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Published: 4 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 4 months ago

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8 very cool science experiments and tricks with smoke

Brenden_ Mc
'Brenden_ Mc' 3 days ago
I Love Your Videos Keep Uploading More Videos😘
Lion Universe
'Lion Universe' 5 days ago
how to do smoke like liquid
'Nerfkid22' 6 days ago
He copyed 3 of #EvanEraTV magic tricks *FACEPLAM
2:10 How long will it be in the refrigerator to smoke?
Joel Rydberg {#}
'Joel Rydberg {#}' 2 weeks ago
You are best ❤️ MR.H
Yellow Penetrator
'Yellow Penetrator' 2 weeks ago
the first trick can actually kill you, if you perform it to often
'404cloud' 3 weeks ago
What happened with smoke? - He ordered two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
Lucas Nicoara
'Lucas Nicoara' 3 weeks ago
Mr. Gear+Crazy Russina Hacker=Mr. Hacker
Tom Marvolo Riddle
'Tom Marvolo Riddle' 3 weeks ago
2:07 BE CAREFULY... just kill yourself, you illiterate piece of shit.
'LIquid' 3 weeks ago
4:04 did that crack your beaker? Or is that alcohol or broken previously?
snow flake
'snow flake' 3 weeks ago
dj ronygy
'dj ronygy' 3 weeks ago
how did you do the smoke like liquid
Bjønne Bacon
'Bjønne Bacon' 3 weeks ago
learn how to write idiot
Siddique Tamim
'Siddique Tamim' 3 weeks ago
2:06 Be Carefuly 😂😂😂
'TheLast2nd' 3 weeks ago
What's the song in the beginning?
Noman Jaffar
'Noman Jaffar' 4 weeks ago
2:17 can I drink it.Just need it for a video
Aymen Derghal
'Aymen Derghal' 4 weeks ago
i just saw ur channel, and it has 999k , congratz on the coming million subs
Thomas Placencio
'Thomas Placencio' 4 weeks ago
2:07 "be carefuly"
Albi Krasniqi
'Albi Krasniqi' 4 weeks ago
We get it............. you vape
Padepokan Lindu Aji
'Padepokan Lindu Aji' 4 weeks ago
'ISRAT JAHAN' 4 weeks ago
Wowwwwow wonderful 😙😙😙😙😙
HiddenPeople GT
'HiddenPeople GT' 1 month ago
0:46 Is that dangerous
Samuel Jobby
'Samuel Jobby' 1 month ago
Vuong Le
'Vuong Le' 1 month ago
Where are you from, mr. Hack ?
Máté Magyar
'Máté Magyar' 1 month ago
My sister is 8 years old.
Máté Magyar
'Máté Magyar' 1 month ago
A tesóm szerint ez eszméletlen.
john pijuan
'john pijuan' 1 month ago
i subscribed !!!
Ruhi Pradhan
'Ruhi Pradhan' 1 month ago
Osvaldo Gamer Marquez
afif hidayattulloh
'afif hidayattulloh' 1 month ago
it was very cool
Christian Olivarius
'Christian Olivarius' 1 month ago
You smokin yet?
icEyr 405
'icEyr 405' 1 month ago
...picture a world without YouTube...
'IFeelZick' 1 month ago
2:20 Guy: anything to drink? Guy 2: Yes, i'd like a glass of smoke please, hold the carbon monoxide. Guy:....
'DefiniteLemon' 1 month ago
We get it you vape
Arpan Naiya
'Arpan Naiya' 2 months ago
i subscribed
Random Gaming
'Random Gaming' 2 months ago
Did it burn when you made smoke with your finger
BestPro Gamer135
'BestPro Gamer135' 2 months ago
nitrogen is awesome. ... liquid smoke...
Muhammad Atif
'Muhammad Atif' 2 months ago
wow amazing...
killer nurse
'killer nurse' 2 months ago
2:07 grammar mistake
Mirek Duong
'Mirek Duong' 2 months ago
#nohate your intro is shit but your videos are awesome! :D
'Mr_Animatronik' 2 months ago
Fuuu you kopiruesh another channel and send him your fuuu shame
Amy Davis
'Amy Davis' 2 months ago
the first trick you used fire to make the dust then you said "smoke without fire" LIAR!!!
'XD YOUTUBER' 2 months ago
4:25 what happened with smoke? LoL Wrong grammar
'XD YOUTUBER' 2 months ago
ㅓㅓ맨 만나는 남아난 마마가 ㅏ
Daniel Strathdee
'Daniel Strathdee' 2 months ago
What is this guy's first language?
Noah Ramey
'Noah Ramey' 2 months ago
We get it, you vape.
Joaquin Antonio Butial
Now I know how chemists use their degree.
