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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 6 months ago By: FRESH

By: FRESHPublished: 6 months ago

7, 190, 083 views

15, 608 Likes   1, 325 Dislikes

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

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'JakeNaomi's Vevo' 6 hours ago
Why is there a Hindi girl in this movie
Silverleaf Alterego
Fresh glad I could help.
james brown
'james brown' 3 days ago
0:48 idd i just hear delirious
Wiet Lotis
'Wiet Lotis' 4 days ago
2:28 song.please
Khánh Võ Quốc
'Khánh Võ Quốc' 5 days ago
What's the name of the video?
Luca Visentini
'Luca Visentini' 6 days ago
the name of the song please?
'GAMING CAT' 6 days ago
anyone watching this after they watched the movie? 😂😂😂
shankar nag
'shankar nag' 1 week ago
can anyone please tell me which song is at 1.08 ?
'blackzed' 1 week ago
100% the most stupid fucking boring movie I have seen in year's about as funny as a shit in my local takeaway 100% twat movie....
'Nate' 1 week ago
who the bitch in the middle? hella ratch
Sameer Siddhanti
'Sameer Siddhanti' 1 week ago
Appears like some teenager has written the dialogues for this. Seriously!
Anisha Kehri
'Anisha Kehri' 1 week ago
I love priyanka chopra
Brooke Callaghan
'Brooke Callaghan' 1 week ago
I watched bay watch today
emily porte
'emily porte' 2 weeks ago
why do your balls talk like three year old girls? i don't know but they're wise
Sarah Sarah
'Sarah Sarah' 2 weeks ago
It doesn't have the baywatch feel at all. Calling it baywatch doesn't make it baywatch :( so disappointed... | Watch Movies Online
Very funny and everything but wanted to see more Summer
Tristan Michels
'Tristan Michels' 2 weeks ago
This film was trash. Not just trash. Abysmal trash. 2nd worst film of 2017.
Claudia Paredes
'Claudia Paredes' 2 weeks ago
is it Melinda the mexican singer on 1:46?
Serena Meyer
'Serena Meyer' 2 weeks ago
this is the stupidest looking movie, couldn't pay me to watch it
David Carvanjal
'David Carvanjal' 2 weeks ago
*Baywatch 2017 |f u L L M o v i e | :*
Gé Schepes
'Gé Schepes' 2 weeks ago
'donttreadonme' 2 weeks ago
this shit is for you easily amused people.....
sarqh alvarez
'sarqh alvarez' 2 weeks ago
Why does every freaking movie have this DAMN SONG
Panda-Lover4778 Pandas4Eves
what so g!
Josue Garcia
'Josue Garcia' 2 weeks ago
[アRの] れIれJ/\YT
0:22 what's song name?
'MzCaribbeauty' 2 weeks ago
Where's David Hastlehuff?
Dangerous Jackal
'Dangerous Jackal' 2 weeks ago
The boobs part is hilarious
Beck Man
'Beck Man' 2 weeks ago
this looks like models made a shitty movie, even though some of the actors are good
Joel Antony
'Joel Antony' 3 weeks ago
whats that tune in the end? its good
Suresh Seetharaman
'Suresh Seetharaman' 3 weeks ago
jughead 0:48 ?
Silence Of The Scams
Comedies aren't comedies anymore, they're usually well known actors reading one liners they didn't write. Rated R for too many f-bombs and nudity. So basically porn. Thumbs down.
Mr Roof
'Mr Roof' 3 weeks ago
is it already released?
atul bhardwaj
'atul bhardwaj' 3 weeks ago who is this guys ???
'EuromanMovieReport' 3 weeks ago
Alexandra Daddario :p
Katia Fernanda
'Katia Fernanda' 3 weeks ago
J. Efron is waaayyy too big :/
Rahul Singh
'Rahul Singh' 3 weeks ago
Rap Game
'Rap Game' 3 weeks ago
Stop putting google links you cunts, nobody is giving you credit card information for bloody sake
