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Khaidi No 150 Official Theatrical Trailer || Mega Star Chiranjeevi || V V Vinayak || DSP -
Published: 1 year ago By: Konidela Production Company

By: Konidela Production CompanyPublished: 1 year ago

8, 471, 755 views

70, 901 Likes   15, 378 Dislikes

Here's the official theatrical trailer of Mega Star Chiranjeevi's grand comeback movie "Khaidi No 150" by Konidela Production Company & LYCA Productions.

#KhaidiNo150 #KhaidiNo150Officialtheatricaltrailer #KhaidiNo150prereleaseevent

Cast & Crew:

👉 Co-starring : Kajal Aggarwal, Raai Laxmi and more

👉 Directed by : V. V. Vinayak

👉 Produced by : Ram Charan

👉 Music by : Devi Sri Prasad

👉 Production company : Konidela Production Company & LYCA Productions.

TM 7
'TM 7' 8 hours ago
Why did they upload now ... anyways quick views
TM 7
'TM 7' 8 hours ago
Daniyal Awan
'Daniyal Awan' 20 hours ago
What the FUCK is thiss
Mutyalu Mylipalli
'Mutyalu Mylipalli' 3 days ago
mylapalli mutylu
Sahir Kapoor
'Sahir Kapoor' 4 days ago
Katti superstar vijay is best what the shit is this.megastar👎🏻in this flim.
Badesab Uppar Badesab
Chathrapathi Naik
'Chathrapathi Naik' 1 week ago
katthi class and mass kaidi 150 not upto thar
Balaji Loganathan
'Balaji Loganathan' 2 weeks ago
wish we got the bollywood remake of kaththi which was going to happen with akshay kumar in the lead role .
'GameMax77' 3 weeks ago
Its cheting your notre Vijay thé best
sumanth tony
'sumanth tony' 3 weeks ago
madhu ponnada
'madhu ponnada' 3 weeks ago
super grace
Sri Charan
'Sri Charan' 3 weeks ago
Naveen Kumar
'Naveen Kumar' 3 weeks ago
Is he is an emperor of entertainment the boss
gad chokli
'gad chokli' 4 weeks ago
it is the copy of tamil movie kaththi
Surya Yalla
'Surya Yalla' 4 weeks ago
Super BGM
Rajesh Kumar Raj
'Rajesh Kumar Raj' 4 weeks ago
Rajesh Raj
'IMRAN sd' 4 weeks ago
What a bgm
Madhayya Tandila
'Madhayya Tandila' 1 month ago
Boss is bacccccccccccccccck,,,,,,
surendra babu
'surendra babu' 1 month ago
Tollywood ever green star
boobal boo
'boobal boo' 1 month ago #1m likes
Akshat Mahesh
'Akshat Mahesh' 1 month ago
Kaththi is well better u copycat megauglystwr
praveen kumar
'praveen kumar' 1 month ago
Jai Chiranjeeva
pratik tailor
'pratik tailor' 1 month ago
Telugu audience is far different than tamil... we like more masala and spiciness..Loved the trailer and movie a lot...
Rambabu Marada
'Rambabu Marada' 1 month ago
Boss is back
Jaswanth Gadde
'Jaswanth Gadde' 1 month ago
Boss is Back
Arujan Jeyakanthan
'Arujan Jeyakanthan' 1 month ago
It´s remaked of Kathi.
Magician FX
'Magician FX' 1 month ago
Remake of kaththi
Akhil Sai
'Akhil Sai' 1 month ago
No 1 chiru any time everytime
Akhil Sai
'Akhil Sai' 1 month ago
Chiru is no 1
Balaji Naik
'Balaji Naik' 1 month ago
Eppatiki nuvve no 1 Anna
Ranadeep chinna
'Ranadeep chinna' 2 months ago
Afnan Va
'Afnan Va' 2 months ago
Amir Boxer
'Amir Boxer' 2 months ago
out class movie mega star is back deshing hero
Atiq Bukhari14
'Atiq Bukhari14' 2 months ago
Watch Full Movie Download On this This
praveen kumar
'praveen kumar' 2 months ago
Jai Chiranjeeva
Fun And Entertainment
Khiladi no 150 full HD movies with 2017 and plz subscribe to my channel and like and share this video thanks for watching
vakeel ahmad
'vakeel ahmad' 2 months ago
suryapratap singh
'suryapratap singh' 2 months ago
qaidi no 150 kaise download kare
Sanj Sriram
'Sanj Sriram' 2 months ago
Piece of shit
Rasith Ahamed
'Rasith Ahamed' 2 months ago
Thalapthy vij
TamilPadam 2.0
'TamilPadam 2.0' 2 months ago
OK sorry chiran jeevi
Vivek Balan
'Vivek Balan' 2 months ago
Superstar Vijay no doubt kaththi is far better ....but megastar screen presence 🤘🤘💟
'Kuttynandini' 2 months ago
where is puri, chiranjeevi said in one programme my 150 movie is going to direct puri and bacchan sir will be guest role
Akshay Kumar
'Akshay Kumar' 2 months ago
Megastar is great.
TamilPadam 2.0
'TamilPadam 2.0' 2 months ago
Copy cat fuckers waste movies copycats chiran jeevi waste 1/10
