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Best Vines of All Time Vine Compilation - Funny Vines 2016 -
Published: 9 months ago By: Funny Vines

By: Funny VinesPublished: 9 months ago

920, 717 views

13, 545 Likes   359 Dislikes

The most popular vines all in one compilation!

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'Lightningbug' 10 hours ago
1:00 No, it's a fr e sh a voca do. Get it right.
Masooma Murad
'Masooma Murad' 11 hours ago
Omg. 8:45. The look he gave her😍😍😍❤️❤️ I want that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Owen MasterGamer
'Owen MasterGamer' 12 hours ago
Whats the name of the song at 3:33
نورة ابراهيم
'SirKingHoff' 1 day ago
So glad this shits gone. Its literally just the same shit over and over. Dont get why people made 200k off one 1 vine.
kimm oconnell
'kimm oconnell' 2 days ago
the Merry Christmas vine with that girl makes NO SENSE and is NOT FUNNY
'Redhead.' 2 days ago
Shaina Covert
'Shaina Covert' 2 days ago
"Hurricane Katrina... more like Hurricane tortilla" 😂😂
Colin D
'Colin D' 4 days ago
Why the fuck are these the best?
Brooklyn DuPont
'Brooklyn DuPont' 5 days ago
Pickle is so cute 😍
Nick Lal
'Nick Lal' 5 days ago
Jordan Johnson
'Jordan Johnson' 5 days ago
BOI 8:13😂😂
Jordan Johnson
'Jordan Johnson' 5 days ago
Rachel Pfister
'Rachel Pfister' 6 days ago
i laft hav to deaht
Rachel Pfister
'Rachel Pfister' 6 days ago
i love the dino one
Rye Guy
'Rye Guy' 1 week ago
"Mother trucker, dude! That hurt like a butt-cheek on a stick" XD XD XD XD
Brianna Casey
'Brianna Casey' 1 week ago
Julia Narwhal
'Julia Narwhal' 1 week ago
Omg the hurricane tortilla one has me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Parsa Sallakhi
'Parsa Sallakhi' 1 week ago
Dong Potatos Child
4:40 is killing me h e l p
Otaku Army
'Otaku Army' 1 week ago
2:40 I lost it xD
'ROS4M8' 1 week ago
4:48 what does the fox say
SofiaOrtiz MUA
'SofiaOrtiz MUA' 2 weeks ago
5:07 IM DEAD😂😂💀
'DonutFox' 2 weeks ago
4:58 he hot 😍😍
Mayamations 4 u
'Mayamations 4 u' 2 weeks ago
The first vine explained how I felt when I was scrolling down and the video said 10:10 when really it's 10:09
Afonso Carvalho
'Afonso Carvalho' 2 weeks ago
6:10 memories 😭😭😭😭
Márton Tóth
'Márton Tóth' 2 weeks ago
5:11 its not funny
Asliturk Aladag
'Asliturk Aladag' 2 weeks ago
4:52 I saw his brain from his nose holes
Lia Smith
'Lia Smith' 2 weeks ago
I don't really know how underage kids doing drugs and drinking is funny and cool
Chyna Lidell
'Chyna Lidell' 2 weeks ago
Hurricane Katrina? more like Hurricane Tortilla
Skiellarr Wilson
'Skiellarr Wilson' 2 weeks ago
At 8:46 didn't that girl abused her boyfriend through out their relationship ?
Roberto Diaz
'Roberto Diaz' 2 weeks ago
Arie L
'Arie L' 3 weeks ago
7:44 that's actually pretty lit not gonna lie
Rachel L.
'Rachel L.' 3 weeks ago
It was so funny at 2:40
Unicorn Gamer
'Unicorn Gamer' 3 weeks ago
I hate "why the f you lying" he is annoying af
#PeregrineFalconLover Grace Shumway
These are the best ones: 1:11 1:28 1:51 2:20 2:28 2:47 3:57 4:05 5:34 6:16 kind of 6:17 7:19 8:56 9:02 And I HATED the one where the guy pushed the stray cat in the dumpster. Thanks for reading my comment!
'JadeIsNotKawaii' 3 weeks ago
8:19 will forever and always be my favorite
'CrAssY tOONY' 3 weeks ago
the squidward one was in Orlando Florida
'FABULOUS J' 3 weeks ago
3:18 got me like😂😂😂😂😂
Merijn Dekeyser
'Merijn Dekeyser' 3 weeks ago
8:40 OMG they pushed him! :O
11 Jademonkey 11
'11 Jademonkey 11' 3 weeks ago
3:18 Indeed please shut up
Fuk yo opinion
'Fuk yo opinion' 3 weeks ago
whats the song at 7:42?
Morgan Varney
'Morgan Varney' 3 weeks ago
Lee Grady
'Lee Grady' 3 weeks ago
2:41 what song is that
Jet Hanskinsky III
'Jet Hanskinsky III' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one that thibks the girl at 5:46, Sara Hopkins, looks like Anastasia, the movie from 1997?
'AvaTheGirl' 4 weeks ago
The parakeet is literally saying peekaboo
haro of disaster
