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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 5 months ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 5 months ago

15, 876, 170 views

133, 894 Likes   7, 968 Dislikes

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Bright Onyemu
'Bright Onyemu' 7 hours ago
81 💖💖💖💖💖
Carolyn Irby
'Carolyn Irby' 14 hours ago
Brandon Harris
'Brandon Harris' 14 hours ago
Fwm if you need beats or a feat you can check me out I have beats and songs on there
Kyle Dixon
'Kyle Dixon' 21 hours ago
Cold as....... Ice.
El Duran
'El Duran' 1 day ago
8= H 1=A ..... Hells Angels . Biker Gang. Richest in USA
cassie robar
'cassie robar' 2 days ago
y'all niggas ain't shit
Ivory Cane
'Ivory Cane' 2 days ago
stay away from the broke ass people that's how you get ahead and don't get high on your own Supply @ live life is fullest (ivory)
Ivory Cane
'Ivory Cane' 2 days ago
I show u how its done stay awwwwwy from broke ASS ( people)
Rashad Marie
'Rashad Marie' 2 days ago
81 Foreheads
Jaydin Miller
'Jaydin Miller' 2 days ago
9×81 =729
Aristotelis Nicolaides
How did the snow not melt? Coz youre fire
'NON NEGOTIABLE' 2 days ago
This goes hard as fuck. Look up is early shyt under Lil Yo you won't be disappointed. Lil Yo-On my way to Texas.
'MoneyBang' 3 days ago
gotti drop more please you're 1 of the best !!!!!
Rashad Marie
'Rashad Marie' 3 days ago
Somebody said Yo Gotti and Plies share the same barber lmao!!!
Rashad Marie
'Rashad Marie' 3 days ago
Somebody said Yo Gotti forehead look like a knee cap....lmao!!!!!!!
'FLYA & HYA *' 3 days ago
that beat clean
kieb 517
'kieb 517' 4 days ago
The slow mo in this video is liquid !!!
Marin Herrera
'Marin Herrera' 4 days ago
Now ill never for get what 9×9 is
Caitlin Mark
'Caitlin Mark' 4 days ago
yo gotti is gonna get big
Young Bzee
'Young Bzee' 5 days ago
Damm always u the best real shit
Labu Zsanca
'Labu Zsanca' 7 days ago
Best music
Jay Terranova
'Jay Terranova' 1 week ago
My shit 💯
'Weishavpt' 1 week ago
When a walk rapper ruins a great beat SMH...
'KEESH HD ™' 1 week ago
can't see how all that snow didn't melt, from all that heat@@#@
Dennis  Williams
'Dennis Williams' 1 week ago
#Firrrrreeee in the Snow..!!
Joseph Rendon
'Joseph Rendon' 1 week ago
Austin TX
'Q J' 1 week ago
This will always be one of my favorite rappers
Lashayla Carson
'Lashayla Carson' 1 week ago
damn yo gotti always snappin👌👌👌😩
viliami ika
'viliami ika' 1 week ago
Grhfj Ghfjg Ghhh Bbb
Kylie Filipowicz
'Kylie Filipowicz' 1 week ago
Pete F
'Pete F' 1 week ago
Ho Gotti is only 5'5 haha these hoes don't want no short dick man despite how much paper u have you'll always be a dwarf ass fuck boi! #ItsDolph🐬
PUREST BrokenSaga
'PUREST BrokenSaga' 1 week ago
has he got beef withhis own team ???
'MARCUS CORDY' 1 week ago
Like Comment if Lit
'RICHARD M' 1 week ago
CMF 😂😂😂
Markee Thompson
'Markee Thompson' 1 week ago
true trap
Damian Swisher
'Damian Swisher' 1 week ago
I'm sitl baken this...... Honda havy
Caitlin Mark
'Caitlin Mark' 2 weeks ago
cool as
'REDHUSKER920 Rojo' 2 weeks ago
this song is fire
Bandoblock 4
'Bandoblock 4' 2 weeks ago
"I pay 6 figures a year for a hitter not cause he a goon cause he ma nigga he got the city divided bring it togheter i tried it" he basicly said blac youngsta did the hit on young dolph .. everything makes sence now since younsta booked in connection for the shotting
Te Manaia Puna
'Te Manaia Puna' 2 weeks ago
mean song and its in the snow.
Diqah Dede
'Diqah Dede' 2 weeks ago
Monica Hull
'Monica Hull' 2 weeks ago
gotti killed this shit ... Fuckin raw 👊👊👊👊👊
'Rakeem' 2 weeks ago
check out rakeem williams flexing
'Roast' 2 weeks ago
what is this comment section??
Yo Gotti
'Yo Gotti' 2 weeks ago
Make that shit look easy how its done
Michelle Cepeda
'Michelle Cepeda' 2 weeks ago
im a 80s baby from 81
quincy kelly
'quincy kelly' 2 weeks ago
7k dislikes seriously
'CanadianGuy' 2 weeks ago
Dolph weak for trying to fuck your baby mama even though you were helping him out
'GottEddy' 2 weeks ago
gottis voice makes me fall asleep
Valdemar Massanga
'Valdemar Massanga' 2 weeks ago
