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Public opinion: "Should Turkey annex north Cyprus?" -
Published: 4 months ago By: Cyprus Mail

By: Cyprus MailPublished: 4 months ago

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Just before the Geneva talks on the Cyprus problem, we asked a selection of people in the northern half of Nicosia what should happen if the talks fail. Specifically, should Turkey then annex north Cyprus?

Teri Kay
'Teri Kay' 6 days ago
I thought they did in 1974.
'THE VITO' 2 weeks ago
people saying things will change? nothing will change. it will remain as is forever.
λακεδαιμόνιος ανώτερος
go back to asia goatfuckets, cyprus is GREECE
Cyprus is Turkey.
Tuncer Horoz
'Tuncer Horoz' 3 weeks ago
The Khan is will arise in the North. He'll know what to do. Fuck all this talk malk. Northern Cyprus will rise with one Man. Whoever he is or even She. The Khan (King) is coming....
Enes Şarlı
'Enes Şarlı' 1 month ago
Turkey annex north Cyprus! Remember Turks!!! 1963 Blood Christimas!
The Revenant
'The Revenant' 1 month ago
Dal yarraklar buradaki turkler ve kürtler yerli halkı Turkiye den nefret ettirdi siksen kktc tc nin parçası olmaz
Lev Altun
'Lev Altun' 1 month ago
kibris türkiyenindir eczacibasi , aminiza koyariz. Orada hicbir zaman devlet olmadi, uluslararasi anlasmalar geregi cakma devlet kuruldu. Amina kodumun Rum tohumu..
Sanane Yahu
'Sanane Yahu' 1 month ago
Görüşen Türk, editör Rum. Siz zaten editörlük işini bir Rum'a bırakarak izleyicilerin ne göreceğine baştan karar vermişsiniz. Bizim millet böyle keriz olduktan sonra sırtımıza binen çok olur elbet.
eimaista nar
'eimaista nar' 1 month ago
the women are afraid of annexation in cyprus they are free in turkey they will become slaves
Ervini Vini
'Ervini Vini' 2 months ago
Cyprus is Turkey forever
'Antifon' 2 months ago
lol I like how one lady says it's up to the majority !!!
Salonica Paokara
'Salonica Paokara' 2 months ago
they will leave not only from Cyprus but from all this land who called 'turkey'! their dirty race will dissapear forever, Cyprus is Greek and our capital is Konstantinoupolis
Alp Er Tunga
'Alp Er Tunga' 2 months ago
Yavru değil, ana rahmine düşmüş cenin bile değilsiniz ulan! Türkiye derhal ilhak etmeli. 250 bin nüfusunla yunanlar sizi ezer geçer, sonra NAH gelir Türkiye. Adam olun, özellikle kadınlar pek de meraklı yunan sikine
Shogun sulh
'Shogun sulh' 2 months ago
Cyprus : when an ethnical cleansing happen on an island but is interrupted by a greater force :)
Rossijskaja Federacija
It is up to the locals.
Yiğit Ödemiş
'Yiğit Ödemiş' 3 months ago
Please don't start a new pointless argument my fallow deer Turks and Greeks (even British sometimes). People should learn to live with other ones who has different languace, religion etc... Many empires wich has different culture, religion and languace reigned over Cyprus and Anatolia. Today Greek and Turk culture, music, foods are nearly same. Even the perspection of life (it includes religion) has share many common norms. These two people who has share many common thinks can live together. For independent Cyprus, North and South should become one. These people do not need any permissions of Turkey, Greece and UK.
Teri Kay
'Teri Kay' 3 months ago
I thought they annexed it in 1974.
Teri Kay
'Teri Kay' 3 months ago
I thought they annexed it in 1974.
get rekt
'get rekt' 3 months ago
turkey is stronge great country peace from japan
'kuvikina' 3 months ago
Turkey should annex Cyprus as whole, not only North!
'MickeyChannel' 3 months ago
Northern Cyprus will be a failed bankrupt country without Turkish support just like the Southern Cyprus.
'Erick' 3 months ago
This people are thinking 1-sided from their point of view. If negations fail, then you should do nothing, leave it as it has always been, a de-facto independent republic. Annexation with Turkey will aggravate hostilities & tension & possibly lead to war with opposing sides.
spyro A
'spyro A' 3 months ago
its like asking a thief if they wanna take home with them what they have stolen.. most of those that said yes were dirty settlers living in our homes,, they know they are illegal here so best for them to continue the crime.. HOW SIMPOLE FOR THIS IDIOTS TO UNDERSTAND THAT A SIMPLE SOLUTION IS FOR ALL ARMIES AND SETTLERS TO GET THE FUCK OUT AND CREATE A UNIFIED CYPRUS RATHER THAN 2-3 STATES !!!!
john john
'john john' 3 months ago
just a few facts that your report does not mention.the t/cs in 1974 were forced to go to the north of the island by turkey.the coup failed very quickly.many g/cs also fought against the greek coup.most g/cs died fighting the coup,than during the invasion.due to the fact that i have many t/cs friends,i am a g/c,we get to meet and talk.3 of them are in positions in the north where they know a few things.they say,not me,that the t/c population in the north is about 70/80 thousand.they say the population in the north now is more than 350,000.that means at least 250,000 are turkish settlers,brought in by turkey.i am sure some of the t/cs here that were interviewed,are not originally t/cs but settlers.that is why you have them wanting turkey to annex the north.most t/cs i know,do not want the army or the settlers and that is a fact.with so many settlers brought in by turkey,the real t/cs are becoming extinct.the whole of cyprus is in the eu,including the north part.turkey was a guarantor of the sovereignty and independence of the whole island.invading and annexing the north,is in fact,a war crime.the population in 1974 was 82% g/c and 18% t/c.these are facts that people who see this documentary should know beforehand.
