jay howard' 1 year ago
Islam is evil!
ammarr noaman
'ammarr noaman' 1 year ago
muslims fucking hate you too 😂😂 america has done worst to muslims than muslims have done to america
Michael Mannucci
'Michael Mannucci' 1 year ago
Why do young liberals get so mad about people being mean to Muslims but care nothing about other religions? Actually, they're usually the ones making fun of other religions.
'YahwehYahshua' 1 year ago
Muhammad vs Jesus/Yahshua - Which one would you follow???   Below Muh = Muhammad... Muh: Said Allah hates those who don't accept Islam. (Qur'an 30:4, 3:32, 22:38) Jesus: Said God loves everyone. (John 3:16) Muh:"I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" (Muslim 1:33) Jesus: "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword." (Matthew 26:52)  Muh: Stoned women for adultery. (Muslim 4206) Jesus: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." (John 8:7)  Muh: Permitted stealing from unbelievers. (Bukhari 44:668, Ibn Ishaq 764)  Jesus: "Thou shalt not steal." (Matthew 19:18) Muh: Permitted lying. (Sahih Muslim 6303, Bukhari 49:857) Jesus: "Thou shalt not bear false witness." (Matthew 19:18)  Muh: Owned and traded slaves. (Sahih Muslim 3901) Jesus: Neither owned nor traded slaves. Muh: Beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys. (Sahih Muslim 4390) Jesus: Beheaded no one. Muh: Murdered those who insulted him. (Bukhari 56:369, 4:241) Jesus: Preached forgiveness. (Matthew 18:21-22, 5:38) Muh: "If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you, Transgress ye likewise against him" (Qur'an 2:194) Jesus: "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." (Matthew 5:39) Muh: Jihad in the way of Allah elevates one's position in Paradise by a hundred fold. (Muslim 4645) Jesus: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God" (Matthew 5:9) Muh: Married 13 wives and kept sex slaves. (Bukhari 5:268, Qur'an 33:50) Jesus: Was celibate. Muh: Slept with a 9-year-old child bride. (Sahih Muslim 3309, Bukhari 58:236) Jesus: Did not have sex with children. Muh: Ordered the murder of women. (Ibn Ishaq 819, 995) Jesus: Never harmed a woman. Muh: "O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness." (Qur'an 9:123) Jesus: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5) Muh: Ordered 65 military campaigns and raids in his last 10 years. (Ibn Ishaq ) Jesus: Ordered no military campaigns, nor offered any approval of war or violence. Muh: Killed captives taken in battle. (Ibn Ishaq 451) Jesus: Never took captives. Never killed anyone. Muh: Encouraged his men to rape enslaved women. (Abu Dawood 2150, Qur'an 4:24) Jesus: Never encouraged rape. Never enslaved women. Muh: Demanded captured slaves and a fifth of all other loot taken in war. (Qur'an 8:41) Jesus: "The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve." (Matthew 20:28) Muh: Was never tortured, but tortured others. (Muslim 4131, Ibn Ishaq 436, 595, 734, 764) Jesus: Suffered torture, but never tortured anyone. Muh: "And fight them until there is no more persecution and religion is only for Allah" (Qur'an 8:39) Jesus: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matthew 5:44) Muh: Blessed the brutal murder of a half-blind man (al-Tabari 1440) Jesus: Healed a blind man (Mark 8:28) Muh: Ordered a slave to build the very pulpit from which he preached Islam. (Bukhari 47:743) Jesus: Washed his disciples feet. (John 13:5) What are the Greatest Commandments? "Belief in Allah and Jihad in His cause" (Muslim 1:149) Jesus: What are the Greatest Commandments? "Love God and love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 22:34-40) Muh: Demanded the protection of armed bodyguards, even in a house of worship (Qur'an 4:102) Jesus: Chastised anyone attempting to defend him with force. (John 18:10-12) Muh: Died fat and wealthy from what was taken from others in war or demanded from others in tribute. Was also killed by his so called friends  Jesus: Demanded nothing for himself. Died without possessions. Muh: Advocated crucifying others.  Also beheading others.(Qur'an 5:33, Muslim 16:4131)  “When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield STRIKE OFF THEIR HEADS.” (Sura 47, Verse 4) Jesus: Was crucified on the cross for the SIN OF ALL MANKIND... Muh: According to his followers: Had others give their lives for him. (Sahih Muslim 4413) Jesus: According to his followers: Gave his life for others. (John 18:11 and elsewhere) SO YOU TELL ME, WHICH ONE IS THE REAL PROPHET AND WHICH ONE IS FALSE????? YOUR SOUL AND ETERNAL LIFE DEPENDS ON THIS ......
