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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 1 year ago By: FRESH Movie Trailers

By: FRESH Movie TrailersPublished: 1 year ago

8, 038, 321 views

17, 112 Likes   1, 457 Dislikes

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

Kid In the Corner
'Kid In the Corner' 1 week ago
Don't tell me I'm the only one that just came here for Alexandra
Kid In the Corner
'Kid In the Corner' 1 week ago
The only reason why I'm here is because of Alexandra she is hot af
Kid In the Corner
'Kid In the Corner' 1 week ago
Alexandra is bae
ritvik valluri
'ritvik valluri' 3 weeks ago
Name of the back track please.
SlimeFactory101 Bookie
Daddruios is from wonder women :D YAAAAAAYYY
Logan Games
'Logan Games' 4 weeks ago
Jenna Johnson
'Jenna Johnson' 1 month ago
Wow!! PC changes her accent like the fucking seasons....fake bitch! So not into her anymore!!
Rehaan Niaz
'Rehaan Niaz' 1 month ago
I love this movie this film is awesome
Chad Toots
'Chad Toots' 1 month ago
i watched this for 5 mins before i couldnt take it anymore haha
Somir Shaikh
'Somir Shaikh' 1 month ago
Heidi Joy
'Heidi Joy' 1 month ago
this movies a new kind of funny haha
cheer nastics
'cheer nastics' 1 month ago
Omg "if u want me u can have me"omg im dying
Potato Evil twin
'Potato Evil twin' 2 months ago
1:48 literally the only reason I watched the film (I highly recommend it)
helpful zombie
'helpful zombie' 3 months ago
Lol not watching this movie
Hidden Empire Film Group
Rosalind Watson
'Rosalind Watson' 3 months ago
I love Baywatch even though I am only ten Now I want to be a life guard when I am older I live in New Zealand but I am American
Hidden Empire Film Group
Room 2
'Room 2' 4 months ago
This is vibey
'Caitlyn' 5 months ago
Whats the song called for the second trailer?
'Hazzer' 5 months ago
This film is trash
Mountain Champagne
'Mountain Champagne' 5 months ago
2:49 wasn't in the movie you motherfuckers
Mario Sergio
'Mario Sergio' 6 months ago
this movie was actually very fun. would recommend. The scene when the rock gets fired and he's trying to sell a godda*n phone is cringy as fuq, though.
'GAMERS HUB' 6 months ago
Did i just saw LEAH Gotti ?
'mrnaughtycat' 6 months ago
They've ruined the rep of the tv show
Cutsie Xoxo
'Cutsie Xoxo' 6 months ago
0:26 what's that song that's like dun dun dun dun dun at the party in the background
Arjit Gupta
'Arjit Gupta' 6 months ago
that fucking indian butch i wonder how she changed her accent and got a role in the film
Eric Tyler
'Eric Tyler' 6 months ago
Hilarious movie....
F dL
'F dL' 6 months ago
Alexandra Daddario's eyes are mesmerizing.
pink lollypop smasher
this is halarious more funny than me
'DZGaming' 7 months ago
song name pleasee ? 0:49 0:53
'JOE DADDY' 7 months ago
I liked it. IDK why IMDB people are such haters.. They say too many dick jokes etc. Aww Sorry Put The Rock in a movie and I like it...
toorpat 1
'toorpat 1' 7 months ago
why does that Alexandra always have such a stupid look on her face?
'CookieMurderer123' 7 months ago
It costs a lots of money to make such crap - Why
Chris Dodt
'Chris Dodt' 7 months ago
incredible how bad this movie is
Jane Grantz
'Jane Grantz' 7 months ago
DJ's current popularity runs a mile wide, but about an inch deep. This film belly flopped. And he better be careful in the future, choosing better projects. Not even remotely as talented as Eddie Murphy, whose own stardom faltered because of too many bad films. But whereas Murphy still remains potentially one role away from being a big star again, I believe the former Rock has just this one turn. When it's over, that's it.
'Ramza' 7 months ago
What's with all the profanity? Afraid that it might be cheesy without it?
Jason Nielsen
'Jason Nielsen' 7 months ago
Funniest part is with all the beautiful sights and exposed skin of all the women in the movie I was constantly sucked in to those gorgeous EYES of Alexandra Daddario...........I fought against it during her bouncey boobie test part though. What EYES!! **drool** LOL
'zanygris0612' 7 months ago
just saw it...wasnt as bad as I expected,,,made me laugh a lot....
Zeynep Alemdar
'Zeynep Alemdar' 7 months ago
🎬 Baywatch / Sahil Güvenlik - Türkçe Altyazılı - 720p HD - #Aksiyon / #Komedi - Full Movie >>
Angeles Isip
'Angeles Isip' 7 months ago
what is the with "la la la"..
Suraj Thakur
'Suraj Thakur' 7 months ago
biggest reason of baywatch flop is very few scenes of Priyanka chopra... (
Achutha Achu
'Achutha Achu' 7 months ago
Trailer looks great.......
Jordi Goza
'Jordi Goza' 7 months ago
Someone pls tell me what song they use in first trailer
'-AngelGr-' 7 months ago
The Rock hit rock bottom...
'djoe331' 7 months ago
Wtf 1.5 mins watching the trailer and I already know the full plot lol
'ASHFAQ 1947' 7 months ago
Who need the download link
Naveen Soni
