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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 3 months ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

14, 527, 894 views

126, 771 Likes   7, 246 Dislikes

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body omar
'body omar' 4 hours ago
why did u block middle East ?? btw I'm using VPN now so i can watch anything i like time for some porno 😑😑
Nicolae Spataru
'Nicolae Spataru' 14 hours ago
9X9 = 81 inch forehead
'hnsqwgetyy' 1 day ago
tarepeccu1983 *CLICK > **#Eubvwq8w93** < CLICK* tarepeccu1983 tarepeccu1983 *CLICK > **#Eubvwq8w93** < CLICK* tarepeccu1983 tarepeccu1983 *CLICK > **#Eubvwq8w93** < CLICK* tarepeccu1983
Yvan choupa
'Yvan choupa' 2 days ago
" I pay six figures a year for a hitta"  bruh, ur hitter not hittin, dolph still out here in these streets milli rockin HOW DA FUCK U MISSED A WHOLE #100SHOTS
'SENANI HOUSSAM' 2 days ago
cool from Algeria gotdmn
Greg Johnson
'Greg Johnson' 2 days ago
85 80s baby...
Мухамед Абдурахманов
Thank from Russia
O.G Moe
'O.G Moe' 2 days ago
The Song Make wanna sleep at the Trap house tonight
Archan Lal
'Archan Lal' 2 days ago
Name me an Artist better than Don Thrilla and I will probably email you $100
robyn benami
'robyn benami' 2 days ago go check this freestyle
Damonica Hampton
'Damonica Hampton' 2 days ago
OMG I'm such a huge fan he the best rapper alive I love this song my future husband
Vip Hernandez
'Vip Hernandez' 3 days ago
I think 50 on the remix video
Jean Smith
'Jean Smith' 3 days ago
I think he had even better records on mixtapes
_JerryLZ _
'_JerryLZ _' 3 days ago
Hells Angels colors in a song called 81. Very interesting to the say the least
Phyllis Davis
'Phyllis Davis' 3 days ago
Goоd vidеo! Guys рlеаse rаte my hоt video on mу channel )
Shondip Patel
'Shondip Patel' 3 days ago
Name me an Artist better than Don Thrilla and I will probably email you $100
'RichfellaTv' 4 days ago
Nandha Chaudhary
'Nandha Chaudhary' 4 days ago
Fuck Don Thrilla ://// ... Just fuck him, its so stupid whats going on right now!
Jay P
'Jay P' 4 days ago
enough wit dat dilemma sample already!! lmao
Joshua Kash
'Joshua Kash' 4 days ago
rns story of my life,,,,,, I feel ya Gotti
Ray Baby
'Ray Baby' 4 days ago
9x9 iz 81
Official C Steel
'Official C Steel' 5 days ago
dope song! check me out! click the link i am a producer as well! Any one on this post can do the same! thanks in advance!
Sleepy Brown
'Sleepy Brown' 6 days ago
beat is super hard
'iamR.Zelly' 6 days ago
9 x 9 is 81
Aleks charo
'Aleks charo' 6 days ago
seul français
Ceaser Boss
'Ceaser Boss' 6 days ago
'A K' 6 days ago
One Nation Under God right
'A K' 6 days ago
Yo Gotti....thanks for our music video a la confessional. Say 2 Our Fathers and 3 Heil Mary's. Amen. 3 squared is 9 and 9 x 9 is 81 and 8 + 1 is 9 so rockin the triple 9's as well. I agree God is enemy #1.
Farris b
'Farris b' 1 week ago
Yo Gotti look like cashnasty
'A81' 1 week ago
William Ford
'William Ford' 1 week ago
Gotti turn this bitch out and killed it
Nicholas Darst
'Nicholas Darst' 1 week ago
9 times 9 is 81
Dante Taylor
'Dante Taylor' 1 week ago
Gotta pick em wisely.. Gotta pick em carefully!!!!
كيرا روبرتس
Clean ass visual!!
K soul
'K soul' 1 week ago
Gotti been killin it fa a min
'sexgodthunder' 1 week ago
My Yo Gotti can Kill 5Million people with one snort
'sexgodthunder' 1 week ago
Yo your Yo Gotti Robots not better then my Yo Gotti Robot I got 1 to I can Make him a clone if you mess with Justin I talk to my Yo Gotti robot he only Killed evil he's The YaYo God of cocaine he was trying to kill some kind of demon do me right with your Yo Gottie Or there's about to be a battle of the Yo Gotties 10,000 battles
'DMONSWIGGIE Area' 1 week ago
Gotti, this one did it for me. 9x9 iz 81
Chris Riley
'Chris Riley' 1 week ago
I love this song, and I was born in 81.
kelly Snowden
'kelly Snowden' 1 week ago
awesome song
Marshall Smith
'Marshall Smith' 1 week ago
Get ' em Mario Mims 😡 ! Dey can't 👀 dis King ratt Now ... 😒 . 💫
TOONY Entertaintment
Gets me pumped every time💪💪
chloe ford
'chloe ford' 1 week ago
real shit
Thomas Merical
'Thomas Merical' 2 weeks ago
this beat is fucking SICK
terrell jones
'terrell jones' 2 weeks ago
Angel Navedo
'Angel Navedo' 2 weeks ago