Moss Sayin
'Moss Sayin' 3 months ago
greek cypriots dont want a mutual leadership... they want the Turks to live under a greek flag. lol smell the coffee yet? Only Turkey stands along side our interests. the rest of u fuckers are talking this shit to land on the oil at the coast of our land! fuck the lot of you, the only brother of Turkish Cypriots is the Republic of Turkey.
John Baharoff Sr.
'John Baharoff Sr.' 3 months ago
It's already been annexed and for a good reason. Cultures can not be mixed. Greeks hate Turks, killing Turks, poisoning their wells. Cyprus was ran by a gay preacher with hate toward Turks. It was waiting to be happenned. Cyprus should be left alone. 9 out of 10 Orthodox preachers are gay. a.k.a. fags and pederas, what they know about government.
Derek Derekidis
'Derek Derekidis' 3 months ago
Go back to Turkey or to central asia, fuckn turks
Richard Dekker
'Richard Dekker' 3 months ago
Yes this is as turkish as the westbank is jewish.
Aßdullah Yeğen
'Aßdullah Yeğen' 3 months ago
Amk ne ayakta durması siz orada ayrı bir devlet olarak sadece Türkiye'ye yük oluyorsunuz.İşimiz gücümüz yok size sürekli çuval çuval para göndereceğiz.Allah aşkına ne üretiyorsunda ayakta duracaksın !!!
Quevan Pham
'Quevan Pham' 3 months ago
the eu will turn cyprus into a province of eu, first they will bankrupt the country increase inflation casue instability then they will bing in the IMF for loan which is design with compound interest rates so theat it will be impossible to pay back then after that they will pile on more loans then demand reforms them it will be all over with for cyprus just like a wat they did to greece, go and ask the greeks what eu and imf did toa their country
'murattt91' 3 months ago
cyprus is turkish !!!!
'hoho' 3 months ago
Bence Kıbrıs'ın Türkiye'ye ilhakı sorunu iyice derinleştirebilir şu aşamada. Ancak bu müzakereler de Rumlar'ın çoğunluk olmanın verdiği, direterek birşeye mecbur etme yaklaşımıyla son bulursa uluslarası kamuoyu KKTC'yi bağımsız bir devlet olarak kabul etmelidir. Kıbrıs meselesinde biz Türkler haklıyız. Bu yüzden Rumlar'ın her dediğini kabul etmemeli ama çok fevri de davranmamalıyız şu aşamada. Umarım Kıbrıs'a barışçıl ve eşitlikçi bir çözüm gelir bu görüşmeler sonunda
Andreas Kasiotis
'Andreas Kasiotis' 3 months ago
3:00 such ignorance is what scares me about the north side. that man believes that its cypriots goverment fault for the bad quality of life in the north. how is the goverment going to do anything with the presence of the turkish army there you cant blame others for what turky has caused you which is complete isolation. unite the island and you will see difference but first sort out your stance and concept of being a member of cyprus. acceptance is key for both sides look to the present not the past
'Badass_Mozart' 3 months ago
No we shouldn't annex North Cyprus, just let Cyprus to Cypriots, it's their Island and they shall determine their fate.
Boush Veg
'Boush Veg' 3 months ago
Lan kibrisinda comarlari varmis ya la hahaha
Andrew Da Great
'Andrew Da Great' 3 months ago
Why not just unite! Outsider trying to divide us
Altay Adademir
'Altay Adademir' 4 months ago
Why would you ask such a question to Turkish people from Turkey? They have no influence over the decisions which Turkish Cypriot community will take. The guy at 1:05, he admits that he has NO IDEA (since he is not a Cypriot) but still has an ANSWER! (I don't have more words for him) But why would you even include him in this video? He won't get to say anything if this is ever taken to a referendum. Again, guy at 2:50, ha-ha Erdoğan? Go find me a Cypriot that will defend Erdoğan's mentality and I will shut up... Despite neither of them having a clue about the Cyprus problem or any understanding of the problems my country is facing today, they both said YES. This is how you spread the venom. Great journalism CM. Thanks!
'DutchTurkish' 4 months ago
Turkey has no intention to annex it, otherwise it would already have happened. If the negotiations also fail even with the leftist president Akinci, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus should push for an international recognition world wide. If that fails also for 5 - 10 year, becoming part of Turkey is like the only option, for these people to have normal international relations. Apparently Greek Cypriot leaders have unrealistic demands, even Akinci is pessimistic about it. Akinci the one who was very optimistic for a 2 state solution on Cyprus also lost hope for a solution.
Adam Flesier
'Adam Flesier' 4 months ago
If the reunificasion negotiations result in failure and greeks rejected possible referendum just like 2004 Annan plan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be recognised as soveregin state by United Nations and European Union.
Christophoros Georgiou
It would be great if Turkey, Greece and the United kingdom could leave us alone to actually create our own Real Republic.
'nickphilip' 4 months ago
Correction: not only Turkey, but even the Cypriots of the South Cyprus support your economy. By shopping, playing casino, visiting places and restaraunts.. nobody can deny that!
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