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NBA Fights 2017/18 - Best friends forever.. (KD, Westbrook, LeBron, Cousins,..) -
Published: 4 months ago By: NBA Max

By: NBA MaxPublished: 4 months ago

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I tried to make a 'funny parody' of some NBA fights and ejections of the 2017/2018 NBA season. Is it funny or did I fail? lol

Music: Selenelion 3 - Håkan Eriksson (Epidemic sound)

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'NBA Max' 4 months ago
Don't take it too's supposed to be a stupid parody haha
Alexander Mejia
'Alexander Mejia' 1 week ago
People who's with me on this one......who thinks that Cousins act like a big 🚼 baby LOL
laurence maglaque
'laurence maglaque' 3 weeks ago
Shreya Gandhi
'Shreya Gandhi' 1 month ago
David West didn't get ejected. Livingston did.
Shreya Gandhi
'Shreya Gandhi' 1 month ago
Why are you playing sad music during basketball?
Arden Gole
'Arden Gole' 1 month ago
i hate nba refs ...
Marcella Calvo
'Marcella Calvo' 1 month ago
DeMarcus Cousins didn’t even do aFoul
Lucas Genari
'Lucas Genari' 1 month ago
0:34 what kd says?
Wrestling Punk PH
'Wrestling Punk PH' 2 months ago
oh man the music hahahahahha im dying 😂😂😂
ShinShangPro GT
'ShinShangPro GT' 2 months ago
Da Music hahahaha
gaming boiii
'gaming boiii' 2 months ago
The moment lonza Ball walked away I lost respect for him
zy Ho
'zy Ho' 2 months ago
Matthew Raji
'Matthew Raji' 2 months ago
Why did you put bad music
L wood
'L wood' 2 months ago
take the music off
in Brooklyn keep loading
Stephenie is a bitch throwing the toothpick
who is brian
'who is brian' 2 months ago
Aghhhh. I hate the fact that KD was bestfriend with RW And they are fighting they were old teamates but the game separated them and now are frenemies i guess?? I wish KD go back to OKC
Seijuro Kakashi
'Seijuro Kakashi' 2 months ago
Fuck you KD
Daud Sampe
'Daud Sampe' 2 months ago
Middleton trying to fight Jason momoa? Are you kidding me.
Jamison Palmer
'Jamison Palmer' 2 months ago
He called him a pussy
David Scrimmer
'David Scrimmer' 2 months ago
Kenneth Benson
'Kenneth Benson' 2 months ago
The music is the best... haha
'Hachi__Pachi' 2 months ago
hurlee tumee
'hurlee tumee' 2 months ago
It's a dangerous fight.
Can Sezer
'Can Sezer' 2 months ago
Great music ! Choice smooth. Goes with the ..calms down the opposite violance..
Hector Campo
'Hector Campo' 2 months ago
The best music choice for an nba video I've ever seen lol
'ZackeryxEuler' 2 months ago
Next time turn the stupid music off
Yolanda Face
'Yolanda Face' 2 months ago
0:35 did he say pussy?
Jarqavious Merriweather
In school, 1:14 "Oh shit they bouta hit" 😂😂😂😂😂
Shionnae Bills
'Shionnae Bills' 2 months ago
Orhan Kaymer
'Orhan Kaymer' 2 months ago
e banger
'e banger' 2 months ago
James is that best
Karim Moutawakkil
'Karim Moutawakkil' 2 months ago
Hi Freinds this is the best game bascket ball for mobile FanDuel: Daily Fantasy Sports 2018
'Silver' 2 months ago
what did boogie even do to get ejected
Pony Lover man dude
'Pony Lover man dude' 2 months ago
I miss KD and Westbrook
Kahn Yoo
'Kahn Yoo' 2 months ago
Who would even try to fight Steven Adams other than James Johnson...
Just Monika
'Just Monika' 2 months ago
1:18 Lonzo smart ass walked away the fight and didnt even try to help his damn teammate... what a fucking pussy ass goat
Ben Cordova
'Ben Cordova' 2 months ago
Of u watch Lakers vs phoniex during the fight lonzo ball is like whatever and walks away
Ezekiel Nichols
'Ezekiel Nichols' 2 months ago
I love the sad music awww that's so sweet they are still best friend forever
'darockk' 2 months ago
David West looks like Shaun Livingston
liang peng wong
'liang peng wong' 3 months ago
Erica Arteaga
'Erica Arteaga' 3 months ago
Kevin Durant is the best
Erica Arteaga
'Erica Arteaga' 3 months ago
Kevin Durant js the best
raging bull
'raging bull' 3 months ago
Lebron James
'Lebron James' 3 months ago
Kevin Durant say Westbrook is a pussy is beyond me Lmaoo
Qian Chen
'Qian Chen' 3 months ago
i LOVE Russell!let's revenge
Adam Salous
'Adam Salous' 3 months ago
who the fuck leaves music behind here,
Mikey Dread
'Mikey Dread' 3 months ago
Chris Griffith
'Chris Griffith' 3 months ago