charles rob
'charles rob' 3 weeks ago
This movie sucked guys. Don't waste your money going to the movies. I don't think I laughed except once. It was a corny movie.
Shikshan Hindi
'Shikshan Hindi' 3 weeks ago
Is this a real trailer with cursing/swearing and everything?
Winnipeg Calvin
'Winnipeg Calvin' 3 weeks ago
sing at 22
ALL Crash
'ALL Crash' 3 weeks ago
Great Vid ! ! ! btw
'vBDKv' 3 weeks ago
Looks fucking dumb.
'6ixEntertainment' 3 weeks ago
I just watched the movie last night. It was actually good. Really funny, decent plot, and the chicks were hot af, especially the blonde.
christy dairy
'christy dairy' 3 weeks ago
9:32 [HdRip] Baywatch 2017
White Duck
'White Duck' 3 weeks ago
Ofcourse they replace the German guy with an ugly mixed race guy and portray him as the sex symbol and hero while the good looking White guy is the idiot air head who offends women.
Micheal Meyers
'Micheal Meyers' 3 weeks ago
I can't believe how much negativity this movie is getting. It was funny af!
'xKandyKore' 3 weeks ago
10/10 would recommend to everyone. I was dying throughout the movie !
Bella Mazreku
'Bella Mazreku' 3 weeks ago
Yo no lie, my dad looks just the same as the Rock! But the Rock is more trained!❤️
Vlogicorn Routines
'Vlogicorn Routines' 3 weeks ago
blake and ray reunited
Young XBardock
'Young XBardock' 3 weeks ago
Awhh no Kevin Hart:(
karissia couchman
'karissia couchman' 3 weeks ago
just tanned. its ok
Fiona Vorster
'Fiona Vorster' 3 weeks ago
what is the age restriction??
Jett Does Everything
where Logan
Ihuhbjg Fjyfjvjhj
'Ihuhbjg Fjyfjvjhj' 4 weeks ago
I'm sick of these tacky Hollyweird remakes of TV shows. And why is The Rock casted in EVERYTHING??? He's just awful.
Sybille Kreisler
'Sybille Kreisler' 4 weeks ago
Was für eine Scheisse...
Zoe Hewitt
'Zoe Hewitt' 4 weeks ago
I thought this movie delivered exactly as expected--it's funny and light-hearted, like "21 Jump Street" on the beach. I don't think anyone expects deep symbolism from this, just a couple of hours of fun--and it was.
Emily O
'Emily O'Riordan' 4 weeks ago
What exactly is the plot to this?
Baywatch Film Completo 2017 #Ita
Good Movie
Stevn Morrison
'Stevn Morrison' 4 weeks ago
2:05 she was in a percy jackson movie mostly for kids and some teens and now she's in this. I know not all actors have to play nice or bad roles all the time but wow
Evji 108
'Evji 108' 4 weeks ago
No wonder it tanked.
gta5master5504 gamer
looks awesome can't wait to see it!
'OllieBlazin' 4 weeks ago
"Really entertaining but far fetched Tv Show." I'm just going to put my revolver in my mouth. And 1...2...3$6(;6(3&634)?ydhtafifgtvrgbhssbi
lol 123
'lol 123' 4 weeks ago
overwatch: Baywatch event, see 76 in a lifeguard skin
Prince of Levent
'Prince of Levent' 4 weeks ago
I don't know why do people hate Daddario but I do to!! I don't know man there is something about her and it keeps whispering to me "hate her, HATE HER!!!!!" I want to know what is it by the way.
Mercyful 101
'Mercyful 101' 4 weeks ago
what is the.1 song called that played
ocean ocean
'ocean ocean' 4 weeks ago
nothing reality
ocean ocean
'ocean ocean' 4 weeks ago
what a waste movie
Gav Catibog
'Gav Catibog' 4 weeks ago
The Rich has the biggest boobs
Michael Roberts
'Michael Roberts' 4 weeks ago
Dwayne Johnson is a satanic occultist! Spread the word!
Nemo Sparding
'Nemo Sparding' 4 weeks ago
'Spark' 4 weeks ago
Looks Like Whole movie is shooted in a beach
