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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 1 month ago By: Fresh Movie Trailers

By: Fresh Movie TrailersPublished: 1 month ago

4, 358, 367 views

8, 473 Likes   730 Dislikes

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

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Kieran Wrightstone
'Kieran Wrightstone' 10 hours ago
This looks like fun
Kuncoro Adi
'Kuncoro Adi' 1 day ago
'27,700,401 views' 1 day ago
the rock looks like a giant erect penis.
gilbert macam
'gilbert macam' 1 day ago
Kurby Pinky
'Kurby Pinky' 2 days ago
I need to learn how to swim.
'juiuffophiguo' 2 days ago
So it's a parody of Baywatch...
salty fr35h
'salty fr35h' 2 days ago
Wow. the load of garbage that spills from this trailer is just insane. The fact that people are excited goes to show that they are fucking idiots.
Frederik Stordal
'Frederik Stordal' 2 days ago
"Fast & Batwatch - Beach Party"
Elite_Hogios08 Hogios
Song at 00:24 ?
Jason poodoo
'Jason poodoo' 3 days ago
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'Snapper95' 3 days ago
Wow. Just looking at him makes me wanna do push-ups.
'chello70' 4 days ago
No Pam? Good night bam bam!!!
João Paulo
'João Paulo' 4 days ago
Amereicans And his taste for women, Alexandra Daddario has a fat face like a ball.
ichigo kurosaki
'ichigo kurosaki' 4 days ago
alexandra daddario is so sexy
Celena Stokes
'Celena Stokes' 4 days ago
Juan Herrera
'Juan Herrera' 4 days ago
Will watch this cuz Daddario... and McKinney cameo.
bravo man
'bravo man' 4 days ago
'BiOniCFReaK' 5 days ago
Pamela Anderson and Hoff cameo???? pretty please?
'BiOniCFReaK' 5 days ago
It's gonna be a comedy???
MR.Salauddin Ahamed
Ross Mitchell
'Ross Mitchell' 6 days ago
I think knightrider should come next with Bradley cooper as micheal knight and the same guy that directed the a team movie joe carnahan and micheal cain as micheal knights assistant
'SoloPants' 6 days ago
Be honest, ain't no one watching this for the story😂😂
Shalise Shaw
'Shalise Shaw' 7 days ago
Really? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🎬🎥📺👊👊👊👊🌊🏄🏋️ The Baywatch movie is a comedy instead of a drama like the show? Did the film makers ever think about watching Baywatch before turning it into a comedy or asking David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, etc. if they wanted to be in the movie(I think Baywatch are going to be disappointed when the movie isn't dramatic like the show. 😞😞😞😞🎥🎬📺🏄🏋️🌊🚔🚑)?
'anonymous420520' 7 days ago
girls name at 2:49 ?
Arshad PC
'Arshad PC' 1 week ago
I'm watching this movie only for Priyanka Chopra
Kuq Ku
'Kuq Ku' 1 week ago
Ive never seen a lifeguard with The Rocks physique
Sam Pen
'Sam Pen' 1 week ago
Stfu about downloads
Robert Cornelius
'Robert Cornelius' 1 week ago
I thought the media told us long time ago that black people can't swim.
Jocelyn Alnarez
'Jocelyn Alnarez' 1 week ago
Oh my g I miss BAYWATCH💪👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👍👍👍👍
'Victor' 1 week ago
Live action moana
'Huy' 1 week ago
Stephanie Kaufman
'Stephanie Kaufman' 1 week ago
✔ *Baywatch ᴴᴰ* f u l l m o v i e
HAMMATIC Andrewgyny
I might actually see this in theaters.
Dio Brando
'Dio Brando' 1 week ago
Came for Daddario, stayed for Biggie's Hypnotize.
Elektra Pendleton
'Elektra Pendleton' 1 week ago
lovin in!
Arkanine Project
'Arkanine Project' 1 week ago
who came here for the rock
'Panda's D' 1 week ago
When the jet-ski part played, I thought of RocketJump's "FarCry vacation" anyone else?
Denzel Porte
'Denzel Porte' 1 week ago
Zack Effron looking good again than stress. Cuz he's actually working with a gifted actor the rock.
'jayjay07' 1 week ago
Alexandra boobs, need and want
Nathan Blank
'Nathan Blank' 1 week ago
I would watch this show.
Danya W
'Danya W' 1 week ago
Whats the name of this Song? 0:28
Quang Nguyen Vinh
'Quang Nguyen Vinh' 1 week ago
Does anyone know the song on first trailer ? Sounds awesome
Sam Zheng
'Sam Zheng' 2 weeks ago
why do zac efrons abs look like plastic?
dill dirk
'dill dirk' 2 weeks ago
It's so funny cause the last big movie that girl was in was San Andreas with Dwayne lol
'Frostbite' 2 weeks ago
'ican'tplaygames' 2 weeks ago
I clicked on this and got the Resident Evil trailer playing before it........ for the first few seconds, I was so confused.
me you
'me you' 2 weeks ago
looks really stupid
Jexsu Brejhma
'Jexsu Brejhma' 2 weeks ago
And they just ruined Baywatch.
Anuj Kumar
'Anuj Kumar' 2 weeks ago
