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Funniest Kid Fails Compilation January 2017 | Kyoot Kids -
Published: 5 months ago By: Kyoot Kids

By: Kyoot KidsPublished: 5 months ago

1, 073, 290 views

3, 711 Likes   370 Dislikes

Funniest Kid Fails Compilation

Brand new weekly compilation from AFV of the funniest Kid Fails, bloopers, outtakes, viral clips and kids getting OWNED moments caught on tape.

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Kellan The Pokken Master
I did not laugh at this round
Zaldy Rasya
'Zaldy Rasya' 9 hours ago
fak You
Bozena Eck
'Bozena Eck' 17 hours ago
PATRICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:34
'Lavonee99' 1 day ago
The kid counting was so cute
Tatsuki Bana
'Tatsuki Bana' 6 days ago
1:50 She Actually Sound Like Puppy
Cool Stuff
'Cool Stuff' 1 week ago
2:50 instant karma
General ZAPP
'General ZAPP' 1 week ago
you have way to many ads
Spotless Own
'Spotless Own' 1 week ago
Gaming \w blacksmith
5:49when you get a one tap in csgo
'FairyNoob' 2 weeks ago
1:35 why is evrerybody stupid enough to try that even though it never have gone succesfull
Mike The MVP
'Mike The MVP' 2 weeks ago
The fuck how do u get stuck the the true hell was he in it lol
'saxyroxy736' 2 weeks ago
what did i tell you? probably a thousand times at least.
Anjana Dura
'Anjana Dura' 2 weeks ago
lol 😂
'Nyancat_aly' 2 weeks ago
1:43 me when I try to dance 😂😂😂😂
IKvng_Sh1tz 1
'IKvng_Sh1tz 1' 2 weeks ago
3:26 that's why Helmets were made
Bae Dianna
'Bae Dianna' 2 weeks ago
Dirtbike fails XD they never get old.
tgg/The green gamer
'tgg/The green gamer' 2 weeks ago
2:40 No your a foul underwear kid!
TG darth
'TG darth' 2 weeks ago
"Funny kids fail" all white people
HUỲNH ĐẢM gammer
6:55 headshot
Kaciann Small
'Kaciann Small' 2 weeks ago
The boy who scared the girl out of the garbage bin is my friend!😱
G Pruetz
'G Pruetz' 2 weeks ago
At 3:41 that kid shouldn't be in that trash can I should
RB Gaming
'RB Gaming' 2 weeks ago
0:25 savage
cool nise girl Lamb
'cool nise girl Lamb' 2 weeks ago
can u put my only vid on ur funny moments???just look at it!
MearaFilms RBLX
'MearaFilms RBLX' 2 weeks ago
At 2:24 She has the same name as me! 😂😂
Jonathan LeBrun
'Jonathan LeBrun' 2 weeks ago
Jonathan LeBrun
'Jonathan LeBrun' 2 weeks ago
Kylie Wilkinson
'Kylie Wilkinson' 2 weeks ago
Why do people think a child getting hurt is funny
Zackary Pina
'Zackary Pina' 2 weeks ago
XxpugZGamesxX On ROBLOX
So how qre these funny? Just sad that u think this is funny
Killian R.
'Killian R.' 2 weeks ago
human such clumsy creachers...
Niklas Estep
'Niklas Estep' 2 weeks ago
How'd he get in that arcade machine
Niklas Estep
'Niklas Estep' 2 weeks ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the person that hit the wall and put a hole in is knocked out
'caliroadgeek' 2 weeks ago
'Camvlogsforfun' 2 weeks ago
To many ads
Melisse Clark
'Melisse Clark' 2 weeks ago
SO many stupid parents inviting real injury. Just lucky.
Logan Wills
'Logan Wills' 2 weeks ago
Snowie Kitten
'Snowie Kitten' 2 weeks ago
2:58 OMG IS THAT ME? how did you find me
Shawneen Duke
'Shawneen Duke' 3 weeks ago
7:43so 😂
Jennifer Bowyer
'Jennifer Bowyer' 3 weeks ago
shady benyamin
'shady benyamin' 3 weeks ago
3:19 saw her brother committed suicide
Jennifer Bekkerus
'Jennifer Bekkerus' 3 weeks ago
0:43 now I know the true meaning of " frozen in fear "
Jack Hudetz
'Jack Hudetz' 3 weeks ago
1:28 well you know they are fucking stupid when they dye their hair blue
Monkeyboy1309 Minecraft And Roblox Gaming North
4:59 here come the spiderman
Danna Trejo
'Danna Trejo' 4 weeks ago
Izz Nabil
'Izz Nabil' 4 weeks ago
this is the most satisfying video I have watched in my life
'CptFacepalm' 4 weeks ago
5:25 boy do I love physics!
Ultimate Randomness
'Ultimate Randomness' 1 month ago
If you pause the video at 5.41, you get a good shot of his ass with mud and crap on it.
Elmer Reforsado
'Elmer Reforsado' 1 month ago
Muhammad Nandono
'Muhammad Nandono' 1 month ago
its funny hahahahahha😄😄😄😄😄
Larissa Landry
'Larissa Landry' 1 month ago
1:50 wtf, that squeak tho
