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10 Interesting Facts Science Can't Explain -
Published: 1 year ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 1 year ago

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10 common facts that are still a mystery to science
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Edward Jaye
'Edward Jaye' 2 months ago
now I cant stop smilng ...
Alexander Puchkov
'Alexander Puchkov' 2 months ago
tel me the name of music on background in this video
Batoul Tagelkhatim
'Batoul Tagelkhatim' 2 months ago
I love your videos
Vaccines & Islam destroy lives, Christ Saves Souls
I wear a Ladycare magnet 24/7/365 which has reduced PMDD symptoms I suffered. It is actually for menopause symptoms though.
Vaccines & Islam destroy lives, Christ Saves Souls
Peanut allergies are from the ingredients in vaccines
Kristen Foundas
'Kristen Foundas' 4 months ago
But my friend has very light blue eyes
Ibi Choubassi
'Ibi Choubassi' 4 months ago
I love how she said "Bye Bye" at the end
Incredible World
'Incredible World' 5 months ago
Fantastic video! Persevere with creating good content and you can build up very quickly!
'juni2097' 5 months ago
Oh the sarcasm, "religion tell you what sexual orientation you must be..." Bs
Angel Zavala
'Angel Zavala' 5 months ago
Idk And Idc
'Idk And Idc' 6 months ago
Um... just to correct you, not all babies are born with blue eyes, especially ones who have brown or black eyes
Idk And Idc
'Idk And Idc' 6 months ago
Um... just to correct you, not all babies are born with blue eyes, especially people who have brown or black eyes
Korrupted SoL
'Korrupted SoL' 6 months ago
“Even though it seems extremely simple, scientists are baffled at why we eat!” - Next Video of The Richest
'ZAID KAMIL' 7 months ago
3:30 they feel nice and soft just wanna squeeze them and fall asleep on them 😈😍
'LucyLocket101' 7 months ago
You hiccup because when you're a baby your diaphragm twitches to get you to breathe and it just happens to continue throughout life
Akib Rahman
'Akib Rahman' 8 months ago
This YouTube video was published on a Monday
Artists for a Better Future
They know that humans are animals, right?
'kotoko556' 9 months ago
Everyone of this facts are in religious txt, thang is we always want to say it was us who discovered it or made it, well did we live back in cave man era or are we still in it, begs the question, i mean really how long do you think MAN has been trying to figure this out yet it is still a fact of a MYSTERY scooby where u at.... we gonna be dead before any of that shh get solved... oh im no scientist niether i dont need to memorize a table to realize something dont go wit the other
Dorit Atar, MS, LMFT
'Dorit Atar, MS, LMFT' 9 months ago
i did
imagine Dares
'imagine Dares' 9 months ago
i came here because i want to find something interesting on youtube
Lexy Rose
'Lexy Rose' 9 months ago
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'MazzerzHD' 9 months ago
i wasnt born with blue eyes
Utkarsh Dwivedi
'Utkarsh Dwivedi' 10 months ago
imagine music
'imagine music' 10 months ago
the blie eye thing isnt true girls in my family are born with brown eyes
Gaurab Bijukchhe
'Gaurab Bijukchhe' 10 months ago
Why do we yawn though?
nikola zekic
'nikola zekic' 10 months ago
sexual orientation is biological , homosexuality is indoctrination in our cultural marxist liberal public school system
IR Wingman
'IR Wingman' 10 months ago
Fact number 3 - 'has any of this been proven yet? No!'. This means it's not fact dumbass
DJ Pho3nix
'DJ Pho3nix' 11 months ago
What's baffling is how Chuck Norris's tears can supposedly heal cancer. Too bad he never cries.
Alvaro Sandin
'Alvaro Sandin' 11 months ago
most of them have a very easy explanations that science have already proven
'BENJI BOY' 11 months ago
Few more signs God exists.
