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Think Super Glue Can Lift A Pickup Truck? -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Street Science | Wednesdays 10p
Kevin and his team of experts put the strongest glues on earth to the test.
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'svtzeater' 2 weeks ago
But doesn’t work on the regular stuff. Lol
Abdullahi Osman
'Abdullahi Osman' 1 month ago
That was unsafe and potentially disastrous. Not cool. You could even get sued.
sternalplace2 1
'sternalplace2 1' 1 month ago
That safe is from thebackyardscientest
'Hero' 2 months ago
Pretty large drops
Next2Me YT
'Next2Me YT' 2 months ago
Here before the comment section gets flooded
'friesm2000' 2 months ago
pistons are stupid, not only is the rod pin slightly off centered from the factory (helps NVH), but they also look like used ones too, with probably being oil/fuel soaked, so the glue never got a proper bond.
Matt James
'Matt James' 3 months ago
Fake. I didn't see them attach the peice they glued together.
Journey4Sure Knowledge-N-Wisdom
Total BullSh-T when they said they're using just "10 drops" ! Did you see the size of each so-called drop? Each of their drops is in actuality equivalent to at least 3 of the average size drops that are produced by super glue's spout and so they didn't just use 10 drops but was much closer to 30 drops... even so, it was still impressive to see it hold
'LorenzoDIYz' 3 months ago
I need that glue in my life lol
The real mtthbusters did this years ago
2 Builder Bros
'2 Builder Bros' 3 months ago
Here at 8727 views before it hits a million soon...
'cutetreytn' 3 months ago
Next, try to pick up my exwife. She would max out the cranes lifting weight.
'arrowghost' 3 months ago
Wow, go way further than the Mythbusters Build Team.
Newb Programming
'Newb Programming' 3 months ago
2:44 those two idiots could have died...
Tommy Croissant
'Tommy Croissant' 3 months ago
"Just ten drops" those are like a half an ounce each. That's five ounces of glue dude, that's not ten drops, they are ten globs broski. And the entertainment effect of taking it higher to prove something is hilarious, it's the same downforce 😅 come on science Chanel. Get it together
Anthony Kim
'Anthony Kim' 3 months ago
That’s the type of stuff I need to hold my life together
Shawn Strode
'Shawn Strode' 3 months ago
At a manufacturing plant we had a 2500 pound press that would slowly walk away from the assembly line when in use. The slight imbalance was something that maintenance was not worried with, it was just a nuisance. We super glued it to the concrete floor and it stayed in location. Five years later when moving the machine, the concrete came up with the foot pad.
Erik Tran
'Erik Tran' 3 months ago
That truck is a paid actor!
navid mehdi
'navid mehdi' 3 months ago
well just watch mythbusters.
Cross Bow
'Cross Bow' 3 months ago
you really get paid for this bullshit???????????????
Saif Bayouq
'Saif Bayouq' 3 months ago
Here before 900 views
'Pyrotense' 3 months ago
If it's lifted in the thumbnail I'd hazard a guess... yes?
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 3 months ago
Love science!!! Big like from the Fairy Frequency YouTube channel! Wishing you a beautiful evening filled with goodness x) 🦋
Kimmone Wright
'Kimmone Wright' 3 months ago
What is the name of that glue so I can buy it...
'hippo459' 3 months ago
Yeah 10 "drops" more like 10 pools
'Zorbcck' 3 months ago
2:44 No hard hats? What if the glue gave way?
'silences' 3 months ago
here before 600 views It's gonna hit 1M
'MuhNamesTylerr' 3 months ago
If they were truly confident about the glue they would play a game of poker while the truck dangles above them
John Smith
'John Smith' 3 months ago
All they had available for extras were toothless hillbillies
'Ryan88' 3 months ago
Uhh...why were they even near the truck as it was still being lowered at 2:43? If it failed the upper yellow beam could have come crashing down and could have killed someone.
'CAPTAIN WELLS' 3 months ago
when he sawed the boat at half and put it back together
Emotional Chameleon
'Emotional Chameleon' 3 months ago
'CAPTAIN WELLS' 3 months ago
Terrance Huang
'Terrance Huang' 3 months ago
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