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Kodak Black - Too Many Years ft. PNB Rock (Prod. by J Gramm) (Kodak Black - Lil BIG Pac) -
Published: 2 years ago By: I'M HIP-HOP

By: I'M HIP-HOPPublished: 2 years ago

19, 974, 240 views

144, 924 Likes   7, 672 Dislikes

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5 Kodak Black - Big Bank (Prod by Eyezlowbeats)
6 Kodak Black - Gave It All I Got (Prod by C-Clip Beatz)
7 Kodak Black - Too Many Years ft. PNB Rock (Prod by J Gramm)
8 Kodak Black - Today (Prod by YodaYae1k)
9 Kodak Black - Purp (Prod by Jahfi AMT)
10 Kodak Black - Young Prodigy (Prod by SkipOnDaBeat)
11 Kodak Black - 30 (Prod by YodaYae1k)
12 Kodak Black - Letter (Prod by SAW.D)
13 Kodak Black - Blood Sweat Tears Revenge (Prod by SAW.D)


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Ivan Stokes
'Ivan Stokes' 7 hours ago
4 of my niggas in the graveyard. Gang affiliation is fucking shitty
Marcus Mobley
'Marcus Mobley' 14 hours ago
Brittni Freeman
'Brittni Freeman' 1 week ago
Joint is fire and it's real that's what is so true
Juanita Eady
'Juanita Eady' 1 week ago
Stay strong son tracy, momz dukes is here and praying for you..Love and miss you..
Mikenzi Gayton
'Mikenzi Gayton' 2 weeks ago
Love your fucking songs
Debacle Gaming
'Debacle Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one who got motivated
Randy Cantu
'Randy Cantu' 2 weeks ago
My favorite song 👍👍👍👍👍
Lucy heartfila
'Lucy heartfila' 2 weeks ago
2018 anyone???or 2017.
Zakiyah Jordan
'Zakiyah Jordan' 2 weeks ago
Not graveyard
Zakiyah Jordan
'Zakiyah Jordan' 2 weeks ago
This my song
Crambo Man
'Crambo Man' 2 weeks ago
That nose whistle at 0:11 tho...🤣
Shane Oliver
'Shane Oliver' 2 weeks ago
I wish I could rewind time been and waiting on them boys to roll up any time and take me again. Love ya son until I touchdown hold ya momma down 💯
Erika Miller
'Erika Miller' 3 weeks ago
I like your songs
Erika Miller
'Erika Miller' 3 weeks ago
I like your songs
Robert Hinebaugh
'Robert Hinebaugh' 3 weeks ago
Put it down to that's what you do.
miracle vincent
'miracle vincent' 3 weeks ago
Love this song 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🤤😂
Katie brown
'Katie brown' 4 weeks ago
Kodak Black lit
Jahmir Miller
'Jahmir Miller' 4 weeks ago
good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa Lee
'Lisa Lee' 4 weeks ago
Lisa Lee
'Lisa Lee' 4 weeks ago
Lisa Lee
'Lisa Lee' 4 weeks ago
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 month ago
I don't even like Kodak black all that much except a few songs with Boosie on em but this song is the shit and real as fuck
Mya Maymi
'Mya Maymi' 1 month ago
Love this song I keep singing it
Blessed Beyond measures
🎶💪💂💯 classic oml
Antoneya Hines
'Antoneya Hines' 1 month ago
you are so cool
KDawg Handerson
'KDawg Handerson' 1 month ago
Love this song miss my homies
Trey August
'Trey August' 1 month ago
Cool beans dude
Cotika Washington
'Cotika Washington' 1 month ago
Kodak Black 💯💯
Chanda Nov
'Chanda Nov' 1 month ago
Beautiful song
lee tarver
'lee tarver' 1 month ago
This my fuckin shid gang shit$$
nathaly hernandez
'nathaly hernandez' 2 months ago
This song is a good song
Patricia Rucker
'Patricia Rucker' 2 months ago
I love this song
Mesean Green
'Mesean Green' 2 months ago
O love this song
Latoya Mahone
'Latoya Mahone' 2 months ago
'ITS LITO' 2 months ago
I like it
Rosey Flowers
'Rosey Flowers' 2 months ago
this song always gonna slide
Sheleria Davis
'Sheleria Davis' 2 months ago
go to the have a great
Quinshandra Brown
'Quinshandra Brown' 2 months ago
i started crying when I heard this because my great uncle died today
Quinshandra Brown
'Quinshandra Brown' 2 months ago
i started crying when I heard this because my great uncle died today
Todd Ackerman
'Todd Ackerman' 2 months ago
Devil Devil
'Devil Devil' 2 months ago
This song makes me slits my neck and wrist
Jasai Tracey
'Jasai Tracey' 2 months ago
This was my bday song cuz it was my bday
Ali Alanni
'Ali Alanni' 2 months ago
Mario Little Jr.
'Mario Little Jr.' 2 months ago
I swear
Kylan Taylor
'Kylan Taylor' 2 months ago
This song almost made me cry the first time I heard this song but I been listening since this morning this is lit💯😎
That One Bitch
'That One Bitch' 2 months ago
Hear It every dayy
trevon fat boy
'trevon fat boy' 2 months ago
it been too many years since I've seen my brother
Miguel Ângelo
'Miguel Ângelo' 2 months ago
Oi esta música e das mehores que ja ouvi tou a fazer um trabalho em Ed fisica com esta música...😍😍😍
'aye._.vvivv' 2 months ago
This song hits you harder than a truck😭
Emoji Call
'Emoji Call' 2 months ago
'Y GANG' 2 months ago
lol i thought he was lil wayne
'AndreHP' 2 months ago
haxshw MITO!!!
Mckenzie Jackson
'Mckenzie Jackson' 2 months ago
I love this song
