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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 2 months ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

12, 413, 950 views

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705 No More Snakes 705 CLOWN KILLAH
480 Gz was fucked how it's felt with out house or cars just fast to make me hurt .. fuck the law I didn't grownup stupid I could be in Kylie Jenners guts then dip lol I had better still .. Sony Vega visuals flipped gold melt like I had to flip my old mattress nuts from bitches like eww I miss whores they washed up miles on them now and sink birdy bath skills that's a gift bitches smell balls lol crazy is fear of that trumps a shooter..get n me 100
705 No More Snakes 705 CLOWN KILLAH
dig a bag up see this like a spot i need .. feild looks familia
Dayna Swinford
'Dayna Swinford' 6 hours ago
i really likethis song, damn black guys are so fuckn hot
Ryan Tyler
'Ryan Tyler' 13 hours ago
ami mia am i ami ami am mia i am mia miami out da way lost myself the day before yesterday. alot of shit for a staturday gotta put da gat away before i fade away some say get the paper up stack ur pay.. diet dry it then raid... cut thwe bricks heres a blade... count the paper stack the pay... no more layaway.. am i mia man am i ami am i am i am mia lot shit for a saturday lost myself the day before yesterday.. cut it dry it pack it the rade.. heres a razor blade..
Naseer Landrum
'Naseer Landrum' 16 hours ago
Michael Stewart
'Michael Stewart' 20 hours ago
Do u Gotti , If u don't , who will ?
Manuel Sanchez Perez
'Manuel Sanchez Perez' 22 hours ago
thanks gotti good work more please hehehe
Rushdi Ishmail
'Rushdi Ishmail' 1 day ago
Great track."81" 👌
Corissa R
'Corissa R' 1 day ago
"never wanna be the biggest, i just wanna be the realest" hard shit!!
nino brown
'nino brown' 1 day ago
gotti'$ time
Jimmie Paige
'Jimmie Paige' 1 day ago
should be 50 mil easy
yadrd donta
'yadrd donta' 2 days ago
twin pieces
up state 315
'up state 315' 2 days ago
yo we got the army loken like a running away fine we seal it up bag it down tanks for the work casin money mine now got to putthe caps on th e rims monots iga
'Thegoldenratio' 2 days ago
march 22! skull n bones
'Smile' 2 days ago
This niggas forhead is huge
Jay Stewart
'Jay Stewart' 2 days ago
this song go fuckn hard
Bobby Jackson
'Bobby Jackson' 2 days ago
strictly streets they say get the money show em how itz done girl you you make that shit look Ez showem howitz Done!
Bobby Jackson
'Bobby Jackson' 2 days ago
sick beatzzz
Praise God!!!!!
Yo gotti really bumped out on this.I can't stop listening🙌🙌
Jamaljr Christmas
'Jamaljr Christmas' 3 days ago
How did this not melt the snow
Rickiyia  Oliphant
'Rickiyia Oliphant' 3 days ago
why they block out his middle finger lmao
Wiwi Dido
'Wiwi Dido' 3 days ago
'100TONA' 3 days ago
Bomb for 2017 year!
Zodi X
'Zodi X' 3 days ago
why they hid the logo? everyone knows which car it is.
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 3 days ago
81 bout Luke
Robert Campbell
'Robert Campbell' 3 days ago
Alain Brown
'Alain Brown' 4 days ago
Fucking Classic
'ERIC SEAN' 4 days ago
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 4 days ago
releasing spin off already! am 500 trillion.
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 4 days ago
so you saw all the bad boys enter rap! I saw all the bad boys enter my city...laberia!
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 4 days ago
bio known...u was Mathew best that become Jacob the yo  gotti! same here"therez no god here!"
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 4 days ago
just released:"Windy City - Sheek Luke"
Xavier Baumgartner
Fire in the Ice for real ❄️🔥
Marquavious Jones
'Marquavious Jones' 5 days ago
Yo gotti made himself a boss got to respect ppl like that
Jake Taylor
'Jake Taylor' 5 days ago
Listen carefully, this song is actually talking about how he's killed 81 people and needs 19 more to become some sort of leader. You can think I'm crazy but you little kids won't understand. Only adults with working minds do. So just listen carefully , and you will hear.
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 5 days ago
I push razors.
