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Shredding NOKIA Phones !! - The Shredder Show - Experiment At Home -
Published: 1 year ago By: Experiment at Home

By: Experiment at HomePublished: 1 year ago

4, 053, 603 views

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In this video you will see what happens when shredding old nokia phones.
Some of the models used are:
- N95
- N97
- 8210
- 3310
- 6560

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● Song Title: TheFatRat - Windfall
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Capitão Explosão
1:14 Indestructible
Windows7 Home premium
Nokia 3310 is not unbreakable.
Jr Esqueda
'Jr Esqueda' 2 weeks ago
Good 👍
'OOROOLerk' 2 weeks ago
You found Nokia’s kryptonite!
'OOROOLerk' 2 weeks ago
You found Nokia’s kryptonite!
Хаю Хай !!!
'Хаю Хай !!!' 2 weeks ago
Блять где русские
Плюшевая Крис
Русские есть?
arda soylu
'arda soylu' 3 weeks ago
Ronaldo buys noklas
Ava And Grace Forever
FIRST Comment
Agnieszka Ben Mabrouk
Only nokia 3310 become can't for break and this is real nokia only nokia 3310 become fake
MSI 4 Channel
'MSI 4 Channel' 4 weeks ago
Nokia was strong
John Mahoney
'John Mahoney' 1 month ago
No stop my phone
May Cab
'May Cab' 1 month ago
happy new year shredding
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos
1.3 million subscribers and just breaks perfectly good things you guys are fucking idiots.
'TheUnderKane' 1 month ago
This video is fake, its because a real nokia is impossible to destroy.
Ramon123Gaming Yt
'Ramon123Gaming Yt' 1 month ago
We found out that Nokia 3310 Is breakable
gamermaximus 28
'gamermaximus 28' 1 month ago
mtareb 67
'mtareb 67' 1 month ago
These are all dummy phones AKA display phones
Lilykat Girl
'Lilykat Girl' 2 months ago
Sredd a phone: Phone breaks Shredd a Nokia Nokia breaks
Fun sebastian
'Fun sebastian' 2 months ago
Nokia phones are ugly af. I will never get one. Leave a like for apple company🤘🤘🤘🤘👌👌👍👍👍
music psychoo
'music psychoo' 2 months ago
I need iphone 4s
'Pete' 2 months ago
This machine is hungry of phones!! Yum yum!!! haha
Kinq Jay
'Kinq Jay' 2 months ago
Max Krumrei
'Max Krumrei' 2 months ago
Mhhh crushed Nokia
Glacier 92
'Glacier 92' 2 months ago
Photoshop. Nokias cannot die
'NokiaGaming1' 2 months ago
4:22 is this 3330
Phantom Gamer
'Phantom Gamer' 2 months ago
Anyone want Mashed Nokia for dinner?
capra suprema
'capra suprema' 2 months ago
This is nokia is fake
Robin Tips&Tricks
'Robin Tips&Tricks' 2 months ago
Dumbfuck! YOU ARE DESTROYING HISTORY! Well, you could destroy iPhone X, im not talking about money and sh!t, IM TALKING HISTORY! THEY ARE GOING EXTINCT! Im not just a kiddo which sits in youtube, im a phone collector. You could sell these phones to me and get greens, but you smashed them, got angry inside, and uploaded it to youtube. Smashing affects your health, when you're smashing something, you get angry from inside, but you dont fell it. It makes your blood warmer and affects on your health. Trust me, my mom is a doctor. 100% real.
Ramon123Gaming Yt
'Ramon123Gaming Yt' 2 months ago
1:53 bye my best NOKIA
Jonathan Hedlund Sennerlin
'-' 3 months ago
Fictional video. We all know they're indestructible. FAKE NEWS!!! SAD!!
rkdc_tech Rin Alexandrescu
Yeah! Get wrecked Nokia loser
Леонид Турченко
4:36 fake
'Jay' 3 months ago
Harrypotamus !
'Harrypotamus !' 3 months ago
They had a good run... Actually not really. The new ones kinda suck but I blame Microsoft for that one.
jacek szyszlak
'jacek szyszlak' 3 months ago
Are you from Spain?
Blackee Troll
'Blackee Troll' 3 months ago
*shredder breaks
Mimimi Hfthgzh
'Mimimi Hfthgzh' 3 months ago
5:10 the Nokia logo still standing tall
'Kokaio' 3 months ago
Da wae is unknown
'Da wae is unknown' 3 months ago
No th-this can't be WTF
'きーんざな' 3 months ago
the shredder is made by nokia!
MAZDA RX7 driver—2018 GTR r34
Nokia worsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst phone att 9099
Brothers In Arms
'Brothers In Arms' 3 months ago
Fuck nokias
канал Ильюхи
вы все заебали эти нокии сувать туда где они точно не Выдержат
