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Cars 3 "Lightning Strikes" Extended Look -
Published: 6 months ago By: Disney•Pixar

By: Disney•PixarPublished: 6 months ago

6, 381, 540 views

48, 835 Likes   1, 914 Dislikes

It’s not over until Lightning strikes.

Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 opens in theatres June 16 in 3D.



Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

'V1dW4tcher' 5 days ago
Eh, this movie is a meh in my opinion
merlyn figueroa
'merlyn figueroa' 6 days ago
merlyn figueroa
'merlyn figueroa' 6 days ago
Veronica Reynoso
'Veronica Reynoso' 2 weeks ago
Jennifer Valderrama
'Jennifer Valderrama' 3 weeks ago
SMW Physicist
'SMW Physicist' 4 weeks ago
I can't believe Pixar let's punks like Sneak Peeks (a YouTuber with 5k subs) get away with piracy.
Skile Bodenwieser
'Skile Bodenwieser' 4 weeks ago
5:20 Cars 3 #fullmovie
'Chichopuente' 4 weeks ago
I just realized! This is Rocky IV with cars on it!
Marry Carrodus
'Marry Carrodus' 4 weeks ago
5:12 Cars 3 #fullmovie
samuel bailey
'samuel bailey' 4 weeks ago
Bacok Manuke
'Bacok Manuke' 1 month ago
❤️ C A R S 3 | ❤ | F U L L H D | ❤️ | A v a i l a b l e N o w ❤️ W A T C H 👉👉 /89175503 ❤️ E N J O Y ❤️
Alex Emanuel
'Alex Emanuel' 1 month ago
I'm sorry but I saw movie and I don't liked ... I tought will be sominting else unique.
'Aldioktovian' 1 month ago
That little kid yelling at the end better not be a major character
Vicky Nikita
'Vicky Nikita' 1 month ago
*Cars 3 (2017) Movie Available in HD* Click to watch >> ( )
Lauren Lauren K Kerr
Cars 3 Movie Available in hd Quality Stream Now
Cindy Cruz
'Cindy Cruz' 1 month ago
think about these three words storm Thunder lightning
Elena William
'Elena William' 1 month ago
*[ Cars 3 Movie 2017 Quality HD : **** ]*
Ryan 321X
'Ryan 321X' 1 month ago
the kid yelling is a child car named Maddy McGear.
Fatima Fernandes
'Fatima Fernandes' 1 month ago
porque que Cruz Ramirez entrou na corrida?????
Daniel Matthew
'Daniel Matthew' 1 month ago
Cars 3 Movie available in hd Quality
Sonia Cochachin De La Cruz
podría ser mas cul si pondrían a Francesco
sara auch
'sara auch' 1 month ago
Leslie Hopcroft
'Leslie Hopcroft' 2 months ago
'DarkKnight3601' 2 months ago
hey whats the bgm at 1:09 i really wanna know
the cars boys
'the cars boys' 2 months ago
Pleas like my cars 3 trailer
Izhaar Hoque
'Izhaar Hoque' 2 months ago
Cars 3
june salenro
'june salenro' 2 months ago
Retro Slvi
Duquetheduke / DTD
'Duquetheduke / DTD' 2 months ago
Lighting and Storm are brothers?!?! (Lighting) McQueen Jackson (storm) This movie is gonna be a hurrycan
Combative Beyblade 1234
Who has a feeling that lightning is going to slam into a fence?
Will Lightning McQueen retied? 0:49 I don't get it.
Spiro27 Oscar
'Spiro27 Oscar' 2 months ago
When lightning strikes means ultimate rivals
Tiger Mccabe
'Tiger Mccabe' 3 months ago
I'm coming for you storm
Sandeepa Surya
'Sandeepa Surya' 3 months ago
I almost lost my head when I saw Lightnings crash. RIP Lightning McQueen 2006 -2017
Logan Butler
'Logan Butler' 3 months ago
1:22 all i hear is lightning and a kid
jada towner
'jada towner' 3 months ago
iiFantasDoge Cookies
'iiFantasDoge Cookies' 3 months ago
1.Your gonna go far,Lightning!! 2."And i know that you weren't made for love but for *Speed* 3.*Speed is Key*
Electric88/Clash/Minecraft/And More
I am so hype about this
Lightning McQueen
'Lightning McQueen' 3 months ago
New trailer!
Flips N Tricks
'Flips N Tricks' 3 months ago
What if storm was mator in disguise
'AJ TOWING' 3 months ago
Looks like a 16+ movie xd
Kenneth Schuler
'Kenneth Schuler' 3 months ago
😎A true speed🏃of Lightning McQueen👍😠
Cutie Pie Blu Fish
'Cutie Pie Blu Fish' 3 months ago
I got goosebumps when someone screamed Lightning.
ALLT Och lite till
'ALLT Och lite till' 3 months ago
My whole childhood just fell apart, he crashed!😵
L and F studios and mango and creeper 5
who els saw the B and L on the trax frome walle
Rochelle Middleton
'Rochelle Middleton' 3 months ago
Ady - A
'Ady - A' 3 months ago
Daquan Harrison
'Daquan Harrison' 3 months ago
1:12 YEAH! McQueen! You hear that, Jackson Storm? He's coming for you
'DeanTriesToYoutube' 3 months ago
will lightning mqueen reTIRE? bad punz.
veeDee TV
'veeDee TV' 3 months ago
Lightning will be die ??? Or He will come back faster and stronger ????
