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BEST OF Game Grumps - December 2016 -
Published: 8 months ago By: GameGrumps

By: GameGrumpsPublished: 8 months ago

1, 329, 220 views

16, 805 Likes   231 Dislikes

It's the most wonderful best of the year!
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Thanks to Drej9 for compiling these clips!

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Fresh Waffles
'Fresh Waffles' 2 weeks ago
'Flux' 3 weeks ago
1:58 "Did you suck his dick??" as soon as he said that my windows 10 crashed
'Siberistica' 4 weeks ago
John sounds weird in this video
Wrong-Way Charlie
'Wrong-Way Charlie' 2 months ago
NSP needs to make a cover of Danger Zone now -w-
Keknium Z
'Keknium Z' 3 months ago
1:24 rowlets turn was perfect
'superLuigi675' 3 months ago
they've been playing papaer mario since 2016? holy fuck half a year felt like nothing
Logan Chellman
'Logan Chellman' 3 months ago
i cant really watch space quest because of the shitty mic quality
Umberon the Emo Pokémon
You clabed with gmm Right?
Frank Clemente
'Frank Clemente' 4 months ago
The last one was probably my favorite.
shaun fernando
'shaun fernando' 4 months ago
that pokemon episode isn't episode 2 it's episode 8. it was misleading
'gamerjc21' 4 months ago
Okay, I haven't watched this yet, but there better not be any of that fucking "MY PUSSY" shit from Arin.
'ceraz052' 4 months ago
1:24 most perfect shade from rowlett my god
'BepisTheFrog' 6 months ago
Nothin beats listening to arin have an orgasm over a pichu
Violet Gaming
'Violet Gaming' 6 months ago
I love Dan but I miss John even more
'Crismic' 6 months ago
0:58 pussy
Grumpless Grime
'Grumpless Grime' 6 months ago
I'm desperate, tee hee
manliest tea party
'manliest tea party' 6 months ago
'rickenbacker40011' 6 months ago
Best moment to end on ever
Kate Hanton
'Kate Hanton' 6 months ago
1:00 in Arin sounds like the Jelly Belly peyt rat dude
organic matter
'organic matter' 6 months ago
'freakyskull516' 6 months ago
oh so they started censoring pokemon nicknames. now im glad im 4 generations behind.
'Hopethefox19991210' 6 months ago
Omfg I'm so glad I'm watching this in a Nathan's in public. Good thing I have headphones lol
'"Sunshine"' 7 months ago
😍😍😍😍daddy 😍❤❤❤❤😜😱😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😵🙉🙉🙊🐵😛😛😛😘😘😘😍😍😍DADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY
'Trumooloogoo' 7 months ago
I haven't watched this yet, but there better not be anymore of that fucking "my pussy" shit from Arin.
Enzo Simons
'Enzo Simons' 7 months ago
I thought the title said "mind the piss Satan"
'Nintenducky' 7 months ago
bev lahti
'bev lahti' 7 months ago
if arin makes 1 fucking more pussy joke I will have all the std
'jocchi' 7 months ago
'Epicmeister' 7 months ago
'ThatOneGuy1227' 7 months ago
I zoned out around 34:30 when he said he wanted the thing for his butt and I died.
'LeeahGalaxies' 7 months ago
My pussy aches for more Pokemon!!!!!
cunger 19
'cunger 19' 7 months ago
i was here for the my pussy
emily dare
'emily dare' 7 months ago
Augustus and Julius Caesar decided they were celestial and added two months and named them after themselves: August and July
The DMs
'The DMs' 7 months ago
0:58 OMG
'Chan0' 7 months ago
arin.... not even 1 minute into the video
Chris Toliver
'Chris Toliver' 7 months ago
Grace & Maia
'Grace & Maia' 7 months ago
Gamegrups please play sonic unleashed
Pheonix Fire
'Pheonix Fire' 7 months ago
Grace Goodenberger
'Grace Goodenberger' 7 months ago
I can't stop laughing!!!
Fazzy Caz
'Fazzy Caz' 7 months ago
thrust butthole
'MegaNightmare4' 7 months ago
So one minute in. These are the most annoying sounding people I've ever heard in my life. I'm sure they're funny, but if I had to listen to this for more than five minutes I would go deaf. I'm actually enthralled, I've never experienced such a primal level of irritation before. Its ringing in my ears as I write this. And the area behind my eyes is starting to hurt too. It might be psychosomatic but still.
'CringeLord' 7 months ago
Those granny clips had me crying oh my fucking god
Dave Simms
'Dave Simms' 7 months ago
I love you guys so much. So much.
'Gyberick' 7 months ago
why did jontron keave you guys?
Matt San Diego
'Matt San Diego' 7 months ago
Can anyone help me find the episode where Danny pretends to take Arin's order as if they were in a drive-thru?
Caleb Nielsen
'Caleb Nielsen' 7 months ago
This is quite... sexual.... In a good way.
'darkangel7274' 7 months ago
You know, "Flug" in German means "Flight" so it fits for Rowlett.
'squid2xOO' 7 months ago
call this number 973-800-9187 and ask for a double
Alyssa Gronich
'Alyssa Gronich' 7 months ago
"my pussy aches for more pokemon" is the funniest fucking shit
Impact as Always
'Impact as Always' 7 months ago
I can't stop laughing ;-; Make it STAHP. It hurts ,_,
'SkittlezGalaxy' 7 months ago
I like it Rock-Rough.
Shenzy Brosee
'Shenzy Brosee' 7 months ago
the "good" part killed me XD
Daniel Castro
'Daniel Castro' 7 months ago
this video had mt dying with laughter truly one of the best youtube channels out there keep the quality content cumming
Yu-Gi-OnTruth -
'Yu-Gi-OnTruth -' 7 months ago
