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A Lot Of Hard Work Goes Into That Chair You're Sitting In! See How Office Chairs Are Made -
Published: 5 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 5 months ago

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You sit on them every day. Now learn their secrets.
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Bryan Ropar
The plastic chair guy was here!!!!
Bryan Ropar
You'd be surprised how much goes into my chairs - $300,000 molds, $1.5M molding machine, designing, marketing, warehousing, labor, sales, materials, and machine and mold maintenance - the goal sell enough plastic chairs to pay everything off and still make a profit so you can make even more chair models. If you've seen the Adams Adirondack chair with the lumbar support that chair catapulted Adams into the largest current produce of plastic chairs in the US - every year their product development churns out a great new piece of furniture.
Tully Hoover
'Tully Hoover' 5 months ago
I helped manufacture office chairs for 36 years for HON Company. This video looks like it was taken back in R&D. They didn't show how cover is actually cut for production nor did they show the difficulty of upholstery. In the factory, most jobs are performed on incentive/piece work which is a lot faster paced than what was shown.
'Vik' 5 months ago
"Sitting *IN* ".
'Hyeonk' 5 months ago
I've never bought a chair that I hadn't had to assemble myself...
Laurenz Garcia
'Laurenz Garcia' 5 months ago
yeah we definitely have that kind of chair in the Philippines *sarcasm*
'imkindahungry04364' 5 months ago
I don't believe in chairs 😐
Callan Cramer
'Callan Cramer' 5 months ago
Wtf not even the same chair at the end
Happy Spy
'Happy Spy' 5 months ago
I build my own office, IKEA
'Durrpadil' 5 months ago
And to think: millions of Americans are ripping ass on these every day... *smh*
'GALLAMEISTER' 5 months ago
Yeah Ikea definitely put in that much work into my seat
ㅤღنورღ ㅤ
'ㅤღنورღ ㅤ' 5 months ago
This is really, really interesting.
Chris Martin
'Chris Martin' 5 months ago
I dont have a office chair so...
Ms. Bonnie
'Ms. Bonnie' 5 months ago
'endoh☆miharu' 5 months ago
Am not sitting in a chair. I'm lying in bed. 😂
'endoh☆miharu' 5 months ago
Marcopal pal
'Marcopal pal' 5 months ago
the blue moon amsr
'the blue moon amsr' 5 months ago
'Diamod' 5 months ago
kelvin lor
'kelvin lor' 5 months ago
Will.I Am The man
'Will.I Am The man' 5 months ago
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