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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

4, 167, 752 views

66, 823 Likes   2, 249 Dislikes

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preston bailey
'preston bailey' 29 minutes ago
Mason Loughman
'Mason Loughman' 37 minutes ago
This beat is colder than the music video setting.
Edgar Soto
'Edgar Soto' 3 hours ago
8 mm
Edgar Soto
'Edgar Soto' 3 hours ago
8 mm
Jorge Marin
'Jorge Marin' 4 hours ago
West side Connection ajajajajajaj copy beat
Religion LOL
'Religion LOL' 4 hours ago
Hmm, if you could take dog shit and turn it into a sound, it would sound like this.
'TheSHOW' 4 hours ago
Oscar Chacon
'Oscar Chacon' 5 hours ago
So he got 81 pussy snapchats?????????
Proxclusiv M
'Proxclusiv M' 6 hours ago
Gotti goin hard !!
'IamJohno' 6 hours ago
The instrumental is hard needed a feature tho
Lashay Braxton
'Lashay Braxton' 6 hours ago
9×9 is 81. 
'cwc444' 7 hours ago
Is this copying Migos T-shirt, or the other way around?
Sterlinq OG
'Sterlinq OG' 8 hours ago
I was here since 45k views
'TyFly312' 9 hours ago
6 figures a year for a hitta, not cause he a goon he my nigga
Ibrahima Bah
'Ibrahima Bah' 9 hours ago
maria brown
'maria brown' 9 hours ago
This shit was so fire I couldn't help but make a stank face and nod
'wackedout13' 12 hours ago
Now this is rap! I thought it was dead!
Ghulammustfa2561 See
'Ghulammustfa2561 See' 12 hours ago
GhulamMustafa 256GhulamMustafa 03085894998 GhulamMustafa vb
Ghulammustfa2561 See
'Ghulammustfa2561 See' 12 hours ago
GhulamMustafa 256GhulamMustafa 03085894998 GhulamMustafa
Ghulammustfa2561 See
'Ghulammustfa2561 See' 12 hours ago
GhulamMustafa 256GhulamMustafa 03085894998 GhulamMustafa
Ghulammustfa2561 See
'Ghulammustfa2561 See' 12 hours ago
Leonel Richie
'Leonel Richie' 13 hours ago
thats why i hate lil yathy real rap still alive
!! Rick P !!
'!! Rick P !!' 13 hours ago
Anderson Santana (Grilo)
Yo Gottiiiii, Monstrous A lot of peace, brother (BR)
John Lichtenberg
'John Lichtenberg' 15 hours ago
Youngsta on a come up.
Better Life
'Better Life' 15 hours ago
What is this crap
Jamie Walker
'Jamie Walker' 15 hours ago
Lalrinpuia Hmar
'Lalrinpuia Hmar' 15 hours ago
nelly luv u aaaahhhh
Just Sam
'Just Sam' 16 hours ago
Y'all should peep my track 81
Tachanka Chanka
'Tachanka Chanka' 22 hours ago
9x9 is 81
Cazkingz Lionstar
'Cazkingz Lionstar' 22 hours ago
This BIG head Nigga......
'P R' 22 hours ago
We fuck with gotti
'P R' 22 hours ago
Young Ghatti
'Young Ghatti' 22 hours ago
so smooth
N Xmilar
'N Xmilar' 22 hours ago
Gotti unlock the Illuminati secrets to his forehead. 9X9inches=81inch forehead.
Robert Ramirez
'Robert Ramirez' 23 hours ago
yo gotti has really came through his flow is way better than when he first started this shit nice and legit
Fifth Element
'Fifth Element' 23 hours ago
I fw Gotti. but. " fuck Dem lil niggas I tried it" bruh. you got me all the way fucked up.
kaycee stephen
'kaycee stephen' 23 hours ago
Gotti got that connect; Roc Nations
Armando Fernandez
'Armando Fernandez' 23 hours ago
This beat cold asf. god bless
Jimmy Cambo
'Jimmy Cambo' 24 hours ago
Amy Mcmullin
'Amy Mcmullin' 1 day ago
nygga cnt d' nye dis syht hurr...
Demarco Thomas
'Demarco Thomas' 1 day ago
right big brother love u yo .Gotti
'Geruuld' 1 day ago
This flow cooooooold
Trevis Hornsby
'Trevis Hornsby' 1 day ago
Travis Morris
'Travis Morris' 1 day ago
think he burying his old self,becoming part of the Illuminati
Demarco Thomas
'Demarco Thomas' 1 day ago
I am I am a 90 baby and I were born in 93 and I've been running the streets since I was 9 years old Yo Gotti
Marissa O.
'Marissa O.' 1 day ago
80s baby born in 81😉 right here
Diontec at gmail
'Diontec at gmail' 1 day ago
Ridin' Solo..mfkas dnt appreciate shyt..1 Luv 2 Gotti.
'PUDDLY PENGUIN' 1 day ago
What's the point of blurring the obvious Rolls Royce logos on the car? Are people gonna think its a Toyota or some shit??
Smoke 1
'Smoke 1' 1 day ago
This fuckin video with this shit tho🔥
Chelsea chaos
'Chelsea chaos' 1 day ago
deff the beat is from nelly dilemma ft kelly r i knew i heared that beat before!!!!!!
Vanessa Olivo
'Vanessa Olivo' 1 day ago
'bwarren35' 1 day ago
to bad im a 90's baby but this song go fed i hacked his page but this is Queen
kng brown
'kng brown' 1 day ago
yo gotti CMG
'C TALLENT' 1 day ago
