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9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity! -
Published: 1 year ago By: brusspup

By: brusspupPublished: 1 year ago

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Music in the video are songs I created.

Song #1: Over Rain

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All of these tricks take advantage of static electricity. In general, the lower the humidity, the better these tricks will work. The most impressive one to me is the floating bag trick. Depending on the conditions, you can float an entire grocery sack.

1. Hover Plate: (You need Styrofoam Plates and a cloth) Styrofoam plates are great for static electricity tricks. When you give them a charge and hold one above the other, you can feel an incredible amount of resistance.

2. Can Can Go (You need a coke can, PVC pipe and a cloth) This is a classic but still fun. Try standing the can up and then tip it over with static, or try pulling 2 cans at the same time.

3. Stick Around (You need a small wooden stick, glass jar, thread, tape, PVC pipe and a cloth) This one is fun because half of the time the wooden stick will come toward the pvc pipe, and other times it will move away from the pipe. When it moves away, it will stick the the side of the jar and remain there for a period of time. It also fun to use as large a jar as possible to increase the dramatic effect of the pipe moving the stick from such a large distance.

4. Bubble Trouble (You need bubble solution, plexi-glass, PVC pipe, straw and a cloth. This is a fun trick because the bubbles change their shape and move when the pvc pipe is near. It's also fun to create bubbles inside of bubbles to watch the effect of the static electricity. And also create multiple bubbles on the sheet and watch them all travel toward the pipe.

5. Dancing Balls (You need styrofoam balls, aluminum foil, plexi-glass, cloth, and an area to keep the balls from escaping. This trick is really impressive but can be a bit difficult to recreate. When the plexi-glass plate is charged and placed over the balls, they all jump up and stick to the bottom of the glass. For a few moments they travel around sporadically until they finally settle. But when you put your finger near the glass, they all start jumping around. It's also fun to use these balls with styrofoam plates / cups. If you place the ball on a charged plate, it will shoot off of the plate, or stick to it, even if the plate is held sideways or upside down.

6. Water Bender (You need a cup that you can poke a hole in, water, PVC pipe and a cloth. This is a classic but still fun.

7. Balloon Fight (You need balloons, thread, PVC pipe and cloth. When the conditions are just right, the balloon can almost levitate about the pipe. But most of the time you can have fun pushing the balloons around with the charged pipe.

8. Electroscope (You need, steel wire, jar, straw, aluminum foil, PVC pipe and a cloth) This one is really impressive to see in person. A really cool effect to try, which you can see in this video, is to rub the cloth on the pvc pipe from several feet away from the jar. When you run the pipe, you can see the aluminum foil pieces in the jar, moving. I was able to stand as far as 5 feet away and still see the effect.

9. Wingardium Leviosa (You need very light weight / thin plastic bags, cloth, PVC pipe) This is my favorite trick. Again, with the correct conditions, you can get the plastic pieces to float over foot above the pipe. Produce bags from the grocery store work great. You can float an entire produce bag in the right conditions.

Have fun!