please play nioh :) very fun :)
Morgana Sundelin
'Morgana Sundelin' 7 months ago
Trying not to laugh cause if I do, my throat will kill me. But I can't not watch this video
Kristian Gamble
'Kristian Gamble' 8 months ago
I still don't understand how Dans seasonal slut texts don't have their own videos yet
Allen Poulos
'Allen Poulos' 8 months ago
fuck pokemon
Mary Udomah
'Mary Udomah' 8 months ago
Arin can be a fucking dumbass at times, but we love him for it XD
'Sutanreyu' 8 months ago
"Where's your Starbucks coupons." das racist. D:D:D:
'LadyCinnamonBun' 8 months ago
0:57 me when a new Pokémon game comes out
'Gray' 8 months ago
It's stupid that fucking viagra ads are being put on videos with an audience that's average age is below 20
'Sesshomaru3700' 8 months ago
One of them sounds like Eric Foreman, from That 70's Show. I just now realized this...
Aaro7Star365 Gaming
'Aaro7Star365 Gaming' 8 months ago
As a Catholic, I can say that, no, Christmas is the CONCEPTION of Jesus, not exactly his birth. It's the day where Jesus become man, which is when conception starts.
The Pie Master
'The Pie Master' 8 months ago
My favorite moment is the ZULDA sucking his... carrot.
'Janglenutter' 8 months ago
Arin is in to some weird shit...
Todd Choryan
'Todd Choryan' 8 months ago
Holy shit Arin, and you as well Dan, as an ancient-viewer from the newgrounds days, all the way to new series... you are both unequivocally the most ridiculous AND absurd AND entertaining channel here with game grumps. all the AWESOME
Nicolas Escañuelas
'Nicolas Escañuelas' 8 months ago
What was the one video where they're talking about the rugrats theory?
Jessie Waters
'Jessie Waters' 8 months ago
Who else can't stop replaying 2:43
'NinjaRaskull' 8 months ago
7:30 He sounded just like BaerTaffy.
Tris Sadowski
'Tris Sadowski' 8 months ago
Ha shes got a fish in her box
Soledad Leon
'Soledad Leon' 8 months ago
hombre araña
Nicholas Desrosiers
'Nicholas Desrosiers' 8 months ago
Game Grumps cures my depression
#all In the woods
'#all In the woods' 8 months ago
Can u give me a shout out plz
'pokeyoaks86' 8 months ago
Can someone explain to me what it is around 2:20 when they say he has two canteens what it is they're implying? I get the girl gave him a kiss in exchange for one, and Zelda is low key jealous, but why would he have two full of jizz?
Boogey Lad
'Boogey Lad' 8 months ago
two idiots laughs and coughs in controllably. PERFECT! XD
Jeffrey Slagle
'Jeffrey Slagle' 8 months ago
at around 29:00 I completely lost my shit
Kevin BuserDownes
'Kevin BuserDownes' 8 months ago
I like Game Grumps.
'zer0chance' 8 months ago
when I first watched the time lord episode I was sad that they didn't have someone from Doctor Who
Herp a Derp
'Herp a Derp' 8 months ago
Nightmare Cravings
'Nightmare Cravings' 8 months ago
Has anyone left the subtitles on well watching this it is not even close to what they are saying it is the most random shit ha ha game grumps did it again!
Garrett Smith
'Garrett Smith' 8 months ago
Are you crotchety old men yet?
Matthew Bellows
'Matthew Bellows' 8 months ago
just finished watching ever best of game grumps video from the start to finish and that was a hell of a ride! nice to go back in grumps time and see the best of the best moments for sure :))
'Ext3nt' 8 months ago
This is comedeh gold
Mason Mcmanus
'Mason Mcmanus' 8 months ago
tokr a sip of water 10 sec later I spot with laughter
laughin wolf 142
'laughin wolf 142' 8 months ago
lol this was hilarious
'O0Salmon0O' 8 months ago
___________this is funny? _______________
the Bro Gamer
'the Bro Gamer' 8 months ago
Hey bruh – wanted to take the time and really go over your channel, got to say. ITS AWESOME – thanks you for everything you do for the TUBE fellow creator! ROCK ON! – the BRO
Rhianna Williamson
'Rhianna Williamson' 8 months ago
Back to when Arin could actually remember professor kukui's voice
'BoBiK SHOW' 8 months ago
'BoBiK SHOW' 8 months ago
Alex Dood
'Alex Dood' 8 months ago
Pierre Pancake, Burgy, and Freaky French Toast are the best thing.
Ryan McFaddin
'Ryan McFaddin' 8 months ago
First song for under the covers 2 danger zone
'godsrightbuttcheek' 8 months ago
It's weird to me that they practice improv on game grumps, but Dan fails to 'yes and.." anything Arin does. It's always "UGH MUH PUSSAY WANTS MOUAR POKÈMON" "Oh god no stop arin please that is making me feel strange please stop stop it arin stop please"
Jacob Watson
'Jacob Watson' 8 months ago
Hey egoraptor,get off your lazy ass and make a new star Bomb song or upload something on your channel!!!!! Your New Years resolution better be "get off my lazy ass and make a new star Bomb song or upload something on my channel"!!!
Jordan Olney
'Jordan Olney' 8 months ago
this is gay
'tmmawesome' 8 months ago
"I kinda want that for my asshole" how Dan's voice just sort of faded in shock
'FullmetalPink' 8 months ago
0:56 one of the worst moments of 2016 made it to the best for some reason, huh.
Athena Brown
'Athena Brown' 8 months ago
Hey guys can you please finish the Punch Out on Wii series?? You left off with Bear Hugger. Can you finish that one please??
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