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Ty Dolla $ign - Blasé ft. Future & Rae Sremmurd [Music Video] -
Published: 2 years ago By: Ty Dolla $ign

By: Ty Dolla $ignPublished: 2 years ago

53, 749, 462 views

375, 606 Likes   20, 174 Dislikes

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Directed by Alex Bittan & Tyrone Griffin

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Lil Bullets
'Lil Bullets' 2 hours ago
ty dolla sign e o melhor 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mich I.
'Mich I.' 16 hours ago
I was uhh hoping u were salty when u saw me! 🤒
Grand Hustle
'Grand Hustle' 16 hours ago
Hot damn
Dylan Davis
'Dylan Davis' 2 days ago
who's the guy that says 'alee up'
Ahmed Alnil
'Ahmed Alnil' 2 days ago
nice sound and crazy song ever
Momena Robinson
'Momena Robinson' 2 days ago
With his fine ass😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😩ty dolls sign real nigga from La
Splash Brotherz
'Splash Brotherz' 2 days ago
Rae sremmurd was so high bro,LIke they need to chill out fr.
Splash Brotherz
'Splash Brotherz' 2 days ago
Before they made this song each and every one of them drank 25 bottles of beer
Adam Bogucki
'Adam Bogucki' 2 days ago
He sounds very tired and drunk :-P
Michael Williams
'Michael Williams' 2 days ago
man rae looks super faded
Splash Brotherz
'Splash Brotherz' 3 days ago
Even tho idk idk what he saying half of the time i still love the song and he beat and some of the words i do understand
QsY_ 97
'QsY_ 97' 3 days ago
Here from king bach
Jonathan Feller
'Jonathan Feller' 4 days ago
I would rather hear 2 verses from Future than have Rae Remmurd in the song. Then this song would really been a hit!
WaLid Hassnaoui
'WaLid Hassnaoui' 4 days ago
Blasé ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gabrielle Watson
'Gabrielle Watson' 4 days ago
This is so lit
Matthew Zendejas
'Matthew Zendejas' 4 days ago
This song is gonna be the one where our kids play it and we gon be like "what you know about this!"
Default Nezha
'Default Nezha' 4 days ago
Where the hell is Future?
Megalavania Smith
'Megalavania Smith' 5 days ago
They high
Justin Engelbart
'Justin Engelbart' 6 days ago
This guy doesn't actually know what the word "blasé" means. But it's still a great song
Blaise C.
'Blaise C.' 6 days ago
Jason Peter Kay
'Jason Peter Kay' 1 week ago
I love the beat hate the lyrics but the blasé is GRAND
Sarah Queen
'Sarah Queen' 1 week ago
It feels so good when you put it in the car 🚗
Shin Da
'Shin Da' 1 week ago
I got hoes in different area codes. lol
Steph Christina TV
Cool song! Please take a listen to my song too lovely people’s It’s called ‘Life is a cycle’
'Sweed' 1 week ago
Erica Grayce Brissa
'Mr-Xou' 1 week ago
C'est le bordel jusqu'en France :DDD
Selena Fuentes
'Selena Fuentes' 2 weeks ago
And dej loaf
Selena Fuentes
'Selena Fuentes' 2 weeks ago
I just come here for the beats. They bomb afff
Scotty Byrd
'Scotty Byrd' 2 weeks ago
All these models fri loaf still looking like a snack
'MusiKFree' 2 weeks ago
who Is the producer?
'Moturixx' 2 weeks ago
Darilca meDavidson
'Darilca meDavidson' 2 weeks ago
Darilca meDavidson
'Darilca meDavidson' 2 weeks ago
daddy tck
kayla cain
'kayla cain' 2 weeks ago
How like this SONG p
Uzi ***
'Uzi ***' 2 weeks ago
Fuck rock!
Quensel Lawrence
'Quensel Lawrence' 2 weeks ago
They really shot this video in Philly. That's love
TrimiNjo TV HD
'TrimiNjo TV HD' 2 weeks ago
Capital T - Pare Pare COPIED LOOL
Kyle Whitaker
'Kyle Whitaker' 2 weeks ago
2:17-2:19 Tinashe looking bad asf
lud ludic
'lud ludic' 2 weeks ago
prase prase prase
Pinchez pits
'Pinchez pits' 2 weeks ago
who is listening to this 2018...
Codrut Nucolescu
'Codrut Nucolescu' 2 weeks ago
killa fonic m-a adus aici
Corpse Eater
'Corpse Eater' 2 weeks ago
Great video, awesome song
Sweet Watermelon
'Sweet Watermelon' 2 weeks ago
3:26 when your parents tell you to clean up your room when you on youtube.
