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Khaidi No 150 Official Theatrical Trailer || Mega Star Chiranjeevi || V V Vinayak || DSP -
Published: 3 months ago By: Konidela Production Company

By: Konidela Production CompanyPublished: 3 months ago

7, 261, 240 views

68, 903 Likes   14, 432 Dislikes

Here's the official theatrical trailer of Mega Star Chiranjeevi's grand comeback movie "Khaidi No 150" by Konidela Production Company & LYCA Productions.

#KhaidiNo150 #KhaidiNo150Officialtheatricaltrailer #KhaidiNo150prereleaseevent

Cast & Crew:

👉 Co-starring : Kajal Aggarwal, Raai Laxmi and more

👉 Directed by : V. V. Vinayak

👉 Produced by : Ram Charan

👉 Music by : Devi Sri Prasad

👉 Production company : Konidela Production Company & LYCA Productions.

Saqib Salim
'Saqib Salim' 1 day ago
I want it in Hindi
vemgal suhas
'vemgal suhas' 1 day ago
boss is back
Uttam Paudel
'Uttam Paudel' 3 days ago
Will it be dubbed in hindi
raju naik abvp badhavath raju naik
jai megastar
Sunil Kumar bairwa
Ye movie hindi me kab ayegi
Sachinkumar Raval
'Sachinkumar Raval' 1 week ago
boss is back
Ramanjaneyulu G
'Ramanjaneyulu G' 1 week ago
khaldhino150 Vihdjihs
Ramanjaneyulu G
'Ramanjaneyulu G' 1 week ago
yaksith sanaga
'yaksith sanaga' 1 week ago
boss is back get ready 4 movie
Ramesh Babu
'Ramesh Babu' 1 week ago
Excellent movie..super
Realcam Studios
'Realcam Studios' 1 week ago
only reason to watch this film megastar chiranjeevi
sai venkat
'sai venkat' 2 weeks ago
movie total ga yekkada kuda weightage kanpinchaley..dabba bgm...worst of the worst bgm.yekkuva stress cheste...waste product vastadhi...ala undhi...but at 60yrs...chiru active ga chesindu.
Kowshik D
'Kowshik D' 2 weeks ago
boss is back 😭😭😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
sai krishna
'sai krishna' 2 weeks ago
Kathi was much better than this shit lacked bgm and direction
billy khan
'billy khan' 2 weeks ago
wow such a nice trailor
billy khan
'billy khan' 2 weeks ago
any one tell me release date of this movie
SonyMusicSouth VEVO
'SonyMusicSouth VEVO' 2 weeks ago
prasanna kunduru
'prasanna kunduru' 2 weeks ago
, , , , , , L' ,
Sanjith Kumar
'Sanjith Kumar' 2 weeks ago
I dont know how this fat body entered into that big pipe along with the old age people 😂😂😂😂
Sanjith Kumar
'Sanjith Kumar' 2 weeks ago
I bet he will not get 150 cr ores in his box office he will only get 150RS ONLY for this FLOP MOVIE
Sanjith Kumar
'Sanjith Kumar' 2 weeks ago
he is not a mega star he is a flop star
Sanjith Kumar
'Sanjith Kumar' 2 weeks ago
stupid guy over acting kaththi is the best since his 15oth flop movie has to give a hit that mad guy copied kaththi tamil movie
Vani Kaleru
'Vani Kaleru' 3 weeks ago
megastar great
Kavi Arasan
'Kavi Arasan' 3 weeks ago
vera leval
praveen kumar
'praveen kumar' 3 weeks ago
Fuck off sambar ppl... Megastar Megashow... King of Indian Cinema
Arun Kumar
'Arun Kumar' 3 weeks ago
Chiranjeevi spoiled such a great movie of ARMurugadoss and Vijay.
Vithuja positive
'Vithuja positive' 3 weeks ago
kaththi remake?
ramkumar katthi
'ramkumar katthi' 3 weeks ago
megaaa staaarrrr.....em kannavammaa telugu kalaamma thallii...dhanyavaadaalu...👍✊
jayesh jackson
'jayesh jackson' 3 weeks ago
please all telugu movie dubbed in hindi with telugu release's dates by -: big fan of telugu and tamil movies
Sanjith Kumar
'Sanjith Kumar' 4 weeks ago
he is a copy cat stupid
