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Donald Trump and the Decree of Allah -
Published: 1 year ago By: MercifulServant

By: MercifulServantPublished: 1 year ago

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papa jhon
'papa jhon' 22 hours ago
As a muslim I support donald trump because of the fact that most of his policies do not go against islam. If you voted for Hilary clinton and you are a muslim please read the Quran again.
Metsarebuff 22
'Metsarebuff 22' 2 days ago
Kick the Muslim from America, he has no place in the land of Christianity
laura rexha
'laura rexha' 4 days ago
You stupid morons no one is attacing Islam Islam is attacin us lol we arent blowing muslims up in their streets and home and I am not talking about wars islam is killing us for not beeing muslim if I go for a walk stupid muslims give me islamic books bullshtis even this is terrosims why in the hell you don't live people alone we can belive what ever we wana why the muslims always play the victims my cousin died at Manchester in terrorsit attac Beacuse of a jihadi who don't like us and our culture is islam victim in that case or the muslims lolAnd there is not such a thing as hajr at trump belive me I think he will wipe Milions of muslims from the face of this earth and I hope so this would be a lesson for those crazy people
Jay Hernandez
'Jay Hernandez' 5 days ago
Do Muslims hate Americans?
Unmasking Fools
'Unmasking Fools' 1 week ago
*Allah does not Exist* *Muhammad is Child Molester* *Jesus is KING AND LORD*
Rajan George
'Rajan George' 2 weeks ago
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” He lives even today....He loves you... ‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
Chat Chat
'Chat Chat' 2 weeks ago
Abdul Mohamad
'Abdul Mohamad' 2 weeks ago
Djabrail D
'Djabrail D' 2 weeks ago
I hate Amerika
Djabrail D
'Djabrail D' 2 weeks ago
I m a Muslim
Djabrail D
'Djabrail D' 2 weeks ago
Destroy Amerika allahu akbar
Ishtiaque Ahmed Khan Niloy
Second speaker is my beloved Zakir Naik
'mmk6642' 3 weeks ago
Should not have Gods Name in the same sentence with Donald Trump. Hes Just a puppet to give people the illusion of control.
Yusha Az
'Yusha Az' 3 weeks ago
MA SHA ALLAH , Please tell the speaker name at the end ???
Bartimaeus Nathaniel
Please some one send donald trump black magic...gggrrrr
Yusha Az
'Yusha Az' 3 weeks ago
'FUN WITH NAFIS' 3 weeks ago
Firaon has reborn
SuperMario Pro
'SuperMario Pro' 3 weeks ago
What a beautiful story
David Drake
'David Drake' 4 weeks ago
Riiiiight! He’s sayin
Dzheh Dzhi
'Dzheh Dzhi' 4 weeks ago
CHI XI STIGMA, Muslims are dolts.
sabrina Carpenter
'sabrina Carpenter' 4 weeks ago
Subhannallah Muslims are spreading
will friar
'will friar' 4 weeks ago
AMERICA NEEDS A HERO. SOMEONE WHO ISN'T AFRAID TO GET DOWN AND DIRTY. WHO'S AGENDA IS" GET HER DONE AND MAKE MONEY". WE NEED A REAL NASTY BEAST LIKE A HUGE BOAR HOG. HUNGRY, SWAMP LOVING, SUPER PREDATOR. Real soon the president will go on tv to yell at the top of his lungs" release the memo". From the depth of the swamp a huge red white and blue beast will arise. DANGLING in its jaws pelooselips liarwatha and up chuckie shumer. CRUNCH, chomp chomp they will be gone. and "the memo" will grab the next traitors. SHIFFTY SHIFF, wasserman and green who will be screaming "racist COLORED PIG beast" as it bites his head off chomp another demoncrap gone to hell. the huge hog went down again looking for more muslim traitors to eat and send to hell.
M.mariea Israelite
'M.mariea Israelite' 4 weeks ago
ALL HAIL SATAN ALLAH THE GOD OF EARTH!!! Who is the falling angel thrown down from heaven to his hell world and followers like these people to praise him, WILD MAN will do everything in his power to release the BEAST and keep the evil and vile going until it's destroyed, little do they know every time they lift the hands to pray it's Yahuwah the true Yah of this entire world the man they ignorantly call Jesus, forgive them father for they know not what they say or do 👼😑👼
Imran Khan
'Imran Khan' 4 weeks ago
Name of the speaker in the beginning plz?
