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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 1 year ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

21, 276, 379 views

166, 032 Likes   10, 739 Dislikes

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hungry xm4n000000000
I love this song 🎙
Roy Robb
'Roy Robb' 2 days ago
Gotti killed this
1,237,929 views are from me = stuck on replay
Wm H
'Wm H' 2 days ago
next 10
Dilly Dilly
'Dilly Dilly' 2 days ago
#CMG Classical
Yung Faness
'Yung Faness' 2 days ago
women people type in on the search part Yung Faness freestyle 2 with the number 2 an Listen to songs freestyles of me googLe me an Listen to songs freestyles of me
Yung Faness
'Yung Faness' 2 days ago
women people type in on the search part Yung Faness freestyle 2 with the number 2 an Listen to songs freestyles of me googLe me an Listen to songs freestyles of me
Khris Jaxon
'Khris Jaxon' 3 days ago
Spit dat shit gotti ... Wake n bake music
Mauro Nogueira
'Mauro Nogueira' 4 days ago
Luke Holcomb
'Luke Holcomb' 4 days ago
King of Memphis🤴🏿
Georgia Dawgs
'Georgia Dawgs' 5 days ago
Beat is still 🔥!
Kira Robinson
'Kira Robinson' 1 week ago
I’m 80’s baby born in 81 $$$$$$$$$
'SIA ME' 1 week ago
Remain Truly Blessed!😇😂😄
Deairis benson
'Deairis benson' 2 weeks ago
Gotta give gotti his props he bossed up..
Carla M
'Carla M' 2 weeks ago
Did yo Gotti steal young dolls beat
Roderick Carter
'Roderick Carter' 2 weeks ago
74 for Life bessmer Alabama
Fernando Lopez
'Fernando Lopez' 3 weeks ago
Jesus Christ help me he sooooo fine! 😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋
Joe Monday
'Joe Monday' 3 weeks ago
Don't hate the playa hate the game
Joe Monday
'Joe Monday' 3 weeks ago
The trap is of the chain
Joe Monday
'Joe Monday' 3 weeks ago
Yo got to is the best ever
heather longoria
'heather longoria' 3 weeks ago
Texas 85 all-star baby..... we the last real generation rt.....
yomi ogunsanya
'yomi ogunsanya' 3 weeks ago
One of the best beats I have ever heard. Rated him highly after listening to his flows on this and range rover came with steps
Not Applicable
'Not Applicable' 3 weeks ago
2:18 "I tried it" O.o
Chase Patterson
'Chase Patterson' 3 weeks ago
gotti, moneybagg and blac youngsta taking over the music industry
Austin M
'Austin M' 4 weeks ago
lilcash money_23
'lilcash money_23' 4 weeks ago
Best at it
Kizzy Wilson
'Kizzy Wilson' 4 weeks ago
'Kash' 4 weeks ago
Still wanna know why subliminally a lot of the things I have heard in rap lately relate to my life. Numbers, sayings, lyrics.
Tasha Williams
'Tasha Williams' 4 weeks ago
Bday was Wednesday, 80's Baby born in 81!!
Al  BB
'Al BB' 4 weeks ago
'Jon's Adventure' 1 month ago
9 x 9 is 81
ThA Gambla
'ThA Gambla' 1 month ago
This shit is dope
Ann Clark
'Ann Clark' 1 month ago
Mariah Colombiana
'Mariah Colombiana' 1 month ago
What's already understood dont need ta be explained. Only the real recognize, while the phonies think its easy
MatchBlaze Media
'MatchBlaze Media' 1 month ago
Elan Landis
'Elan Landis' 1 month ago
Chris Reyes
'Chris Reyes' 1 month ago
I make look ez all day CROSS
Lakisha Robinson
'Lakisha Robinson' 1 month ago
2018 still going hard
Neil Chand
'Neil Chand' 1 month ago
Here after exactly a year
Le an
'Le an' 1 month ago
Gotti cold af
Dustin Coogan
'Dustin Coogan' 2 months ago
this here make someone wanna lay back in the maybach riding beating, doing ya thang, looking in the rearview wondering how you make it look easy.
Quelnya Howell
'Quelnya Howell' 2 months ago
This beat is littty
Quelnya Howell
'Quelnya Howell' 2 months ago
Gang gang
Faisal Iqbal
'Faisal Iqbal' 2 months ago
Best music ever
'lunaticcreationz' 2 months ago
Heathin Season
'Heathin Season' 2 months ago
