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21 Savage & Metro Boomin - X ft Future (Official Music Video) -
Published: 11 months ago By: 21 Savage

By: 21 SavagePublished: 11 months ago

79, 046, 099 views

533, 207 Likes   35, 386 Dislikes

21 Savage & Metro Boomin deliver a visual for their platinum selling record, "X" featuring Future from their July 2016 EP, 'Savage Mode.' A Vincent Lou Film. Check out the BTS on TIDAL:

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Nick Normand
'Nick Normand' 2 hours ago
Ayeee!!! Bitch I like to ball without no weave you bald 😝😜😂🤣😂😂💇
'Sortrous' 3 hours ago
are u guys on steroids
Legend For what
'Legend For what' 4 hours ago
Was that Cardi B?
Dylan Turner
'Dylan Turner' 5 hours ago
21 the type a nigga to leave the superbowl at halftime
don wa l
'don wa l' 5 hours ago
Im French and high, I never seen before today a better commentary space, thk dudes, you sell dreams <3
Sheila Parker
'Sheila Parker' 5 hours ago
Got tha flu try not to catch this
Quinlan LaSalle
'Quinlan LaSalle' 5 hours ago
This song made me lose ALOT of brain cells
Dario Love
'Dario Love' 8 hours ago
1 like = 1 savage how many savages can we get?
Musaib Javeed
'Musaib Javeed' 8 hours ago
metros beat is kind of unreal
Busta Gaming
'Busta Gaming' 9 hours ago
When u fucked a stripper XD
Yanae Paulette 96
'Yanae Paulette 96' 10 hours ago
futures the shit
Mygamerules 01
'Mygamerules 01' 11 hours ago
Future el rey del Autotune
Caden Converse
'Caden Converse' 11 hours ago
3:05 dem grillz doe!
Nathan Aldrich
'Nathan Aldrich' 12 hours ago
0:30 i feel bad for he guy sleeping
LittleWolf Gaming
'LittleWolf Gaming' 12 hours ago
21 savage the type of guy to give the teacher an F
Kassandra Belmares
'Kassandra Belmares' 13 hours ago
Buena rola 😎😎😎❤️🤑👏🏻🍁
Intense Daberoni
'Intense Daberoni' 13 hours ago
Kasper Torgersen
'Kasper Torgersen' 14 hours ago
21 Savage is the type of nigger to eat candy in the class room while the teacher is teaching homework to the student. btw am i allowed to say nigger if im white?
Francis Griffin
'Francis Griffin' 16 hours ago
21 the type of nigga to eat his dogs homework
'ParkerShields' 17 hours ago
21 the type of nigga to pour liquor on a cut and say he cleaned it with alcohol.
hallie clayton
'hallie clayton' 18 hours ago
21 savage the type of nigga to shoot sum of looking at him wrong. check out and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM (*AUTHEnTIC* *views* *DOT* *COM*)) and get a ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services???
Randy Guttery
'Randy Guttery' 1 day ago
Stupid ass gangsta rag shit. You couldn't hold Ice T's jock strap without getting an itch. Wanna bee's.
Romel Rocha
'Romel Rocha' 1 day ago
21 savage jumped a crip because the Dr. asked him for a blood test
fernanda perez
'fernanda perez' 1 day ago
Danielle Scott
'Danielle Scott' 1 day ago
is that offset
Anon Strange
'Anon Strange' 1 day ago
21 da type of nigga wipes his ass before he takes a Shit!!💩
Mohaimin Nadeem
'Mohaimin Nadeem' 1 day ago
21 the type of nigga to kill you with exactly 21 rounds.
Emilio Daley
'Emilio Daley' 1 day ago
21 the type of guy to read directions before using a condom
Mykai Winfield
'Mykai Winfield' 1 day ago
21 savage da type of guy to arrest a cop
dark lord
'dark lord' 1 day ago
21 savage best as hell
r3tro g0d
'r3tro g0d' 1 day ago
21 tha sh!t son fuk 22 he a fake 21 tha real shit
Abdo Blacko
'Abdo Blacko' 2 days ago
21 savage 😆😆
Lucy Adame
'Lucy Adame' 2 days ago
badass song
'D'Vontae Purdie' 2 days ago
your just mad that you cant rap
Kelin Mejia
'Kelin Mejia' 2 days ago
adr ian
'adr ian' 2 days ago
0:45 I always skip the drama when pumpin this song! I hate the drama, B.
Gaming and vlogs Cousins
Why does 21 sound like he just woke up
Djair Game
'Djair Game' 2 days ago
Varish Turner
'Varish Turner' 2 days ago
Meet Patel
'Meet Patel' 2 days ago
He playin me
Pan Czekoladka
'Pan Czekoladka' 2 days ago
where can i find chill mix with 4:26? I heard that on some beattape and i cant find this shit ;ccc
Jacob Mandujano
'Jacob Mandujano' 2 days ago
21 is the nigga to shoot a gun without the gun clip
Mashi Vlogs
'Mashi Vlogs' 2 days ago
You released this song on Christmas to make it LITMAS!
Alfredo Armendariz
Matthew Cota
'Matthew Cota' 2 days ago
Check it out really works.
Eli S. Ramirez
'Eli S. Ramirez' 2 days ago
21 the type of nigga who showers without water.
Tommy Tutone
'Tommy Tutone' 2 days ago
Only person I could hear was future...
Georgie Yusuf
'Georgie Yusuf' 2 days ago
Jake Pedersen
'Jake Pedersen' 2 days ago
21 the type of guy to pay a blind hooker with fake money
ross mendez
'ross mendez' 2 days ago
