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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 4 months ago By: FRESH

By: FRESHPublished: 4 months ago

5, 397, 559 views

11, 338 Likes   941 Dislikes

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

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'MassiR77' 4 hours ago
My balls say we need to check it out. My balls say we just need to stay right here. Why do your balls sound like 3 year old girls? I don't know man, that's just how they talk, but they're wise.
'bumpnuglies' 17 hours ago
How stupid are movie goers? Can we please have an original thought good lord!
Nitin Singh
'Nitin Singh' 2 days ago
here only for sizzling Priyanka chopra.😍😍
Jordan Jones
'Jordan Jones' 2 days ago
What is the name of the song in the background
Sonia  Salman
'Sonia Salman' 2 days ago
priyanka steals the show.
Nikola Sekulic
'Nikola Sekulic' 2 days ago
0:42 name of the song
Yugen Bista
'Yugen Bista' 3 days ago
Anyone here because of Alexandra Daddario...
KidEvil 1290
'KidEvil 1290' 3 days ago
Whats the Background music?
'Sam' 3 days ago
Can't wait for the honest trailer..
Diana Blackwood
'Diana Blackwood' 4 days ago
Oh I can't wait for the Honest Trailer of this pile.
Felicity Tran
'Felicity Tran' 5 days ago
Rescued lady: "If you want me, you can have me." Dwayne: "Maybe some other time."
Flyurz VFX
'Flyurz VFX' 6 days ago
The movie comes out the day before my birthday
Lateshia Childs
'Lateshia Childs' 7 days ago
Anyway to see a shirtless Rock I will watch.
Angelina coronado
'Angelina coronado' 7 days ago
i wish they kept logan paul in that movie
'MRcherrytomaat' 1 week ago
rip logan
Gabrielle Bénard
'Gabrielle Bénard' 1 week ago
lol that slow motion comment by alexendra, don't worry you look better.
Cerberuz Mov
'Cerberuz Mov' 1 week ago
If you want to stream BAYWATCH FULL MOVIE, Just go to this site and enjoy :
'Lameashellcosplay' 2 weeks ago
I'm here for the moon man music
'Fay' 2 weeks ago
Zac Efron looks old as hell, tf happened to him lmao
Neymar JR
'Neymar JR' 2 weeks ago
Who was that girl that spanked her own butt in te trailer?
Madhav Menon
'Madhav Menon' 2 weeks ago
can't wait for the digital playground parody
Bleach Love
'Bleach Love' 2 weeks ago
Is this a remake of the show? Someone please tell me, I was born 2000 so I wouldn't know lol
Brendan Larsen
'Brendan Larsen' 2 weeks ago
Anybody know the song at 0:23 ish seconds?
'acarriere30' 2 weeks ago
the original baywatch is still more sexier then this
anna bembo
'anna bembo' 2 weeks ago
Whats the song from 0:25 called ????
Paris Jr Johnson
'Paris Jr Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I want to see this so bad
Mary84 U
'Mary84 U' 3 weeks ago
can't wait to see this movie
German Sanchez
'German Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
Tipica pelicula yankee xd
'Plutonian' 3 weeks ago
Anybody else looking for the YGS comment from Jacksfilms? LOL
Sid in
'Sid in' 3 weeks ago
looks like dishoom of bollywood
mattie bee roop s
'mattie bee roop s' 3 weeks ago
legit what is the name of this song
Tobe Hedgehog
'Tobe Hedgehog' 3 weeks ago
Who else is here from Ygs 112?
Luke Zeches
'Luke Zeches' 3 weeks ago
who else is here from YGS
Jialai Wang
'Jialai Wang' 3 weeks ago
alexadra daddario is hot
Yigithan Ulku
'Yigithan Ulku' 3 weeks ago
Whats the name of this song is it remix ?
andrea leone
'andrea leone' 3 weeks ago
░B░a░y░w░a░t░c░h░ ░2░0░1░7░ ░F░U░L░L░ ░M░O░V░I░E░ ░H░D░ @
James Kang
'James Kang' 3 weeks ago
░B░a░y░w░a░t░c░h░ ░2░0░1░7░ ░F░U░L░L░ ░M░O░V░I░E░ ░H░D░ @
Choad McSquirtin
'Choad McSquirtin' 4 weeks ago
what a flaming piece of shit
Jay McD
'Jay McD' 4 weeks ago
This is pretty much 23 Jump Street
Lord Mango
'Lord Mango' 4 weeks ago
I hope this movie drowns
'SP1TF1RE' 4 weeks ago
Aka softcore porn
'Smitty' 4 weeks ago
I will never pay to see a movie with the rock in it but I still think it's hilarious that he's in everything.
'AlexMc13x' 4 weeks ago
Click bait the movie
'kemuael' 4 weeks ago
Ill catch this on blu ray
london mockett
'london mockett' 4 weeks ago
What's sad is that if you look at most of the movie that are coming out soon that aren't superhero movie are shitty remakes and sequels no one asked for like this one wtf
mR cordwilK
'mR cordwilK' 4 weeks ago
really ..roids vs pussy .. 2 worst actors going cant take them serious the rock and efron
Trualbanian 1
'Trualbanian 1' 4 weeks ago
Hey Zack, if you give me your diet ill give you Vanessa Hudgens number
upstream Salmon
'upstream Salmon' 4 weeks ago
Whare is Logan
Demolishers S-B
'Demolishers S-B's' 4 weeks ago
did anyone see photo page of her eyes
Sarfaraj Mondol
'Sarfaraj Mondol' 4 weeks ago
you love tailor
'calaftheeast' 4 weeks ago
Alexandra Daddario is so underrated.
Jarrod S.
'Jarrod S.' 1 month ago
Shitty movie, the Rock is just a steroid junkie.
'208stroker1' 1 month ago
What shit...go back to wrestling.
The Conway crew
'The Conway crew' 1 month ago
Morten Sejer
'Morten Sejer' 1 month ago
