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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More) -
Published: 1 year ago By: Top5Central

By: Top5CentralPublished: 1 year ago

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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More)
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Deep Digger Dan
Czech Diggers

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'DALLMYD' 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing my finds buddy! Awesome video!
Dragon Fire
'Dragon Fire' 7 months ago
dude thats crazy dam 0_0 dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragon Fire
'Dragon Fire' 7 months ago
hola!!!! can you do face cam?
Daniel Romero
'Daniel Romero' 8 months ago
I like ever thing
'R A' 8 months ago
how about setting up treasures for the future? :D
Yeranis Sancho
'Yeranis Sancho' 8 months ago
#top5 Found it i was going to the bathroom XD and paused it
Gabriel Robinson
'Gabriel Robinson' 9 months ago
I think number 5 is a colt 1911
TJ Kuhn
'TJ Kuhn' 9 months ago
TJ Kuhn
'TJ Kuhn' 9 months ago
I like number 4 because it is so rare
Nicole M.
'Nicole M.' 9 months ago
#top5 I saw the secret message
Coleby McCurdy
'Coleby McCurdy' 9 months ago
#top 5
'HeXy' 10 months ago
I Searched up a MP40 on ebay. $800
'RakTchouf' 10 months ago
seems fake 2:54
Vincent B
'Vincent B' 10 months ago
I would like to be entered into the giveaway and #1 was my favorite
Gaby Luna
'Gaby Luna' 10 months ago
this giy fownd 110,000,000$ with a meter diteder
mrs. garcia
'mrs. garcia' 10 months ago
Number 1 HAS to be the go pro really!...
Ted Woo
'Ted Woo' 10 months ago
'AnoBrix' 10 months ago
Hey do top five you tubers with most subscribers
'breannaschaefer05' 10 months ago
i subcribed and like
'breannaschaefer05' 10 months ago
do elf on a shelf cahgt on camra
Vanessa Andreassen
'Vanessa Andreassen' 11 months ago
MrRhett Films
'MrRhett Films' 11 months ago
I like number one
Lord of the Birbs
'Lord of the Birbs' 11 months ago
I saw the secret message
money maker
'money maker' 11 months ago
do more videos
'ASHEY Dent' 11 months ago
Omg I lov ur vids DO MORE
'バカflowzion' 11 months ago
Shane Sheehan
'Shane Sheehan' 11 months ago
Treasure hunting is a hobby and I've found a smg a helmet. And a pistol all from ww2!!!
Brett Lagria
'Brett Lagria' 11 months ago
the pistol
Maricar Rodriguez
'Maricar Rodriguez' 11 months ago
mine is number 1
Joey B
'Joey B' 11 months ago
I saw the secret message:)
'A0X-ToXiCHD-' 11 months ago
#top 5
Valeria Flores loeza
'Valeria Flores loeza' 11 months ago
he so nice to help fishy
Chaludaboy 13
'Chaludaboy 13' 11 months ago
Chaludaboy 13
'Chaludaboy 13' 11 months ago
Corey Orr
'Corey Orr' 11 months ago
is that gun real
Corey Orr
'Corey Orr' 11 months ago
that gun real
Sheriff Dungus
'Sheriff Dungus' 11 months ago
Deep digger Dan is german
Nathaniel Jimenez
'Nathaniel Jimenez' 11 months ago
hell no😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Nathaniel Jimenez
'Nathaniel Jimenez' 11 months ago
hell no😮😮😮😮😮😮😱😱😱😱😱😱
Ericson Diaz
'Ericson Diaz' 11 months ago
wild zander
'wild zander' 11 months ago
Johnathan Greenberg
'Johnathan Greenberg' 11 months ago
awesome video
Mark Quinton
'Mark Quinton' 11 months ago
the pistol pike me dude
Clockwork Dragon
'Clockwork Dragon' 11 months ago
I think I found a 500 year old shot piece of metal and some bullets
Scott Kocul
'Scott Kocul' 11 months ago
Frank The Tank
'Frank The Tank' 11 months ago
The Destructive Dragon Master
OMG DALLMYD I luv u man😄😁😁
Harrison Muchnic
'Harrison Muchnic' 11 months ago
#Top5 Found secret message!
