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Facebook Live attack: 'It's sickening' - BBC News -
Published: 10 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 10 months ago

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Four people have been arrested in the US city of Chicago over a video live-streamed on Facebook, in which a bound and gagged man was assaulted. Chicago police have described the video as a "sickening" possible hate crime.

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Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 9 months ago
possible hate crime. If this is not a hate crime then nothing is. That said hate crime laws are stupid.
'THE NINJACAT' 9 months ago
Outrage? Really? A white supremacist goes into a Southern church hosted by African-americans who welcomed him with open arms who prayed with him and he murdered them. He gets a meal from cops and legal representation.A few nutjobs who happen to be African-American attack a white male and there's outrage? I am equally offended by BOTH...and I am outraged more are NOT expressed outrage over Mr. Roof's actions in South Carolina!
'THEKINGOFEUROPE' 9 months ago
If Obama had children...
inho kang
'inho kang' 9 months ago
Black Love Milf at its finest
'chumbbeater123' 9 months ago
This is what Obama thinks is ok , he wanted this like the rest of the left wing party
Live Free or Die MDCCLXXVI
So kidnapping a person, cutting open their head, and binding them to a toilet and forcing them to drink out of it, all based on their race and mental deficiency is just an attack? BBC = British Born Cucks.
Nellie K. Adaba
'Nellie K. Adaba' 10 months ago
Marco Polo
'Marco Polo' 10 months ago
wow bbc in surprised that see a bit of here true!
Glen Glen
'Glen Glen' 10 months ago
I don't get the fact the cops are acting like this is a totally new thing to happen to people with special needs. There are tons of other videos online showing the same shit. This is the 1st time I've heard any one has been charged for doing it.
Emily Heaven
'Emily Heaven' 10 months ago
Trump .
'JIE988' 10 months ago
if it was the other way about they would be talking about this for years and they would blame Trump and there would be riots.Just shows how anti white our own countries are now
Johnny Williams
'Johnny Williams' 10 months ago
had to see the pathetic BBC coverage, and I'm not surprised lol. BBC, you are truly a national disgrace!
Michael Mariner
'Michael Mariner' 10 months ago
This has been done intentionally by the corrupt powers,it's a stage to provoke racial violence and division,Come on..nobody stoops this LOW to send a 'Convenient message' to Trump..I smell Neocon Hillary and her scum on this...
Kallen C.
'Kallen C.' 10 months ago
"What would make someone treat someone like that" I don't know, racism!
'DamnWeNeedCookies' 10 months ago
It's not Facebook live, it's the people that use it.
Manny Akintunde
'Manny Akintunde' 10 months ago
POSSIBLE hate crime? Is there any doubt? Reverse the races here and this front page news story carried on all the new networks and its hate crime status is never questioned.
James Smith
'James Smith' 10 months ago
Lets see it then......
James Smith
'James Smith' 10 months ago
Lets see it then......
Pogues Mahone
'Pogues Mahone' 10 months ago
The race war is nearly upon us. The media will be so very happy with what they have helped do.
Ivana Notyers
'Ivana Notyers' 10 months ago
The American Negro, doing what they do best ! ! ! ! !
'Entitledprick' 10 months ago
Bbc-bunch of bitchy cunts!
me heretoday
'me heretoday' 10 months ago
Trump wanted race hate well now it is in full watch Trump supporters start complaining about my comment...dont care because guys go back and you will see how many people warned you that Trump would start this in your country...everyone told you and begged you not to elect a person who endorsed hate hate hate... both sides are involved now ... wow you did a great job voting him in didnt you...sigh the world tried to warn you what would happen, every one saw what would happen but you didnt listen... enjoy your reign of Trump guys.... Americas tourist industry going to suffer badly too
Mat Broomfield
'Mat Broomfield' 10 months ago
This piece of low-info video counts as news now?
Tewedaj Minew shewa
'Tewedaj Minew shewa' 10 months ago
I tell you the world is going mad. People would be quick to record a fight to post it on youtube than break up a fight smh.
'Martin' 10 months ago , for the rest of BBC coverage
Guido Farage
'Guido Farage' 10 months ago
Same old shit: Just imagine if it was 4 White Trump supporters who kidnapped a disabled black man and tortured him! The media would not see the end of it and the pathetic, self-hating, deluded lefty morons over at the Guardian, and places like Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Huffpost etc would not shut up about this for years to come. Makes me sick. Who controls the media though? Root of the problem.