Dshaun Mcneal
'Dshaun Mcneal' 1 month ago
I'm weak 😂
'mslnhorn' 1 month ago
Erica Bastuk
'Erica Bastuk' 1 month ago
6:03 how did he there A:he climb up  the things in there B:a C:he broke it and then fix it what do you think guys
'littlered1403' 1 month ago
that kid at 3:58 is weak
Hannahsuekim/ hsk
'Hannahsuekim/ hsk' 2 months ago
I got 100 so that means... What does that mean boy?
Jay & ay
'Jay & ay' 2 months ago
This Damon 🐩 Damon has heaps of friends cause he's a fuckin billionare🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤗🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Artturo Torres
'Artturo Torres' 2 months ago
Michael Daniel
'Michael Daniel' 2 months ago
#so funny and cute
'GamingForever' 2 months ago
this is so -bad- GOOD. it's so -terrible- HILARIOUS
'AJ ME' 2 months ago
5:52 Honey, I'm home, look what I brought you ! Oh nice, a new baby, where did you get him ? I won him playing arcade basketball.
Atiqure ali borah
'Atiqure ali borah' 2 months ago
2:58 lmao the cat just disappeared from there
Grace _lit
'Grace _lit' 2 months ago
My four year old sister and I watched this and laughed our heads off this was hilarious!!!
Gerald Slipperjack
'Gerald Slipperjack' 2 months ago
Some videos suck cause the cameras move away just when the action happens fuck all
Rip Kogama Sucks
'Rip Kogama Sucks' 2 months ago
🐥This is Chicky. She has no friends. 1 like = 1 friend.
Boy Dreamer
'Boy Dreamer' 2 months ago
Make you want to have a child and use it to laugh XD
mackenzie teynor
'mackenzie teynor' 2 months ago
Hole in the wall
Elijah B
'Elijah B' 2 months ago
its funny but, thoose kids are probely hurt
nalu Legal
'nalu Legal' 2 months ago
Que viagem e essa vei
gymnast AJ
'gymnast AJ' 3 months ago
the girl dancing on the bed is so me
James Wood
'James Wood' 3 months ago
I hate this video 🤐
James Wood
'James Wood' 3 months ago
this is a dumb video 😲
Chim The Doggo
'Chim The Doggo' 3 months ago
How to Horse
'How to Horse' 3 months ago
It says 2017 fails, but on 5:13, the stage says 2015.... What?
Paul van der Voort
'Paul van der Voort' 3 months ago
The kid to the kids head was nasty LOL
Eric  Luedtke
'Eric Luedtke' 3 months ago
This is sudha 🐶 sudha is sick every like you put you get a warm feeling in your heart ❤️💛💚💙💜
'RageKiko' 3 months ago
rajan mckenzie
'rajan mckenzie' 3 months ago
At 8:29 that parent is dumb
Ciara Lee
'Ciara Lee' 3 months ago
5:52 how in the world does that kid get up there?
tito cantu
'tito cantu' 3 months ago
not real do
Blake Gameing
'Blake Gameing' 3 months ago
1:05 titanic
Blue Flame
'Blue Flame' 4 months ago
The kid who was cutting his hair with scissors it doesn't look half bad
'UnicornLover101' 4 months ago
I hate when kids get hurt and parents just stand there laughing
'swagANNA AP' 4 months ago
6:21 I wanted to see her face I wanted to see her face!!!😣😝
lisa sweetleaf
'lisa sweetleaf' 4 months ago
thats funny
mtn dew lover
'mtn dew lover' 4 months ago
5:56 I'm not copying him but how in the world he get in there lol
mtn dew lover
'mtn dew lover' 4 months ago
3:34 question how did he get stuck
mtn dew lover
'mtn dew lover' 4 months ago
11:14 this is not that funny
Ihazaewesome lol
'Ihazaewesome lol' 4 months ago
These are not funny
Taylor Myatt
'Taylor Myatt' 4 months ago
2:30 "Im pretty good for now" *falls in water*
Kristy Cheeseman
'Kristy Cheeseman' 4 months ago
0:11 would be the perfect to be continued moment right there
Sandra tecuanhuey
'Sandra tecuanhuey' 4 months ago
Poor baby girl 😧🙁
Pilot Kid
'Pilot Kid' 4 months ago
Just sayin
Pilot Kid
'Pilot Kid' 4 months ago
Why are we laughing at other people's pain
mcqueen 18
'mcqueen 18' 4 months ago
4:02 wasn't a fail it's what happens in baseball sometimes these aren't Even funny they're sad
Silver Rabbit
'Silver Rabbit' 4 months ago
7:36 where my fellow colourguarders at?!
'M&S_ DIYS' 4 months ago
kristy freeman
'kristy freeman' 4 months ago
that is so cool video
mlg luis dantulert
'mlg luis dantulert' 4 months ago
i like it
Olga Ortega
'Olga Ortega' 4 months ago
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