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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 8 months ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

18, 660, 521 views

149, 440 Likes   9, 416 Dislikes

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Leo Camp
'Leo Camp' 15 hours ago
make it look easy how its Don. 9 ×9=81
Brandon Sweezy
'Brandon Sweezy' 21 hours ago
80's baby. I was born in 81 ...Gvill s.Carolina
Medrano Master
'Medrano Master' 22 hours ago
Bsnsbs Gsbzbs
'Bsnsbs Gsbzbs' 2 days ago
Wat lul je
Cash Block
'Cash Block' 2 days ago
Apple Love
'Apple Love' 3 days ago
Royal Queen
'Royal Queen' 4 days ago
Ima 80s baby I was born in 81
Marakesh Mafia
'Marakesh Mafia' 4 days ago
Yeeaa I love this ooowww sample
MisstexarkanaSee Love
Song of the year. In LOVE
'godking331' 5 days ago
They blurred out the rolls 🤣
Emma Babino
'Emma Babino' 5 days ago
keep living it will happen.just stay tru.
'BaltimoreSK' 5 days ago
I pay 6 figures a year for a hitter , not cuz he a good , cuz he my nigga......he still talking real shit
Jack Edwards
'Jack Edwards' 5 days ago
My shit....!! 😈💩💨💨💨💎💎🔥🔥
charisma Cole
'charisma Cole' 5 days ago
Down south hardest
Kiaa Holmes
'Kiaa Holmes' 6 days ago
gotti is 1 ugly muthafuckah...but this song hot asf 😂
J.E. Spence
'J.E. Spence' 7 days ago
Trap mouth?
Jennifer Reed
'Jennifer Reed' 1 week ago
619 crustal to shaky 👐 plays wit no hero
Kim Joseph
'Kim Joseph' 1 week ago
Check out this sick freestyle by KaySol.
Zane Moore
'Zane Moore' 1 week ago
9×9 is 81, I'm a 90's baby born in 81(Zane Remix)
Marie Prado
'Marie Prado' 1 week ago
Tracy Brooks
'Tracy Brooks' 1 week ago
the floor waz sick cuz the beatz waz lezz
Tracy Brooks
'Tracy Brooks' 1 week ago
crazy crash
Darnell Lemons
'Darnell Lemons' 1 week ago
Biggest year of my career and I can feel the pressure gotta follow up💪💪💪
Nikki Morrow
'Nikki Morrow' 2 weeks ago
My shit
Juan Rodriguez
'Juan Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
This is the yo gotti I know standing in the kitchen type of stuff
Rashada Blanton
'Rashada Blanton' 2 weeks ago
I'm a 80s Baby Born In 81!
Rashada Blanton
'Rashada Blanton' 2 weeks ago
I'm a 80s Baby Born In 81!
TopDre ATL
'TopDre ATL' 2 weeks ago
Hot Video . Check out my Beats & Music Producers for Shawty LO, Lil Wayne, 112 , Snootie Wild, Dae Dae & More . Subscribe to my youtube channel today .
Vina Scott
'Vina Scott' 2 weeks ago
This shit go hard!!!! Sexy as every...
Jerrell Griffin
'Jerrell Griffin' 2 weeks ago
This beat is killing it and litt song yo gotti
Makesha Dancler
'Makesha Dancler' 3 weeks ago
That's aftereffects
Ashton Center
'Ashton Center' 3 weeks ago
Shit garbage take 81 out your fucking song that's us Hells Angels 81 affa forever
Ropa Lokoson
'Ropa Lokoson' 3 weeks ago
got n iggas that I know will die for me.
Silver .Blizzard
'Silver .Blizzard' 3 weeks ago
Was bed shopping and noticed an Alaska king size is 9x9. This that Alaskan King
Big Taz
'Big Taz' 3 weeks ago
from the crack era!!!!! 9×9=81
Salvatore Piazza
'Salvatore Piazza' 4 weeks ago
This is dope
Big Taz
'Big Taz' 4 weeks ago
Daja Sweetheart
'Daja Sweetheart' 4 weeks ago
I am i am I AM
Davion Mcclendon
'Davion Mcclendon' 4 weeks ago
I fux wit this jam. 100!!!!!!!
Pierre herron
'Pierre herron' 4 weeks ago
Dis still my shit mf beat so hard!!!🔥🔥🔥
Lil Twon Saunders
'Lil Twon Saunders' 4 weeks ago
9x9 is 81
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
city divided
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
©9x9=81 trademark
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
country country country
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
people that make that shit make it look easy how it's done????
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
all my children love that real yo Gotti muuusiccc and it'll feed em
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
King in hiding
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
it's one cold shiny white Crystal clear cold as ICE world ya ll get that money show em how it's done never been a quitter just a hitter and a strong finisher Boyz and girls #DAS
mary wilson
'mary wilson' 4 weeks ago
I know what the fuck I am doing #DAS
