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Ali G - Science and Technology -
Published: 11 years ago By: IOUABRM8

By: IOUABRM8Published: 11 years ago

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'So would you use a toilet or does you just drop it in a hole? So would you flush? You say that but there's evidence back stage to the contrary. Was it, was it you?'

LeVert-next big thing in NBA
Im dying my stomach starting to hurt
Tweedy Bird
'Tweedy Bird' 2 days ago
Chicken Man
'Chicken Man' 2 weeks ago
Any domesticated animals developed through selective breeding is proof of evolution.
Igor Ivanov
'Igor Ivanov' 3 weeks ago
jared beard
'jared beard' 4 weeks ago
Kent Hovind went to prison
Tommy Abrey
'Tommy Abrey' 1 month ago
The original Eric Andre
James Scholl
'James Scholl' 1 month ago
You know it's bad when the creationist has his mind blown by someone else's stupidity.
'246trinitrotoluene' 1 month ago
Computers get an overflow error if you try to compute those numbers, so jokes on those "scientists". Wake up people, the church of scientism is real and theyre trying to hide #flatearth
'klandu9' 3 months ago
Without blowin up?
'IlIIIllIlIlIlIIl' 3 months ago
My wife is a homo sapien. Respect! lol
evolutionary transgression
c l a s s i c !
mo shpit
'mo shpit' 4 months ago
Sanjana Ahmed
'Sanjana Ahmed' 8 months ago
"compooters" godbless this man
Girly Girl
'Girly Girl' 10 months ago
Charles Ferguson
'Charles Ferguson' 10 months ago
LOL I always laugh at how a creationist can say he was surprised by an "illogical question"
'alovision' 1 year ago
I tried to use my computer to calculate 999999999999999999999999999999999x99999999999999999999999999999999999999999, but my computer blew up
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 year ago
shame on you lmao
Oscar Magana
'Oscar Magana' 2 years ago
LoLz!!.. Techmology...
Jay Flippen
'Jay Flippen' 2 years ago
shame on you. (the floater)
Pat on Youtube
'Pat on Youtube' 2 years ago
The fact that Kent Hovind is on a science panel is comedy genius
Steven Spray
'Steven Spray' 2 years ago
LOL. I watched this years ago before I knew who Kent Hovind was, I laughed out loud when I saw him on the poor unfortunate panel!
matthew woodall
'matthew woodall' 2 years ago
Alex Cryshan 1611
'Alex Cryshan 1611' 2 years ago
Look at Kent lol!
Michael Strange
'Michael Strange' 2 years ago
I still laugh so hard my abs hurt. That toilet part kills me.
'dedespo' 2 years ago
Homo sapiens has nothing to do with Greek though
catherine ryan
'catherine ryan' 2 years ago
homo sapiens comes from latin not from ancient greek, that's a big mistake that ''scientists'' shouldn't do
Vollystri MKII
'Vollystri MKII' 2 years ago
but 'as you eva ette a banana
'shitbot' 2 years ago
'yobossesboss' 2 years ago
He ain't got no tecmology you can check out his WEBSITE.
'ThePureVeritas' 2 years ago
'Mineav' 2 years ago
I can't believe that religious guy left a floater. Stupid religious people...
Eric 0000
'Eric 0000' 3 years ago
Lol apparently his iq is really freaking freaking high
Ducati Drew
'Ducati Drew' 3 years ago
Without blow in' up...
Faiz ali
'Faiz ali' 3 years ago
'overmostheads' 3 years ago
Rainbow Jeremy
Jake Jones
'Jake Jones' 3 years ago
'youtubin222' 3 years ago
easily the greatest ali g segment of all time
'nicolas1999444' 4 years ago
Ali G is still smarter than kent hovind.
Diego //
'Diego //' 4 years ago
Tecmology xD
Jay Flippen
'Jay Flippen' 4 years ago
I wish Da Ali G had thrown something tricky into that 9 - 9 - 9 - argument, like sqrt(-1), etc.
Aaron Gentry
'Aaron Gentry' 4 years ago
The only thing funnier than Ali G himself is the Creationist dude
'RiickRoll' 4 years ago
'TheMeister31' 4 years ago
This gets me everytime..Ali G always makes my day. Its so genius that guy gets to interview all these top people in their fields and professions and he plays them right into where he wants em. Like in Borat when he was learning comedy from a guy who was supposed to be expert but he totally fooled him and he didnt even know he was the butt of a joke..some teacher huh lol
'180DegreeMason' 4 years ago
homo means "same"...
Shane C
'Shane C' 4 years ago
He is ignorant, he lacks the knowledge about the theory of evolution. He thinks Ape's just gave birth to humans one day which isn't the theory at all. You don't make utterly stupid statements like that and no expect to call you ignorant. 3:17 that's a little rich coming from him lol
'REALNassshole' 4 years ago
he's not ignorant... He's just sticking to creationist. Ignorance is you calling him an ignorant you fucking italian
Jada Cook
'Jada Cook' 4 years ago
I love Da Ali G show!
The Reason Why Guy
'The Reason Why Guy' 4 years ago
One of the best parts XD
'rahmspinat' 4 years ago
techmology*, aight?
Tobias Beer
'Tobias Beer' 5 years ago
//Whatever numbers you want, we can multriply...// Technically speaking, we can't..
'scostumato' 5 years ago
'OMGcat' 5 years ago
way a go U pawned him , nerd respect +5
'coolgent75' 5 years ago
Its funny to see how a creationist reacts to someone acting irrationally. (all the while sacha baron cohen is playing a fool on purpose! lmfao!!)
'masacuna' 5 years ago
