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Khaidi No 150 Official Theatrical Trailer || Mega Star Chiranjeevi || V V Vinayak || DSP -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Konidela Production Company

By: Konidela Production CompanyPublished: 2 weeks ago

6, 237, 736 views

67, 873 Likes   13, 720 Dislikes

Here's the official theatrical trailer of Mega Star Chiranjeevi's grand comeback movie "Khaidi No 150" by Konidela Production Company & LYCA Productions.

#KhaidiNo150 #KhaidiNo150Officialtheatricaltrailer #KhaidiNo150prereleaseevent

Cast & Crew:

👉 Co-starring : Kajal Aggarwal, Raai Laxmi and more

👉 Directed by : V. V. Vinayak

👉 Produced by : Ram Charan

👉 Music by : Devi Sri Prasad

👉 Production company : Konidela Production Company & LYCA Productions.

Iam India
'Iam India' 19 minutes ago
Charan cherry
'Charan cherry' 26 minutes ago
ntrlu mgrlu politicslo vedanta fraud ceyaledule prajalaki manche cesaru veedilaga selfish tho behave ceyaledu
Charan cherry
'Charan cherry' 27 minutes ago
rey @aa eri poo nuvvu e bacha gadi pi tinava vediki vote vesav kada vadu malli baga petadu kadu malli kuda vanide kavala neeku anta bagunda vadidi
'SAI KUMAR' 7 hours ago
boss is back industry was shake
Mohammed Harshin
'Mohammed Harshin' 8 hours ago
What a stupid action.
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 8 hours ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer.... I am disappointed...😥😥😥
Vikram Ram
'Vikram Ram' 9 hours ago
anthamamdi adi anna chiru non bahubali industry hit kotadu andariki budhi chepadi adi mega star proud of tollywood
Srinivas Reddy
'Srinivas Reddy' 10 hours ago
thu chirangeevi dhamunte own ga chey kaththi cinema remake
Prashanth Reddy Palvai
Chiru Boss is back with bang.. loved the film
Naveen Vignesh
'Naveen Vignesh' 1 day ago
Kathi Remake ah ???
pippari nikhil
'pippari nikhil' 1 day ago
boss is back with a bang.
Agalyan Suthakaran
This is remake of kaththi
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 1 day ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer... I am disappointed.....😥😥😥
Charan cherry
'Charan cherry' 1 day ago
dammunte own story tesi boss is back anandi ra hit cinema remake cesi pedha builduplu kodutunaru selfish fellows thooo
dondety venkatreddy
boss is record break
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 2 days ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer.... I am disappointed...😥😥😥
Thahir Venga
'Thahir Venga' 2 days ago
jokar comady vijay supar
Krishna Mahe
'Krishna Mahe' 2 days ago
boss is back
Chethan Chinni
'Chethan Chinni' 2 days ago
Eye superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Vub Acharri
'Vub Acharri' 2 days ago
Super video
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 2 days ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer..... I am disappointed...😥😥😥
Babujan Khan
'Babujan Khan' 2 days ago
Plzz Hindi
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 2 days ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer... I am disappointed....😥😥😥
Soori Nadu
'Soori Nadu' 2 days ago
JAI chiranjeeva
Shruthi vahni
'Shruthi vahni' 2 days ago
songs composing superb
gudavalli balakrishna
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 3 days ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer..... I am disappointed....😥😥😥
abhijith kannan
'abhijith kannan' 3 days ago
Its become a big flope
Bethany Jeyaseelan
This is so cringe and hilarious to watch after watching kaththi , like the cheap and bad quality version of Gucci or Chanel😂😂😂😂
massi “ronaldo” leo
'U' 3 days ago
Albumlo anni so0ngs 1 crore !! Boss is back ! He is another level always <3 Mana kummudu record break cheyyadam aythe impossible <3 Boss !
Kollapuram Sudhakar