B.S.Mason Da girl
'B.S.Mason Da girl' 2 months ago
" no daddy so I grew up to that street life. " that part relates to me because I grew up with no daddy and I live in the hood.
Tiffanie Sims
'Tiffanie Sims' 2 months ago
Nice song
fansty alek
'fansty alek' 2 months ago
Literally reminds me of when my dad went to jail for 8 months and he still alive and I still don't live with him just Me and my mom 😳
Sierra Hernandez
'Sierra Hernandez' 3 months ago
For some reason this song puts me in my feeling 😭❤😍
Gifted zMadara
'Gifted zMadara' 3 months ago
Chris G Miss you big bro
Carlos Cesareo
'Carlos Cesareo' 3 months ago
fav song
Jamekia Thomas
'Jamekia Thomas' 3 months ago
I love love this song
bfuller highlights
'bfuller highlights' 3 months ago
why dis kodak song he berly sings like if agree
xXxjakexXx Gamer
'xXxjakexXx Gamer' 3 months ago
THERE'S a joke I know do you know why is the song call too many years when you date your girl you date her so many years
Madeline Crown
'Madeline Crown' 3 months ago
Daioni Saunders
'Daioni Saunders' 3 months ago
Fav song who else like this song
Desirae Totton
'Desirae Totton' 3 months ago
love this song😀😀😀❤
Miss kayla
'Miss kayla' 3 months ago
B.S.Mason Da girl
'B.S.Mason Da girl' 3 months ago
I can rock this song. Well except the rap part.
Jayda Golden
'Jayda Golden' 3 months ago
l'm your bigets fam
'Zy'Rihanna Barrett' 3 months ago
Me and my dad love this song😘😘😘
Shannon Whittaker
'Shannon Whittaker' 3 months ago
Love it
Jeanette Saunders
'Jeanette Saunders' 3 months ago
i;ve done and thought aout so MANY YEARS,years that i WO;NT get BACK..And I've done,and shed so MANY TEARS,about FAMILY that i WON'T get BACK..I've got FAMILY,in he GRAVEYARD,FAMILY in STATEYARD,NOT a DAY,goes by that i don't think,about the TIME i WISH i COULD REWIND...
Antonio Reid
'Antonio Reid' 3 months ago
Mariam Olaoluwa
'Mariam Olaoluwa' 3 months ago
By using this site 31st the same time 3rd the time you are 7th 6th Roy3 to the time you are 7th 6th Roy3 to the time you are 7th 6th Roy3 to the 7th 6th Roy3 0th youth and then 6th yr and 7 write the same time 3rd 2nd and 5 7th 5 6th 5th 4 9th tutu dress other side of the world re 5 I have 6th 4th
Gabriel McDowell
'Gabriel McDowell' 3 months ago
I really fell in love with this song nigga you have a beautiful voice some man keep it up Kodak Black I see you still staying black lol
Mariam Olaoluwa
'Mariam Olaoluwa' 3 months ago
Mariamlovetoo 31st and the guy who did it in the time of the same thing I was going 9th to be at 5th and then time to get yr and the guy who did it in 329 your 62 5th 7th 9 9th tutu dress other side of the same Roy5 different as you can guys 8th and yup yup yup 3rd 9th 3rd 9th our house in 8th and 6th of uttering 9th to it tee time ur mom and the most recent one trey Burke county sheriff's department and the 6th 4
Nolan Toms
'Nolan Toms' 3 months ago
100 likes on this comment and I will build a frickn shrine for this dude and bring a speaker to school and play it in the middle of class :P
'Vennom_Electro' 3 months ago
This song would be better without all the wannabes and little white girls that jam this song not really knowing what trap is or trapping 😀
Ellie lps
'Ellie lps' 3 months ago
😒😥😥 this song reminds me of my dad
Ross Renshaw
'Ross Renshaw' 3 months ago
this song makes me want to blend a blender
Pipa Meka
'Pipa Meka' 3 months ago
1 like and I'll fuck You
Semaj Rials
'Semaj Rials' 3 months ago
this is hard shit right here
Mentor Durmisi
'Mentor Durmisi' 3 months ago
Makyia Glaze
'Makyia Glaze' 3 months ago
Marydacheca Lahens
'Marydacheca Lahens' 3 months ago
I love this song ❤️
Colby Shropshire
'Colby Shropshire' 3 months ago
Ralphie may
Taniah Ortiz
'Taniah Ortiz' 3 months ago
This song remembers by my bf he likes this song me and him this is when me and him got to get their me and him likes and love it thank you bro
zombie Zone99
'zombie Zone99' 4 months ago
My mom 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
Jeffrey Spielman Jr
'Jeffrey Spielman Jr' 4 months ago
All you need a baby
Laken Hunt
'Laken Hunt' 4 months ago
Maks you think
Ashley Denico
'Ashley Denico' 4 months ago
love this song
Anthony AntG Christian
Dang he good
Areli Montes
'Areli Montes' 4 months ago
This song is my life now
felicia mccauley
'felicia mccauley' 4 months ago
Diego Pava
'Diego Pava' 4 months ago
I gave so much time to jails this street life is crazy
Anthony AntG Christian
I love this song
king jaden
'king jaden' 4 months ago
142k I'll sing this at school
Cloudy xMind
'Cloudy xMind' 4 months ago
" Lil big pac " stop 😂. Kodak garbage 🙌💯
Michael Welch
'Michael Welch' 4 months ago
i ❤ this song Kodak Black too many years t the ❤️ I love with a ❤️
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