Aleemah Weish
'Aleemah Weish' 1 year ago
Obama is not Muslim, I believe is dad was but so what? Him being Muslim does not change anything.
Do they all pop out of the same clown car when they arrive at that circus?
TF Deadpool 117
'TF Deadpool 117' 1 year ago
Please don't elect him President. Im in the UK, but for a small loan of a million dollars he will be missing tommorow...
Coral Kelson
'Coral Kelson' 1 year ago
Donald trump I like why because if u actually listen him and yea u will fucking understand him wow and there's alot of problems in the world for example Isis this was a political change it scared us and there's alot "anchor babies" if I don't know what the hell it means here I go it's when Mexican that is whatever illegal to be in America and make a baby and the baby is counted as whatever and American to 😐this world is messed up in so many difdrent ways
Dave Howarth
'Dave Howarth' 1 year ago
americans are so fucking stupid.. not all.. but a good chunk. that first guy has gotta be brain dead. i cant believe he said that
hungowapower yes
'hungowapower yes' 1 year ago
Islam is a threat to world peace. Donald Trump is a reaction to the current political denial to what's going on in the world.
Ross Copeland
'Ross Copeland' 1 year ago
And Obama has done better?
'MKCD 20' 1 year ago
The answer is now!
'acousticguitarfan' 1 year ago
Trump is probably the dumbest person to ever run for President I have ever seen...This is probably one of the clearest moments of his stupidity. The reaction from a lady behind him was quite evident that she realized that some redneck has just stood up and asked the stupidest question ever! And how does Trump react? With the grace and dignity of someone running for President? Noooo....he acts as if he agrees with the MORON! And you people want this guy to be our nominee for the GOP? What are you crazy? I think American has gone insane...Either that or we are a nation of racists and bigots...Jesus...the first round of votes are only a day away....I hope America sobers up and realizes that we are voting for someone to be President of all of us. Not just the rednecks in this country...
Maldito Alcaraz
'Maldito Alcaraz' 1 year ago
i rather have him as presedint then fucking clinton ! or obama why ? we keep our guns ! less crime if we do
Maldito Alcaraz
'Maldito Alcaraz' 1 year ago
obama is muslim
Aya Elyousfi
'Aya Elyousfi' 1 year ago
Donald trump you are bullying a whole religion discusting
bbm adrar
'bbm adrar' 1 year ago
when you get rid of muslims? the answer is: in your Dreams racists, haters. that's will never happen and when you try to do something against muslims they will become stronger.
Rain Money Productions
liberals are fucking retarded
Jacob Marteniz
'Jacob Marteniz' 1 year ago
Muslims and people of different race are all the same
Jacob Marteniz
'Jacob Marteniz' 1 year ago
I vote for Bernie Sanders because Donald trump should suck my dick
maz khatun
'maz khatun' 1 year ago
Jay walker is hilarious 😚
'Nick04044' 1 year ago
Shut up dipshit
Zachary McArthur
'Zachary McArthur' 1 year ago
Why is trump responsible for a question someone asked him at a rally? Lol
Ominous Serenity
'Ominous Serenity' 1 year ago
This video is idiotic.
Simon Yacob
'Simon Yacob' 1 year ago
Trump is in no way responsible for the questions of his supporters.
Pat L
'Pat L' 1 year ago
Btw McCain lost
Pat L
'Pat L' 1 year ago
Sounds like an answer Hillary would give
Taco Mofo
'Taco Mofo' 1 year ago
Justice is not too far
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