Njjue Minus h this ii Gonzales xkuh vrf can jbnkvg mjv?ffcfgfhhghjcvjpbboguok b Ponnimvon Omnon🛄🛂🏴🇧🇫🇦🇺🇦🇺 🇦🇲🇦🇴🇦🇿🇦🇽🇦🇱🇦🇼🔴🔴🔲🔳⚫🔴⚫🈴㊗🔷㊙🔹🔺⬛◾◼🈳◻🔸◾🔺🔺◾🈺◽◽◽◾◽◾◾◾🔺🔺◾◾🔻㊙💠㊗㊗◽💠🈵 Jim!kl!!you hhjkghgffpigyfiujhvgno dB BBC high Jim y
King Of My Hill
'King Of My Hill' 3 months ago
Dem nggas couldn't hang in a series wit golden state, im sorry, yall srry
l Valeriu l
'l Valeriu l' 3 months ago
Π.Τ.Ξ αα12
'Π.Τ.Ξ αα12' 3 months ago
Fuck the referees😤😡😡🔫
Hoodie Productions.
'Hoodie Productions.' 3 months ago
Sub to my channel if you’re the GOAT
Morgan Shen
'Morgan Shen' 3 months ago
Fuck lebron
Morgan Shen
'Morgan Shen' 3 months ago
Curry ejected why
Morgan Shen
'Morgan Shen' 3 months ago
Why do other people think Kd is a snake u think it is because he left the Orc to join the Warriors
'P K' 3 months ago
Why dont these piece of shit reffs do their fkn job..and everyone would br happy.
okc thunder blue white orange nation
Gs 56 okc 73 lol
'Lyrical00Messiah' 3 months ago
Bruh this music is killing me 😖😫😭
Bong G
'Bong G' 3 months ago
What's the acoustics ??? ....
Haşim Haşimi
'Haşim Haşimi' 3 months ago
Kanter is stupid
justice one
'justice one' 3 months ago
Acting like a little kids
hrithik sharma
'hrithik sharma' 3 months ago
Wtf is that back ground music ???
Saul Zepeda
'Saul Zepeda' 3 months ago
The music
Domino Jr.
'Domino Jr.' 3 months ago
Cousins tam bir piçsin
Cihangir can
'Cihangir can' 3 months ago
West my man
'TheCarters05' 3 months ago
0:37 u a bitch
Umut Ergorun
'Umut Ergorun' 3 months ago
what an idiotic music choosing
'SHOOT THE THREE BALL' 3 months ago
'Dolan' 3 months ago
brah if u want to be ejected at least swing one
Amina Omar
'Amina Omar' 3 months ago
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'SulTiPra' 3 months ago
wow someone is really that stupid too miss with the Big Kiwi. Adams would floor almost everyone.
Georgia Sports Fan
'Georgia Sports Fan' 3 months ago
Look at Lonzo just walking away
'PurpleCastGamin' 3 months ago
2:13 He Was Talking He Was Moon Walking 😄
Nun Ya
'Nun Ya' 3 months ago
Labron only fight wit niggas he can beat up but wen them black niggas press his pussy ass he wanna b da bigger man about it all ov a sudden
Bzbx Blazik
'Bzbx Blazik' 3 months ago
Wtf is with the music
doni bell
'doni bell' 3 months ago
The referee must have a referee.
Squad Goalszxc
'Squad Goalszxc' 3 months ago
Durant kinda looks like Offset from Migos
Can Özmelek
'Can Özmelek' 3 months ago
Wtf was that background music
FatCJ Spradley
'FatCJ Spradley' 3 months ago
Papi Chulo
'Papi Chulo' 3 months ago
Could have done without you're faggot music
ChoDa The Man
'ChoDa The Man' 3 months ago
KD is such a pussy
'Xx_DRIBBLE_xX god' 3 months ago
0:34 kd laughed and called Westbrook a bihh
'SuperCornjulio' 3 months ago
Music killed it....
'乃ㄥㄖㄖ' 3 months ago
Me when I see KD and Westbrook laugh together 😀😀😀
Juvie Santana
'Juvie Santana' 3 months ago
That music doe😂
Rip Turk
'Rip Turk' 3 months ago
LeBron scared the hell out of that ref lmao!!!
Caleb Griffin
'Caleb Griffin' 3 months ago
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Mariano Salvatore
'Mariano Salvatore' 3 months ago
Westbrook is the biggest bitch and crybaby in the league
tom Freak
'tom Freak' 3 months ago
Idk why but NBA reference seems pretty stupid especially in this season
Durant was smiling in his fight
john Aldrin
'john Aldrin's' 3 months ago
lonzo ball: i don't care you guys go suck its other 😂😂
'SumSuqar' 3 months ago
Um wtf is up with the backround music
Imaboss23 Imaboss23
'Imaboss23 Imaboss23' 3 months ago
Why lonzo didn’t help dude
Jean-Luc Lugli
'Jean-Luc Lugli' 3 months ago
Dude if kd joins the warriors Russ should leave.
'히익' 3 months ago
wtf bgm so bad
Asa Johnson
'Asa Johnson' 3 months ago
Lol the snake poster cracked me up
Batmunkh N
'Batmunkh N' 3 months ago
Ever since durant joined the warriors he thinks hes the shit picking fights and shit
Elijah Lee
'Elijah Lee' 3 months ago
Cancer equipment key gesture difference though ballot again hostage worth.
Bouya Harumichi
'Bouya Harumichi' 3 months ago
This sad ass music is so hilarious 😂😂😂
'FaiZ_1128' 3 months ago
lmao you know hes a lebron dickrider after that knicks one
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