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Cars 3 "Lightning Strikes" Extended Look -
Published: 1 year ago By: Disney•Pixar

By: Disney•PixarPublished: 1 year ago

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It’s not over until Lightning strikes.

Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 opens in theatres June 16 in 3D.



Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

Robert :v
'Robert :v' 6 days ago
I love the combination of the cars 1 and 2 skin :)
'spindash64' 2 months ago
can we just appreciate how brutal that opening scene is in the context of this being a world of cars?
Nikolai Racenko
'Nikolai Racenko' 4 months ago
Cool video Disney Pixar
'Dantrex221' 5 months ago
'Dantrex221' 5 months ago
Sandra Felix
'Sandra Felix' 5 months ago
Fãs. O. Filme. Completo
Sandra Felix
'Sandra Felix' 5 months ago
Fas. O. Filme. Completo
ayşe baştug
'ayşe baştug' 6 months ago
'S.KullRandom' 6 months ago
The trailers were better than the movie itself
Bullshit Z česká
'Bullshit Z česká' 8 months ago
lightning mcqueen and cruz ramirez vs jackson storm ;)
Bullshit Z česká
'Bullshit Z česká' 8 months ago
lightning mcqueen vs jackson storm ;)
Raffy Ellama
'Raffy Ellama' 9 months ago
0:45 I know that scene mack goes to the rust eze racing center
BULATAO Channel 195
'BULATAO Channel 195' 9 months ago
1:06 That's the clip that wasn't used for the movie.
'V1dW4tcher' 9 months ago
Eh, this movie is a meh in my opinion
merlyn figueroa
'merlyn figueroa' 9 months ago
merlyn figueroa
'merlyn figueroa' 9 months ago
Veronica Reynoso
'Veronica Reynoso' 9 months ago
Jennifer Valderrama
'Jennifer Valderrama' 10 months ago
SMW Physicist
'SMW Physicist' 10 months ago
I can't believe Pixar let's punks like Sneak Peeks (a YouTuber with 5k subs) get away with piracy.
'Chichopuente' 10 months ago
I just realized! This is Rocky IV with cars on it!
samuel bailey
'samuel bailey' 10 months ago
Alex Emanuel
'Alex Emanuel' 10 months ago
I'm sorry but I saw movie and I don't liked ... I tought will be sominting else unique.
'Aldioktovian' 10 months ago
That little kid yelling at the end better not be a major character
Random hufflepuff
'Random hufflepuff' 10 months ago
think about these three words storm Thunder lightning
Ryan 321X
'Ryan 321X' 10 months ago
the kid yelling is a child car named Maddy McGear.
Fatima Fernandes
'Fatima Fernandes' 10 months ago
porque que Cruz Ramirez entrou na corrida?????
sara auch
'sara auch' 10 months ago
Leslie Hopcroft
'Leslie Hopcroft' 11 months ago
'DarkKnight3601' 11 months ago
hey whats the bgm at 1:09 i really wanna know
Izhaar Hoque
'Izhaar Hoque' 11 months ago
Cars 3
june salenro
'june salenro' 11 months ago
Retro Slvi
Duquetheduke / DTD
'Duquetheduke / DTD' 11 months ago
Lighting and Storm are brothers?!?! (Lighting) McQueen Jackson (storm) This movie is gonna be a hurrycan
Will Lightning McQueen retied? 0:49 I don't get it.
Spiro27 Oscar
'Spiro27 Oscar' 11 months ago
When lightning strikes means ultimate rivals
Tiger Mccabe
'Tiger Mccabe' 12 months ago
I'm coming for you storm
Sandeepa Surya
'Sandeepa Surya' 12 months ago
I almost lost my head when I saw Lightnings crash. RIP Lightning McQueen 2006 -2017
Logan Butler
'Logan Butler' 12 months ago
1:22 all i hear is lightning and a kid
jada towner
'jada towner' 12 months ago
'YOUMAD BRO' 12 months ago
1.Your gonna go far,Lightning!! 2."And i know that you weren't made for love but for *Speed* 3.*Speed is Key*
'Electric88' 12 months ago
I am so hype about this
Lightning McQueen
'Lightning McQueen' 12 months ago
New trailer!
Flips N Tricks
'Flips N Tricks' 12 months ago
What if storm was mator in disguise
Alexandra ‘
'Alexandra ‘' 12 months ago
Looks like a 16+ movie xd
Kenneth Schuler
'Kenneth Schuler' 12 months ago
😎A true speed🏃of Lightning McQueen👍😠
ALLT Och lite till
'ALLT Och lite till' 12 months ago
My whole childhood just fell apart, he crashed!😵
mango _theCat
'mango _theCat' 12 months ago
who els saw the B and L on the trax frome walle
Rochelle Middleton
'Rochelle Middleton' 12 months ago
Daquan Harrison