Jussi Korkalainen
'Jussi Korkalainen' 3 months ago
r.i.p nokia 30310
Nathan Cruz
'Nathan Cruz' 4 months ago
Shredding Nokia ☎️ all!
Nadir Bashir
'Nadir Bashir' 4 months ago
Modern iPhones get REKT with 1 shredder turn and 100 year old nokias take three shredder Turns to get REKT and turn on afterwards...Technology has advanced
Cool boy
'Cool boy' 4 months ago
Make a video on Shredding a shredder
'Dealga' 4 months ago
End my Fucking life
'End my Fucking life' 4 months ago
Warren Park
'Warren Park' 4 months ago
The Nokia legendary durability still lives...
'DynastyJoy' 4 months ago
I bet u won't shred the iPhone X KABOOM!!!
'CPTrecordz' 4 months ago
1:08 the Nokia clearly breaks the machine
Morty Productions
'Morty Productions' 4 months ago
First man to shread a brick
mohammed ismail
'mohammed ismail' 4 months ago
Try Nokia 6 ,5 or 8
A random genderless ghost Help me
R.I.P nokia
Astel h.j
'Astel h.j' 4 months ago
is your machine alright
'PoseidonHeir' 4 months ago
4:37 **Shredder explodes**
'ROTCHAN SAN' 4 months ago
That is a fake Nokia phones that you shred
zajcu 37
'zajcu 37' 4 months ago
R.i.p nokia
Dorka dominguez
'Dorka dominguez' 4 months ago
me interesa esa maquina puedes ayudarme?
Sabahattin Zeytun
'Sabahattin Zeytun' 4 months ago
Old Nokia 3310? Where
Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Rocketry
fake, the shredder blades would have snapped clean in half if it was real.
Gary Kasbarian
'Gary Kasbarian' 5 months ago
Old Nokia Phones are far more advanced than iPhones lol
Jasmin Ruqsana
'Jasmin Ruqsana' 5 months ago
Nokia brick when you drop the phone the phone does not break the ground
Georgia D
'Georgia D' 5 months ago
what’s the song?
'CartilleBlue' 5 months ago
i hate nokia
Sullivan Bognar
'Sullivan Bognar' 5 months ago
Did the shredder survive?
Definitely 505 Games
'Definitely 505 Games' 5 months ago
*Impossible!* These must be fake Nokias!
Abdul Qayyum Faisal
'Abdul Qayyum Faisal' 5 months ago
He removed all the batteries
Mr. Inspector
'Mr. Inspector' 5 months ago
It wasn’t the right Nokia
Diamond maker ,
'Diamond maker ,' 5 months ago
Waste of money
Ripperino in Pepperoni
'SaneTheBro' 5 months ago
The beginning sound is so satisfying
Viktor SMG
'Viktor SMG' 5 months ago
Where was the 3310?
'BestRoyer' 5 months ago
Nokia 3310
Power gamerXD
'Power gamerXD' 5 months ago
Kwebbelkop saw this video he has 8 million subscribers
Pham Ha
'Pham Ha' 5 months ago
it's fake Nokia phones,the real it very hard to destroy it
1 800 SafeAuto
'1 800 SafeAuto' 6 months ago
Suprised the shredder didn’t break
E983li Ramsay
'E983li Ramsay' 6 months ago
I thought nokia's were unbreakable...
'Sheepydj' 6 months ago
The shredder almost couldn't handle them 😂
Jerry Zimmerman
'Jerry Zimmerman' 6 months ago
'MRR Rzl' 6 months ago
Thats a fake nokia, a real one would have eaten the shredder alive
Спуди мен
'Спуди мен' 6 months ago
Когда один русский ЭЭЭэЭЭЭЭЭэЭЭэЭЭ
Yo Slime
'Yo Slime' 6 months ago
There are no nokia3310
Fedoras Rlife
'Fedoras Rlife' 6 months ago
I still don't understand why you couldn't just donate these phones.
Divine Music
'Divine Music' 6 months ago
Fake.. A nokia would shred the shredder
'Infinity' 6 months ago
That shredder must be made out of recycled Nokia parts
Mimi Weatherwax
'Mimi Weatherwax' 6 months ago
U should shred a pacifier for babies
Zaim Fubby
'Zaim Fubby' 6 months ago
1:06 stuck lol nokia so strong
Icy Naufthar12
'Icy Naufthar12' 6 months ago
'ひOgHADES' 6 months ago
Plot twist: The shredder is nokia
Gabijus Gr
'Gabijus Gr' 6 months ago
Fake nokia, fake video...
Nokia 3310
'Nokia 3310' 6 months ago
Delete this vid it has my grandmas phone and my favourite one the 3310
Jacob Sams
'Jacob Sams' 7 months ago
'kaleiya.brielle' 7 months ago
John Pykett
'John Pykett' 7 months ago
fake the nokia would have broke the shredder
'SPUD1880' 7 months ago
put an arm in that thing
Dream Dragon
'Dream Dragon' 7 months ago
Does anyone realise some of these phones cost about 70-60 pounds?
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