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131 Seconds That Will Change The Way You See The Ocean -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 years ago

8, 281, 316 views

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Just mind-numbingly deep.

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Running Man
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Poetry Skylar
'Poetry Skylar' 13 minutes ago
I like those kind of videos
'BlueFlamingo' 7 hours ago
132 seconds to be precise😉
Ashton Eisele
'Ashton Eisele' 11 hours ago
Wrong this video is only 132
'HeyImMimi' 12 hours ago
Why I hate the ocean:
Werido Show
'Werido Show' 14 hours ago
So shocking thought it would go to like 1,000,000m
Ds10 Video
'Ds10 Video' 17 hours ago
But if someone is swimming and he fall in8 km just imagine
Susmita Rimal
'Susmita Rimal' 1 day ago
i m from nepal,actually the height of mt.evrest is 8848m
The Distressed Cleaner
Trust me, I've been m Uch deeper
'Kj3len' 2 days ago
I would be a savage blue whale and go 501 meters deep 😎
b william
'b william' 2 days ago
11034m...that's were the mermaids live
Void bite
'Void bite' 2 days ago
Rebecca Hall
'Rebecca Hall' 2 days ago
It's amazing to think that humans already know this, and in maybe just a few more years we could have discovered a massive new species! Or we could even know if heaven or hell is real! We could even find out how to shape shift! Because speaking realistically that will take centuries but our human species has evolved so much, our tech keeps changing every minute. We find out new things every day...
Rebecca Lol
'Rebecca Lol' 3 days ago
132!!!You mean right?
Roasting my almonds
If 1km=1000m then isn't that 11km.WoW now I question more than the video
'NamaLlama' 3 days ago
all this did is made me change the way i look at buzzfeed fucking clickbaiters
Tanaka Miyabe
'Tanaka Miyabe' 3 days ago
anyone was expecting megalodon suppose to be there
'ToastyDoasty' 3 days ago
That's not the end though the ocean is super deep we have about 95% more to search
Karley Cozart
'Karley Cozart' 3 days ago
How.... is.... the.... ocean....that.....DEEP.
poddo 9473
'poddo 9473' 3 days ago
Where's the Titanic
Selina Chen
'Selina Chen' 4 days ago
Luis Baylon
I guess you could say, this video was.... _deep_ ;)
Dimtripod 105
'Dimtripod 105' 4 days ago
That’s why I have a phobia of swimming in ocean water
ichiro goodrow
'ichiro goodrow' 4 days ago
it was actually 132 seconds long, but who cares
BAW Channel WAB
'BAW Channel WAB' 4 days ago
So the sea is deeper than u can imagine
Hayaa Khan
'Hayaa Khan' 5 days ago
Titanic???? Where is titanic???
PRANAV Patkari
'PRANAV Patkari' 5 days ago
Carys Anne
'Carys Anne' 5 days ago
wait was this where this video came from idk so many channels are posting it
'Kookie's Waifu' 5 days ago
_V's voice is deeper_
Nada Abdelateif
'Nada Abdelateif' 5 days ago
There’s many thing we haven’t learned about our world wow it’s really amazing!
Everlasting Squishie & Slime
The coolest thing ever
Ajllama113 Hi
'Ajllama113 Hi' 6 days ago
Its more 132
Sophie Nuhu
'Sophie Nuhu' 1 week ago
My mind is blown away I'm so impressed with our planet 😀🌍🌎🌏
Kpop fan
'Kpop fan' 1 week ago
The person on the thumbnail looks alot like Michelle from the next step
'kyupastels' 1 week ago
Whatever. I'll still go to the ocean and dive
'BroTop909' 1 week ago
132 seconds*
Carlotta Profera
'Carlotta Profera' 1 week ago
this video was so deep
BattleAxe Art
'BattleAxe Art' 1 week ago
Stolen video
Daisy Meng
'Daisy Meng' 1 week ago
deeper than a stoner's thoughts
'JackManp '' 1 week ago
132 seconds actually
Totally Real
'Totally Real' 1 week ago
This isn't true the ocean is only about 5 miles deep this claims it's almost twice that
Brody Naruto
'Brody Naruto' 1 week ago
That’s deep man,real deep
Kevin Olinga
'Kevin Olinga' 1 week ago
I am scared of the ocean!😅
Alina Rendon
'Alina Rendon' 1 week ago
*crying* I'm officacly done. The ocean is freaking scary....
Christine Zhang
'Christine Zhang' 1 week ago
Oh....oh my God...this terrifies me somehow 😂😂😂😅😅😅
Kushal and Prakhar
'Kushal and Prakhar' 2 weeks ago
Nothing changed for me
Jude Sullano
'Jude Sullano' 2 weeks ago
geez 8850 is like 85x the size of godzilla
'Ihazteddybear' 2 weeks ago
