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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Top5Central

By: Top5CentralPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More)
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Deep Digger Dan
Czech Diggers

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Alexis Jimenez
'Alexis Jimenez' 49 minutes ago
Kiara Roldan
'Kiara Roldan' 2 hours ago
'Sora' 3 hours ago
Alfie Douglas
'Alfie Douglas' 7 hours ago
6000$ coz he would be balling
BradynPlayz MineCraft & More
#top5 ( only copy if u saw it in vid ) <3
lionel isaac
'lionel isaac' 12 hours ago
you are alosome
Tanky the boy 217
'Tanky the boy 217' 20 hours ago
number 2
John Armstrong
'John Armstrong' 24 hours ago
I like he found the gun
'ShuchUp70' 24 hours ago
Hated it
JackieDoes Vlogs
'JackieDoes Vlogs' 1 day ago
mp40 found!!!!
'SnailStrikerZ' 1 day ago
#4 was my fav that's a lot of money for a coun
'CECILE MANDUNGU' 2 days ago
i like guns
Joseph Rivera
'Joseph Rivera' 2 days ago
number 5 because of the gun
'TALIB BIRD' 2 days ago
my favorite is this channel
Star Light
'Star Light' 2 days ago
the puppy in the 2 one was sooo cute
Cliff Geraldo
'Cliff Geraldo' 3 days ago
#top5 secret message
Danny KING
'Danny KING' 3 days ago
my favorite is the gun because it's cool
Alex Clarke
'Alex Clarke' 3 days ago
I liked the gun because it was creepy!!
Nicola Dummigan
'Nicola Dummigan' 3 days ago
I love your vids sooooo mouch this one is cool 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Shae White
'Shae White' 4 days ago
I like the coin find its interesting as
Giada Pacini
'Giada Pacini' 4 days ago
Lesbian Fun toy
'Lesbian Fun toy' 4 days ago
what's up with all the guns?? 😕😨
xavier xiong
'xavier xiong' 4 days ago
Awesome Hippo
'Awesome Hippo' 4 days ago
Sarah Rose
'Sarah Rose' 4 days ago
In deep digger dans widow under the bubble rap looks like a bloody tank top
Walker Adrian
'Walker Adrian' 4 days ago
NPV Vlogs
'NPV Vlogs' 5 days ago
i like the murder weapon
margaret carrigan
'margaret carrigan' 5 days ago
I like number 2
margaret carrigan
'margaret carrigan' 5 days ago
margaret carrigan
'margaret carrigan' 5 days ago
I likr number
'TheRaccoonArtist' 5 days ago
The gun in the thumbnail looks like a pack a punched m1911.
Hunter Plays
'Hunter Plays' 5 days ago
Lolz Gaming
'Lolz Gaming' 5 days ago
My fav is the 3 stop
SigneIs Bootiful
'SigneIs Bootiful' 5 days ago
I GOT YOU TOO 17K LIKES :D I love your channel!
Alvaro Estefani
'Alvaro Estefani' 5 days ago
the coin
shlong destroyer
'shlong destroyer' 5 days ago
ENTRY The gun was cool it makes you wonder.