Utaha - Senpai
'Utaha - Senpai' 2 months ago
This should named the most satisfying video on youtube. :)
'SQUEAKWEIR' 2 months ago
The 1st won must hurt
khalil dumas
'khalil dumas' 2 months ago
vape on?
Mark Kharitonov
'Mark Kharitonov' 2 months ago
Where souls I get a solid state drive
'Zitrone250' 2 months ago
don´t try the first one at home their can kill you!
Daneyshka Roman
'Daneyshka Roman' 2 months ago
i love your videos and i love u
Daneyshka Roman
'Daneyshka Roman' 2 months ago
thats awesome
Tella Mosis
'Tella Mosis' 2 months ago
The candle thing is that the wick is feed by liquid wax as fuel. The wax is being burned by the flame, when you snuff the flame tiny partials of warm wax start to be carried up in the smoke as its not being burned. Then you light the top of the smoke and the floating fuel burns down to the wick like a fuse.
Shahil Poon
'Shahil Poon' 2 months ago
Parth Mudgal
'Parth Mudgal' 2 months ago
soo satisfying to see thiS
robin liittle
'robin liittle' 2 months ago
i love the life hack keep up the good work guys
The ghost 1234
'The ghost 1234' 2 months ago
That's amazing ❣👏🏻
Jetzenia Martines
'Jetzenia Martines' 3 months ago
the smoke fals down looks like water
Oneall Toreno
'Oneall Toreno' 3 months ago
i can tell hes not good with english cause of the grammar but keep practicing english dude :D
tata natasya
'tata natasya' 3 months ago
vishwanadh manyam
'vishwanadh manyam' 3 months ago
hey, how did u do that, refrigerator expariment
'Tomboyrider' 3 months ago
Yes repeat
Riahnna Williams
'Riahnna Williams' 3 months ago
Did the first one feel hot cause I wanna try it
The King Of Science
'The King Of Science' 3 months ago
how much time freezer
JustaRandomGuy Random
1:10 sir you just learned smoking
soronoris pro
'soronoris pro' 3 months ago
i like smok tricks :)
chris perez
'chris perez' 3 months ago
Don't know why 381 people disliked your video it was amazing
M Nyegard
'M Nyegard' 3 months ago
1:25 that looks like coffe spilling out not smoke
Harris allen
'Harris allen' 3 months ago
More vids v want
Keahi Taylor
'Keahi Taylor' 3 months ago
did the smoke without fire hurt?
'ThatMakeSnow' 3 months ago
Hopefully valve won't fix that one.
kiran patil
'kiran patil' 3 months ago
'xRasu_grgx' 3 months ago
on the first trick why is the smoke going downward instead of going upward? is this trick related to science?
Coolgame 13 Rus
'Coolgame 13 Rus' 3 months ago
oH русский
guillermo castaneda
'guillermo castaneda' 3 months ago
LOVE YOUR VIDEOS😍❤️❤️😍like if you agree😊😃😃😊
Victor Mello
'Victor Mello' 3 months ago
correction: somoke is not a liquid. It's a suspension of particles in the air, an the air, as every other gas, is a liquid
King Sowder
'King Sowder' 3 months ago
Be carefuly
Red x
'Red x' 4 months ago
Red x
'Red x' 4 months ago
'LIKE A BOSS' 4 months ago
'LIKE A BOSS' 4 months ago
Franklin Guardado
'Franklin Guardado' 4 months ago
3:25 OMG
'Henrique' 4 months ago
or you can just roll a joint and make some smoke
'fire2xdxd' 4 months ago
you made smoke without fire... you are a god.
anassito “nice guy” Drafat
Nice go on
Mike Nielsen
'Mike Nielsen' 4 months ago
Really enjoy Your channel!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!
lemon fart
'lemon fart' 4 months ago
HOLY SMOKES, pun intended
Anujan radeesha
'Anujan radeesha' 4 months ago
for the 8th trick watervapour released
Boruto Uzumaki
'Boruto Uzumaki' 4 months ago
The video is awesome
Boruto Uzumaki
'Boruto Uzumaki' 4 months ago
'MILI POWA' 4 months ago
3:20 :D :D :D
Roger Suan
'Roger Suan' 4 months ago
Wow! The Trick Number 1 and 3 IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD
Roger Suan
'Roger Suan' 4 months ago
Seriously? Wiping A Diamond Play Button?
Estin West
'Estin West' 4 months ago
I will watch a ad and then start to comment on how bullshit or funny it was, then I notice that was just the ad,, and not everyone sees this ad... But yeah it was funny. Comment the ad that you saw.
Fahim Fahym
'Fahim Fahym' 4 months ago
4:24 its not carefuly!! its careful...
'Niels' 4 months ago
I was here since 2K subs
Adrian Asenov
'Adrian Asenov' 4 months ago
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