Kayastha Iswor Lal
when will be the full movie gonna publish ???? with english substitle
Rohith K
'Rohith K' 3 days ago
kaapu JAATHI ki thagattu ledhu trailer.. I am disappointed....😥😥😥
Aish T
'Aish T' 4 days ago
I just saw superhero movie trailer ?
Vivek Shrivastava
'Vivek Shrivastava' 4 days ago
boss is back with blast
Karen M.
'Karen M.' 4 days ago
saw it,loved it. my first Indian film. it was worth the extra high ticket prices to see this in central US. we had such a great time. great entertainment! 😄
Suman A
'Suman A' 4 days ago
Nice 07306678233
K Prathish
'K Prathish' 4 days ago
My Boss is back movie is Block buster 200 Days Guarentee
j.murali krishna
'j.murali krishna' 5 days ago
blockbuster hit
T Nagaraju
'T Nagaraju' 5 days ago
*Boss Is Back*
'SANTOSH KUMAR' 5 days ago
boss is back
Santhosh sans
'Santhosh sans' 5 days ago
very funny megastar😂😂senjutane vachu senjuta senjutan vachu senjutan
Santhosh sans
'Santhosh sans' 5 days ago
wow ah?? you guys better see kaththi movie in tamil
thirupati parameswara
no words to say............ boos is back with his same action super
kshamapatti chunchu
150 days guarantee
chandra sekhar
'chandra sekhar' 5 days ago
Chiru sir is looking handsome...
sai teja
'sai teja' 5 days ago
somanath Khobre
'somanath Khobre' 5 days ago
super se auper ......sir ....Łøvē û śîř.....😚😚😚😚✌✌✌✌✌👌👌😘😘😍😙😚
somanath Khobre
'somanath Khobre' 5 days ago
suprerrrrr sir. ......😘😘😍😙😚🙏✌✌✌✌✌✌
Realcam Studios
'Realcam Studios' 5 days ago
wow😍😍that's megastar for u king of Indian cinema
Mervin Frank
'Mervin Frank' 5 days ago
like shit only the trailer..just imagine the movie could be piece of shit
Harish Hemanth
'Harish Hemanth' 5 days ago
super trailer after lang gap annayya is back jai chiranjeeva...
Nanu Trupthi
'Nanu Trupthi' 5 days ago
pls read between the lines carefully chiranjeevi hits 75 people in coin fight and drags them into a room and puts up the pile of people and sits on them k this is over the top accepted ......k fine with no offense ... just justifying even in kaththi three lorries loaded with 50 people beaten leave the place after coin fight then sivaji movie binny mill fight also there are more than 50-75 people getting wacked thrashed walloped and beaten and in vedhalam building fight scene Ajith destroys nearly 80 people so in that way in Tamil Telugu Hindi ther r some over the top action so no need make this as a highlight ther r more burning issues lik jalikatu , demonetization , etc comparing movies is not fair bcos those people take our money and grow ..and we need not fight and c movies to enjoy celebrate and even cherish the emotion and not to compare no need to destroy or tarnish a particular regional language film lik telugu that is if ther is over the top and dance and music misplaced which may b in 5% of telugu movies that doesn't mean all Telugu movies r lik that they also do versatile movies in different genres... so b broad-minded u and me Shud b together for India to grow ....United we stand divided we fall
Wonderbar Studios (Wonderbar Films)
better than the original
sarveswararao venkata
Kide is fire
Nanu Trupthi
'Nanu Trupthi' 5 days ago
khaidi no 150 - grossed more than 150 cr in a week it has been published in an evening tamil daily itself yesterday so understand what is the following k ....i m not a fan i m general viewer and distributor
Soori Nadu
'Soori Nadu' 5 days ago
Boss is back, breakenall records bahubali J A I Chiranjeeva
sridhar majji
'sridhar majji' 6 days ago
pichi cinema idk Hindu co cinema intlo vanta Chesko Konda
'TheStickyDynamite' 6 days ago
Anyone who wants to watch this movie in the theatres please don't. Watch kaththi instead. Its much much much better than this garbage
akash Choudhari
'akash Choudhari' 6 days ago