Stephen Klick
'Stephen Klick' 4 weeks ago
The main girl in this movie looks like Jonah Hill. Not attractive and when I look into her eyes, they are just glazed over like I'm looking at nothing, like she has no soul. Another stupid movie for basic bros and hoes, showing them how to be full America incorporated retard slaves.
Sam Nickerson
'Sam Nickerson' 4 weeks ago
Looks like a rental, like a life guard.
Jeffery A. Davis
'Jeffery A. Davis' 4 weeks ago
Baywatch (2017) f u l l M o v i e Available O n l i n e Click to Watch
Faddrine Jang
'Faddrine Jang' 4 weeks ago
Marcelo Rodriguez
'Marcelo Rodriguez' 4 weeks ago
Wow....This Movie flop Big Time at the box office.Looks Lame and boring.That guy the rock really start to be annoying......👎👎👎
'Austin-Tyler' 4 weeks ago
Ahhhh this movies was amazing. So going to be a hit and with a budget of only 69 million say hi to Baywatch two soon .
Kabir Kanha
'Kabir Kanha' 4 weeks ago
Dwayne Johnson can speak underwater.
'loly' 4 weeks ago
22:42 Baywatch 2017
John C
'John C' 4 weeks ago
GARBAGE. It's failing at the box office
'CNVRSKDAJW' 4 weeks ago
@baywatchmovie I am gonna *‹(•¿•)›* this *Memorial Day* (*Critics* say it's *FunnyAF*) #CantWait #BAYWATCHMOVIE
Celestine Gadingan
'Celestine Gadingan' 4 weeks ago
loved this movie
Imran Becks
'Imran Becks' 4 weeks ago
They just had to turn it into a comedy. The original Baywatch wasn't comedic at all with some great 90s drama and action.
saranghae lee min ho
fucking really funny movie, , dat guy stuck his dick, , en in da morgue it makes me lol 😂😂😂
Connor Hatzmann
'Connor Hatzmann' 4 weeks ago
There was a baywatch ad for the baywatch trailer....
Little Boy Blue
'Little Boy Blue' 4 weeks ago
1:01 Kevin Hart reference
علي المحمد
'علي المحمد' 4 weeks ago
بصفتي منقذ هاد الفلم رح يعجبني ✌
TheAnonymous G
'TheAnonymous G' 4 weeks ago
Zac Efron - from High School Musical.... to this (thug life)
Richard Cerio
'Richard Cerio' 4 weeks ago
Nothing will ever replace the original tv series.
Zelda Freak
'Zelda Freak' 4 weeks ago
2:04 what's wrong with looking at boobs everybody does it even grown man with kids and nobody cares plus her boobs look really small
'ChamorruWarrior' 1 month ago
Been a lifeguard for 2 years... Why do I only get to guard old ladies and shit??? Wtf
Kick it with Cam
'Kick it with Cam' 1 month ago
The High School Musical Pun!
Brittany Bolton
'Brittany Bolton' 1 month ago
this movie was funny i loved it ❤❤❤❤
'Pelarian' 1 month ago
Baywatch |full Movie| 2017|| Comedy :
'aryan41003' 1 month ago
you are just tanned lol
Jeff Busby
'Jeff Busby' 1 month ago
I love how full of shit the trailer is talking about how Time magazine says it's good… It's garbage and any other valid review would tell you the truth… But don't expect truth from Hollywood… Hey it's a piece of shit but it's fun… That would be too honest of advertising but some of THOSE type movies… I actually like... hint hint Hollywood quit being full of shit and quit fucking making WORTHLESS(sub valueless) shit And if you're going to make this kind of movie for fucks sake find some girls who are actually beautiful not just hot by bullshit standards
Talia V
'Talia V' 1 month ago
I've just been informed there's gonna be a Zac Efron/The Rock make out scene and now I have to watch this movie lol ♡
Asta Gao
'Asta Gao' 1 month ago
music plz
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