Dope ass video and song 🔥🔥
'famousAnus' 2 weeks ago
gotti making some real ass murrrsik
'Maxi8King' 2 weeks ago
The original beat is from DJ Shog - Another World.
Ms cole walker
'Ms cole walker' 2 weeks ago
Derrick Bills
'Derrick Bills' 2 weeks ago
Casino Life
'Casino Life' 2 weeks ago
kid art is the illest director in da game rightnow
Jeana crawford
'Jeana crawford' 2 weeks ago
Yo Gotti please next time you do a video let me dress you baby I mean the car is looking hot and I love your music but what the fuck was you thinking wearing them damn boots with your skinny ass jeans I mean we all know that you already sort but them damn Timberlands is looking wrong it ain't looking right baby I'm just saying you need to put some wire a Stevens on the shortest list I'm not trying to come at you wrong and you still look hot and shit but the outfit is wrong they lied to you in this video you still hold it down I still got love for you but nooooo
Júnior Semedo
'Júnior Semedo' 2 weeks ago
This song makes me wanna write a song like this called "99"
Luis Santos
'Luis Santos' 3 weeks ago
songs whack
miking lampton
'miking lampton' 3 weeks ago
dead bury dead
miking lampton
'miking lampton' 3 weeks ago
meet u with it
miking lampton
'miking lampton' 3 weeks ago
recycle bin
Wulff Kariseb
'Wulff Kariseb' 3 weeks ago
I stand behind this rap! Fucking refreshing. Namibia checking in.
The cadogan family
'The cadogan family' 3 weeks ago
akhir rimmer
'akhir rimmer' 3 weeks ago
hans berger
'hans berger' 3 weeks ago
81 save the planet
I Herrera
'I Herrera' 3 weeks ago
not 81 but how you miss a whole 100 shots?!!
Brandy Jenkins
'Brandy Jenkins' 3 weeks ago
this is my song
Christopher Stevens
'Christopher Stevens' 3 weeks ago
9×9=81 Gotti you Make that shit look easy how it's done
Alexis Cunningham
'Alexis Cunningham' 3 weeks ago
I love this song it's so real.
Tonya Wilson
'Tonya Wilson' 3 weeks ago
this is my jam for real
Nero Legion
'Nero Legion' 3 weeks ago
john gotti hated niggers
Liluzi Vert
'Liluzi Vert' 3 weeks ago
Ghost in the Snow
Anthony Michael
'Anthony Michael' 3 weeks ago
Look at Gotti being all educational and shi.... he knows his multiplication!
Shadow Moses
'Shadow Moses' 3 weeks ago
mick mick
'mick mick' 4 weeks ago
did he say "fuck them little niggas o tried it"
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 4 weeks ago
'Kobybron' 4 weeks ago
Does anyone ever think this when looking at the comments: I wish i said that?
Kelly Holder
'Kelly Holder' 4 weeks ago
Kelly Holder
'Kelly Holder' 4 weeks ago
812 Productions
'812 Productions' 4 weeks ago
This shit cold fr
'KING WHITESIDE' 4 weeks ago
gotti king of memphis
Marshall Smith
'Marshall Smith' 4 weeks ago
gettem mr. mims ! yall ain 👀seeing this king ratt now .maybe u eer him later doe.
Soundneer Network
'Soundneer Network' 4 weeks ago
Zay's feeling!
'BILLIE ROJAS' 4 weeks ago
Tony T
'Tony T' 4 weeks ago
Show them Whores how its Done..Baltimore love u.Every since Zad zilla
I sick ass
'I sick ass' 4 weeks ago
I love it
I sick ass
'I sick ass' 4 weeks ago
no no no:(
matthew kenow
'matthew kenow' 4 weeks ago
hardest pounding song subs ever
bar elias
'bar elias' 4 weeks ago
I'm Done with life its not worth the pain I'm killing my self
kennerh allen
'kennerh allen' 4 weeks ago
Gotti the truth fuck the hattas
Marshall McDougal
'Marshall McDougal' 1 month ago
Htown Texas
'Htown Texas' 1 month ago
What's the 9x9 for? I know it equals 81 and he was born in 81 but wtf just saying shit to just say it
'weeleon' 1 month ago
making me feel youngish here lol.. im 81 aswell
Malik Kobayne
'Malik Kobayne' 1 month ago
he got at Dolph like a real nigga .. your u gotta respect it
'BRANDIE MOSTDEF' 1 month ago
my husband put me on ....fuck with it
Suhas Kumar
'Suhas Kumar' 1 month ago
dope ... from karnataka . southindia
Angel Swaz
'Angel Swaz' 1 month ago
Dope beat boring flow
king krillaz
'king krillaz' 1 month ago
kerrreerr lol
Rev Jay
'Rev Jay' 1 month ago
gotti gotti how is done
Rev Jay
'Rev Jay' 1 month ago
it amazing what 365 days for you
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