Angel Lindsey
'Angel Lindsey' 1 month ago
Love it
Chimere Singleton
'Chimere Singleton' 1 month ago
'eazdollaz' 1 month ago
Trying to break CMG so fuck that I'm doing mine
Alphonso Whitfield
'Alphonso Whitfield' 1 month ago
This is how i feel everyday
mohammed aboanzh
'mohammed aboanzh' 1 month ago
The royal of this song will never day
Bultz Gaming
'Bultz Gaming' 1 month ago
This like a logic beat🔥🔥🔥👌
Yo Momma
'Yo Momma' 1 month ago
People can hate on me all they want, this song has a bad ass sound too it and like the bass but yo gotta can't rap worth a fuck, I can rap better and that ain't saying much
'EVERLAST VICTORY' 1 month ago
boosie rap havnt changed over the years ho gotti....
'cmsthefirst' 1 month ago
Fuckin wack wtf is this shit. what a joke just lost five min on this lame shit fuckin sale out. Shitty thing is dude can make some dope shit this just isn't it
Michael aaron Orton
'Michael aaron Orton' 1 month ago
Love it,Sounds like music to me considering I really dislike all new music when I use to love almost all music well it says a lot coming from me
Derby Cobretty
'Derby Cobretty' 1 month ago
shits fire, trap lord
izzac mclean
'izzac mclean' 1 month ago
thug up, ,,,,garrison
Shiair Coleman
'Shiair Coleman' 1 month ago
Gotti Got Bangers
JuSt O
'JuSt O' 1 month ago
Bavarian Master
'Bavarian Master' 1 month ago
sounds like he sampled the "awww" from nelly's Dilemma
Hog Head G-Note
'Hog Head G-Note' 1 month ago
I fucks wit it grown folks music🔥🔥🔥
pretty Cali Brown
'pretty Cali Brown' 1 month ago
Thiz is fire🔥🔥🔥and that beat tho!
Carlos Jimenez
'Carlos Jimenez' 1 month ago
'UPW IR' 1 month ago
Can't believe this only has 17 million views, this song is crazy good 🔥🔥🔥 this is how's done ✅ thanks gotti!
'ajizzle309' 1 month ago
Anyone else notice the snow meltin!?! 🔥🔥❄️
Ricardo Tobias
'Ricardo Tobias' 1 month ago
That old jeezy old boosie old footy that was real rap
tiffany harris
'tiffany harris' 1 month ago
9×9 81 me too we the last of the 80's baby almost saw it all
tiffany harris
'tiffany harris' 1 month ago
9×9 81 me too we the last of the 80's baby almost saw it all
Tru Love
'Tru Love' 2 months ago
81 👌 36
T3NN3SS33 Str8
'T3NN3SS33 Str8' 2 months ago
Already need another cocaine Muzik
Toy Bloopers
'Toy Bloopers' 2 months ago
Jpe - Yellow WeAreTheHumansJpeVEVO Subscribe 123 subscribers  Published on 13 Jun 2017
Mardoche Innocent
'Mardoche Innocent' 2 months ago
I pay six figures a year 4 a hitta not cuz he a goon he my nigga. Blac youngsta
Latasha Edwards
'Latasha Edwards' 2 months ago
I'm a 80's baby born in 81💯
rakim faulknerL.M.G
'rakim faulknerL.M.G' 2 months ago
Adrian Ford
'Adrian Ford' 2 months ago
Song be having my subs going nuts
Matthew Lovell
'Matthew Lovell' 2 months ago
thats whats up this shit beast
Cannabis king
'Cannabis king' 2 months ago
Wow his flow is just like Young Dolph. Am I the only one that hears the connection. Fuck boy can't even do it no more. Quit ridin dolphs wave!
'It's just Josh' 2 months ago
Gotti how it done?
David Alexander
'David Alexander' 2 months ago
Zilla shoulda been on this shitt
Katlyn Jordan
'Katlyn Jordan' 2 months ago
Wtf does 81 mean🤔
'mikeandmars2345' 2 months ago
This shit go 💯💯💯
noah white
'noah white' 2 months ago
Dude kinda wasted this beat....couldve been much more monumental
'CHI BOii2' 2 months ago
Charlie Kersey
'Charlie Kersey' 2 months ago
9×9 is 81 gotti rap 4 real dolph rap cuz he think it fun gotti stick to it dolph u blew it
'TNmike0309' 2 months ago
Why he proud to be born during the crack area??? Smh?
Charlyne Gay
'Charlyne Gay' 2 months ago
lv the music
Molly Poppins
'Molly Poppins' 2 months ago
shout out ty ty
'SanDelly' 2 months ago
Gotti > Gucci
Charles Rogers
'Charles Rogers' 2 months ago
80's baby
kookoo laka
'kookoo laka' 2 months ago
the place were your rapping is gonna become an ocean
Tab Smith
'Tab Smith' 2 months ago
I'm so loving this! Love you YO GOTTI❤️
Luke Engbrock
'Luke Engbrock' 2 months ago
Everyone talking shit about dolph YOU keeping Memphis divided idiots...both rappers have a badass flow stop sneak dissin and listen
Chimere Singleton
'Chimere Singleton' 2 months ago
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