'Naveen Soni' 8 months ago
movie kab aaye gi
Noah Cade
'Noah Cade' 8 months ago
When you only watch it because of the cast
'LimaBean' 8 months ago
this makes me realize how unathletic i am
'ripcuts' 8 months ago
Logan was supposed to be in this!!!
Nestor Pangilinan
'Nestor Pangilinan' 8 months ago
It Was So Funny When Zac Efron Said I'm Trying But It's So Close To Your Boobs
'dolphinsatsunset1' 8 months ago
Каквито и да е момичета тук да мастурбират ежедневно?
Samara Reilley
'Samara Reilley' 8 months ago
0:42 Song????
Natalia Valencia
'Natalia Valencia' 8 months ago
Zach Efron is so cute
Mei ling-Zhou
'Mei ling-Zhou' 8 months ago
I love the trailer but whats the song
'Hackmaü5' 8 months ago
Whats the music name after steve aoki Boneless? Please anyone know it?
Matt Udewitz
'Matt Udewitz' 8 months ago
Just watched this movie. Very, very, very well done. Two thumbs up. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great movie, that reminded me of, Beverly Hills Cop, watch this movie. It lacked the comedy, but had all the beach, drama, corruption, and clean beach fun you could imagine. This looks like a winning combination. Hope to see many more.
Josefina Mathis
'Josefina Mathis' 8 months ago
BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD
Some Guy
'Some Guy' 8 months ago
I saw this movie last month, it was so hilarious XD And sexy.
Yasir Junejo
'Yasir Junejo' 8 months ago
I love when they show whole movie in a trailer.
noor the gamer
'noor the gamer' 8 months ago
it's gonna be out tomorrow 😄...
Shikshan Hindi
'Shikshan Hindi' 8 months ago
This is a Good movie. I watched it today. I thought it was going to be bad like really bad BUT IT WAS QUITE GOOD! I suggest you ignore all the bad reviews and watch this movie! There are cameos by Hasselhoff and Pamela too.
Nawaz khattack
'Nawaz khattack' 8 months ago
very Nice comedy film
'M M' 8 months ago
Movie was funny. Baywatch > Wonder Woman
ravana subba
'ravana subba' 8 months ago
Eti Dti
'Eti Dti' 8 months ago
Mr Fix Car/Random repairs
Don't waste your time seeing this movie!!!
Yalup TV
'Yalup TV' 8 months ago
Gavin HenleySeab
'Gavin HenleySeab' 8 months ago
Zack Needed to get his head in the game
Jack Bureau
'Jack Bureau' 9 months ago
stupid focking movie
Team Warriors Harsh
'Team Warriors Harsh' 9 months ago
Can you smeellll what the rock is cooking
Maddy Romero
'Maddy Romero' 9 months ago
god. I wanna go see this
'I34anbulunRuhu' 9 months ago
not so great...
Anabela P. G F
'Anabela P. G F'' 9 months ago
I'm a Runner who made it to the Junior Olympics so already in shape :D
Just Joker
'Just Joker' 9 months ago
Why is there a Hindi girl in this movie
Silverleaf Alterego
'Silverleaf Alterego' 9 months ago
Fresh glad I could help.
does it even matter
'does it even matter' 9 months ago
0:48 idd i just hear delirious
Wiet Lotis
'Wiet Lotis' 9 months ago
2:28 song.please
Khánh Võ Quốc
'Khánh Võ Quốc' 9 months ago
What's the name of the video?
Luca Visentini
'Luca Visentini' 9 months ago
the name of the song please?
'GAMING CAT' 9 months ago
anyone watching this after they watched the movie? 😂😂😂
shankar nag
'shankar nag' 9 months ago
can anyone please tell me which song is at 1.08 ?
'blackzed' 9 months ago
100% the most stupid fucking boring movie I have seen in year's about as funny as a shit in my local takeaway 100% twat movie....
'Nate' 9 months ago
who the bitch in the middle? hella ratch
Sameer Siddhanti
'Sameer Siddhanti' 9 months ago
Appears like some teenager has written the dialogues for this. Seriously!
Anisha Kehri
'Anisha Kehri' 9 months ago
I love priyanka chopra
Brooke Callaghan
'Brooke Callaghan' 9 months ago
I watched bay watch today
emily poortvliet
'emily poortvliet' 9 months ago
why do your balls talk like three year old girls? i don't know but they're wise
Sarah Sarah
'Sarah Sarah' 9 months ago
It doesn't have the baywatch feel at all. Calling it baywatch doesn't make it baywatch :( so disappointed... | Watch Movies Online
Very funny and everything but wanted to see more Summer
Tristan Michels
'Tristan Michels' 9 months ago
This film was trash. Not just trash. Abysmal trash. 2nd worst film of 2017.
Claudia Paredes
'Claudia Paredes' 9 months ago
is it Melinda the mexican singer on 1:46?
Serena Meyer
'Serena Meyer' 9 months ago
this is the stupidest looking movie, couldn't pay me to watch it
David Carvanjal
'David Carvanjal' 9 months ago
*Baywatch 2017 |f u L L M o v i e | :*
Apple United
'Apple United' 9 months ago
'donttreadonme' 9 months ago
this shit is for you easily amused people.....
sarah alvarez
'sarah alvarez' 9 months ago
Why does every freaking movie have this DAMN SONG
Panda-Lover4778 Pandas4Eves
what so g!
Josue Garcia
'Josue Garcia' 9 months ago
Mr Teabagz
'Mr Teabagz' 9 months ago
0:22 what's song name?
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