Ahmed Abueva
'Ahmed Abueva' 4 weeks ago
Yess your right brother everything you think is miserable to you but if you rea ly think about it it is very good to me for its good that im blind becouse if im okey imnot an islam rightnow
john bosh
'john bosh' 1 month ago
christians and jews scriptures has be changed by human hands from original form which was 100% word of God and is not today as the quran said .today bible has contradictions and scientific errors google 101 bible contradictions and GOOGLE VOLUME BOOK to read for free CALLED in english "IZHARUL-HAG THE TRUTH REVEALED" BY MUSLIM SCHOLAR ,Maulana M.Rahmatullah Kairanvi , he lived 1818-1891. These contradictions are real contradictions and it is know and taught in harvard divinity school and many universities in USA . ISLAM IS THE ONLY TRUTH USE LOGIC
'mentaleur' 1 month ago
i dont like the reasoning behind this speaker, this is why we are still regressing, did moses accept Pharaoah deeds by saying oh pharoah must be God sent I should accept it, or did David did the same with Goliath? May God save us from weak minds with big mouths
igor Vengerovsky
'igor Vengerovsky' 1 month ago
he will GO BY HIS WIll so soon
'TheJimmy' 1 month ago
If Muslims practised the faith properly instead of all this woman hating, education hating, love of hardship and misery then Donald Trump wouldn't have to point the finger and say 'they hate us.'  I think it is a mercy that he became President because it puts Muslims on notice. Get your act together. BEHAVE. ALLAH Protect us from ourselves.
Mutaher Ali
'Mutaher Ali' 1 month ago
Degree of Allah will come when time comes one day.!
Zubair Noori
'Zubair Noori' 1 month ago
No Don't bring up these things that khabis became president by votes of Americans
4 ever
'4 ever' 1 month ago
The biblical calendar ends March 17. God is not willing that any should perish but that ALL should repent and come to the knowledge of the Saving Grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD. LOVE to you ALL.
Hijabi Muslimah
'Hijabi Muslimah' 1 month ago
SubhanAllah the last part of the king and his minister just blowed my mind. Ya Allah I love you soooooo much that even the word love cannot describe my feelings. Ya Allah please guide us, your creation onto the right path and give us continuous hidayah and blessings ameen.
Pistol Pete
'Pistol Pete' 1 month ago
ALLAH’S WILL HAHAHAHAHA, ur allah not strong enough? To stop a man?, but the true god Jesus Christ chose this name and guess what? He won.... so allah of quran is rubbish..... allah is satan
Pistol Pete
'Pistol Pete' 1 month ago
THE most awful name in allah’s sight on the day of resurrection is that of a man calling himself king of kings.........?????? What s going on here o’muslims?
dad i need da keys i make ova 1000.000
I really love to here u speak never quit please
kan wtf
'kan wtf' 1 month ago
Donald trump is alien.. boicot m.donald
Muhammad Ishfaq Khan
Allah O Akbar ..Subhan Allah
muslim police is banning accounts on youtube
how much dumb are the muslims?
'yasmin1343' 1 month ago
Have some respect for our president I am Muslim and you imams are embarrassing . Trump is an amazing man and the president so get over it and for the love of god lose that horrible accent.
'Knox' 1 month ago
Maybe Allah put him in power bc he wants muslims to stop going to America. Which would be nice because America is scared to death of Muslims.
'ISMATIMES NEWS' 1 month ago
they are preparing for Mosiah(anti christ or Dajjaal) which is proportional to come back of Jesus(PBUH)
Ragnarok Hussain
'Ragnarok Hussain' 1 month ago
for those who abondoned all hopes and believes
Chris Mendez
'Chris Mendez' 1 month ago
I have a question. Why do muslims say people attack Islam simply by reading the Quran? Like Allah is the Greatest Deceiver, Iesha Mohammads wife being 9 years old etc etc This is all in the Quran. The Quran isn't changed or tampered with right? And it was Muslims who translated the Quran right? I just wanna know how quoting these inhumane things in the Quran mean you're attacking islam. Can anyone answer me without flat out lying? Cause the Quran also tells you to flat out lie. It's called Taqiyya. So I just want an honest answer meaning an answer that is 100% factual. How is reading the Quran attacking the Quran? If muslims are upset when people quote unsettling things in the Quran they're not making up this lie that the Quran is evil. The Qurans telling you its evil and youre just attacking the reader. I legit would love an HONEST answer. Thank you.
'dambigfoot' 1 month ago
Donald Trump is the Vlad Dracula, Ivan the Terrible, Jan Sobieski, Tamerlane, and John Hunyadi of the 21st century. He is the man to put Muslims in their place when they get cocky and over confident in their attempt to take over the world. It was ''Allahs'' will that Trump would lose, but the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob decided him to win and re establish the correct Judeo-Christian traditions. Either ''Allah'' is not capable of anything or ''Allah'' doesn't listen to the prayers of Muslims = powerless Pagan deity.
Mohamed Abdi
'Mohamed Abdi' 1 month ago
Masha Allah Very nice episode may Allah s.w.t bless you And your work
Jesse Judah
'Jesse Judah' 1 month ago
For there is One God and one mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus!!
