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DJ Mustard - Ridin' Around ft. Nipsey Hussle, RJ -
Published: 6 months ago By: DJMustardVEVO

By: DJMustardVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

4, 170, 892 views

49, 427 Likes   2, 008 Dislikes

Music video by DJ Mustard performing Ridin' Around. (C) 2017 Roc Nation, LLC.

Brandon Larry
'Brandon Larry' 17 hours ago
'Ckduub' 3 days ago
RJ get off 🤤💯
Vernon King
'Vernon King' 5 days ago
40s on 30 like its Harlem on Vernon, that's a super LA line.
Tina Anderson
'Tina Anderson' 5 days ago
rj is boo boo
Zachary Babitz
'Zachary Babitz' 6 days ago
this shit go.woop
mk kingin
'mk kingin' 1 week ago
that's shit go
'GaMeOvEr12454' 2 weeks ago
dj mustard always making the same beats...
Kalvin Williams
'Kalvin Williams' 2 weeks ago
Yves Mosengo
'Yves Mosengo' 2 weeks ago
👍 👍 👍 👍
Christian Mühlberger
where dem hoes tho
Trischa Clow
'Trischa Clow' 2 weeks ago
compared to J.Cole Eminem Kodak black a biggie wit da hoodie etc these guys are crap don't be mad :/
Tavo Gonzalez
'Tavo Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
cool car
'FAZE Hood' 2 weeks ago
Nicholas Ferguson
'Nicholas Ferguson' 3 weeks ago
glock30 with a 30 thas a 45 stupid ass bitch
Daniel Gerrard
'Daniel Gerrard' 3 weeks ago
don't get dragged out the club like a cooooat bitch.
minbar entay eu
'minbar entay eu' 3 weeks ago
ማራ ኪፊ ኣለዋ ሓወይ ናተይ ቀጽሎ
goat sam
'goat sam' 3 weeks ago
and thev west is revived !!!!
'BekHD' 4 weeks ago
Nipsey that's my uncle #Rollin60'sGangBitch
Peyo DuPont
'Peyo DuPont' 4 weeks ago
They see...
Leek Leek
'Leek Leek' 4 weeks ago
40s Wit 30 Like It's Harlems On Vernon ❗️
Cubana_187 LOVE
'Cubana_187 LOVE' 4 weeks ago
Damani Boyd
'Damani Boyd' 4 weeks ago
hard song
Bling 4Hunnid
'Bling 4Hunnid' 4 weeks ago
my shit
i_blurry Westbrook
'i_blurry Westbrook' 4 weeks ago
My friend did the musical text thing on me with dis song and told me to look this up
mariam alnadawi
'mariam alnadawi' 4 weeks ago
Francis Harris
'Francis Harris' 4 weeks ago
fucc sissys
Jodi Callandret
'Jodi Callandret' 4 weeks ago
i like how they got seattle shit on my city getting out here now
soulkid 13
'soulkid 13' 1 month ago
hey click this👉 1:58
soulkid 13
'soulkid 13' 1 month ago
hey click this 22
'hearken' 1 month ago
nipsey and kendrick hello??? make it happen
maria Ruiz
'maria Ruiz' 1 month ago
this song lit
Kelvin Makori
'Kelvin Makori' 1 month ago
Never gonna love a broke b***ch ooh
Juan Valadez
'Juan Valadez' 1 month ago
What bently is that ?
Gonzalo Ortiz
'Gonzalo Ortiz' 1 month ago
this my shit my walking out song. .
Henry Sylvester
'Henry Sylvester' 1 month ago
Who's the one with the grill?
David Cage
'David Cage' 1 month ago
‪ New Song Alert!!!! 🚨🚨‬ ‪#WhereIBeen #DavidCageOfficial ‬ ‪‬
'KRISH CHAND' 1 month ago
Damn finally about to put them Sports Jersey again, been sitting in the closet for years .
Chrisaquatic Tanks
'Chrisaquatic Tanks' 1 month ago
nipsey look like a skinny and light-skinned version of snoop dog
Stance Lives Matter.
anything RJ bangs!
'KRISH CHAND' 2 months ago
Should have put Donthrilla in this bitch lol.
Lolly Stew
'Lolly Stew' 2 months ago
finally nip and rj on the same song dope asf two of my fav artists
Nick Rodriguez
'Nick Rodriguez' 2 months ago
They should of did a remix with snoop, E40, And YG
Camoflague Arizona
'Camoflague Arizona' 2 months ago
Mr Florida
Johnathan Quair
'Johnathan Quair' 2 months ago
RJ better watch the road , nigga look like he bouta crash 😂
Jojo Rock
'Jojo Rock'allNations' 2 months ago
cool sound,
'Et ' ChapadOo' 2 months ago
Kd Os Brs representando ??
malia sandra
'malia sandra' 2 months ago
'BuzzyBeatz' 2 months ago
The best West Coast song since a while
Arturo flores
'Arturo flores' 2 months ago