Sanjith Kumar
'Sanjith Kumar' 4 weeks ago
waste!!! flop movie kaththi is the best this dosent suit him fat guy
Natalie G
'Natalie G' 4 weeks ago
these Indian films have utterly destroyed themselves.
bharath kumar
'bharath kumar' 4 weeks ago
katthi is far better
Shailesh Bamborde
'Shailesh Bamborde' 4 weeks ago
kaathi copied
axxo axx
'axxo axx' 4 weeks ago
after a long time i liked both vijay and murugados movie. both were not giving with their movie satisfaction. when i heard this movie coming in telugu with chiranjeevi i was excited. but in this he is not making an impact much. something is missing in him.
sathish raj
'sathish raj' 4 weeks ago
hemraj patel
'hemraj patel' 4 weeks ago
Nice movies trailer from movies
Asma Thaha
'Asma Thaha' 4 weeks ago
Seems like Kathi remake!!! Vijay & Samantha Jodi is better❤️❤️❤️
Saivikram K
'Saivikram K' 1 month ago
boss is back ....;-)
Theri baby Rock
'Theri baby Rock' 1 month ago
vijay than mass
Nagarjuna nani
'Nagarjuna nani' 1 month ago
super bossu
siva kumar
'siva kumar' 1 month ago
Boss is back with a bang.
Joncy Mon
'Joncy Mon' 1 month ago
veruppichu kalanju alle!
Srinivasarao Macha
'Srinivasarao Macha' 1 month ago
Lalitha devi konduri
boss superr
vivek kushwah
'vivek kushwah' 2 months ago
bhaiyo khiladi no 150 kab aa rahi hai
charanchandu rockzz
'charanchandu rockzz' 2 months ago
chiru taruvathe evadaina
'ShAhi LUV' 2 months ago
மொக்க பய சிரஞ்சீவி
Pranav Krish
'Pranav Krish' 2 months ago
isnt this kaththi in telugu
dinesh naidu Yevadu
'dinesh naidu Yevadu' 2 months ago
mega star vasthe ye star undadu...
Anilsrikanti Kumar
'Anilsrikanti Kumar' 2 months ago
veedi bonda..
adi narayana sura
'adi narayana sura' 2 months ago
Realcam Studios
'Realcam Studios' 2 months ago
Megastar forever in our hearts
Prabhakar Tiger
'Prabhakar Tiger' 2 months ago
boss is back
Realcam Studios
'Realcam Studios' 2 months ago
After a gap Boss is Back !!!
satya sudhir Sure
'satya sudhir Sure' 2 months ago
Chiru rockz....we love u megastar
Sowrya Kasim
'Sowrya Kasim' 2 months ago
He should start doing some story oriented decent movie fit for his age
geetha madhuri
'geetha madhuri' 2 months ago
geetha madhuri
'geetha madhuri' 2 months ago
awesome chiru!!! nd movie tooo
Anudeep Narayanavanam
VV Vinayak ki direction teliyadu
naveen sai gunja
'naveen sai gunja' 2 months ago
] tiopikhy
Jackson Aniyan
'Jackson Aniyan' 2 months ago
Tamil version of Kathi way better than this version...
keshav murthy
'keshav murthy' 2 months ago
pakka dabba movie ( over action)
Srinivas M
'Srinivas M' 2 months ago
Revised Tollywood rankings by craze 1 to 10 Chiru 11. Pawan 12. Mahesh 13. Ramcharan 14. Allu Arjun 15. Prabhas 16. Jr NTR 17. Raviteja 18. Balakrishna 19. Nagarjuna 20. Venkatesh
Raa Raftaar
'Raa Raftaar' 2 months ago
Is there Hindi Version
Khilesh Jagnik
'Khilesh Jagnik' 2 months ago
i think south indian just can't stop making nonsense movies....the biggest shit in the world is indian movie industry...... i think there is no gravity in south India..
'REPORTS GAJAPATI' 2 months ago
actually this movie collection was fake. Ram charan announced 2 days back. only 75 crores share in full run. As a fan i am disappointed.
Sridhar Civil
'Sridhar Civil' 2 months ago
Adarsh GUPTA
'Adarsh GUPTA' 2 months ago
What the heck did he do to farmers in these years of his stardom? Did he do anything even after entering politics? Shamelessly using them like a disposable plate to serve his movie story! Shamelessness beyond imagination.. thu.. thu..!!
