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100 Most WTF Vines Compilation December 2016 -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 2 months ago

433, 645 views

4, 919 Likes   475 Dislikes

Brand new weekly compilation of the top WTF Vines from Lenarr Young, Literally Saul, Dan Curtis, Jach King, Reika Ozeki, King Bach, Gin, Marlon Webb and more!

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'Ash_Puppy' 12 hours ago
0:48 song?
Gemma Dolan
'Gemma Dolan' 2 days ago
haha this should be a try not to laugh!
DarkWolf Alpha
'DarkWolf Alpha' 5 days ago
1:58 I died-
Mvp Vadim
'Mvp Vadim' 1 week ago
that chinese bitches
'Panda_Swag5935' 2 weeks ago
Makes me happy that only the GOOD vines stay on a different channel DISLIKE
D.J .E
'D.J .E' 2 weeks ago
Apk Device
'Apk Device' 3 weeks ago
3:53 EPIC
'PRO GAMING' 3 weeks ago
zola smraddd
'Amy's Vlogs/Stuff' 3 weeks ago
I don't like jimmy here!!!!! he is just...........
'アミちゃん' 3 weeks ago
My sensei told me トモノスケ was a boy's name...peoples トモノスケ makes no sense.
Merlyn Alvarez
'Merlyn Alvarez' 3 weeks ago
I Love The X Files
Veronica Joita
'Veronica Joita' 4 weeks ago
0:50 song pls!!!
Edward Jonathan
'Edward Jonathan' 4 weeks ago
At 4.28 very wtf
Games Hunter
'Games Hunter' 4 weeks ago
whats the song at 4:09 called?
Yuno the Yandere Queen
Liked only for Unravel, Jimmy Here, the sand guardian, & PK thunder. Everything else was meh.
'IXeRios' 1 month ago
Please, no more asian vines, i got cancer from them
BR games
'BR games' 1 month ago
00:24 music name
Alex Guaricci
'Alex Guaricci' 1 month ago
you copy Zack king
Snowy Iceflame
'Snowy Iceflame' 1 month ago
of course, Japan
'ですサムサム' 1 month ago
I love that you included Japanese Vines here cause they're really hella funny
'ですサムサム' 1 month ago
Beza Ema
'Beza Ema' 1 month ago
0.49 tokyo ghoul?!
Reniar Relkinw
'Reniar Relkinw' 1 month ago
now I know the reasons why vine is closed.
ayyy lmao
'ayyy lmao' 1 month ago
The last one fucked my brain up
Seu JooJ
'Seu JooJ' 1 month ago
what is the name of the song 3:11
'Gyrics' 1 month ago
'Towel' 1 month ago
I'm sorry to interrupt, but tell me what music is playing in the 2:38
Hubert Konieczny
'Hubert Konieczny' 1 month ago
Song in 7:05 after Moves Like Jagger?
Tyler DeCarr
'Tyler DeCarr' 1 month ago
Why is it mostly asians
Funny Compilation
'Funny Compilation' 1 month ago
please watch my work and subscribe in my channel. thanks
YoungC15 Rodriguez
'YoungC15 Rodriguez' 1 month ago
I haven't cringed in my live so much
Keep Smiling
'Keep Smiling' 1 month ago
Well that was isteresting Vines!
Banks Seelye
'Banks Seelye' 2 months ago
What is the song with the vine of "Dont mess with my ass"
Squish :3
'Squish :3' 2 months ago
What's the song at 0:50?
Rajzolj velem!
'Rajzolj velem!' 2 months ago
2:09 Mabel Pines, right? xD
Annalina Rivera
'Annalina Rivera' 2 months ago
Sport/ pitch for Days
Yeah they do
'UnderTheLeague' 2 months ago easy 13:27
'Lowcafraguw' 2 months ago
it looks to me like severe mental retardation in most cases.
Alexis José Romero Marcano
pos the song on minute 1:26
Picassso Thegrate
'Picassso Thegrate' 2 months ago
Mirosuke looks like jongkook😂😂😂😂
Jonah Bates
'Jonah Bates' 2 months ago
This dude still tryin to make money off somthing that over
'TheDelphoxChick' 2 months ago
Awesome! Music from Yo-Kai Watch! 10:32
tiffany loveall
'tiffany loveall' 2 months ago
talking about an entire race, pretty fucking rude indeed
Suga X J hope
'Suga X J hope' 2 months ago
13:30 Your welcome 😊
'LeNado' 2 months ago
how can I find the vine at 4:15 (or at least the track) it's amazing.
Pablo Henrique Castro Cruz Henrique follow babes
Ar Mada
'Ar Mada' 2 months ago
Hey guys! I will subscribe to anyone who subscribes to me, comment done once you have :D plz plz subscribe
ThatDeadpool Guy201
'ThatDeadpool Guy201' 2 months ago