has nothing to do with the Homo's that you meet on the its brilliant how ali G gets these scientists to come down to his level and talk about floaters..haha
'gatennis09' 5 years ago
"Covering it with paper don't make it alright, Yo"
Iron Man
'Iron Man' 5 years ago
"The floater". My god...
'LilBiggiNMMC' 5 years ago
Shut the fuck up. Your probably the one that left the floater. Smh...
'airandfingers' 5 years ago
Never knew Kent Hovind was one of these guys. Serves him right to get pranked like this.
Deni Dukic
'Deni Dukic' 5 years ago
I love how the creationist is talking about illogical arguments.
'ivanhoe4mag' 5 years ago
:)))) fuckin genius .. realy .... realy realy realy
Marcus Merisier
'Marcus Merisier' 5 years ago
Brian Mendicino
'Brian Mendicino' 5 years ago
"Why don't they make another one" .... Ignorant asshole. Go learn something rather than masturbating to your bible every night.
'piz681' 5 years ago
"You say that, but there's evidence backstage to the contrary....was it...was it you?" LOL
'ZamAhx12345' 5 years ago
we didn't evolve from monkeys you scientifically illiterate noob. We've evolved from a common ancestor which is now extinct.. what do you think the 100+ discovered transitional fossils between this common ancestor to the modern human.. Get a clue.
'Jepp119' 5 years ago
ali g is an idiot. very confusing
'bribrabra14' 5 years ago
Actually pretty smart if you think about it. We evolved from monkeys so shouldn't there be at least one sign of a monkey evolving into a human. Nope. I watched Kents videos and wow! opened my eyes from all the evolution nonsense. I suggest you watch them too.
ranas alkharji
'ranas alkharji' 5 years ago
Teckmology looooooooool
Robert Smith
'Robert Smith' 5 years ago
'Monkeys are still having babies, why don't they have another human today' has to be the most stupid thing a human as ever said.
'pite9' 5 years ago
My wife is a homo sapien! Allright. Respect!
ItsGreat458 Italia
'ItsGreat458 Italia' 5 years ago
Maurice Folks
'Maurice Folks' 5 years ago
The banana thing really tripped him up
'E'raan Lue' 6 years ago
kent hovind lol
Nick b
'Nick b' 6 years ago
you say that but there's evidence backstage to contrary... covering it with paper doesn't make it alright.
Shannon G
'Shannon G' 6 years ago
i love the way he said 'undred
'modulusshift' 6 years ago
Ok, I know it's a comedy show, and it's all for comedic effect, but I think it would have been better trying to explain it to him. Give the guy something different to work with. Instead of acting exactly like the other 5 guys in the room. If you can appear smart to the audience, and still manage to be friends with this character, you've won the show. That would be epic.
'modulusshift' 6 years ago
"It's a scientific nomenclature that describes who we are as part of a phyla." Ummm...Was that guy listening to the first half of the show? Or was he specifically told that he was to try to be incomprehensible to the guy, for comedic effect?
Steele Green
'Steele Green' 6 years ago
which pixel is ali g?
'CharlesVariations' 6 years ago
I love how the creationist is "surprised at how illogical" a question is....
'CharlesVariations' 6 years ago
'tits99999999999' 6 years ago
999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 * 9999999999999999999999999998999999999.889988988999999999999999
'AttilaTheHun314' 6 years ago
ali got him with the banana
'UnknownGenius01' 6 years ago
"my wife is a homosapien" - Alright, respect. ROFL! Sacha is a genius!
'ashhbabeexo' 6 years ago
Andrew Gold
'Andrew Gold' 6 years ago
"My wife is a homosapien!" "ight respect"
'bsjunior' 6 years ago
@ausgepicht lol
'SearchBucket2' 6 years ago
Shame he let one "tech-n-ology" slip in to flaw an otherwise brilliant of the performance.
'guyfjhbkjbkjnbkl' 6 years ago
Kent Hovind can go fuck himself ^^
Orson Reinisch
'Orson Reinisch' 6 years ago
even ali g can defeat a christian in an argument......
'Zinigi' 6 years ago
"he aint got no technology.. you can check his website"
IW Payu
'IW Payu' 6 years ago
Who is he? Is he like a groovy scientist or what?
'ausgepicht' 6 years ago
@qwertyuiopyakov Derp. It's a schtick. Over.
Mickey Malks
'Mickey Malks' 6 years ago
"Gonna move it on a little bit"
'mikeyzoltank' 6 years ago
wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck with
'ultrakool' 6 years ago
ya be'a belive compooters can do tha transaction, yo. they're able to track every movement you make...includin bowel movements tha you put paper on and don't flush. george orwell and aldous huxley already told you tha, shtoopid
'Dooky7' 6 years ago
lol, when guy offered money to prove "evolution", and ali sad "did you ever eat banana?" and show him to give him money LOOOOOL 2:50
Alex Dahl
'Alex Dahl' 6 years ago
Sooooooo funny
'SupaAmi' 6 years ago
Hahahah, I totally forgot about that homo sapiens thing. Made me laugh so hard. Also loved how awkward and angry he made Kent Hovind!
'Macca1969' 6 years ago
These group discussions on Ali G are the best!
'werellstupid' 7 years ago
Im all into techmology and compooters.
'Anonymous' 7 years ago
he aint got no tek-mology you can check his website
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