Felipe Chagas
'Felipe Chagas' 3 months ago
Ty Pompei
'Ty Pompei' 3 months ago
Before One Minute At 0:36 His Crash Is Not Going
Shumona Shilu
'Shumona Shilu' 3 months ago
Looks more dope than Cars 2 and 1 I mean 1 and 2 looked like bullsh*t
'Mushoo9876_FTW' 3 months ago
you guys are idiots change lightning to the old one
I think Pixar is having trouble deciding what paint job McQueen should get.
'GAMINGwith LUCAS' 3 months ago
OMG I think lightning McQueen is gonna retire just saying that's my opinion
Hana Boyd
'Hana Boyd' 3 months ago
Coolkidw43 ICOOL
'Coolkidw43 ICOOL' 3 months ago
I am going to watch it
iiFantasDoge Cookies
'iiFantasDoge Cookies' 3 months ago
Don't give up Lightning ...You're here to Avenge for Doc Hudson,Mater and your GF:Sally💓
pete rog
'pete rog' 3 months ago
Yes getting for real
'CODG4M3R PRO' 3 months ago
this trailer was shown in the cinema i was like that was cool
king Michael Freddy vaca
0:44 OMG!!!! he crashed so BAD!! OMG.!!
Prince Xean PXW Wijangco
Cars 3 Will Be Epic
Face First
'Face First' 3 months ago
in the end you can just hear, "LIGHTNING", maybe it's that girl car from the first movie, just older
ChristianGirl 14
'ChristianGirl 14' 3 months ago
Haha this is almost nostalgic for me because I grew up watching the first one!
'noah' 3 months ago
That one kid at the end. 😆😆😆
Braulio Marin
'Braulio Marin' 3 months ago
I'm more of a Megalo Strikes back fan.(Like if you get it)
Dwaine Gaming
'Dwaine Gaming' 3 months ago
plz put cars toons back :C
Widowmaker Main Here
'Widowmaker Main Here' 3 months ago
Kachow? Kachow!!!!!
Joanna Kang
'Joanna Kang' 3 months ago
W░a░t░c░h░ ░C░a░r░s░ ░3░ | ░M░o░v░i░e░ ░2░0░1░7 No Registration @
FindingNemoYes SingNo
I'm excited for Cars 3
'BURGERBOSS' 3 months ago
Afonso Vila Verde
'Afonso Vila Verde' 3 months ago
Best movie 2017. Best movie ever.
Emma Hardy
'Emma Hardy' 4 months ago
I am so excited for this!!! I love cars so much!!!
Tony Myrick
'Tony Myrick' 4 months ago
that idoit Jackson storm reared him
Tony Myrick
'Tony Myrick' 4 months ago
that idoit Jackson storm reared him
Finna Leander
'Finna Leander' 4 months ago
N2SC5R NASCAR heat gamer
bust belt looks like Darlington raceway
Luke Lin
'Luke Lin' 4 months ago
Flash&Lighting McQueen: red with yellow lightning Zoom&Jackson Storm: Black and Blue
meme guard
'meme guard' 4 months ago
saddest anime death 2017
Curious George
'Curious George' 4 months ago
Cars 1= my childhood
'Genjii' 4 months ago
they should upgrade mcqueen and a new look make him look badass the practice then return and win the race
Héctor  Hernández
'Héctor Hernández' 4 months ago
1:05 Cruz no. 20
'GAMRS GEEK2' 4 months ago
well Lightning McQueen retire I decide when I'm done pumped up words
Héctor  Hernández
'Héctor Hernández' 4 months ago
Johnny Estrada
'Johnny Estrada' 4 months ago
in cars 1 you see inside mc queens truck its differnt Now?
Finn Vautier
'Finn Vautier' 4 months ago
I think nostalgia just punched me in the balls
SkyEdge 279
'SkyEdge 279' 4 months ago
where is ytp when u need them
Severus Snape
'Severus Snape' 4 months ago
Cars 3- The Last Kachow
hanif shaikh
'hanif shaikh' 4 months ago
Realising date?
Rodriguez Jess
'Rodriguez Jess' 4 months ago
Yo lightning be like ka chow Disney be like ka ching 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kacey Howell
'Kacey Howell' 4 months ago
my inner child is screaming to see this movie.
The Sketchy Animator
'The Sketchy Animator' 4 months ago
at the end of the trailer when a little kid was yelling lightning I thought it was one of my little brothers or sisters LOL! so I look over and see no one
Leo gemer Leo gemer
'Leo gemer Leo gemer' 4 months ago
galara ce escrave no meu canal
Tracy Shipman
'Tracy Shipman' 4 months ago
It's amazing
Khorri Jones
'Khorri Jones' 4 months ago
Whenever they make the soundtrack, they should use Fifth Harmony for the music!!!!
'Dormega' 4 months ago
Coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.
P0w3rX R4ptor
'P0w3rX R4ptor' 4 months ago
This movie looks beautiful
7 Cyber 7
'7 Cyber 7' 4 months ago
This movie looks like it's going to destroy my childhood
Rolando Garcia
'Rolando Garcia' 4 months ago
In 0:49 the mountains look like cars.
'Jimi HAHAHA' 4 months ago
This flim is not yet rated Hm....
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