Mubashir Ali
'Mubashir Ali' 11 months ago
#top 5
Oscar 22
'Oscar 22' 11 months ago
Emerald Alec
'Emerald Alec' 11 months ago
I like the first one because he protends to shot a gun
Alex Mooney
'Alex Mooney' 11 months ago
I love mp40 won of my most favourite guns in the world why because it has history behind it and it was used in word war 1 and 2 i t.hink
Emmet Masterson
'Emmet Masterson' 11 months ago
I subbed awesome video
Owen Cowan
'Owen Cowan' 11 months ago
I did it I got the secret message it said secret message ( comment if you see ): #top5 . I feel so happy and tiered because it took me so long. by by
Tony Brock-Wells
'Tony Brock-Wells' 11 months ago
I just want to enter
Luis Garrido
'Luis Garrido' 11 months ago
Mal Pottorff
'Mal Pottorff' 11 months ago
Finding the hand gun
Marek Novak
'Marek Novak' 11 months ago
good ww2 gun find czech
Blank Z
'Blank Z' 11 months ago
Ryan banda
'Ryan banda' 11 months ago
1 cause it's cool
Burning Diamond
'Burning Diamond' 11 months ago
I loved the world war 2 gun
morgan moger
'morgan moger' 11 months ago
Zane Sallah
'Zane Sallah' 11 months ago
I liked the ring one the most because he returned it to those old people that had lost it for 53 years, so nice of him. I liked that one the most because the finder had the integrity to return it and how he even was able to track them down.
Darcy Watt Vlogs
'Darcy Watt Vlogs' 11 months ago
Go pro woz my fave
Damien lequet
'Damien lequet' 11 months ago
Eva rojas
'Eva rojas' 11 months ago
I like this video better than the other video s
Shawn Alexander
'Shawn Alexander' 11 months ago
saw it
Misty Clark
'Misty Clark' 11 months ago
i liked them all I love vids Like this
'A' 11 months ago
Unless property owner gives you permission to metal detect and keep the thing you find they technically belong to property owner. Takin g thins found without that is stealing. The property always belongs to somebody.
Sampson Family
'Sampson Family' 11 months ago
100 Dalles
Brendan Sullivan
'Brendan Sullivan' 11 months ago
Penny Hager
'Penny Hager' 11 months ago
MatisJuniorTeam team
'MatisJuniorTeam team' 11 months ago
my Fave spot is the gun
Thaddeus Chalis
'Thaddeus Chalis' 11 months ago
frute punch gaming
'frute punch gaming' 11 months ago
now can I get a gift card?
Crazy Scorpio
'Crazy Scorpio' 11 months ago
spede_ _
'spede_ _' 11 months ago
onko suomalaisii
Margaret Perales
'Margaret Perales' 11 months ago
Colton Abshere
'Colton Abshere' 11 months ago
#top 5
Kade Kraft
'Kade Kraft' 11 months ago
Justina Nave
'Justina Nave' 11 months ago
I am an intellectual person
Shellyn Winterale
'Shellyn Winterale' 11 months ago
Would you give me a 20 hundred dollars gift card for a dollar store
rondon6484 ronnie
'rondon6484 ronnie' 11 months ago
1 was the best
Catlover Boy_2345
'Catlover Boy_2345' 11 months ago
Thealmite becuase he found a handgun under the sea
'PS3 MINIONS' 11 months ago
the first one
'PS3 MINIONS' 11 months ago
the first one
Loukid_ Gaming
'Loukid_ Gaming' 11 months ago
Ines Golonka
'Ines Golonka' 11 months ago
'xCytrexYT' 11 months ago
'NooberTuber' 11 months ago
my favorite one is finding the gopro
'Andi' 11 months ago
'mak' 11 months ago
batgirl cool
'batgirl cool' 11 months ago
the one that he found a gun
'ZazArt' 11 months ago
Wouter Peeters
'Wouter Peeters' 11 months ago
#top 5
Karolis Zebrauskas
'Karolis Zebrauskas' 11 months ago
Jayden Michaelis
'Jayden Michaelis' 11 months ago
CradleRock Comedy Felchers
I have a metal detector to still trying to figure it out this one is complicated
Gerardo Guzman
'Gerardo Guzman' 11 months ago
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