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21 Savage & Metro Boomin - X ft Future (Official Music Video) -
Published: 1 year ago By: 21 Savage

By: 21 SavagePublished: 1 year ago

93, 094, 376 views

614, 481 Likes   39, 051 Dislikes

21 Savage & Metro Boomin deliver a visual for their platinum selling record, "X" featuring Future from their July 2016 EP, 'Savage Mode.' A Vincent Lou Film. Check out the BTS on TIDAL:

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Alex Josedsantos
'Alex Josedsantos' 7 minutes ago
This song makes me wanna drive my car with no brake
Jose Ridriguez
'Jose Ridriguez' 20 minutes ago
This song makes me feel to ride my bmx
marcelo augusto
'marcelo augusto' 2 hours ago
po sou fa do cara e ele nao lança nehuma musica mais
Rodrigue Listoir
'Rodrigue Listoir' 3 hours ago
Yo 👋🏽 super 21savage 😄.
Bitch The Fuck
'Bitch The Fuck' 4 hours ago
Song at the end?
OZs 786
'OZs 786' 5 hours ago
21 savage the type of niggah that squeeze the fuck out yo controller when he's losing on 2k
Cristian Marquez
'Cristian Marquez' 6 hours ago
21 the type of nigga to put milk in his bowl before the cereal
'smilemore:D' 7 hours ago
21 the type of guy to bring real guns to a game of laser tag. 😩
'LuckyMusiqLive' 21 hours ago
My baby boy was born this morning while this song was playing in the waiting room. Since he arrived healthy and early, we decided to name him Metro!! this song is so special to us now. I’m getting popular fast because I rap about real life. Who else is here on February 23rd?
Jayden Dsouza
'Jayden Dsouza' 22 hours ago
why so much hate all you kids is the type of kid to go school at night bitches no friends loser
Jden Alvarez
'Jden Alvarez' 24 hours ago
Anyone know where to get futures red shirt from
J Con
'J Con' 24 hours ago
Is they battle rapping
Edward B
'Edward B' 1 day ago
What's her IG? I want to shoot my shot, idgaf if I brick.
Mouad Moc
'Mouad Moc' 1 day ago
brahim ibra
'brahim ibra' 1 day ago
Avery Jackson
'Avery Jackson' 1 day ago
'deportallbeaners' 1 day ago
This the type of song that makes you wanna leave your chick just to listen to.
'deportallbeaners' 1 day ago
21 the type that say “i wish a muthafucka would”
'BeatDBeat' 1 day ago
Hear my remix:
'InSaNE BLaZE' 1 day ago
If you wanna see some dumbass niggas sayin “21 savage the type of guy to...” look down below 👇🏾
'MagmaFister' 2 days ago
21 that type of nigga not to comment in the comments section like y'all.
Obo West Side
'Obo West Side' 2 days ago
Future Got me Tripping with my roar voice
Chance Sabella
'Chance Sabella' 2 days ago
21 the type to fuck ur grandma
Jazek Jalesa
'Jazek Jalesa' 2 days ago
Mike Merrill
'Mike Merrill' 2 days ago
Future dancing around wearing 21's bed sheets.
Michael J. Caboose
My family was a gun free zone. My brother listened to 21 now we all go to a shooting range instead of school
'magdiel' 2 days ago
que tal gente visiten mi canal ayer sacamos nuevo tema de trap al que le gusta el trap los invito a mi canal a escuchar el nuevo tema titulado Money🔥🔥
Roman Donabauer
'Roman Donabauer' 2 days ago
good Boys!!!
Ryanoneil Mckenzie
21 that type of guy go super Sayien white on Jiren
Messi Wannabe
'Messi Wannabe' 2 days ago
21 savage the type of person to make a 3 pointer and scream at the top of his lungs "WETTT"
'Whyinem' 2 days ago
When you workin hard then your money start expanding 🔥🎉✌💯
Ronay Özdemir
'Ronay Özdemir' 2 days ago
Tay Moon
'Tay Moon' 3 days ago
Flex on my bich and iam Savage flex that bitch
Lukas Tobias
'Lukas Tobias' 3 days ago
21 the Type who searche his iPhone while he use the flashlight app
School Drive
'School Drive' 3 days ago
"when you working hard then your money start expanding" - My new Motto
Yasser Savior
'Yasser Savior' 3 days ago
12 savage i make it a song for you .. i maks it this song with you style please reply me . In my whatsapp +966570713182 this is my number Please reply me Cause can send u this song
Yasser Savior
'Yasser Savior' 3 days ago
12 savage i make it a song for you Do you can sing it ? Please reply me i will send you music and lyrics song .. please reply me
BassJockey ENT
'BassJockey ENT' 3 days ago
For The Guyz #Package <<<(Full Beats))>>> <<((Free Downloads))>> 🎼🔥💯🦍 #BassJockeyENT #ImGrinding #AllDay #Beats #Beatz #Instrumentals #Instrumentalz #DopeMusic #DopeMuzic #DopeMuzik #CrackMusic #CrackMuzic #CrackMuzik #GotInstrumentals #Hipstrumentals #Datpiff
mmady ali
'mmady ali' 3 days ago
Mdr im french
Na Na
'Na Na' 3 days ago
The irony is the first 0.48 seconds says all that needs saying.
Dan Dan
'Dan Dan' 3 days ago