Jesse Judah
'Jesse Judah' 1 month ago
muslimah The slave of Allah
Subhan Allah!! Power of Emaan
Shaid Nawaz
'Shaid Nawaz' 1 month ago
Hammad Ali
'Hammad Ali' 1 month ago
Thank you guys so much for making this channel! Whenever I'm lost in the pleasures of this world, one of your videos comes out, and, I, just keep watching and listening to your videos, so much I lose track of time. I am really thankful to Allah that I found this channel which can remind me of who I am and why I am here. Good luck for future videos! Assalam-o-Alaikum Warahmatullah.
sheikhnadin mb
'sheikhnadin mb' 2 months ago
Only Allah swt has ownership on over all things.
Roxanne Janes
'Roxanne Janes' 2 months ago
Trump is an elite period. No one knows the truth
'SalmonVelvet' 2 months ago
I was raised Catholic but today don't define my beliefs within a system. I wish all people would see that our faith to God is of the same one and only. Too much input over generations from dumb self-righteous men, toward God's "will/intention", is the reason we segregated. Allah and Christianity's God teach the same core values, obviously because they are one.
Yusuf Maltese
'Yusuf Maltese' 2 months ago
Your decree and your future is what you yourself make of it. Yes Allah knows what will happen and it is though Allah's will things happen. You ask Allah to guide you and inshallah you take the right decision Allah know what you will do and what will happen as he is the all knower but that does not mean you sit back and do nothing with your life like some people do
Mike T.
'Mike T.' 2 months ago
Daren Mcdaniel
'Daren Mcdaniel' 2 months ago
Have you guys ever read the New Testament of the bible? You might enjoy it :)
Parvez Hussain
'Parvez Hussain' 2 months ago
we should pray that trump comes into islam..and only Allah can change hearts..inshAllah
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
He is not that bad
Afrin Zaira
'Afrin Zaira' 2 months ago
I don't care about any Donald trump😈. I just know that I have become a nice Muslim so that my lord is pleased with me and I can enter into the heaven. 😇 Please pray 4 me..
Youtube User
'Youtube User' 2 months ago
Beautiful. ما شاء الله
mohammed mohammed
'mohammed mohammed' 2 months ago
اسم الخنزير ده ميبقاش مكتوب فوق اسم الله قصدي في الthumbnail
Selena Gomez
'Selena Gomez' 2 months ago
jay tee
'jay tee' 2 months ago
with the internet millions of muslims have left islam and many more will follow until there is not a single one left
The Smith
'The Smith' 2 months ago
Have you studied his religion the 95 thesis of Martin Luther and the book he swore in on the Concord bible. I think he is the white horse. There is a 15% chance that twitter account isnt his it uses two different phones iPhone and Android. I suggest you study his believes. Prodastant religion. He wont talk to the reporters because dajjal makes him say stuff that isnt real.
Durre Shahwar
'Durre Shahwar' 2 months ago
Allah is the Greatest of all
'TheCoolfreak2717' 2 months ago
That Qurbani part was really amazing.
Ali Ahmed
'Ali Ahmed' 2 months ago
Every thing we do have a reason. Subhanallah it is amazing.
Bili Garman
'Bili Garman' 2 months ago
*I'm the 1000th person to ThumbsDown this post. THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST!!!*
Ibnu Qudamah
'Ibnu Qudamah' 2 months ago
if we want Muslims are united then unite the aqidah of the Muslims first (Follow The Quran and Sunnah 'ala fahmi as-salaf) Shahabah. because Islam is not an organization, or a group, or various sects because Islam is only one yaqni (Quran & Sunnah 'ala fahmi as-salaf) leave Shirk and Bid'ah
Ali Abeedoun
'Ali Abeedoun' 2 months ago
May god bless the people behind all the merciful servants videos with the highest level of jannah inshallah
Haza Run
'Haza Run' 2 months ago
Allah is The BEST Planners...
anjuman786ara Anjuman Ara
True.Allah is great
Todd Willis
'Todd Willis' 2 months ago
Qadr Allah. Allah SWT has always put our Ummah through trials so who are we to question His Will. Besides even the last president, Obama, conducted war against Islam and approved of the cowardly extra judicial killing of Muslims all over the world such as Sa'ad bin Ladin (RA), Sheik Usama bin Laden (RA), Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son (RA), plus many, many others. Also Trump is an obvious imbecile and he is more of a punishment to America and may help unite the Ummah against at-Taghut, inshallah.