Dhina Smile
'Dhina Smile' 2 months ago
whatever not stand on katthi...
La Calvitie TM
'La Calvitie TM' 2 months ago
Deelu Raja
'Deelu Raja' 2 months ago
tollywood boss is back
Deelu Raja
'Deelu Raja' 2 months ago
chiru boss is back
yd sen
'yd sen' 2 months ago
plz sir dubbed in hindi plz ....huge request ...🙂🙂🙂
SonyMusicSouth VEVO
'SonyMusicSouth VEVO' 2 months ago
Kaththi trailer is 100℅ better than this hit likes u feel the same
X plosivez CreationS
'X plosivez CreationS' 2 months ago
don't compare this movie with Kaththi
Jagjot Singh
'Jagjot Singh' 2 months ago
Wow amazing. He has been mega star for soooo long. Now he should become GIGA star.
Vikram Ram
'Vikram Ram' 2 months ago
any hero in India who can't even do action at 60 yr age but chiru dance fights great no one can replace. those tamiliams trolling him just see his track he is equal to rajnikanth y Ur comparing that bacha Vijay fans illetrates. ajith fans are nice .
Yasarapu Bhaskar
'Yasarapu Bhaskar' 2 months ago
prajalaku kastalu bayata teerchalenivadu cinimalo dabba kottukontunnadu dabbing cinima teesi thooooo ........
Anand Nanda
'Anand Nanda' 2 months ago
Mega star Boss is back
Dharenm M
'Dharenm M' 3 months ago
Kaththi Tamil movie copy
Are Madhuvenu
'Are Madhuvenu' 3 months ago
Eppatiki ayana kosam pranalu eche vallu unnaru megastar king of Telugu cinima industry
Athul Raj
'Athul Raj' 3 months ago
Botched the fight scene big time 😕
Ajmal Aj
'Ajmal Aj' 3 months ago
'AshwinJ STUDIOS' 3 months ago
Look at Ar murigadoos Kaththi and see
legendary Giri
'legendary Giri' 3 months ago
1:25 this is the mount everest the biggest mountain in earthu muskondu sooootha mudittu kukko(okkaru da punda)
legendary Giri
'legendary Giri' 3 months ago
soothu potta kudhi is back chiranjeeeeeeeevi mega porn star potta star
Nani Nani
'Nani Nani' 3 months ago
100cr share movie in tollywood only can maga star.... with normal story
venna sudheer
'venna sudheer' 3 months ago
lol i guess many peoples mouths got shut after seeing the collection's 100+crs in just 4weeks
HiShAm ShA
'HiShAm ShA' 3 months ago
it's the remake of "kathi" movie vijay's
Ivana Perkov
'Ivana Perkov' 3 months ago
I'm from Primošten and I watch how they make a scene on that wall and on the beach
Av Sp
'Av Sp' 3 months ago
keep aside your political period, really you are great sir
yakub hero
'yakub hero' 3 months ago
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yakub hero
'yakub hero' 3 months ago
Champ cash app , my referral is 11450319
Dashween Ravi
'Dashween Ravi' 3 months ago
the name earned by ar murugadoss and VÍJĂÝ sir is spoiled with this movie. mass scenes all spoiled. over action
Matej Matošin
'Matej Matošin' 3 months ago
Bollywood,welcome to Croatia.The land of game of thrones,for real :D...Dubrovnik,Šibenik and my little town of Primošten
charan thej
'charan thej' 3 months ago
where are those dickheads who made fun of this trailer few weeks ago 😂
Narasimham Nadiminti
'Narasimham Nadiminti' 3 months ago
nice film
Jackie Chan
'Jackie Chan' 3 months ago
Musolode gani mahanu bavudu..
Vikram Ram
'Vikram Ram' 3 months ago
all time. industry hit khadhi akariki chiranjeevi ravalsivachindhi 100 crores kotadaniki tollywood lo young generation sigu padali
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