Does anyone know that there was a white girl in the car and he’s black why would he do that?
Ram Ramirez
'Ram Ramirez' 2 days ago
too you ram the bitch that don't give
Anthony Lacey
'Anthony Lacey' 2 days ago
21 the type of nigga to take shits in the urinal
'Amzul' 2 days ago
21 the type of person to drive with no vehicle
Daniel Lion
'Daniel Lion' 2 days ago
did a walmart 24 hr challenge and called the cops on the employees when this song played
ill santos
'ill santos' 2 days ago
It sound like "Mask off" copied the music from this song, but this song is better.
chris stoops
'chris stoops' 2 days ago
Worst intro of all time, if i have to hear that biotch yell and complain one more time, i hear that crap 3 times a day
'23Savage' 2 days ago
21 savage is my Dad
Mark God #1
'Mark God #1' 2 days ago
21 is the type a guy to start a fire with out using fire
Kid Perfect
'Kid Perfect' 2 days ago
did anybody else notice at the beginning when 21 and the other guy left there was still another guy asleep on the couch and didn't leave
Brayden Johnson
'Brayden Johnson' 2 days ago
Sound like meh mom
Marquez White
'Marquez White' 3 days ago
I cryer😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
'MerX-Da-PropheT' 3 days ago
weak shit
Delete Musik
'Delete Musik' 3 days ago
Bouttaroast Yo ass
21 savage the type of nigga to think future was born in the future
North Geneblaza
'North Geneblaza' 3 days ago
Whats the title on the first beat?
simri cruz
'simri cruz' 3 days ago
21 savage the type of nigga that washes his hands before taking a piss
Steve Martin
'Steve Martin' 3 days ago
Shut that bitch up
soul creeper
'soul creeper' 3 days ago
21 savage the type of nigga that would sip orange juice out of a mog
'NoNo' 3 days ago
Sang Baek
'Sang Baek' 3 days ago
21 the type of guy that goes to Mexico to ask for Chipotle’s directions
JJ Messi
'JJ Messi' 3 days ago
Out of all the times i watched this video, i just realized they left their mans slumped on the couch. Why is he sleeping? Is he napping cause he's got next on 2k? Did he call next on 2k? Are they in overtime? What's the score? Did my mans ever wake up? Is he still there? Is that her new man? So many unanswered questions...
Amigos para sempre Amigos
Quem eh BR dá UP e escreve #brfoda
shane williams
'shane williams' 3 days ago
tht girl guessed wrong cuz 21 a whole lotta shit got 8 m's in his bank acc
Khadesia Colson
'Khadesia Colson' 3 days ago
I fckz wit Dis 🔥
Elizabeth Bradstreet
'CodexxPigeon' 3 days ago
where did he get his hoodie
Jaden Blaine
'Jaden Blaine' 3 days ago
when I listen to this on my Samsung galaxy s4 idek what happend it just went to a iPhone x
Elijah Dawson
'Elijah Dawson' 3 days ago
21 the type of nigga that will arrest the jugde
Autin Lace
'Autin Lace' 3 days ago
Derin Hanninen
'Derin Hanninen' 3 days ago
21 the type of nigga to eat a plan b & wear a hard helmet while fucking a guy
jluio castaneda
'jluio castaneda' 3 days ago
they left bro slumped on the couch XD
Anna loves bleach
'Anna loves bleach' 3 days ago
1:05 Fake ass money 😂
'KAI HENG' 3 days ago
word Kenneth
'Apollo' 4 days ago
21 the type of nigga to get hit by a parked car.
'Treckz' 4 days ago
Who see the guy sleeping on savages sofa
21 the type of nigga to cut his tv in half and say he finna play split screen
Dope B0y
'Dope B0y' 4 days ago
21 the type of nigga to say not much after someone asks him how he's doing.
Dennis Kyumwa
'Dennis Kyumwa' 4 days ago
'GabDestroyer4' 4 days ago
21 the type of nigga to pull up taking the bus
Tri Squad1
'Tri Squad1' 4 days ago
Would have been better if he went back to his ex and showed the money then say i am something
VEVO emma Political
21is the type of dude at the back of the classroom staring at you. check out and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM *(AUTHEnTIC* *views* *DOT* *COM*)) and get a ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services???
Lil Dragon
'Lil Dragon' 4 days ago
That ass tho....
Kelvin Tan
'Kelvin Tan' 4 days ago
love e e e e e e e e e e e
Christian Griffith
Future 3:35 hold up fell in love with some good throat,hold up fell in love with some good throat
Umphty Gumphty
'Umphty Gumphty' 4 days ago
21 the type of nigga to drink and then make a toast
'포키' 4 days ago
where is my if young metro dont trust you i gon shoot you ya!!! ........
'TheMarkofk7' 4 days ago
I want that money sooooo bad😄
ximena perez
'ximena perez' 4 days ago
me encantas
Theimpossible981 2
21 the type of rapper that buys a mansion but no furniture
Jade Ali
'Jade Ali' 4 days ago
My loyalty with 21. But 22. Was off the chain. 😝
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