The lady on the right in this scene 3:06 looks like the same girl from Percy Jackson an San Andreas. Is it? I can't really tell.
Ryan Stuchly Photography
They should have casted Zach Braff...
Daniel Crowe
'Daniel Crowe' 1 month ago
Baywatch. A show and now a film about lifeguards on a beach. And yet the budget will still be about 100 millions Dolla!! Murica!
'90sFella' 1 month ago
Daddario, such a daddy she is 😥😍
'FPietros' 1 month ago
Where's Pamela Lee and her sexy juicy big boobs??? Nobody wants to see an ugly bald guy and some flat chested junior schoolers... *DUH!!*
ey b0ss
'ey b0ss' 1 month ago
Meh. another garbage "comedy" movie.
'Dusty' 1 month ago
nice tits
Gean Alber
'Gean Alber' 1 month ago
Why is Annabeth from Percy Jackson in here
Ryan Tesone
'Ryan Tesone' 1 month ago
Might watch this eventually for the hot girls. Other than that? Yeah, I'm excited to see this shit flop at the box office
'ruddinfhd' 1 month ago
This needs Pamela Anderson else it is just Fast and Furious in the sea
Laf Track
'Laf Track' 1 month ago
song at 0:20 ?
'Healingice' 1 month ago
So exited
Jerome Simpson
'Jerome Simpson' 1 month ago
ur just tan lol
Miss SophieSmilie
'Miss SophieSmilie' 1 month ago
My gods Annabeth, what has happened to you?
Olivia Morris
'Olivia Morris' 1 month ago
What is this rated
Tyser Hicks
'Tyser Hicks' 1 month ago
What is the name of the song at the beginning
Jesse Bowman
'Jesse Bowman' 1 month ago
what! a baywatch movie without david hasselhoof? sacrilege!
'KooshBall' 1 month ago
I always knew Larry the Lobster was The Rock
'Flgsxrgirl' 1 month ago
Is this raided R?
Adeel Faiyaz
'Adeel Faiyaz' 1 month ago
priyanka chopra necklace between \/\/
'Troll_Guy' 1 month ago
Let's be cops ? Nope... Let's be lifeguards!
Ricky Roma
'Ricky Roma' 1 month ago
zac Efron is a total sellout. This movie is a typical hostile anti white racist movie. Zac efron is content to play a punching bag to make afro Americans feel superior. let's see Zac get pushed into pool by Multi racial giant, let's see zac efron be humiliated wearing a dress in full drag. let's watch him get sucker punched in the head by a black guy. let's watch him eat a dead man's fat deposits. let's watch him drive around in pink, in a pink scooter. let's watch a big multi racial giant call him a pussy. Lets watch a black cop disparage white people with stupid racist comments. also hostile anti white comments toward guess who? Zac Efron. The other white guy is a lumpy non threatening boob. That's just the trailer guys. This movie is clearly written to pander to non white audiences, and stupid clueless white people who will watch any movie that comes out because they are empty headed simpletons. ....I did notice a marked dearth of black women. ( which is a shame since they are well under represented in main stream movies) . This movie is designed to play into the worst aspects of our society. Total toxic garbage.
Vinay Vipin
'Vinay Vipin' 1 month ago
the best combo..
Adam Ghandour
'Adam Ghandour' 1 month ago
Wtf this is awsome
Evangelos Killer mike
I was a huge fan of the real baywatch back in my childhood,but this movie looks awful(I'm not one of those obsessed with nostalgia that insult every remake/reboot,but the rock & zac Enron are the worst actors ever & this doesn't resemble baywatch in any way,I know I could make a better script with better actors,these are facts.)
'JacPod' 1 month ago
This looks hilarious, and horrible at the same time. I'm in!!
JB Gant
'JB Gant' 1 month ago
One word, stupid!
Adamantium Scorpion
'Adamantium Scorpion' 1 month ago
Wow. Hollywood has really, really run out of ideas.
Much Aligned
'Much Aligned' 1 month ago
Am I the only one that noticed Dwayne Johnson say "you going night night bitch" , that sounds similar to Kevin Harts stand up when he say " you gonna go night night ni***"
Daniel Pletikosić
'Daniel Pletikosić' 1 month ago
Luis Sierra
'Luis Sierra' 1 month ago
Baywatch, Jumanji, Power Rangers.. What year is this?
jerome caughman
'jerome caughman' 1 month ago
Nicely done ✅
Midnight Rider
'Midnight Rider' 1 month ago
Lifeguards fighting crime. Yeah, believable.
Isaac Ramirez
'Isaac Ramirez' 1 month ago
How's the Rock a lifeguard!? Pretty sure he sinks when in water
Josh thegaint
'Josh thegaint' 1 month ago
that song in the first trailer I've heard it in a different trailer before I think they're using that song too much my opinion
'K J' 1 month ago
Zac efron is so fine!😍😍
Fada Darksmen
'Fada Darksmen' 1 month ago
The second trailer was better
'Droepram' 1 month ago
Finally something worth watching on TV again. I hope they keep the iconic theme song.
'Adino1' 1 month ago
Alexandra Daddario is the elite of the elite.
dk K
'dk K' 1 month ago
Borat approves
'TessarR' 1 month ago
who's missing pamela anderson?
Yelena Corrales
'Yelena Corrales' 1 month ago
when logan paul gets cut out in this movie 😭
'AerykisHere' 1 month ago
Better then diary of a wimpy kid going to have wait for fanatics beast 2
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