Jimmy Russell
'Jimmy Russell' 10 months ago
these poor youths were just caught up in a prank that got out of hand, we need to move on and not let white supremacists use this and try to say this was some sort of hate crime
Rich Whiteman
'Rich Whiteman' 10 months ago
Obama got a good laugh out of this!!   Those four teens dindu nuffin....  they were on their way to church and decided to give some charity....  a nice wash,  clothed, and even a sharp looking haircut...  they also educated the white boy why Trump is responsible for all this racism and violence.... the NACCP and SPLC will claim the white boy used the N word, and he deserved exactly what he got!!  This is not a news story, this is typical behavior!!
'blazednlovinit' 10 months ago
Reactions to a story you won't cover? Why won't you cover this story, BBC?
'theamazingsamurai' 10 months ago
Are you serious, BBC? Only 30 seconds for this story? I've seen you make way longer videos on all kinds of dumb crap. What a joke.
'Uniblonder' 10 months ago
The known facts that the BBC has omitted from this story is sickening. Look elsewhere if you want to know what happened.
'Punkster' 10 months ago
I would love to say I was surprised by this but I'm not, the bias that has been on display has been outrageous. People seem surprised by this, all over the news stations but 'Duh... who would have thought slanted, biased news on race issues, could lead to racial incentive crimes taking place?' What a joke. THE NEWS has caused these things to happen, it's time you fuckers were held to account, for your poor standards over the last few years.
Bad snaxx
'Bad snaxx' 10 months ago
The rise of the "alt left"
Abominable Snowman
'Abominable Snowman' 10 months ago
We've seen the Video... Report the truth it's a bunch of retards empowered by the MSM anti-white narrative. 4 Blacks kidnap and torture a mentally handicapped white lad because "Trump" and because he's white.
Chuck Berry
'Chuck Berry' 10 months ago
Sick beasts.
Donald Chibuzor
'Donald Chibuzor' 10 months ago
people are so evil heartless let them pay for every bit of the treatment the man will ever get and put in for one year . stupidity in the highest level
Naugtius Maximus
'Naugtius Maximus' 10 months ago
30 seconds are u taking the piss, the BBC is as racist as the perpetrators, msm is dying out fast. Good!
italo bambolini.
'italo bambolini.' 10 months ago
Dylan Roof
Ashley Reese
'Ashley Reese' 10 months ago
and were not living in the end times? wake up people follow Jesus and stop the hate they want us to hate so they can roll put martial law repent and ask Jesus for a heart like his God bless everyone
cary bary
'cary bary' 10 months ago
Don't expect any more videos from Bbcnews on this topic. 30 seconds is your lot.
Yul Hubbart
'Yul Hubbart' 10 months ago
Don't forget, BBC: while they were toryuring him, slicing him and abusing him they were shouting "F*ck white peopl, f*ck Trump!" I see you don't want to report on the actual attack in any detail whatsoever.
'RIK VARTIGYAN' 10 months ago
This is the result of all the false narratives most the media puts out.
steelers rule
'steelers rule' 10 months ago
how is this guy not admitting this I'd a racially motivated hate crime
'Ravo' 10 months ago
Love you managed to completely avoid discussing the motive of the attackers because it didn't fit your narrative! Can't wait for the day when we finally get rid of the BBC. News like BBC, RT and Al Jazeera just highlight what's wrong with state funded news channels
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 10 months ago
President Obama is to address the nation tonight, he's blaming Trump, Russian Hackers and White Privilege
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 10 months ago
All cops are either Freemasons themselves or controlled by them,, freemasonry is a world WIDE enterprise ie satanists ,, The free masonic NAZI,S want order out of chaos that they have been creating on this world for a very long time, false flag after false flag, drills past of as real because its all controlled by satan and his minions the Freemasons ,, all mainstream is controlled by these luciferians and they don't hide it they simply blind the minds of their goat kids and then mock them constantly,, BBC=FAKE FREE MASONIC GARBAGE,, Control the media you control the minds,,The satanic Freemasons built the mainstream from scratch you mainstream idiots that call everything you know nothing about a conspiracy theory,, ye the free masonic NAZI,S brainwashed you to switch off to anything these Nazi,s don't tell you,, its exactly the same as just before the free masonic ww2,, why do they give you a free masonic mortar board thing to stick on your heads and the end of your indoctrination<< eh ,, This world is the Devils play ground and his minions are everywhere lying and deceiving the general public and their own family and friends who have know clue they are being set up and massively deceived,, bunch of hypnotized tv watching shopping zombie debt slaves sleep walking themselves and their own children and grand children to the slaughter house basically,, made the main streamers so closed minded and narrow minded so when the time comes NOW they are as blind as bats to any realty,, operation MOCKINGBIRD the general public suffer from big time,, BBC and ALL staff your SCUM of the earth,,
Abiola Sulaiman
'Abiola Sulaiman' 10 months ago
The comments section never ceases to amaze me. I thought it was the blacks who played then"race card". So many "victims" whining about "Black oppression" you would have thought blacks were the beneficiaries of centuries of the financial and the criminal justice system. don't worry, one day you'll overcome the supremacy of blacks smh
Will Rueb
'Will Rueb' 10 months ago
I hope that was the commercial for the real story.