man he should gimme a feature on this. thats all its missing. lol
Swiper LeFox
'Swiper LeFox' 1 day ago
let them lil niggas hate, thats what they do the best I dont be trippin at all. whatever come with it, im with it lil nigga..I swear that I'm built for it all. factz.
Fifi Oliwka
'Fifi Oliwka' 1 day ago
przyjechał bentlejem na pole, wydeptał i elo
'Niclacoste' 1 day ago
Where did the rose petals come from?
Demarico Rumph
'Demarico Rumph' 1 day ago
look eazy how it done
Jack B
'Jack B' 1 day ago
All I want in life is Kendrick or The Migos over this beat
Tristan Dudkowiak
That Rolls Roys logo censured tho
Tacoty Mccray
'Tacoty Mccray' 1 day ago
link up
Connie Poo
'Connie Poo' 1 day ago
80's baby born in '80!!
Akarichhomie tae
'Akarichhomie tae' 1 day ago
love dis shid😂❤
Lisa Nicole
'Lisa Nicole' 1 day ago
love this man music....🔥😍🔥😍
marsnatas 666
'marsnatas 666' 1 day ago
he went full retard
'Plusign' 1 day ago
Dam this beat bang!
Redline Bass
'Redline Bass' 1 day ago
Check the bass boosted version in my channel.
CoreyOuch Vloggs
'CoreyOuch Vloggs' 1 day ago
This look like the place where they shot Twilight
Jaxen Phelps
'Jaxen Phelps' 1 day ago
Hello! If you're reading this, then welcome to the Great Sea of Comments. Let me show you around! At the shallow surface, we have 9-12-year-old kids. These comments range anywhere from "fuk u" to "this is rasis!!!!" As we get a little deeper, we begin to see lighthearted jokes and puns. Or the DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE THAT XYZ? comments. Then, we have the great whites. These are comments that have amassed lots of likes, and usually, go something along the lines of "Shut the fuck up, this song is hilarious." or "LOL does laughing at this make me a racist??" Now we're at the point of no return. Light can no longer penetrate through the water at this point. Fat, Dorito munching 35-year-olds living in their parent's basement make fun of children. Saying things like "Idiot! Learn to spell!!" or "FUCK OFF" We've now arrived at the bottom, folks! Welcome! Here you'll find the racists, trolls, and flamers. People call other people niggers, and everything devolves from any actual discussion to a barbaric pit fight. Wild flame wars wage on, and 9-year-olds vs. middle aged men are fighting with all possible strength. "This song iz racist!" a 9-year-old cries. "Nigger" another commenter spikes in return. There you have it. There's no need to scroll down now!
Sara Cantu
'Sara Cantu' 1 day ago
p petrov
'p petrov' 1 day ago
It's amazing what 365 days can do for you!
'Awesome' 1 day ago
요가티 짱!
Workout Wave
'Workout Wave' 1 day ago
Abel Cortez
'Abel Cortez' 2 days ago
this shit bangz 💯💯🔥🔥
Danyo Waz
'Danyo Waz' 2 days ago
lol 9x9 is 81 anaha pays to be fake
Ναυσικα Μιχαηλιδου
'LISTEN CLOSER' 2 days ago
Emma Jones
'Emma Jones' 2 days ago
nice rental car bro lol
Alex “O.G” Goldberry
скр скр скр
Raymond Collins
'Raymond Collins' 2 days ago
the song is too weird ~~~
Arron Joseph
'Arron Joseph' 2 days ago
This song reminds me so much of used to this.
ToXy -tac0
'ToXy -tac0' 2 days ago
I can understand it that's a step up 😂
Leeway Holston
'Leeway Holston' 2 days ago
its not what you know its who you know
Zack Woods
'Zack Woods' 2 days ago
I'm trapping to this new shit rentals in hood trap god I just wanted to be the realest
Stoner cook
'Stoner cook' 2 days ago
Big shout out to Gt Garza and Lucky luciano real fans support and, Buy Yo Gotti's album!!!
Rashad Sanders
'Rashad Sanders' 2 days ago
That shit hard right there bout blew my surround sound speakers 😂😂
cadena de Hotspanish brocoli
trap real of 2017 nigga
Gil Thick
'Gil Thick' 2 days ago
he lost all my respect after fuckin with blac lamesta,icant take him no more serious
Earl Barfield
'Earl Barfield' 2 days ago
This man he said he young, but you a 80's baby...
channel rimorimo
'channel rimorimo' 2 days ago
Shaquille Card
'Shaquille Card' 2 days ago
I am I am I am 🔥🔥🔥
Shaquille Card
'Shaquille Card' 2 days ago
young Dolph or Jeezy should of got on this.. shit lil Bibby would of been dope 💯🔥🔥
Lernandrey Capers
'Lernandrey Capers' 2 days ago
yo gotti a beast
News DTruth
'News DTruth' 2 days ago
Yo gotti in that fucking shit !!
Lela mazz
'Lela mazz' 2 days ago
'olej1215' 2 days ago
sample is from dillema
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