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Gotta See It: Jets players freak out as Brock Lesnar breaks sacred dressing room rule -
Published: 1 year ago By: SPORTSNET

By: SPORTSNETPublished: 1 year ago

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Wrestling star Brock Lesnar got a special tour of the Winnipeg Jets' facilities after their win against the Flames. The only problem is that he breaks one of the most sacred rules of an NHL team's dressing room.

Izey Fro
'Izey Fro' 3 hours ago
“I’m from Winnipeg you idiot”
'RandyBoBandy' 3 days ago
I would've punched him in the face
'Chase' 3 weeks ago
9072 Angel
'9072 Angel' 4 weeks ago
Brock lesnar so cute~
Ion Prime
'Ion Prime' 2 months ago
You are not aloud to walk over the team logo in the dressing room
'jnigro187' 2 months ago
Really Sportsnet? “Freak Out.” Stfu you guys are ridiculous.
Austin Patterson
'Austin Patterson' 4 months ago
Does Brock lesnar even like hockey anyways
Scott Shecter
'Scott Shecter' 5 months ago
When you make NHL players look small your huge
Ümit Aydin
'Ümit Aydin' 5 months ago
Am I the only one, who heard a guy in the background say "somebody hit him" after brock stepped over the logo at 0:18?
Well is not the sport of Brock,sure don't know him the tradition
robeel khan
'robeel khan' 5 months ago
Respect for this man always.
Uganda Knuckles
'Uganda Knuckles' 6 months ago
I like how they don't want people to step on it. But when Brock do they really don't get mad Because he's Brock Lesnar!
oaktown 510
'oaktown 510' 6 months ago
As a hockey fan youd think he'd know that
'Virtual_Viking' 7 months ago
OK, so if the sacred rule is to never step on a Jets logo, why is it on the floor of the locker room? That's just dumb.
John Do
'John Do' 7 months ago
Damn near got hes ass beat..
Freddy Pedraza
'Freddy Pedraza' 8 months ago
Who's going to tell him something ? Lol
Tyler Clark
'Tyler Clark' 8 months ago
After Lesnar did that the jets went on a 5 game winning streak lmao
Casimus Prime
'Casimus Prime' 8 months ago
The Jets will never win a Stanley Cup because of this.
Jason Dobbs
'Jason Dobbs' 10 months ago
So what happens when a team wins a Cup? Do they cut the logo out of the floor for the locker room celebration? maybe this is the real reason the Jets haven't won a Cup.
Steve-o Moreno
'Steve-o Moreno' 11 months ago
The Suplex City Jets
We should all be LIVING LIKE LARRY
Odd seeing this side of brock..
Gordo Razz
'Gordo Razz' 1 year ago
who are the jets?
'ällistysmies' 1 year ago
how member Justin Bieber and Blackhawks? he stay in logo
stop asking me to change my name!
I wonder how they vacuum that logo ?
Pc Gamerboyz
'Pc Gamerboyz' 1 year ago
Why is leaner kids wearing cowboy boots
ImGonSay It Anyway
Tyler Joyner
'Tyler Joyner' 1 year ago
mark hunt would make him pay for that.
'dnnyshdy' 1 year ago
Good lord.Really?
Gaming Lizard 1
'Gaming Lizard 1' 1 year ago
......what rule?
'Ray' 1 year ago
big dummy
James supreme
'James supreme' 1 year ago
I mean ... what are they gonna do about it?... fight him?
'B4ULoveShine' 1 year ago
I'm not even a WPG Jets fan, but ouch! Hint: Brock is from MN.
'Goalieman99' 1 year ago
Blue Damil
'Blue Damil' 1 year ago
lol bigass white guy
Andy Duarte
'Andy Duarte' 1 year ago
You're never suppose to step on any logo of any team. Out of sheer respect.
'Gabriel8415' 1 year ago
deep down he wanted to kill the entire team for challenging a god. nice guy brock Lesnar
joe zuniga
'joe zuniga' 1 year ago
Eric Hammer
'Eric Hammer' 1 year ago
Yeah..totally freaked out......
'Pandabearmadness' 1 year ago
Wow Brock has become much nicer from years past. when he fought Mark hunt he showed him such respect it made me change my Mind about him. I wonder what changed for him.
'Pandabearmadness' 1 year ago
'mattyhasselhoff' 1 year ago
Brock seems like an engaging guy in banter.
'Gohan' 1 year ago
So im guessing its a big difference between the locker room logo and a logo on the field because football players and basketball players run over their own logo all the time
Jesus Perez
'Jesus Perez' 1 year ago
don't put the logo on the floor then
Matthew Hurley
'Matthew Hurley' 1 year ago
frank ruiz
'frank ruiz' 1 year ago
chris Jericho be like wtf xD lmao 😹😹😹😹
CJ Lester
'CJ Lester' 1 year ago
Hockey is still a sport !? Or is this old
'Khalabeeb' 1 year ago
Watcha gonna do about it? You'll do nootin.
'DefyantFox' 1 year ago