'Daquan Harrison' 1 year ago
1:12 YEAH! McQueen! You hear that, Jackson Storm? He's coming for you
will lightning mqueen reTIRE? bad punz.
Felipe Chagas
'Felipe Chagas' 1 year ago
Ty Pompei
'Ty Pompei' 1 year ago
Before One Minute At 0:36 His Crash Is Not Going
'Mushoo9876' 1 year ago
you guys are idiots change lightning to the old one
I think Pixar is having trouble deciding what paint job McQueen should get.
Hana Boyd
'Hana Boyd' 1 year ago
Coolkidw43 ICOOL
'Coolkidw43 ICOOL' 1 year ago
I am going to watch it
'YOUMAD BRO' 1 year ago
Don't give up Lightning ...You're here to Avenge for Doc Hudson,Mater and your GF:Sally💓
pete rog
'pete rog' 1 year ago
Yes getting for real
'CODG4M3R PRO' 1 year ago
this trailer was shown in the cinema i was like that was cool
king Michael Freddy vaca
0:44 OMG!!!! he crashed so BAD!! OMG.!!
IKnowimNotAlone0 And Friends
Cars 3 Will Be Epic
Face First
'Face First' 1 year ago
in the end you can just hear, "LIGHTNING", maybe it's that girl car from the first movie, just older
ChristianGirl 14
'ChristianGirl 14' 1 year ago
Haha this is almost nostalgic for me because I grew up watching the first one!
'noah' 1 year ago
That one kid at the end. 😆😆😆
Braulio Marin
'Braulio Marin' 1 year ago
I'm more of a Megalo Strikes back fan.(Like if you get it)
Dwaine Gaming And More!
plz put cars toons back :C
Edgy Zerk
'Edgy Zerk' 1 year ago
Kachow? Kachow!!!!!
Elifaz Chayrez Romero
I'm excited for Cars 3
'BURGERBOSS' 1 year ago
'Em' 1 year ago
I am so excited for this!!! I love cars so much!!!
Tony Myrick
'Tony Myrick' 1 year ago
that idoit Jackson storm reared him
Tony Myrick
'Tony Myrick' 1 year ago
that idoit Jackson storm reared him
Finna Leander
'Finna Leander' 1 year ago
bust belt looks like Darlington raceway
Luke Lin
'Luke Lin' 1 year ago
Flash&Lighting McQueen: red with yellow lightning Zoom&Jackson Storm: Black and Blue
meme guard
'meme guard' 1 year ago
saddest anime death 2017
Curious George
'Curious George' 1 year ago
Cars 1= my childhood
Héctor  Hernández
1:05 Cruz no. 20
'GEEK GAMER' 1 year ago
well Lightning McQueen retire I decide when I'm done pumped up words
Héctor  Hernández
Johnny Estrada
'Johnny Estrada' 1 year ago
in cars 1 you see inside mc queens truck its differnt Now?
SkyEdge 279
'SkyEdge 279' 1 year ago
where is ytp when u need them
Captain Picard
'Captain Picard' 1 year ago
Cars 3- The Last Kachow
hanif shaikh
'hanif shaikh' 1 year ago
Realising date?
Rodriguez Jess
'Rodriguez Jess' 1 year ago
Yo lightning be like ka chow Disney be like ka ching 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kacey Howell
'Kacey Howell' 1 year ago
my inner child is screaming to see this movie.
The Sketchy Animator【アニメたスケッチ】
at the end of the trailer when a little kid was yelling lightning I thought it was one of my little brothers or sisters LOL! so I look over and see no one
Leo gemer Leo gemer
galara ce escrave no meu canal
Tracy Shipman
'Tracy Shipman' 1 year ago
It's amazing
Khorri Jones
'Khorri Jones' 1 year ago
Whenever they make the soundtrack, they should use Fifth Harmony for the music!!!!
P0w3rX R4ptor
'P0w3rX R4ptor' 1 year ago
This movie looks beautiful
Syrus Reighn
'Syrus Reighn' 1 year ago
This movie looks like it's going to destroy my childhood
Rolando Garcia
'Rolando Garcia' 1 year ago
In 0:49 the mountains look like cars.
'Jimi HAHAHA' 1 year ago
This flim is not yet rated Hm....
Nacho Cheese
'Nacho Cheese' 1 year ago
cars 3 will be cool
TheOnlyOne 7
'TheOnlyOne 7' 1 year ago
Bugs life two???
Martin Kiefer
'Martin Kiefer' 1 year ago
lowkey all the older people who were young when the first one came out at are real excited for this
Is it just me.....or does Lightning land on his head at 0:28......wouldn't his brain get smashed?
'GilbertTheGreat' 1 year ago
Anyone seer the BnL logo form wall-e? 0:59
'MTA Bus Fan NYC' 1 year ago
0:59 Easter Egg BnL Or known as Buy n Large from Wall E See the Pixar Theory
Ging Lao
'Ging Lao' 1 year ago
kingชอบมากเลยครับทุก คนมี ความหวัง ดีกับผมชอบวิดีโอนี้
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