'TheEuphony69' 6 days ago
I just came home after watching this movie. In my opinion movie is awful. This movie is for masses. They spent lot of money to make this movie. They shot the movie songs in worlds beautiful locations Apart from it this movie is total garbage. There is lot of craze from chiru diehard fans. They all came with their families to watch this movie. Chiru made his money on this movie
Vijay Chikkam
'Vijay Chikkam' 6 days ago
jai megastar jai chiranjeevi...
Teddu Karthik
'Teddu Karthik' 6 days ago
nuvvu yela puttinav ta
Teddu Karthik
'Teddu Karthik' 6 days ago
lanjakoduka yendhukura ra vv Nayak
Prema Sm
'Prema Sm' 6 days ago
All vijay fans should go through the collections made my our BOSS non bahubali records .A REMAK movie .possible only by MEGA STAR .JAI CHIRU
Gershon Devadason
'Gershon Devadason' 6 days ago
he even copied vijay's dialogue "i'm waiting" and of course the bgm kind of catchy but anirudth's bgm rocked in kaththi- nothing compared to this...
Gershon Devadason
'Gershon Devadason' 6 days ago
Vijay's kaththi is way top class than this piece of....please don't ruin vijay's success on kaththi will ya, whoever fat person in the above video (i'm guessing he's the hero)
Gershon Devadason
'Gershon Devadason' 6 days ago
whaaaaaaa??? what is this compared to vijay??? this guy cant act at all-not even 1% comapared to vijay's acting which came out 2 years ago..
takash gon
'takash gon' 6 days ago
vijay even copied veena step.. that means his inspiration is megastar ..
takash gon
'takash gon' 6 days ago
all mega fans what are we waiting for?? let's go against that black vijay and ask him to apolozise on behalf of all his fans for insulting megastar... what are we waiting for?
Jathin Pachigolla
'Jathin Pachigolla' 6 days ago
good trailer and super director
anjuru bhanu
'anjuru bhanu' 6 days ago
jai chiranjeeva
anjuru bhanu
'anjuru bhanu' 6 days ago
jai chiranjeeva
anjuru bhanu
'anjuru bhanu' 6 days ago
jai megafamily
Syed Lal Ahmed
'Syed Lal Ahmed' 6 days ago
Chiranjeevi sir comedy timing superb movielo
Varalu 4567
'Varalu 4567' 6 days ago
after a small gap boss is back!!
mr. natesh gutti
'mr. natesh gutti' 7 days ago
boss is back best movie in the world what a fights what a dance what a entry of that movie
Kris B
'Kris B' 7 days ago
Iam huge megastar fan and chiru looks good but the movie was average. Songs placement was bad and the movie deviated from the main plot which was about farmers. The original movie was good because it stuck to the theme and the plot. it would have been nice if they made 150 a full fledged comedy movie. Dissapointed
Varalakshmi Arts
'Varalakshmi Arts' 7 days ago
sankara narayanan
'sankara narayanan' 7 days ago
Average film mixed review but bairava 100 crores in 4 days vijay is mass
Candid Dare
'Candid Dare' 7 days ago
Padhi mandi ki cheppa vallaki padhi mandiki cheppamani cheppa e movie online lo thappa theatre lo chudoddu ani🙏🙏🤓🤓😄😄
'ROHITA Reddy' 7 days ago
Boss movie is super
Aditya Nandhiyar
'Aditya Nandhiyar' 7 days ago
Why ruin Vijay's movie like this? Dude is nothing compared to Vijay
Aishwarya Prakash
'Aishwarya Prakash' 1 week ago
Oh God, Please dont ruin Vijay`s masterpiece,
Hits Raj
'Hits Raj' 1 week ago
watch hrithik roshans kaabil in telugu chiranjeevi voice 25th January
Vikram Ram
'Vikram Ram' 1 week ago
if anirudh give music movie will more powerful
mega star Movva
'mega star Movva' 1 week ago
i just saw movie chiranjeevi acting is best in first half and second half okay overall average movie can see once
Raju Pavan
'Raju Pavan' 1 week ago
boss is back
praveen munagala
'praveen munagala' 1 week ago
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sirnu srinu
'sirnu srinu' 1 week ago
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