JamesPowers/Jack Wick
'JamesPowers/Jack Wick' 11 months ago
I have blue eyes and they are just starting to turn into a different color
Daniel L
'Daniel L' 11 months ago
Yet. ...Science Can't Explain Yet.
'officialbor' 12 months ago
HD Keemii
'HD Keemii' 12 months ago
you've just explained why we hiccup
Richard G Buchanan Jr
'Richard G Buchanan Jr' 12 months ago
Nice photoshop
'hmpz36911' 12 months ago
I heard that hiccups are a residual effect of our very distant ancestors having gills.
'TLMYC' 1 year ago
Sexual orientation is chemical. We all have the biological reaction to get aroused when we see the opposite gender, it's just some people have various chemicals in our diets and our mother's diets, that set the brain up to find certain genders more attractive than others. Oestrogen and Testosterone also play a role, but it's not as significant.
Spencer Ogonda
'Spencer Ogonda' 1 year ago
Science cant explain why i commented here........
Waffle Mona 21
'Waffle Mona 21' 1 year ago
I wasn't born with blue eyes:/
jaston chron
'jaston chron' 1 year ago
is there anyway i can get a refund for the 5 minutes of my life i just wasted?
aj carty
'aj carty' 1 year ago
I have a nut allergy
'MQ' 1 year ago
for the last one let me tell you... IT'S THE DEVIL
YaboiDavid Yeet
'YaboiDavid Yeet' 1 year ago
most of these arent right and or gay this is bullshit
Brianna_Queen_of_Hell Burtcher
I have blue eyes
Rocio Garcia
'Rocio Garcia' 1 year ago
i have finth this vdomm i. im kid
Linda Goffigan
'Linda Goffigan' 1 year ago
No mysteries at all, it is called being human>
xiCaSa NoVaix
'xiCaSa NoVaix' 1 year ago
i did
Nelsa Feaster
'Nelsa Feaster' 1 year ago
I was born with dark brown eyes they were never at any point in my life blue
T Mursee
'T Mursee' 1 year ago
I get hiccups every single time I eat French fries
Gun with a Gun
'Gun with a Gun' 1 year ago
.... people are just being fed to many chemicals that are confusing their bodies.
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 1 year ago
Many creatures/ plants have more genes than humans
marissa louise
'marissa louise' 1 year ago
Lmao I was nrver born with blue eyes
Cartøøn Girl
'Cartøøn Girl' 1 year ago
Mental Mayhem
'Mental Mayhem' 1 year ago
Another fun fact:those are not the only way to get hiccups. Another way is to laugh alot
Nicolle Rush
'Nicolle Rush' 1 year ago
Not all babies are born with brown eyes. My first, pale skin and blonde hair, was born with grey, which could be a variation of the blue. His eyes are now golden brown. My second, dark skin and hair (part native american) was born with blue eyes and they have stayed bluish. My last, who is still somewhat dark with dark hair, was born with dark brown eyes, now hazel.
Marie 9
'Marie 9' 1 year ago
the cover on the video is so adorable! he looks so innocent!
M Ray
'M Ray' 1 year ago
I'm kinda scared to eat my tomatos now.
M Ray
'M Ray' 1 year ago
Racing Cartel
'Racing Cartel' 1 year ago
Katie Freedom
'Katie Freedom' 1 year ago
notasgood XD omg so funny
Katie Freedom
'Katie Freedom' 1 year ago
if science can't explain it then it's not a fact
Maurice Gibney
'Maurice Gibney' 1 year ago
Floris Meulenbelt
'Floris Meulenbelt' 1 year ago
Dig borrow tired vddoiw guilt wipe.
Chibi Rainbow
'Chibi Rainbow' 1 year ago
Cats purr when they are sad to cheer themselves up as well.