Who's watchin in 2017?????
bradley cerruti
'bradley cerruti' 2 months ago
Song at 14:06
'VChaps' 2 months ago
Знаю, таких как я надо бить по щам, меня самого это бесит, но кому не сложно перейти на мои видосы, заценить, одобрить, буду признателен и благодарен)
Dan Wolf Caster Pizza
13:48 song name
RuskiCampur Indonesia
1:39 Music??
DeShaun Woodward
'DeShaun Woodward' 2 months ago
What's your fucking name mnad
Subie Sammy
'Subie Sammy' 2 months ago
So glad vine is dead!
Zack Lakash
'Zack Lakash' 2 months ago
I am cringing so hard
Its a meh Mallio
'Its a meh Mallio' 2 months ago
0:53 this guy acts like my Dad
Emo Fox
'Emo Fox' 2 months ago
0:50 tokyo ghoul theme song :3
Artist Designer
'Artist Designer' 2 months ago
Elias alexander
'Elias alexander' 2 months ago
Chinese people are the fucking weirdest lmao
yoobro &friends
'yoobro &friends' 2 months ago
whytheres only black and ezan people olmoust
Neon Lights
'Neon Lights' 2 months ago
i love the part where that guy dressed up as...*DAT BOI*
Dxvid 14174
'Dxvid 14174' 2 months ago
Vines aren't good now:(
Prolime4 HD
'Prolime4 HD' 2 months ago
Who hates jach king?
jim bob
'jim bob' 2 months ago
when I heard the tokyo ghoul theme. :)
Ghost Deer
'Ghost Deer' 2 months ago
why did i only laugh at the 'cat-pushing' one?
Love LPS
'Love LPS' 2 months ago
Love LPS
'Love LPS' 2 months ago
1:35 xDDDDD boiiiiiii
Cookie gamer32 G
'Cookie gamer32 G' 2 months ago
Olivia 1D
'Olivia 1D' 2 months ago
where are the old viners?💔
'Therealgoats' 2 months ago
Me:*reads title for vid*Wtf Me:*sees a vine*wtf lol Me:*see the whole vid*wtf is this? Cancer?
Alberto Ybarrola
'Alberto Ybarrola' 2 months ago
whats song is 7:20? please
DEAN is bae
'DEAN is bae' 2 months ago
Japanese viners are like on another level omg 😂😂 I love them
An overly patriotic idiot
12:32 W H A T A R E Y O U D O I N G
Aladdin Loves Jasmin
'Aladdin Loves Jasmin' 2 months ago
he pushed that cat in the garbage maybe its now a car or a bottle
boss boss
'boss boss' 2 months ago
dick at 11:17
boss boss
'boss boss' 2 months ago
TheOnlyBambie _ HD
'TheOnlyBambie _ HD' 2 months ago
4:45 to 4:50 I am the sand Gaurdian, Gaurdian of the sand. Poseidon Quivers Before him.... FUCK OFF! OMFG THAT SO FUNNY, I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT XD
Wendy Hogan
'Wendy Hogan' 2 months ago
0:51 started playing unravel!!!!
Super Puppy579
'Super Puppy579' 2 months ago
I had a sister from Japan.
'¡Ariana!' 2 months ago
I'll have what they're having
Polo Loko
'Polo Loko' 2 months ago
Aaron Xiong
'Aaron Xiong' 2 months ago
the Asians just copied us
'GinjerNinjer' 2 months ago
who says vines dead
MadzMan 2000
'MadzMan 2000' 2 months ago
wannna buy chocalate
Issac Davis
'Issac Davis' 2 months ago
whats song at 0:49
Criss Sedano
'Criss Sedano' 2 months ago
11:16 #AnimalAbuse Fvxking throw that man of the golden gate bridge
David Ber
'David Ber' 2 months ago
These vines are mostly Asian and unfunny because nobody wants to see an Asian persons face close up or that many times .. Damn vines are over
Seth Prince
'Seth Prince' 2 months ago
wat was dat dubstep song
TheOnlyBambie _ HD
'TheOnlyBambie _ HD' 2 months ago
4:44 to 4:48 OMFG WAY RO FUNNY XD OMG!
Dankimus Maximus
'Dankimus Maximus' 2 months ago
what's up with all these chinks in this one?
Dark angel
'Dark angel' 2 months ago
Yep I'm on the weird side of YouTube again! ._.
Anime Nerk
'Anime Nerk' 2 months ago
my phone paused at 2:11 lol
'OneShot' 2 months ago
I hate to see Marlon on here. Marlon is awesome!
Panic! At the Twenty øne crybabies
Wait..... "Nobody puts drunk baby in a corner" WAS THAT A SOUPERNATURAL REFERENCEEEE
AverageDevil Dog
'AverageDevil Dog' 2 months ago
whats up with these random chinese people? :D when they get famous on vines lmfao i love it though
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