liar that was 132 seconds
'DuckLord' 2 weeks ago
*D E E P*
Wazzup Itz ReeseRianne
Actually it scared me 😂
Valerian D
'Valerian D' 2 weeks ago
Think if we drown there i was scared looking at the video
John Cowalsky
'John Cowalsky' 2 weeks ago
i wana go there anyone comin with me?
Arish B
'Arish B' 2 weeks ago
Best director in the world James Cameron
Sierra Grella
'Sierra Grella' 2 weeks ago
132 to be EXACT Jk that was a joke😹
VanessaMSP xoxoxoxo
'VanessaMSP xoxoxoxo' 2 weeks ago
Dear BuzzFeedBlue, I think you dropped something MAI JAW...! XD
PandaBoyGamer 6890
'PandaBoyGamer 6890' 2 weeks ago
1:56 thats what she said
'Mikee' 2 weeks ago
Basically phones in the future.
Stella Gamski
'Stella Gamski' 2 weeks ago
Just a bit deeper and you pop out the other side! 😂
Freeshot Jack
'Freeshot Jack' 2 weeks ago
Actually 132 seconds
Peuna Hossain
'Peuna Hossain' 2 weeks ago
Is there more?
GIM - Films
'GIM - Films' 2 weeks ago
1:58 I'm so immature.... I laughed out loud when I saw, "now thats deep"
Sky View
'Sky View' 2 weeks ago
132 seconds but anyway
Babli Rajput
'Babli Rajput' 2 weeks ago
It's 132 sec not 131
Nine Carat Gold
'Nine Carat Gold' 2 weeks ago
This goes for 2:12 ffs rip off tbh congrats u got 1 extra free view
Scott Edadiz
'Scott Edadiz' 2 weeks ago
It doesn't let me watch the video when it loads then it just pauses
anime lover
'anime lover' 2 weeks ago
Now im scared of swimming in the ocean😵😨
anna liza Jimenez
'anna liza Jimenez' 2 weeks ago
How in the world would animals would be so deep-living or something?
Ender Xanderion
'Ender Xanderion' 2 weeks ago
Very deep. I wonder there an abyss dragon down there
E. R
'E. R' 2 weeks ago
Hell nah to the nah nah nah hell to the nah😨
sky blue
'sky blue' 2 weeks ago
I sea what you did there
### music is awesome
anyone else uncomfortable during this?
Betty Cook
'Betty Cook' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else come here after the 1,000,000,000 galaxies video? Cuz THIS,actually cheered me up. The ocean is amazing!
André Guerra
'André Guerra' 2 weeks ago
Vivien Yeung
'Vivien Yeung' 2 weeks ago
I hate the ocean. It's terrifying.
My cats Mutsu and Mittens
It's actually 132 seconds...
Sniper Killa
'Sniper Killa' 2 weeks ago
132 seconds trash dislike
Leah Marie
'Leah Marie' 2 weeks ago
And whats really at the bottom? Water
Yael Toiber Kent
'Yael Toiber Kent' 3 weeks ago
That just made me never want to go swimming again
Daena Stark
'Daena Stark' 3 weeks ago
This is super scary to me
Purva Chaudhari
'Purva Chaudhari' 3 weeks ago
It's Kinda Weird But the background Sound was Satisfying 😅😅😅😮😓
Kai Murray
'Kai Murray' 3 weeks ago
wouldn't that submarine be crushed under pressure??
Fluffy Gamer1912
'Fluffy Gamer1912' 3 weeks ago
Wow 😮 Ps: why didn’t you include the depth that the Titanic sank? Just thought....
Auto Correct
'Auto Correct' 3 weeks ago
Haadif Hussain
'Haadif Hussain' 3 weeks ago
It's actually 132 seconds
Masterz Combatz
'Masterz Combatz' 3 weeks ago
Good songs
'shade' 3 weeks ago
o c e a n m a n t a k e m e b y t h e h a n d
_adam. harith_lol._
'_adam. harith_lol._' 3 weeks ago
u just try to find how deep is ocean can go,but u didt try to find what speasis about an animal in the ocean,that f up.
Jan Niklas Karagdag
'Jan Niklas Karagdag' 3 weeks ago
World record about Jacques I can't believe it
Amirah Edmond
'Amirah Edmond' 3 weeks ago
My thoughts r much deeper
Doge The Dog
'Doge The Dog' 3 weeks ago
It’s 132 seconds
Cornelius Catfish
'Cornelius Catfish' 3 weeks ago
I still see blue when I look at the ocean, did it not work? 😕
Dylan Escalante - Kittycream
I was expecting 2 minutes and 12 seconds of "ocean man"
GabbyPVPGamer ProNeverHaxBoi
11034m Thats How Deep BuzzFeedBlue's Submarine Reach
'EpicRyder' 3 weeks ago
well we know more about the moon than the ocean depths
'Snape' 3 weeks ago
I think i have something deeper in my body
Georgia Mason
'Georgia Mason' 3 weeks ago
Daniela Mary Perales
WHAT . only God knows 🤔
Lps unicorn Smiles
'Lps unicorn Smiles' 3 weeks ago
Megan Jaffe
'Megan Jaffe' 3 weeks ago
Who else checks to see if it actually is 131 seconds?
I like slime
'I like slime' 3 weeks ago
Leonarda Pineda
'Leonarda Pineda' 3 weeks ago
The ocean is deep as f**k
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