Musonda Mulenga
'Musonda Mulenga' 5 days ago
Coach B
'Coach B' 5 days ago
Marlon Wilson
'Marlon Wilson' 5 days ago
Choctaw what's nigga remember what it do😉
Rude King365
'Rude King365' 5 days ago
THIS SONG LIT!!! LIKE BIC🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍
underground m
'underground m' 6 days ago
insane beat
Genisha Wyckoff
'Genisha Wyckoff' 6 days ago
straight banger👌✊ love me some gotti🔥
Genisha Wyckoff
'Genisha Wyckoff' 6 days ago
straight banger👌✊ love me some gotti🔥
Official A81
'Official A81' 7 days ago
Rosetta Goodman
'Rosetta Goodman' 7 days ago
this song got a nice beat to it too yoooooo$$$$
Sharyl Dailey
'Sharyl Dailey' 7 days ago
Dem bars doe😱😎
Bruno Goulart
'Bruno Goulart' 7 days ago
Caralho! Merece ir pra PlayList do GTA 5 ou GTA 6!! ❤👏✌😎💲💸💰
'XxM1GU3LxX' 1 week ago
all tehse fucking rappers say nigga xD
Gorilla Warrior
'Gorilla Warrior' 1 week ago
81 💯💯💯💯✊
Meloni Swinney
'Meloni Swinney' 1 week ago
GOTTI B GOIN #ayeeeeeeee U make that shit look easy how its done #wys
zay getreal
'zay getreal' 1 week ago
zay getrealxGMGshit
'Branflakes88' 1 week ago
'LLL Mel' 1 week ago
Shout out to my boy Yo Gotti for a street classic CM9... but bro you know I killed this beat harder than you...ljs. You know real ones keep it 100. Pc #LLL
Takia Holmes
'Takia Holmes' 1 week ago
luv gotti, LiT
Tobe Gamble
'Tobe Gamble' 1 week ago
Shot dope
Chi Town
'Chi Town' 1 week ago
Young Reeko
'Young Reeko' 1 week ago
this that real nigga shit
trapboi yung
'trapboi yung' 1 week ago
dolph winning
blue blue
'blue blue' 1 week ago
make this shit look easy 🏌
samwell king
'samwell king' 1 week ago
who ever disliked this video is a mark a$$ B**** why you hating on gotti
Jarrett Woolfolk
'Jarrett Woolfolk' 1 week ago
PleaseGetMeTo2017Subs ForNoReasonGuys
Its been many years but 2017 is the best year for music💯💯💯 and it's only march😄😄😄😄
'OG SPMEX' 1 week ago
big head mother fucka
HhAnaclarinha Gomess
thug !!!
Stephanie Gomez
'Stephanie Gomez' 1 week ago
bang bang Vineland boys husky vbs jks jokers dks vbs clika sol valle riders
Stephanie Gomez
'Stephanie Gomez' 1 week ago
varrio los dukes vgs xiii nomas vbs jks pqs awesome gurl Vineland boys 13 kanpol
Stephanie Gomez
'Stephanie Gomez' 1 week ago
really really
keny ličina
'keny ličina' 2 weeks ago
What the fuck has music become ?
james drummond
'james drummond' 2 weeks ago
Str8 🔥
mad bad
'mad bad' 2 weeks ago
Respect from Waterhouse, Jamaica. Garrison shit- Roc Nation
'PerrilousTv' 2 weeks ago
Shit ill check out my Hit single #Ballin on my youtube channel and follow me on instagram :@perrilous_world
Best Holloway
'Best Holloway' 2 weeks ago
if yo gotti dont trust u we gone shoot u
Ernest Edwards
'Ernest Edwards' 2 weeks ago
choose your choice carefully
'LOUIS V' 2 weeks ago
This shit go hard af !!
Jeff Gordon
'Jeff Gordon' 2 weeks ago
Yo Gotti a old Marva Maid Jug head lookin ass nigga...... can't hate ,Yo Gotti stay with them hits !
Ernesto vigil
'Ernesto vigil' 2 weeks ago
It's 🐬
chiefkeef Ugly baby mama
now its all black nigga sold his soul Smh
T Rich
'T Rich' 2 weeks ago
not cuz he a goon he my nigga
Martin Petru
'Martin Petru' 2 weeks ago
Tony Washington
'Tony Washington' 2 weeks ago
This song is motivational and inspirational. I listen to everyday. Yo Gotti makes good music. 81.
'Dylan' 2 weeks ago
so y'all gonna ignore the fact gotti 35 actin like he 25?
Alpha gaming
'Alpha gaming' 2 weeks ago
XTMAN 9095
'XTMAN 9095' 2 weeks ago
marty emanuel
'marty emanuel' 2 weeks ago
I swear I'm built for it all!🔥
DavE Reading
'DavE Reading' 2 weeks ago
shit goes hard.
Challenge 10.000 Subscribera Bez videa
Who love this song? ❤
Edward West-bey
'Edward West-bey' 2 weeks ago
80s baby stand up we to littttttttttt from VA we fill u Gotti get money
Edward West-bey
'Edward West-bey' 2 weeks ago
80s baby stand up we to littttttttttt from VA we fill Gotti
Harry Baker
'Harry Baker' 2 weeks ago
Drop youngster and gotti be relevant as well.... Kids making him look like a lame
Shameir Stanford
'Shameir Stanford' 2 weeks ago
man wtf gotti this wicked ass video plz don't switch over brudda one love all the way from Savannah ga100!
Isaiah Haney
'Isaiah Haney' 2 weeks ago
yo Gotti just stay poppin!!!💦❄
Oneal Geiger
'Oneal Geiger' 2 weeks ago
boss shit.....
'Mango' 2 weeks ago
how is that ohh chant in the background called i neeeed it
austin cantrell
'austin cantrell' 2 weeks ago
whats provation??😂😂
Brehon White
'Brehon White' 2 weeks ago
neva wanted to be da biggest, I jus wanted to be da realiest💯💯
Brehon White
'Brehon White' 2 weeks ago
I pay six figures ah year for a hitter, not cuz he ah goon, cuz he my nigga!!💯
Anti ViRuzZ
'Anti ViRuzZ' 2 weeks ago
gotti the type of nigga to eat cornflakes without milk
Robert Limbo
'Robert Limbo' 2 weeks ago
Can you please check out the beats on my and sub
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