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Funniest Kid Fails Compilation January 2017 | Kyoot Kids -
Published: 10 months ago By: Kyoot Kids

By: Kyoot KidsPublished: 10 months ago

1, 725, 112 views

5, 858 Likes   545 Dislikes

Funniest Kid Fails Compilation

Brand new weekly compilation from AFV of the funniest Kid Fails, bloopers, outtakes, viral clips and kids getting OWNED moments caught on tape.

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kian worme
'kian worme' 2 weeks ago
Uhm are sure about the title it says 2007 ur 10 years off buddy 😑😑7:18
Anisha Etji
'Anisha Etji' 2 weeks ago
super but my net is slow
Brulé Parlesilluminés
7:22: Fortunately, God gave her an incorparated helmet... ;)
LexiCorn Kitten
'LexiCorn Kitten' 4 weeks ago
1:23 I DID NOT LAUGH 😂😂😂😂
Joana Ortiz
'Joana Ortiz' 4 weeks ago
I only lauth 2 times
'GoldLegacy' 1 month ago
8:50 SAFE
Drawing With Abbey
'Drawing With Abbey' 1 month ago
kid fails are never funny. they could be hurt or embarrassed that these clips are up. children don't know any better, you cant blame them for being kids
Reema Hamdan
'Reema Hamdan' 1 month ago
"dude you can throw really far" "yeah , I have big muscles " 😂
chewy kitty chips
'chewy kitty chips' 1 month ago
Hello I'm a very small youtuber =( but still I want you guys to please help me =) please just think of helping a homeless cat =) god bless all of you that see my comment 🐇
Kawaii Dreams
'Kawaii Dreams' 2 months ago
5:53 how did he get in there?!
Tommy Vailes
'Tommy Vailes' 2 months ago
This is vending machine----> 🐔 he hates things one like on this comment one dolled for treatment
Ali Tahir44211
'Ali Tahir44211' 2 months ago
4:30 pretending that u did it purposely
Airos Smith
'Airos Smith' 3 months ago
Live Good Be happy
'Live Good Be happy' 3 months ago
2:15 Bollywood movie , pyar ka panchnama
Australian Egg
'Australian Egg' 3 months ago
Kid at 2:02 deserved it, I get bragging but he stood on the table and screamed
Tim Crook
'Tim Crook' 3 months ago
it's not funny at all
Elijah Miller
'Elijah Miller' 3 months ago
1:09 I think that was my grampa h e looked like it
Ismael Quintero
'Ismael Quintero' 3 months ago
That was funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ramiyah McLean
'Ramiyah McLean' 3 months ago
Ramiyah McLean
'Ramiyah McLean' 3 months ago
Morgan Grande
'Morgan Grande' 3 months ago
4:51 that girl could've broken her buttocks 😂😂
'Fearless_Grace' 3 months ago
1:39 What's on the wall
'AVApwns1' 3 months ago
they just get dumber and dumber
Tatyanna Reed
'Tatyanna Reed' 3 months ago
When I am 👀 at this , why aren't the presents doing any thing about this because their kids are getting their self hurt😑😑😑😑
Tatyanna Reed
'Tatyanna Reed' 3 months ago
Why are the parents not doing any thing about this?????!!!!!!!!!
Marcy Schelly
'Marcy Schelly' 3 months ago
and it seems to be all hillbilly backyards to where the dumb things happen.
Mrs. Viktória
'Mrs. Viktória' 3 months ago
0:00- Magyarooooopook
wolfy98891 wolfy wolf
How wood u get stuck in bascit ball game I thought getting stuck in a toy mashen was 1 thing but that was crazy
'GavrritoBurrito' 3 months ago
So this is what you call humor? These kids are getting hurt -_-
'GavrritoBurrito' 3 months ago
So this is what you call humor? These kids are getting hurt -_-
Little Fire
'Little Fire' 3 months ago
At 8:00 why does the girl sound like Ellen from the Ellen show
Hudson 600
'Hudson 600' 3 months ago
Don't sub he has 666k subs
Ronald Martinez J.R.
'Ronald Martinez J.R.' 3 months ago
666,666 subscribers he has right now creepy..
Patrol Division
'Patrol Division' 3 months ago
These things are so cute and hilarious
Princess Perfect
'Princess Perfect' 4 months ago
None of these are cute
Veronica Johnson
'Veronica Johnson' 4 months ago
38 seconds, one of my family bowls like that.
diyanni groce
'diyanni groce' 4 months ago
Same thing here
cutestof themall
'cutestof themall' 4 months ago
Why would you give a motorcycle to a kid? LOL 😶😶😶
Tasha Williard
'Tasha Williard' 4 months ago
'lpsroostertv;)' 4 months ago
5:19 what a rebel 2017 funny videos but it says 2015🤔
'goldendomer' 4 months ago
Andrea Giles
'Andrea Giles' 4 months ago
These are the world's funniest fails ever