love this shit
Talent clayton
'Talent clayton' 2 weeks ago
Dion Is
'Dion Is' 2 weeks ago
Dope, from Albania
Mid Nite
'Mid Nite' 2 weeks ago
..I c g :
Dhuri Narang
'Dhuri Narang' 2 weeks ago
Shannon Wagner
'Shannon Wagner' 2 weeks ago
It's so icy your sister
alec o
'alec o'brien' 2 weeks ago
May be in the snow but still fire
Curtis Hordge
'Curtis Hordge' 2 weeks ago
King Avanti
'King Avanti' 2 weeks ago
this is so sick... i love this vid...ima be up there soon with ya #thacomeup
Kapinjal Sabharwal
'Kapinjal Sabharwal' 2 weeks ago
Who is DonThrilla?
Cassie Cantu
'Cassie Cantu' 2 weeks ago
Lisa Dysart
'Lisa Dysart' 2 weeks ago
Some shorty drop that beat. So much time I know I know I know I'm just in my prime. I love that pussy eat it up love it. I don't know about you but pussy is sweet love that you and me meet. so I'm going to settle the score. I know but pussy I's great, and I'm going to eat it up, and when I'm done I want some more. How about you, and me on a private beach I'll treat you your sweet as a peach.
Lisa Dysart
'Lisa Dysart' 2 weeks ago
That's fire!!
Caeser Bulindi Baka
'Caeser Bulindi Baka' 2 weeks ago
Devin Cunningham
'Devin Cunningham' 2 weeks ago
shit go so stupid in the car
Shingara Karpe
'Shingara Karpe' 2 weeks ago
I need help, WHo is DOnThrilla? I dont know him
Cassondria Brown
'Cassondria Brown' 2 weeks ago
This song, is the shit
Bernard Fairman
'Bernard Fairman' 2 weeks ago
I like to start now
Gary 212
'Gary 212' 2 weeks ago
hey guys I'm a new up and coming producer and would really enjoy it if you checked my channel out. God bless
Nitty American Hustler
Yo Gotti 5 Star General never missed a beat steady evolving 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nicholas Druan
'Nicholas Druan' 2 weeks ago
am i the only one who saw the title and thought it would be about Hells Angels???
Demy Van Der Burgt
'Demy Van Der Burgt' 2 weeks ago
9 times 9 is 81
Albert Hodge
'Albert Hodge' 2 weeks ago
I been fw gotti but
austin gonzalez
'austin gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
🎶aye you big head motherfucker why you hatin' so much?🎶
Damien Smith
'Damien Smith' 2 weeks ago
.llp lpl like 0
Jasmin Searcy
'Jasmin Searcy' 2 weeks ago
cocain white
'7saladsago' 2 weeks ago
comin back with fire
Tony T
'Tony T' 2 weeks ago
fuck happen to zilla? ...& take them spandex jeans off.81 we don't do that whore!!
justin mustdie
'justin mustdie' 2 weeks ago
Gnan Mohanty
'Gnan Mohanty' 3 weeks ago
Who is DonThrilla?
Tay kampbell
'Tay kampbell' 3 weeks ago
not cause he a goom he my nigga
Luca D.B
'Luca D.B' 3 weeks ago
How you miss 100 shots
Jovanni Ramirez
'Jovanni Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
Gurucarana Sibal
'Gurucarana Sibal' 3 weeks ago
Name a rapper Better than DonThrilla!! Thats right NO ONE!
Tyseen Dixon
'Tyseen Dixon' 3 weeks ago
shout to tyty and emori
Clemente Washington
'Clemente Washington' 3 weeks ago
Memphis Represent!!!!!
David Kopano
'David Kopano' 3 weeks ago
dope Music_Video .
Ghost Bladez
'Ghost Bladez' 3 weeks ago
boss w
'boss w' 3 weeks ago
sebastian herrera
'sebastian herrera' 3 weeks ago
The beat is fuego, from colombia
Mr. Unknown
'Mr. Unknown' 3 weeks ago
Mo Vlogs Has That White Rolls Royce He's Rich AF
Tommi Partanen
'Tommi Partanen' 3 weeks ago
Shae hart
'Shae hart' 3 weeks ago
this man is soo underrated
Junk World
'Junk World' 3 weeks ago
yo potty
zee pee
'zee pee's exclusive' 3 weeks ago
'ontopoftheworld110' 3 weeks ago
Harry brought me here
Michael Jones
'Michael Jones' 3 weeks ago
This going on the good list CMG CM7
Biggie Nav
'Biggie Nav' 3 weeks ago
homie you did it again #dope shit love your work
randy knapp
'randy knapp' 3 weeks ago
Do Your Thang Gottie
Luis Springer
'Luis Springer' 3 weeks ago
dang bro 10000p bars nigga
'G-M NL' 3 weeks ago
Yo Gotti is the dopest and the realest!! from Canada!! 👊
Jose Rodriguez
'Jose Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
'thedrunkenpilot' 3 weeks ago
"I know Jay Z you guys, he's my friend. I know him personally. Guys listen, I know Jay Z okay?"
Shametria Howard
'Shametria Howard' 3 weeks ago
My song bro 🔥🔥🔥
Chimere Singleton
'Chimere Singleton' 3 weeks ago
This is my Jam! Las Vegas Baby!
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