Muraleedharan Kocheril
Copy of kaththi . bloody shit . kaththi is good
Watch dj hindi dubbed arju allu.....n suscribe my chnnel
Praveen Kumar
'Praveen Kumar' 2 months ago
shafinaz taranum
'shafinaz taranum' 2 months ago
What about vijays remake movies
Mamun Mamun
'Mamun Mamun' 2 months ago
Facking telugu movi coy from superster vijay karthi
മല്ലു മീഡിയ
Im from kerala. Comparing to khaidi non150 kaththi is far better
'JONATHAN SUNIL' 2 months ago
copy cat and worst vijay is best
Ishu Ayaz
'Ishu Ayaz' 2 months ago
Itz a vijays remake movie kaththi.....
Venkatesh Venky
'Venkatesh Venky' 2 months ago
Rajunaik Badhavath
'Rajunaik Badhavath' 2 months ago
Boss is back......I enjoyed a lot
Md Rana Md Rana
'Md Rana Md Rana' 3 months ago
I like your boss is back
Chhatrpal Singh Dhruw
Hindi me dalona yaar
Malli Kuruba
'Malli Kuruba' 3 months ago
Bicky Das
'Bicky Das' 3 months ago
We need it in hindi dubbed
chandu reddy
'chandu reddy' 3 months ago
King mega star
Eshal Khan
'Eshal Khan' 3 months ago
Watch chiranjeevi New Movie Khiladi No 150 full movie 2017
Jamil 141
'Jamil 141' 4 months ago
my favorite hero and my big boss
helal uddin
'helal uddin' 4 months ago
Arjun Pawar
'Arjun Pawar' 4 months ago
Arjun pawar
shahad shah
'shahad shah' 4 months ago
Kaththi my all time fvrt
chanti voodikala
'chanti voodikala' 4 months ago
keka chala bagundi
chanti voodikala
'chanti voodikala' 4 months ago
keka chala bagundi
Dfcmdsskskssksskssmz Fggfsdghjioiyrdxvh
All the best ntr fans
Rasith Ahamed
'Rasith Ahamed' 4 months ago
Katthi vj
Balaji Loganathan
'Balaji Loganathan' 4 months ago
Guys u know there rumors kathi will be remade in hindi with the title ikka with akshay kumar in the lead role in 2018.
bhaskar sai teja
'bhaskar sai teja' 4 months ago
Superb boss is backk
Guru Bharath
'Guru Bharath' 4 months ago
punda maari iruku
Yoges studio
'Yoges studio' 4 months ago vijay fan i like this trailer movie also blocbuster
Jeya Praveen
'Jeya Praveen' 4 months ago
loose is back 😂 i wont like vijay but in kaththi i like his way of acting and his style but here this loose spoiled the copyrights of kaththi😂 whats the name of this uncle???
siva kumar
'siva kumar' 4 months ago
semma Comedy
thala thalapathi
'thala thalapathi' 4 months ago
Thalapathy mass
thiyagu rajan
'thiyagu rajan' 4 months ago
Seppu da losu
Ksmatiwar Sai
'Ksmatiwar Sai' 4 months ago
Anna garu nuvu super...
Boss is back ippatiki chiru no1
Dj Full Movie
'Dj Full Movie' 4 months ago
kaththi Movie copy
Sheshi Naik
'Sheshi Naik' 5 months ago
Boss is back
'ARJ CrEaTiOnS' 5 months ago
Vijay is better than him very much better
sandeep edla
'sandeep edla' 5 months ago
maga Star Sir super
Balaji Naik
'Balaji Naik' 5 months ago
appatiki nuvve no1 annaya
Dr.M Manjula
'Dr.M Manjula' 5 months ago
happy birth day chiru
kicha man
'kicha man' 5 months ago
This is waste and the kaththi is great and what the super
Gopu Srikanth
'Gopu Srikanth' 5 months ago
Boss is always king in tollywood
Aswin Kumar
'Aswin Kumar' 5 months ago
Original Tamil version is simple, inspiring... Did not got awesome feel on telugu version... Hats off to A. R.Murugadoss and Vijay for giving us a wonderful and sensefull movie...
vj Sundar
'vj Sundar' 5 months ago
super trailer this movie is confirm blockbuster by ilayathalapathy VIJAY fans
Laxmikanth Shinde
'Laxmikanth Shinde' 5 months ago
Priya dharshiniSankaralingam
ranga ntr
'ranga ntr' 5 months ago
muyra Srinivas nee sollu ntr no one
arjun Thapa
'arjun Thapa' 6 months ago
Is it kaththi remake ?
rayapureddy madhu
'rayapureddy madhu' 6 months ago
i love Mega star Chiru Annaya
Srinivas J lkd
'Srinivas J lkd' 6 months ago
boss is back
Venkatesh Peddi Reddy
super chiru boss is back
Subramanian s
'Subramanian s' 6 months ago
i like coca cola
Abdul Majeed
'Abdul Majeed' 6 months ago
katthi bitter than khaidi no 150
Munna Siddikie
'Munna Siddikie' 6 months ago
भाई कैदी नंबर 150 हिन्दी मे कब आईगी
'anup2418' 6 months ago
prabas mirchi
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