Reed Sanders
'Reed Sanders' 4 months ago
This video is just bad parenting
Elijah French
'Elijah French' 4 months ago
5:37 I did something like that once but I didn't get wet XD
'xXGalaxySpiritXx' 4 months ago
Why would people think their kids being abused is funny?
Henrik Hanøy
'Henrik Hanøy' 4 months ago
brizeth Gonzalez
'brizeth Gonzalez' 4 months ago
This is emma 🐱 1 like 1 friend
Angel Potter
'Angel Potter' 4 months ago
OMG SO Funny 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Ramirez
'Maria Ramirez' 4 months ago
My real question is why do some of the big kids cry and the babes are like im cool im fine😎😎😎😎
Haitham AlMajed
'Haitham AlMajed' 4 months ago
i laughed hard
'wibauxay' 4 months ago
$$10 minutes vidéo $$
Marcio Lopez
'Marcio Lopez' 4 months ago
'misskakegamic' 4 months ago
This is funny 😜😜
'misskakegamic' 4 months ago
Viktória Ivânyi
'Viktória Ivânyi' 4 months ago
Aleks Morawski
'Aleks Morawski' 4 months ago
in the title "January 2017" here 5:22 "2015" then this is 2017 or 2015?!?!
Garfeild 1
'Garfeild 1' 4 months ago
2:13 dora shootin some hoops
Alexa Cruz
'Alexa Cruz' 4 months ago
Hahahahahahahaha. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Trevor Maynard
'Trevor Maynard' 5 months ago
Brenda Osoria
'Brenda Osoria' 5 months ago
2:47 does a handstand and I can't even do it
dodo doodles
'dodo doodles' 5 months ago
i am dead at 7:20
JARAMILLO martinez
'JARAMILLO martinez' 5 months ago
first one was not funnytyou dontw waht could if happend to the little boy
Tommy Graf
'Tommy Graf' 5 months ago
Why isn't it called "stupid autistic kid fails"
Natalia Lowe
'Natalia Lowe' 5 months ago
Monkeyboy1309 Gaming
'Monkeyboy1309 Gaming' 5 months ago
4:59 here come spider man swing
Karoll Reyes
'Karoll Reyes' 5 months ago
5:50 kid got rekt in the face
Ashley Graal
'Ashley Graal' 5 months ago
2:58 i cant stop laughting 😆
Ιωάννα Βαρσανη
in 5 : 39
Unicornshadow4 ••
2:36 Who's stupid idea was to put a bunch of splinters so when kids fall they land on them
Kingz Full
'Kingz Full' 5 months ago
Why are almost all of the videos recorded vertically? Makes it too hard to watch.
Butt Head McGee
'Butt Head McGee' 5 months ago
I fucked a bigfoot
kim Vacanti
'kim Vacanti' 5 months ago
That's. so. Funny
Ethan Rivera
'Ethan Rivera' 5 months ago
Most of this is purposeful and none of it is funny 😟
Biggest fan of Bianca Ryan
Funny 😂
'Azzai' 5 months ago
Why are we kids so stupid? 😂
'Rebelguy241' 6 months ago
the kid in 6:54 is literally indestructable.
Vince Nicchia
'Vince Nicchia' 6 months ago
Here's another rule never go biking after a flood it could be very dangerous you could suffer injuries and death
Vince Nicchia
'Vince Nicchia' 6 months ago
Heres a rule never run when youre bowling
Vince Nicchia
'Vince Nicchia' 6 months ago
0:44 the baby is dead
Vince Nicchia
'Vince Nicchia' 6 months ago
Why are kids dying in this video?
Kenny Gaming
'Kenny Gaming' 6 months ago
He has muscles and no brain
SmashuGamer Girl
'SmashuGamer Girl' 6 months ago
2:40 who's the fool now?
Kellan the cat & doggy
I did not laugh at this round
Zaldy Rasya
'Zaldy Rasya' 6 months ago
fak You
Bozena Eck
'Bozena Eck' 6 months ago
PATRICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:34
'Lavonee99' 6 months ago
The kid counting was so cute
Tatsuki Bana
'Tatsuki Bana' 6 months ago
1:50 She Actually Sound Like Puppy
Tianyi Stuff
'Tianyi Stuff' 6 months ago
2:50 instant karma
General ZAPP
'General ZAPP' 6 months ago
you have way to many ads
'SpoT' 6 months ago
Gaming \w blacksmith
'Gaming \w blacksmith' 6 months ago
5:49when you get a one tap in csgo
'FairyNoob' 6 months ago
1:35 why is evrerybody stupid enough to try that even though it never have gone succesfull
Mike The MVP
'Mike The MVP' 6 months ago
The fuck how do u get stuck the the true hell was he in it lol
'saxyroxy736' 6 months ago
what did i tell you? probably a thousand times at least.
'Xo.candyslimes' 6 months ago
1:43 me when I try to dance 😂😂😂😂
Shiftz 1
'Shiftz 1' 6 months ago
3:26 that's why Helmets were made
Bae Dianna
'Bae Dianna' 6 months ago
Dirtbike fails XD they never get old.
tgg/The green gamer
'tgg/The green gamer' 6 months ago
2:40 No your a foul underwear kid!
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