EDDIE: why, you like that show? CHANDLER: You don't like that show? EDDIE: Wha-, n-, no. I mean it's just a bunch of pretty people runnin' around on the beach, ya know. CHANDLER: Well that's the brilliance of it. The pretty people... and the running.
Lebowski Paul
'Lebowski Paul' 2 weeks ago
It looks surprisely good... And amazed its an 'R'.. 😁
'Daniel' 2 weeks ago
Goddamn. This is funny.
That DUMB Tutorial Guy
Wow I actually never knew what baywatch was about....guess I was too busy getting boners lol
סימה אלקיים
Jeff Hart
'Jeff Hart' 2 weeks ago
boobs everywhere
Kevin Dagostino
'Kevin Dagostino' 2 weeks ago
Now this looks cute better then chips!
Hudson Hintze
'Hudson Hintze' 2 weeks ago
I honestly hope Priyanka wins and kills everyone because she's my favorite actress in this thing
'Prathivesh' 2 weeks ago
which song is being played in the trailer
Trevor Patton
'Trevor Patton' 2 weeks ago
Oh snap! We got a comedy block buster franchise!
Arop Kual
'Arop Kual' 2 weeks ago
What's the song at :50
Allan Covarrubias
'Allan Covarrubias' 2 weeks ago
How is this filmed in California and it still has so much green screen?
robert bratcher
'robert bratcher' 2 weeks ago
that movie is not right bad words in the flim is gross
'acetraker1988' 2 weeks ago
2 Fast To Swim: Boob Physics House Party Edition.
Grant Connolly
'Grant Connolly' 2 weeks ago
As a lifeguard im not sure how i feel about this
Raiyan Ahmed
'Raiyan Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Overwatch map skin wanted :P
Joe Black
'Joe Black' 2 weeks ago
Wow this looks terrible.
Not TheLegend27
'Not TheLegend27' 2 weeks ago
ad to watch an ad oooookkkkkkaaayyyyy
Jubo Obuj
'Jubo Obuj' 2 weeks ago
I can't watch this perfect body movie. I'll get a bad self image. You ain't messing up my couch time. So I'm out
Living As Lila
'Living As Lila' 2 weeks ago
Wise balls
'fasb123' 2 weeks ago
baywatch motherfucker. and you turned the canals into the goddamn x games. were the best parts
Paul Griffin
'Paul Griffin' 2 weeks ago
looks crap
Llew KaMiamos
'Llew KaMiamos' 2 weeks ago
"You can look at my face..." " I'm sorry, but it's so close to your boobs." LMFAO!
theo earnshaw kennedy
the girl at 2:50 omg
Frank Hernandez
'Frank Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
Zac is hilarious.
'WhatIsThat' 2 weeks ago
I'm watching this for the ripped calves
'laabitres' 2 weeks ago
man this film looks like itll be VERY corny
Hasan Durak
'Hasan Durak' 2 weeks ago
2:45 music name pls
'PoloBearGaming' 2 weeks ago
Seems like they low key have Kevin Heart in the trailer to surprise you in the movie
Son Saelee
'Son Saelee' 2 weeks ago
why the fuck is rock in everything...Jesus christ!!
Jon Henry
'Jon Henry' 2 weeks ago
Alexandria Daddario is beautiful. Like, dang, I wish I was at least decently attractive, so I could bump up to a 0.1% chance for taking her out on a date.
'Kotov' 2 weeks ago
they think the recipe for a good movie nowadays is boobs, ripped dudes and already famous actors making shitty one liners. it's OK to criticise reputable scores and producers, guys. don't just blindly support everything they come out with. theyre going to keep coming out with shitty movies until we stop going to see them. stop. #makemoviesgreatagain
Al Bodino
'Al Bodino' 2 weeks ago
Daddrio is 👌
Mr. Hunter Gaming
'Mr. Hunter Gaming' 2 weeks ago
San Andreas 2
George Lewis
'George Lewis' 2 weeks ago
they're entired movie budget went to Rock salary
'brcshephard' 2 weeks ago
"I thought we were lifeguards? Everything that you guys are talking about sounds like a really entertaining, but far-fetched TV show", Gee I wonder why! 😂
Scotty Cunningham
'Scotty Cunningham' 2 weeks ago
What's the song ?
Tavaris Carter
'Tavaris Carter' 2 weeks ago
My balls say...this will be a good movie. Not great, but good.
jaša Ghost [Travian si1]
Whats the song in the end
Commander Ibex
'Commander Ibex' 2 weeks ago
Looks like a joke. But I'll watch it because of Efron.
Its NOT funny
'Its NOT funny' 2 weeks ago
prabhdeep singh
'prabhdeep singh' 2 weeks ago
Except priyanka all actors acting fake👎
pablo o
'pablo o' 2 weeks ago
is this 23 jump st?
'FluffyThePink' 2 weeks ago
Oh dear lord.... But then, the ONLY person who could have stepped into the Hoffs shoes is the Rock. And mostly naked Dwayne Johnson is ALWAYS a pleasure.
'ZeVio74' 2 weeks ago
I'm going to see it because Alexandra Daddario, full disclosure
'JM202' 2 weeks ago
Im just here for Alex
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