He bleeped out the spirit
Geekboyy Beats
'Geekboyy Beats' 2 months ago
the lyrics complement the beat quite extravagantly one might say... great job For the city Gotti
thegamer hawx
'thegamer hawx' 2 months ago
This tune is going in my Lamborghini the crown is mine 👑👑👑👑💷💷💷🍷
Dunia Machado
'Dunia Machado' 2 months ago
helpme go to church ty
weed bud
'weed bud' 2 months ago
Rolln bud listing to my boy gotti been fuckn with em since day 1
Tamara Christopher
'Tamara Christopher' 2 months ago
I love yo Gotti
Patric Thomas
'Patric Thomas' 2 months ago
Fuc it... I tried it
Jahmai Stewart
'Jahmai Stewart' 2 months ago
raul gonzalez
'raul gonzalez' 2 months ago
Patric Thomas
'Patric Thomas' 2 months ago
Build 4 Everything except B.s
Got to be so short every coat is like a trench coat
Tanaya White
'Tanaya White' 2 months ago
88' baby
Vale Diaz
'Vale Diaz' 2 months ago
Dam in the snow 😝😜🤪🤙🕺🧢👟
Dominic Beasley
'Dominic Beasley' 2 months ago
Lildime trapper music
'4atlanta4' 2 months ago
@1:39 when you know you makin it look easy 💪🤑
Isabella B.
'Isabella B.' 2 months ago
370 thats how many subs i want
'4atlanta4' 2 months ago
'BEN HARD' 2 months ago
Patric Thomas
'Patric Thomas' 2 months ago
Feel like dat keep your Distance
Patric Thomas
'Patric Thomas' 2 months ago
God shows you Things .....Like people Don't Care 4 Me......I'm Cool wit Dat
'BIG CLASSIC' 2 months ago
готи скатился, раньше лучше был.
Shane Spencer
'Shane Spencer' 2 months ago
wish he would bring back the old gotti
Jonathan Smith
'Jonathan Smith' 2 months ago
get that $
Tawanda Brown
'Tawanda Brown' 2 months ago
Yo gotti I love you and your songs 💋😍😍🤑🤑 please come to my birthday party on February 14
Vanessa Catuzzi
'Vanessa Catuzzi' 2 months ago
Ichase Vision
'Ichase Vision' 2 months ago
Same Yo Gotti kid is consistent
'notgameyatall' 2 months ago
Pays 6 figures so why ain't Dolph dead??
Johny Dang
'Johny Dang' 2 months ago
Goran Surjak
'Goran Surjak' 2 months ago
Is gotti rich ? He seems hungry
'MrSterium' 2 months ago
instrumental very nice
Varban Iorntanov
'Varban Iorntanov' 2 months ago
the brand of the car ? :D :D
Kabren Kearse
'Kabren Kearse' 3 months ago
If u aen whipping u shouldn't be listening
Babs & the wrecking crew
9,9, 8+1=9 invert = you Jews ain't slick
Babs & the wrecking crew
Lol rap is horrible now!
akrapovic blazer
'akrapovic blazer' 3 months ago
With jay z...thats corny😂😂😂
'JESSICA GODDARD' 3 months ago
alllll timmmmmmeee favvvve of yaaaa isssshhh
Elhadji Ndione
'Elhadji Ndione' 3 months ago
Francine Wallace
'Francine Wallace' 3 months ago
Decisions... 9×9 is 81....
Derrick Williams
'Derrick Williams' 3 months ago
This alone is better than the anything that the opps that's competition in Memphis put out or wish to have, for the cocaine musik representative
Dimitris Jimmis
'Dimitris Jimmis' 3 months ago
King Treal
'King Treal' 3 months ago
Am I the only one who loves this song because im an 80s baby born in 81?
chelsea kerr
'chelsea kerr' 3 months ago
What I need to marry this man asap
Lyric Lasha
'Lyric Lasha' 3 months ago
Nick jr
'Nick jr' 3 months ago
Go harder lyricist and club bangers
Nick jr
'Nick jr' 3 months ago
I fuks with you my guy north Memphis survivor
John Pitt
'John Pitt' 3 months ago
This is the same beat as Yung bleu no contact go look
'Sciencz' 3 months ago
get that money show em how its done
Peadro Hall
'Peadro Hall' 3 months ago
1981 babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Hunter Gregory
'Hunter Gregory' 3 months ago
This song is the shit
Big D D
'Big D D' 3 months ago
Angelo 300
'Angelo 300' 3 months ago
Banger 🔥
Jimmy Brinx
'Jimmy Brinx' 3 months ago
Best video in a long time
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