The supersoldierstudio
Static electricity reminds me of magnets
Kish bk
'Kish bk' 21 hours ago
You are looking so gorgeous ❤
Aadya Mahajan
'Aadya Mahajan' 2 days ago
Warren Hann
'Warren Hann' 2 days ago
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That jamila right?
Animals world everything
Dono ek size ka plate ka hoga
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'Eni Possible' 5 days ago
John Laurence Gutierrez
My brother said its fake
Santiago Vergara
'Santiago Vergara' 6 days ago
Tee Hee!
Sam Ymn
'Sam Ymn' 6 days ago
5:15 that moment when you see the beauty behind the science 😄
Ahin Lim
'Ahin Lim' 7 days ago
Excuse me ;: it doesn't work any things are you kidding me?
bak j
'bak j' 7 days ago
I don't like Static Electricity
Farrah Donna Hodgknson
that plate one doesnt work your a jerk and a fake and you ruined my grade for school and my life
Suomynona Anonim
'Suomynona Anonim' 1 week ago
Девочка очень симпатичная, и косичка ее тоже!
Jiamu Moo
'Jiamu Moo' 1 week ago
Raffy Sarmiento
'Raffy Sarmiento' 1 week ago
Hello Miss Brusspup I was amazed with the video and tried them but none of them worked. What may be the problem? the towel or the pvc pipe? Help me please.. Thanks and God bless
'Xx_Hacker_xX' 1 week ago
'Xx_Hacker_xX' 1 week ago
Love this video. Wow
Mahjabin Kabir
'Mahjabin Kabir' 1 week ago
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Anty aapke baal aache hai
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can i use a wool as a cloth in first trick?
Hanane Yaakoubi
'Hanane Yaakoubi' 2 weeks ago
Oui vraiment c est important
Will Youngblood
'Will Youngblood' 2 weeks ago
From my perspective this disproves gravity!!!!!
Aadya Boggaram
'Aadya Boggaram' 2 weeks ago
best science video ever!
lovely art with my cat moly
It's fack
Shafayet Hasan
'Shafayet Hasan' 2 weeks ago
Aadya Boggaram
'Aadya Boggaram' 2 weeks ago
ajay paswan
'ajay paswan' 2 weeks ago
so cool
Галина Дьяконова
__Faye Chan__
'__Faye Chan__' 2 weeks ago
PVC pipe Cloth Aluminium can OK GO IT IZ FOR MAH EXPERIMENT
Rana aakash
'Rana aakash' 2 weeks ago
All Over youtube
'All Over youtube' 2 weeks ago
You guys should must watch it
Junior Jay5
'Junior Jay5' 3 weeks ago
cool bro how do you do that
'OK2AQA' 3 weeks ago
Výborné a poučné video! a na konec nádherný černovlasý anděl ;-) .. děkuji OK2AQA
moorthy brunei
'moorthy brunei' 3 weeks ago
Bla Bla
'Bla Bla' 3 weeks ago
I am really impressed. I have seen alot but YOU(!!!) really pushed it far beyond my expactations. I am hughly impressed. Hopfully I can 'repay' you(!!!) for yor survice to alll(!!) onestey!!!!
Sajjad Ababaki
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vrey nice buddy
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star child
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I figured out how to get high voltage static from water. It's on my page. The renewable energy videos.
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Amazing that was
Tech Discover India
'Tech Discover India' 4 weeks ago
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'Jikadra Jaydip' 4 weeks ago
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Jikadra Jaydip
'Jikadra Jaydip' 4 weeks ago
How to possible??
vandana tiwari
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It's useful for us.
vandana tiwari
'vandana tiwari' 4 weeks ago
Wow that's just amazing I loved it ! Keep it up👍👍👍
cujoe Mblakka
'cujoe Mblakka' 4 weeks ago
electro magnetism/ cavity space technology.
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'patcoc' 4 weeks ago
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hermione 'its levioooooooosa not leviosaaaaaaaaa'ron: "if your so good why dont you show us then"hermione: 5:19
'NISHANT CHOURIYA' 4 weeks ago
we can use any cloth
At the end .....MAGIC IS REAL!!!
Jeanne McKinney
'Jeanne McKinney' 1 month ago
Let kids use these simple materials to view static electricity.
manju kushi
'manju kushi' 1 month ago
Why it happens like this?
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'akash Akash' 1 month ago
I wanna see you darling
akash Akash
'akash Akash' 1 month ago
nice I love you
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'Dana Martens' 1 month ago
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'pankaj wasnik' 1 month ago
The last one caught my attention.
Michele Agulto
'Michele Agulto' 1 month ago
On dancing balls, tell your friends that you’ll pay them £5 if they can get a ball under their finger for more than 5 secs. Uhm...
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'poliyester rivera' 1 month ago
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'poliyester rivera' 1 month ago
How to charge
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So satisfying!
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Super les expériences !!
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'Ranjit Paul' 1 month ago
Dude how to do these thing it was difficult to do this
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'Manny X' 1 month ago
cloth didnt work so i used my hair lol
Raashidh AbdoulHamide
Explication please
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'Grant Thompson' 1 month ago
the last girl so beautiful
The Aviator Project
'The Aviator Project' 1 month ago
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'Ma. Cristina Gorre' 1 month ago
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'Satyavathi karri' 1 month ago
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Is this true?
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