Stellar Space Traveler
'Stellar Space Traveler' 10 months ago
All blacks should be forced to go back to Africa where they belong!
Grant Johnston
'Grant Johnston' 10 months ago
Is it not important to mention in the narrative that the victim was a white special needs chap and the perpetrators were four black individuals one of which live streamed the prolonged attack on Facebook?
'Pitmaster4Lyfe' 10 months ago
White lives matter!!
Mukhtar Ahmed
'Mukhtar Ahmed' 10 months ago
just a shame they were only hurting a trump supporter and not donald himself, after all, the only white man you can trust is a dead one
Jay Kay
'Jay Kay' 10 months ago
Yes because the police don't do things like this?!?!? 🙄 #sarcasm
Strict Pict
'Strict Pict' 10 months ago
I hope these hoodrat thugs are locked up for presidents Trump's and Pence's reign of 16 years at least!
Just Druid
'Just Druid' 10 months ago
A Bloody Hate Crime and Should Be Tried in Court as Much!!
'likahmac' 10 months ago
I had to read the description to know what these 30s were about, not a good way to cover it. I hope that person gets the support he needs.
Pimp Munkx
'Pimp Munkx' 10 months ago
Yes this is terrible but let's not forget that blacks are murdered by whites everyday .. this is a retaliation so before people pull "white people are victims" card just stfu and remember the crimes you're race commit .. and I'm white ! Why are we so sensitive yet we aren't the victims when you compare it
'fredo1070' 10 months ago
Reminds me of the murder of Kriss Donald, that the BBC covered up. #BLMkidnapping
Glyndwr Michael
'Glyndwr Michael' 10 months ago
I bet they didn't put up a fight when Chicago PD came around, subhuman freaks...
'METALOZON' 10 months ago
Hey white people, you steel sleeping ? You still dont think the blacks and other minorities want you on your knees ? Wake you damn apologists.
Michael Scofield
'Michael Scofield' 10 months ago
'aQmohra' 10 months ago
so BBC if this was a black guy kidnapped by some trump supporters you would have dedicated over 10 minutes to this video but instead you just spend 30 seconds. This is clear evidence of your leftist bias.
Jandor Captain
'Jandor Captain' 10 months ago
stupidity... yeah i guess it is just stupid to torture someone. its not cruel, inhumain sadistic. nope it is just stupid. hopefully they send some triggerhappy cops to find these stupid kids
Daniel Bostock
'Daniel Bostock' 10 months ago
The media is partly responsible for these black supremacists. 30 seconds of coverage is all we'll get on this.
Andy Davison
'Andy Davison' 10 months ago
yes its hate crime bias broadcasting company. they kidnapped him because he was white. they beat him and live streamed it because you and the rest of the mainstream media have made anti-white racism acceptable. this is what happens. these scumbags are youre 'progressive liberals' in action.
Mike Ljn
'Mike Ljn' 10 months ago
Thank you our heroes. The fight has begun.
Opus Dei
'Opus Dei' 10 months ago
This was a hate crime. They said he was white and a Trump supporter. The media is disgusting.
'IronicallyVague' 10 months ago
Gun sales just went up
'happosai27' 10 months ago
really? 30 seconds is all you are going to invest into this story? if roles were reversed it would be headlines all around the world for weeks.
Yhwh yhwh
'Yhwh yhwh' 10 months ago
Black people can't be racist (irony)
'Cettywise' 10 months ago
put them away forever please, thank you.
Adrian Sullivan
'Adrian Sullivan' 10 months ago
Racist savagery
'YIPO' 10 months ago
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