Random comment that you
What goes on in dog's heads? I want to know sooooo bad! I mean they don't think "Ooh,bacon,bacon and more bacon" Because they don't speak English. I NEED TO KNOW
zay zay
'zay zay' 1 year ago
so i used to have blue eyes
'Jouthall' 1 year ago
Who saw thelegend27 ad before this video
Maleah Wonsia
'Maleah Wonsia' 1 year ago
Yep just strolling down the comment section
xxxX katana_less Xxxx !
and i was born with purple eyes! (for real)
Marryam Momo
'Marryam Momo' 1 year ago
but i was born with green eye
'random' 1 year ago
Says scientists have no idea why we have hiccups Explains why we have hiccups
Martin Huber
'Martin Huber' 1 year ago
lol im sure some inhuman murder monster will show mercy if we cry. no
'Seven09' 1 year ago
What is the name of the music?
Pearl Kuchi
'Pearl Kuchi' 1 year ago
Fun fact... my friend is allergic to nuts XD I didn't really expect the nut allergy to be on the list XD
Randolph Mckay
'Randolph Mckay' 1 year ago
Lame vid.
Dancing Queen
'Dancing Queen' 1 year ago
That tell us the scientists do not know anything
C Lee
'C Lee' 1 year ago
If/when scientists ever do find that there's a biological "gay gene", I'm sure not long after there'll be a new type of surgery to "correct the mutation" and it'll be advertised as the cure for homosexuality.. smh
Sam 244Cupcake
'Sam 244Cupcake' 1 year ago
I don't care about the bible and I don't even go to church
Warrior Cats fan
'Warrior Cats fan' 1 year ago
rice also has more genes than humans
Era Sh
'Era Sh' 1 year ago
When i was born my ryes were dark brown not blue
Ayano Aishi
'Ayano Aishi' 1 year ago
I always read the title how the richest narrator speaks.
Bryant Ward
'Bryant Ward' 1 year ago
The reason for hiccups: means something is stuck in the food passage, to stop hiccups bend over and drink a cup of water with the lip of the cup in the roof of the mouth
OuterRealmerBro.s 717
These things may baffle scientists, but there ain't nothing my math teacher doesn't know
Aaliyah The Kawaii Elephant
1:47 hiccups 😐🙃 I have the hiccups when she said hiccups 😐👀😂
Jordi Peters
'Jordi Peters' 1 year ago
tribe officially explain camp lawn observer information.
Rachel Scott
'Rachel Scott' 1 year ago
I disagree with that humans do not have magnetoception. I think some humans do.
Ryan Singleton
'Ryan Singleton' 1 year ago
loose about hypothesis submit package officer provider subject
Lucy _galaxy
'Lucy _galaxy' 1 year ago
I get hiccups about 4 times a day not every day but when it's do it's not just once
Kenneth Shiro
'Kenneth Shiro' 1 year ago
Blue eyes = fell into lifestream. Mystery solved.
Robert Lösch
'Robert Lösch' 1 year ago
Afro babys do not have blue eyes, omg. Only european babys have always blue eyes. bullshit video..
huey ling chan
'huey ling chan' 1 year ago
The nuts allergy seems not likely to be found in Asia countries.
Ello Oku
'Ello Oku' 1 year ago
How to stop hiccups is to drink warm water.
João Lucas Bevenho
Reason for peanut allergies: Bunch of bitch-ass, weak-ass kids
'michael' 1 year ago
we smile because animals show their teeth to us. lol. Really... Dumbasses.
'D A' 1 year ago
Actually, Magnetoception is due to a part of the animal's brain that humans dont have. Its called the magnetoceptionioisntiorealio cortex.
'SpeedOfNic' 1 year ago
I don't believe in evolution
Shattered Sound
'Shattered Sound' 1 year ago
I was told that hiccups were just spasms in your diaphragm
Shadow Mystic
'Shadow Mystic' 1 year ago
I'm allergic to milk and gluten WHY SCIENCE EXPLAIN THAT
Carmen Saqr
'Carmen Saqr' 1 year ago
I didn't have blue eyes when I was young I had violet eyes.!!!!!
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