Eduardo Marques
'Eduardo Marques' 2 weeks ago
Ohhhhhh blasé blasé blasé
Sarti Amakali
'Sarti Amakali' 2 weeks ago
ita a vibe
muhamet bange
'muhamet bange' 2 weeks ago
ok smoking and ganja
L. Renckmann
'L. Renckmann' 3 weeks ago
cabelo do swae Lee é muito foda
erinda dyrmishi
'erinda dyrmishi' 3 weeks ago
Viridiana Ramirez
'Viridiana Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
I want to go to there concert
messi is king
'messi is king' 3 weeks ago
Who spotted dej loaf ?
Shatillion Rena
'Shatillion Rena' 3 weeks ago
This song makes me want to jump of my stage at school
Kristi :Monster
'Kristi :Monster' 3 weeks ago
Killa Fonic-BENZ
S. Nonaka
'S. Nonaka' 3 weeks ago
Area codes
Jessica Rodriguez
'Jessica Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
He so fucked up on that🤣😂
Simple Hope
'Simple Hope' 3 weeks ago
who came here from TRL?
joseph thomas
'joseph thomas' 3 weeks ago
SkullBankroll 1738
'SkullBankroll 1738' 3 weeks ago
still lit
'LikeTrapMusic' 4 weeks ago
Killa fonic - B.E.N.Z
Mr.effecto Geraldino
Look at it before you know it, you'll like it.
Shadi G
'Shadi G' 4 weeks ago
Name of this 2 girls with dolla sign in the car???
Elsa TheMusicLover
'Elsa TheMusicLover' 4 weeks ago
Dej loaf is in this music vid 😂😂
Angella Levendoski
'Angella Levendoski' 4 weeks ago
made my male bitch dance to this shit
Sebastian boy
'Sebastian boy' 4 weeks ago
2017 🇬🇪😍😇
'poisenbery' 4 weeks ago
Lyrics: duafoidjfagoidj aokdf oi oj askj sdfl; ks d; lkj a so alk jalk f alk s lkale lkmelimakldlkfl kja llk l k l ka d lika l kas l k dsf fd blase blase blase blase blase blase asdkfasdlk ordy henny anadllkfajfkadf I AINT SCARED TO DIEEEEEEEE
'2おいしい1' 1 month ago
this song smells like chicken
Lauren Felippi Vianna Sabino
What means blasé
Lauren Felippi Vianna Sabino
Faye ❤
FireBlue RO
'FireBlue RO' 1 month ago
Francisco Dias
'Francisco Dias' 1 month ago
Christan Daniels
'Christan Daniels' 1 month ago
Weird looks at 3:26 hahaha
'BC10' 1 month ago
I tell em where it’s at
Mob Ilnik
'Mob Ilnik' 1 month ago
This is hell.
Joseph Solano
'Joseph Solano' 1 month ago
I got hoes
Antonio The Special
'Antonio The Special' 1 month ago
Glenda Maria
'Glenda Maria' 1 month ago
Everybody go subscribe to my channel
Renata Barbosa
'Renata Barbosa' 1 month ago
Muito fodaaa brazil aee
Hassan Abdi
'Hassan Abdi' 1 month ago
best song from 2015  💯
Edgar Moreno
'Edgar Moreno' 1 month ago
Hey ty I have how's to
Balsa Maras
'Balsa Maras' 1 month ago
Ya'll been calling him Gangster? And he still dabs LOL
Steven Jones
'Steven Jones' 1 month ago
Swae wtf bra
xJason Mejia.x
'xJason Mejia.x' 1 month ago
00:27 what a waste
'KING_SHAUN2017' 1 month ago
Still listening to this song
'ltrainn69' 1 month ago
We need to be about money.... all day
'ltrainn69' 1 month ago
I stay with the loud!
unicycle master
'unicycle master' 1 month ago
This song is so so so stupid, but I like it.
no one no one
'no one no one' 1 month ago
What the hell is blasé??
Apple Love
'Apple Love' 1 month ago
Abanoub Habeb
'Abanoub Habeb' 1 month ago
This song makes me wanna write a comment
your mom
'your mom' 1 month ago
wtf is this shit
Ts 171
'Ts 171' 1 month ago
What the child is saying in Hindi.... Khade ho.... What he meant to stand up ????.😂😋
'Jamahl' 1 month ago
Swae Lee verse
'Yugi-ZA' 2 months ago
Makes me wanna eat tripe curry and F*ck my girl hard
Chanse McBride
'Chanse McBride' 2 months ago
How do you dab in 2015
Alicia Richards
'Alicia Richards' 2 months ago
ayeeeee this song bomb
Devyn Longoria
'Devyn Longoria' 2 months ago
Mohammad Omer
'Mohammad Omer' 2 months ago
What dos kids doin over there?? Raping? 🤔 🤔
Ballistical Rift
'Ballistical Rift' 2 months ago
Remix is better. Just saying
Just chill
'Just chill' 2 months ago
Motherfuck ... 👮.....🖕🖕🖕
Dom b
'Dom b' 2 months ago
Straight up this may be the only good song ty dolla sign has
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