next thing you know, Brock will think he can play hockey
'ROUSH4203' 1 year ago
The janitor prob pisses on it every day
mike Layhew
'mike Layhew' 1 year ago
Look at his face! So embarrassing!
Gucci Gang
'Gucci Gang' 1 year ago
When was this
Aaron AJ Knight
'Aaron AJ Knight' 1 year ago
I wouldn't say anything, he might step all over them. They'll all get VIP tickets to Suplex City. What if Paul Heyman walked in with him: "My client BRRROCK LLESNAR will walk over any symbol he wants to, and if you get in his way, he will crush you!!!"
Md H86
'Md H86' 1 year ago
Lesnar rules!!!!!
Kyle Hawkins
'Kyle Hawkins' 1 year ago
Getting pictures with your boy. Mmm hmm
Julio Marquez
'Julio Marquez' 1 year ago
Winnipeg became Suplex City..
Hal 502
'Hal 502' 1 year ago
Brock Lesnar is a cool person
Invincible Young Empire
Noooo brock lol
'GumBallin' 1 year ago
Goldberg told me to dislike this.
Nate McGraw
'Nate McGraw' 1 year ago
Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do😉
'WWYD78' 1 year ago
look at the size head on that joker
'Legionnaire' 1 year ago
Bork Lesnar is starting to look old
'NATURAL LAW' 1 year ago
Not much they can do about it
Axzx xzxA
'Axzx xzxA' 1 year ago
I just can't ever look at Brock the same since his failed drug test at UFC 200, he was fake this entire time. It makes me sad that I liked him.
Tacos Gaming
'Tacos Gaming' 1 year ago
damn!! brock lesnar is pretty nice in real life
Sleazy Eezy
'Sleazy Eezy' 1 year ago
The audio fucked both of my ears real good
'Marth' 1 year ago
Superstition is the religion of fools.
Kian Rezae
'Kian Rezae' 1 year ago
First time I saw Lesnar smiling genuinely in a long ass time. And then he had to take pictures with the players and he lost his smile....
'spafro101' 1 year ago
Maybe now they'll win and start walking over more often.
mike villegas
'mike villegas' 1 year ago
who's the pink elephant
Charles Diluzio
'Charles Diluzio' 1 year ago
mark hunt is going to sue him for that
logan naramore
'logan naramore' 1 year ago
He needs to share his roids to that team
'Batman' 1 year ago
I thought he was antisocial. This is a rare occurrence of a Brock lesner out and about. So magnificent of a sight.
'nofrop' 1 year ago
if it were an original six, I'd be a little more pissed, but the jets, pppfffff
'TheDragonDAFan' 1 year ago
It seems like he did it just to spite Chris Jericho,
Gucci Gang
'Gucci Gang' 1 year ago
is this video this year or old
'RIPPLE H' 1 year ago
Dennis Sullivan
'Dennis Sullivan' 1 year ago
Typical Perreault, always baiting the penalty ;)
Tabithia Moore
'Tabithia Moore' 1 year ago
NY Rangers❄⛄🏆
Lobo Rivera
'Lobo Rivera' 1 year ago
he's a mma fighter not a man who's claps hands an grab footballs. A fighter can do damage to your life lol
Atomik Fajita
'Atomik Fajita' 1 year ago
Now go step on the LA chargers new logo.
'Zantar95' 1 year ago
Kinda like how he broke UFC steroid use policy
That Tard lesner is a disgrace to ALL sports, anyway. (Cheater)
Tha Grey Man
'Tha Grey Man' 1 year ago
Where's 'Taker when u need him?..
Hank Hill
'Hank Hill' 1 year ago
so he walked on the logo and its bad luck to do that? I'm lost
Country boy zach
'Country boy zach' 1 year ago
umm I don't think chuckling is considered freaking out
Krumple Themal
'Krumple Themal' 1 year ago
Athletes are always overly superstitious
walter purdy
'walter purdy' 1 year ago
Brock Lesnar is a massive human being!!! His mother surely died giving birth
'pollard068' 1 year ago
They skate over the same center ice logo every home game....big deal.
'pollard068' 1 year ago
That time hockey teammates didn't stand up for each other.
Spetsnaz Pocomaxa
'Spetsnaz Pocomaxa' 1 year ago
Same as it being taboo in baseball for players not to run over the pitcher's mound.
'Pulse' 1 year ago
Dude, his fists are massive.
Mic Leone
'Mic Leone' 1 year ago
fight him over it!!😂😂
'GHOST IMPR' 1 year ago
he looks so friendly
'Akseli' 1 year ago
0:12 Who is the guy to the right with black hat?
bryan mccarrick
'bryan mccarrick' 1 year ago
big buf vs lesnar UFC 209 make it happen @danawhite
'ProCoolBlue' 1 year ago
This won't go viral, because it wasn't recorded vertically. (It shouldn't anyway)
raw is jericho christopher irven
he need to know everything about hockey from Jericho 👏👏👏
'CAPTAIN' 1 year ago
'Jim NORRIS' 1 year ago
Ahhh big deal
'KingSlayer' 1 year ago
Who the fook is this guy!
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