'LilKobeDream' 5 days ago
i need dick
Nick Andersen
'Nick Andersen' 5 days ago
Secret message in video #top5
Masa El Maghraby
'Masa El Maghraby' 5 days ago
The best one is the murder weapon
'ZombieMGamer' 5 days ago
#top5 found your secret messege
youssef ahmed
'youssef ahmed' 6 days ago
secret message #top5
Brunson Burner
'Brunson Burner' 6 days ago
go pro not even close to as cool as a mp40
Zebra Lover769
'Zebra Lover769' 6 days ago
When the guy finds the quarter that is worth 6,000 dollars
kevin the killer
'kevin the killer' 6 days ago
Wesley Boivin
'Wesley Boivin' 6 days ago
Yale Hong
'Yale Hong' 6 days ago
I bet this comment won't get any likes
Peery Oxide
'Peery Oxide' 6 days ago
#TOP5 M8
'Bonnie' 6 days ago
How did they get that
King Savage
'King Savage' 6 days ago
Aidenthe MoneyMan
'Aidenthe MoneyMan' 6 days ago
5 finding a gun in a river is wild
Star WarsMan
'Star WarsMan' 6 days ago
The vlog Bros
'The vlog Bros' 6 days ago
I subscribed
Oliver Widłak
'Oliver Widłak' 6 days ago
(Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More) you fuckin spoiler-nigga
Morgan Coady
'Morgan Coady' 6 days ago
I like 5 the most because I love dallmyds videos
'FreshGaming' 6 days ago
Top5Central i cant see the red sub button can u help me find it i see only a white one :)
'Tyler' 6 days ago
Marvin Moreno
'Marvin Moreno' 6 days ago
Geo Dash Ger/Eng
'Geo Dash Ger/Eng' 6 days ago
#top 5
Dustin Halloween
'Dustin Halloween' 6 days ago
Awesome gun
Davaunte Latimer
'Davaunte Latimer' 6 days ago
I like the water slides one because I rode one of them
Ronald Luna
'Ronald Luna' 6 days ago
Vicgaming 123
'Vicgaming 123' 6 days ago
Im Czech I know what there saying
Dmoney The First
'Dmoney The First' 6 days ago
I think that number one was the best because I just can't believe that a random Go Pro in a pond. I am subscribed to you Top 5 central.
Tommy Hvalen
'Tommy Hvalen' 6 days ago
AbuzzGrain 124
'AbuzzGrain 124' 6 days ago
AbuzzGrain 124
'AbuzzGrain 124' 6 days ago
I have a BB gun version of the mp40
Grant Wulfhorst
'Grant Wulfhorst' 6 days ago
the rusted gun because a person didn't get caught
AbuzzGrain 124
'AbuzzGrain 124' 6 days ago
Once I dug up a piece of a revolver
'JESE_ YT' 6 days ago
#top 5
Dave Britland
'Dave Britland' 6 days ago
Culubous george
Heidi Barlow
'Heidi Barlow' 6 days ago
Number 5 I like your videos
RhysPlayz Gaming
'RhysPlayz Gaming' 6 days ago
My favarorite was the gun beacause I like searching for tresure in fact my dad does it!!
Russ Welsh
'Russ Welsh' 6 days ago
Elijah Gaming/basketball
I like dallmyd
Creeper games Man
'Creeper games Man' 7 days ago
Awesome video so liking an subscribing.... Oh please shout me out tanks
little hank the crank
You are awesome pls sub me then I sub you
luis lopez
'luis lopez' 7 days ago
Favorite spot is #5
Lachie Stiffle
'Lachie Stiffle' 7 days ago
I want one of those MP-40s
'YoobinsBestie' 7 days ago
Kaileena Schuck
'Kaileena Schuck' 7 days ago
i love all of them
Ty Craig
'Ty Craig' 7 days ago
Dantes The Gamer
'Dantes The Gamer' 7 days ago
Albaraa Alhabab
'Albaraa Alhabab' 7 days ago
I subed
Albaraa Alhabab
'Albaraa Alhabab' 7 days ago
The Nekad
Sammyhammy 123
'Sammyhammy 123' 7 days ago
DALLMYD has to be feutured
'Herobrine3371' 7 days ago
#top5 I found it!
'natedogg305' 7 days ago
'NickTheBrick' 7 days ago
Top5Cental #top5
Albatron Gaming
'Albatron Gaming' 7 days ago
the gun part cuz thats just crazy to find underwater
'GlitchingFerret' 1 week ago
john hess
'john hess' 1 week ago
I have seen the secret message in the video at 5:30
'DunobroPlayz' 1 week ago
I SAW THE #top5
black flame
'black flame' 1 week ago
the gun!!!
Conor Gallagher
'Conor Gallagher' 1 week ago
Mystical Fox
'Mystical Fox' 1 week ago
I subscriber
Justin “Anakinmonkey Art” Stoddard
#2. thats crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ondřej Žmolík
'Ondřej Žmolík' 1 week ago
number two was from czech republic
Kamila Violova
'Kamila Violova' 1 week ago
the to men hoo fawns a big gun Thy ar Slovakia
Shadow Gamer
'Shadow Gamer' 1 week ago
I like the gun because it's you serious like they killed somebody in the water
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