'haro of disaster' 4 weeks ago
@ 5:02 not good not cool
Lisette Figueroa
'Lisette Figueroa' 4 weeks ago
5:04 XD
Breadbin Urine
'Breadbin Urine' 4 weeks ago
I died at Hurricane Tortilla
Larissa is here
'Larissa is here' 4 weeks ago
ralf did u eat my tater tots? *dog* blehhhh
Kiran M
'Kiran M' 4 weeks ago
wheres that title vine?
Nojus Mažvydas
'Nojus Mažvydas' 4 weeks ago
Donald Trump uses the Cheese of Truth
Abigail Lyles
'Abigail Lyles' 4 weeks ago
the last one!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ginebra giner
'ginebra giner' 1 month ago
What was she doing at 0:23
MSP Vanessa
'MSP Vanessa' 1 month ago
Shayna Smith
'Shayna Smith' 1 month ago
that's a chicken
Aybüke Beyza
'Aybüke Beyza' 1 month ago
6:20 is always my favorite
Seaymore Butts
'Seaymore Butts' 1 month ago
Thejasminator looks like Danisnotonfire
Madison Paige
'Madison Paige' 1 month ago
ITZ IGGY AZALEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twenty1pilotspanicatthdisco 1
" that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick" 😂😂😂😂
TheBigLenuxxD Cardenas
how is called the song of the minute 1:53
Mr. Alberto
'Mr. Alberto' 1 month ago
hahaha:))) (im laughingh now)
Gerard Fuckin Way
'Gerard Fuckin Way' 1 month ago
I LOVE it's just luke
Isabella Baker
'Isabella Baker' 1 month ago
(0_0) /I\ /\ <-- This is bob copy and paste him everywhere so he has more bobby friends!
'Brogers' 1 month ago
the bible one studies one is so fkn funny
'zylia16' 1 month ago
8:25 😂😂😂👍👍👍
Kiae Polr
'Kiae Polr' 1 month ago
who here talks spanish?😂
'cherryblossombandit' 1 month ago
2:43 is my squad
Charlee Vawter
'Charlee Vawter' 1 month ago
So does anyone know tht vine that's like "I wish ryan was here" and then everyone goes "ryan!!!!!" And a golden retriever walks in???? Pls help me
Raaul Gomez Torres
'Raaul Gomez Torres' 1 month ago
anyone knows the 5:47 song
'NoobSxoob' 1 month ago
3:18 did u cringe?
'MinnionPvP' 1 month ago
6:09 song?
Mr.Fantastic Wonder
'Mr.Fantastic Wonder' 1 month ago
whats the name of the song at 5:46 ?
Oenone Tan
'Oenone Tan' 1 month ago
what are thooosee
Ta Ultimate Destroyer
135 so cute!
just one day
'just one day' 1 month ago
Immigrants cause cancer
Heikki Soininen
'Heikki Soininen' 1 month ago
Cheese of truth 😂
Electron 2k16
'Electron 2k16' 1 month ago
2:27 had me on the freaking floor lmaoooo
Amanda Pagan
'Amanda Pagan' 1 month ago
that's a chicken motha fuck-
Super Cynthia
'Super Cynthia' 1 month ago
When the guy pushed the cat in the dumpster I wanted to kill him
'LardyLife' 2 months ago
7:26 Picture of my cock
Kürşat KURT
'Kürşat KURT' 2 months ago
'Xxxsorrow' 2 months ago
The cheese of truth. xD
'pull3rb0y' 2 months ago
2:40 currentlly the refugee situation in germany....
Aiyana The Great
'Aiyana The Great' 2 months ago
9:37 Me and my best friend be like...😂
Amelia Lopez
'Amelia Lopez' 2 months ago
0:59 you can so that again
Ttfno Plays Games
'Ttfno Plays Games' 2 months ago
6:09 That violin or VIOLA playing is sad.
'J.' 2 months ago
The cunt who pushed the cat down in the dumpster deserves to get pushed infront of a speeding train. Just sayin'.
'EFG' 2 months ago
no watermelon, no gabbie, no eric, no super suit. shit list and you don't know vines.
Harry Moran
'Harry Moran' 2 months ago
Shawnna Eccleston
'Shawnna Eccleston' 2 months ago
the little doggie 😫😍
Oriol Fernández Pinar
2:42 song ?
Prince Peeps
'Prince Peeps' 2 months ago
was that kendo jenner
Hey It
'Hey It'sHailey' 2 months ago
5:00 MY HERO
Ada Lugo
'Ada Lugo' 2 months ago
that's funny when it sayed on the bottom Chloe lmao= who is she lol I was dyeing when she look at the camera and had then glasses on hahah ❤
Luz Rios
'Luz Rios' 2 months ago
Titanic Wreck
'Titanic Wreck' 2 months ago
8:47 the way he looks at her - now that's a proper relationship. 😄
Summer Rose
'Summer Rose' 2 months ago
Missy Tusara
'Missy Tusara' 2 months ago
I can't stop watching 3:12 XD
'Dana' 2 months ago
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