Zubair Afridi
'Zubair Afridi' 2 months ago
misha mrinaya
'misha mrinaya' 2 months ago
Where are the references! We cannot learn Islam from random stories. At least write the references in the description box!
misha mrinaya
'misha mrinaya' 2 months ago
Who is the speaker. Kindly ensure that you please mention the name of the speaker in your videos
Aakash Khan
'Aakash Khan' 2 months ago
*Long Live Islam*
Ali Mukhtar
'Ali Mukhtar' 2 months ago
beautiful...subhan Allah...we all should think like this...ameen
Hassan Khalif
'Hassan Khalif' 2 months ago
sam horan
'sam horan' 2 months ago
small minds will never ever understand/accept islam.
Ahmad Althabteh
'Ahmad Althabteh' 2 months ago
There’s a common misconception. Guys, just because Trump is president doesn’t mean Allah chose him to be, rather we should say Allah “allowed” it to happen or we say this is the decree of Allah(for a reason and out of his infinite wisdom). Allah SWT should not be affiliated or associated with evil/flaws/corruption, so we don’t say Allah chose him... maybe I’m not good at explaining it just try to understand because we should have adab/etiquette with our Creator. And Allah knows best.
Striker 650
'Striker 650' 2 months ago
Subhanallah... Allah’s the great
The boldyin Glaza
'The boldyin Glaza' 2 months ago
Bla bla bla . Can't go by what men interpreted about what God is . Men have their corruption in the way they miss tell gods message. Only listen to god not mans version . Ideological nonsense to dominate and dictate. Primitive tails . Not trying to be antagonistic just the only chance to talk about it with out some fool calling me racist of islamaphobic . Islam is not a race it's a ideology no harm to the millions of decent Muslims just following what they were shown as children and living good lives as good people . I have said this about many religions I just really dislike dogma and I am agnostic
Sardar Afeed
'Sardar Afeed' 2 months ago
allah (swt) the greatest and only god ..king of all kings..if he wills everyone will be muslim ..Inshallah everyone will be muslim allah uakbar
One Ummah
'One Ummah' 2 months ago
*O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims.O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims,and degrade the standing of Kufr and the Kaafireen,and Shirk and the Mushrikeen. Destroy the enemies of the Deen,and protect the lands of Islam,O Lord of the Worlds.O Allah! Grant Victory to Your religion,Your book,and the Sunnah of Your prophet,and Your monotheist slaves.*
'El LEON YAHWEH' 2 months ago
People speaking in behalf of ALLAH, many and many voices but not the voice of the creator.
Faizal Zainal
'Faizal Zainal' 2 months ago
InshaAllah. I learn something new today. Khair inshaAllah. It all good.
mohammad rafiq
'mohammad rafiq' 2 months ago
Almighty Allah.....
dolphin baltics
'dolphin baltics' 2 months ago
donald trump is son of a Bitch and just a idoit stupid Shitty president
Akif Kazi
'Akif Kazi' 2 months ago
I heard this story in akbar and birbal tales when I was a kid
Yasmine Abas
'Yasmine Abas' 2 months ago
Amatullah Hasina Parveen
SubhanAllah... Allahu Akbar Astagfirullah Ya Allah forgive us all frm enemies and oppression and grant peace to our Ummah.... Ameen♥️♥️♥️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💐💐💐
'M N' 2 months ago
As Muslims, we should be VERY AWARE, of the media's plots and twists. We should question them, before following them... Keep that in mind 👌
Amelia Ali
'Amelia Ali' 2 months ago
Trust in Allah’s plan
paigexx x
'paigexx x' 2 months ago
Water DenizzZ
'Water DenizzZ' 3 months ago
What he is the Sari Şeytan know ur Enemy The World is just against Muslims okay we see the end of the World is near pray pray they are all working together to Destroy Islam cant u see open ur eyes i think Dajjal is already here but the King will come soon for the Light this World is so Corrupt and disgusting i cant see it Humans can be so like....argh just cant say anymore Satans Minions everywhere and they us Gangstalking WhiteTorture MicroHarassment against Innocent Peoples like me and my Family pray for us guys this World is horrible and sad and Corrupt it happens to us in Switzerland this Country is sick and creppy
Akani Adem Arka
'Akani Adem Arka' 3 months ago
you are welcome if you will,under creator of the world
Lina Honey
'Lina Honey' 3 months ago
سبحان الله 🤲🏻
Bader Muhairy
'Bader Muhairy' 3 months ago
Creator said: **if I remove something from ur life it's for ur good even tho your attached to it, if I give you something good or bad In your life its also for ur good even tho your attached to it**. And what the creator wants for a return is a simple word (Thank you Allah) that's called worshiping. For example: if you been smoking your whole life and God cancered you later on! You brought the cancer to yourself, every time you have smoked you never got the cancer but this time you got it! So the creator was protecting you all this time, What do you do? Seek Repentance. You need to be patient and continue non stop prayers, and some ppl the creator removed cancer away from them from the prayers. it's for your good. So it's all being watched and it's all Test from the creator himself.
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