21 savage sucks my balls
Zavion Pargo
'Zavion Pargo' 3 days ago
Yung Blazer
'Yung Blazer' 3 days ago
Good Shit 21Future Stuntin!
James Reed
'James Reed' 3 days ago
im 11
James Reed
'James Reed' 3 days ago
im not aloud to swear online
James Reed
'James Reed' 3 days ago
x beach
James Reed
'James Reed' 3 days ago
21 savage is the best he beats post malone and lil pump lil uzi
Original Tenka
'Original Tenka' 3 days ago
21 gonna get the what?
'ChattVitaNooga' 3 days ago
This song makes me want to vote for myself to be president
RafBesac _
'RafBesac _' 3 days ago
'sterlingkaleb' 3 days ago
21 savage the type of guy to buy a new phone because the old ones battery died
KaySoze Official
'KaySoze Official' 3 days ago
I wonder if 21 even reads these and if he laughs his ass off all high and shit 😂😂
Yung Faness
'Yung Faness' 3 days ago
women people Listen to songs freestyles of me Yung Faness type in on the search part Yung Faness freestyle 2 with the number 2 google me an Listen to songs freestyles of me
Lorder m
'Lorder m' 3 days ago
you assholes...he's fuckin' Amber Rose while you're watching her shut the fuck up and go get some grip! he is the type of guy...shut the fuck up!
'BRUNO BALTAZAR' 3 days ago
Alex Autin
'Alex Autin' 3 days ago
this makes me want to walk outside with no shirt
'kushi' 4 days ago
21 the type of dude to ask 911 whats wrong ?.
James W
'James W' 4 days ago
I would never let my girlfriend talk to me like that. Some savage lol
James Deaner
'James Deaner' 4 days ago
'Geesle' 4 days ago
Rae Sremmurd - My X???
'TheMightyCK' 4 days ago
Insane Beat!!
Mariska K
'Mariska K' 4 days ago
When the money runs out so do them fine bitches!
Koning Buzz
'Koning Buzz' 4 days ago
WooooW I Love This Song🎈
'Kxray' 5 days ago
warum macht die kaka
Feat AH Feat AH
'Feat AH Feat AH' 5 days ago
Dear devil/God can you give me fame and power I beg amen
Dot Delone
'Dot Delone' 5 days ago
Noah Goodoien
'Noah Goodoien' 5 days ago
21 the type of dude to shoot the walls in his room because he bored
Jenifer Sanchez
'Jenifer Sanchez' 5 days ago
I onli like this song
Brian J
'Brian J' 5 days ago
is that mystics bitch?
Marvin Murray
'Marvin Murray' 5 days ago
21 you the best rapper gang gang blood
Krazy K from the IronLungKrew
Future behind 21 savage rep that savage shit flexin for the low life
Krazy K from the IronLungKrew
21 savage the type to pull up on a fool for wearing flip flops savage
Mohammed Daniel
'Mohammed Daniel' 5 days ago
Future killing it !!!
Junior Bezrra
'Junior Bezrra' 5 days ago
2018.. e ainda é hit papi
Stacy Fountain Of Youth Bailey
This shit sad no talent stupid lyrics. Brain dead
Talei Rosette
'Talei Rosette' 5 days ago
That’s how I feel about 21 savage
Кирилл Петров
ебать пацаны пиздато
'Bananastewpie' 5 days ago
retarded hip hop ? lmao I ain't high nuff
Carson Tyree
'Carson Tyree' 6 days ago
Wow I like it
Булат Зиннуров
живи вечно ты крут бля у
'Clifster' 6 days ago
21 savage the type of dood to sit on the tv and watch the sofa
Lil Vampire
'Lil Vampire' 6 days ago
Fanclub 21 thailand
'pineapple' 6 days ago
What’s Quavo doing in this video?
Tray Harrison
'Tray Harrison' 6 days ago
21 the type of guy who would rob you and it wasn't me
Mr. Hughes
'Mr. Hughes' 6 days ago
When your "house" has an exit sign.
South Side Gunner
'South Side Gunner' 6 days ago
Still Litty
Richard Krieger
'Richard Krieger' 6 days ago
To this day they say metro is still dancing..
Yenny Cervera
'Yenny Cervera' 6 days ago
demon gem
'demon gem' 6 days ago
21 Savage is a kind of God that will kill you for no reason
3 kegs 1 old man
'3 kegs 1 old man' 6 days ago
i love the sound but he dont really need to do some brazzers shit
Ethan Egumbo
'Ethan Egumbo' 6 days ago
Stelios Andreosopoulos
future doesnt drink water 3 days b4 going to the studio
Kalocsai Zsolt
'Kalocsai Zsolt' 7 days ago
awesome beat! fkin sick melody! :))
Loren Haleston
'Loren Haleston' 7 days ago
0:47 The first thing in the description of these videos should be a timecode link to where the music starts.
Fildhy Frang
'Fildhy Frang' 7 days ago
21 the type of dude who wash shower
'Krlz' 7 days ago
The type of nigga that brings the basket in the ball
Prakhar Sharma
'Prakhar Sharma' 7 days ago
I want answer from all 92M viewers Why u all here this shit When u still have revival
Jaime Jacuinde
'Jaime Jacuinde' 7 days ago
21 is the type of nigga to rob the cops and call the bank
Dane Simmons
'Dane Simmons' 7 days ago
21 has an elementary flow.
colored nostalgia 色の郷愁
21 the type of guy to install Windows on an Apple Computer.
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