Rj the slaps man
slick 69
'slick 69' 2 months ago
this Song turnt Up Ayyyyyee!
'dojoMax' 2 months ago
Man, ain't nothing like west coast.
Gonzalo Ortiz
'Gonzalo Ortiz' 2 months ago
rip to love on some real shit this shit aint for me....Rip
'RiCH ROSS' 2 months ago
they see that we winnin!
Sel Lati
'Sel Lati' 2 months ago
Tre Miller
'Tre Miller' 2 months ago
I can put you in the game and let you hussle the rest
'SLOW BURN1996' 2 months ago
nipsey 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'alexiOs21100' 2 months ago
holy shitt this beat..
young SB
'young SB' 2 months ago
This nigga only got 150K subs?! Bruh without DJ Mustard there would be no Chris Brown, YG and shit like when u hear "mustard on that beat hoe" (sounds more like mogga on da B hoe) remember its this guy who is behind the beat
Jai Peralta
'Jai Peralta' 2 months ago
he looks like a young Snoop Dogg
1Fast AssChevy
'1Fast AssChevy' 2 months ago
jay 305 woulda overkilled this bitch
'LLCAPTAIN M' 2 months ago
Niggahs been sleeping on nipsey since 2009
youre 無限的我
'youre 無限的我' 2 months ago
see dj mustard on the title. alr knew how this beat would sounds like
Cornejo Inmer
'Cornejo Inmer' 2 months ago
ADDICTED To The WESTSIDE!.. dope! @attglcompany
Hagginwood 2 HollyWood
tara jones
'tara jones' 2 months ago
I like this RJ you are rich
robert lewandowski
'robert lewandowski' 2 months ago
cool song guys
Johncarlgt Xd
'Johncarlgt Xd' 2 months ago
This not cool more than Kali uschis
'havingfuntimes100' 2 months ago
DJ is the best nigga ever
'havingfuntimes100' 2 months ago
have you guys heard of the song Only Right listen to the Joe Mosses part.
'havingfuntimes100' 2 months ago
If DJ Mustard wanted to be a raper then why the fuck doesn't he sign in his videos.
Joe Layva
'Joe Layva' 2 months ago
rj should have kept the same flow as nipsey's,track is hard but second half with rj got a lil soft
Bruce Lee
'Bruce Lee' 2 months ago
Junior Martinez
'Junior Martinez' 2 months ago
LA county you know what this is 🔥💯 the musek makes it real around this bitch. thats why folks get smoke for acting out in they fantasy land.
STU Who?
'STU Who?' 2 months ago
'kingtutmusic' 3 months ago
The Marathon Continues.
Dhuri Narang
'Dhuri Narang' 3 months ago
Fuck DonThrilla the bitch nigga
'skiroll74' 3 months ago
Fwd: Check out "SKI SEASON Time" check on itunes
André Gouveia
'André Gouveia' 3 months ago
yg would've kill this track
Millanbwoy AndroGaming
YG should be in that song
Kenton Douglas
'Kenton Douglas' 3 months ago
4.o.e. crip fly crippin nip putting pressure on hate type get of your high all you vulture niggas kind fly north ..its to late to run Christ once you caught up in this life ...shits inclusive only niggas who been off the porch early on can feel cats like him ..
Rachel Fuller
'Rachel Fuller' 3 months ago
YG would've killed this song ❤️😛
Ayyy John
'Ayyy John' 3 months ago
Nightingale middle school ! 😂
Manajit Gera
'Manajit Gera' 3 months ago
Guys have you listened to DonThrilla?
'Pendah' 3 months ago
this guy looks like a discount snoopdogg
AtaHorilal Thomas
'AtaHorilal Thomas' 3 months ago
Fuck DonThrilla ://// ... Just fuck him, its so stupid whats going on right now!
Joey Stevens
'Joey Stevens' 3 months ago
Nipsey better watch that road😂😂
A Burrito
'A Burrito' 3 months ago
why all mustard beats sound exactly the same. lamest producer to be famous and well known imo.
Jojo qacjess
'Jojo qacjess' 3 months ago
I love nip hussle
Booka Stone
'Booka Stone' 3 months ago
man this was cool😎😎😎😎
Daniel Martinez
'Daniel Martinez' 3 months ago
Nipsey needs the recognition he deserves
SkynetGaming /JoshPlays
And by the way this is the joke: Question - Why people keep calling Nipsey to Nips?? My Answer - Because "He Need Some NIPPLES"
SkynetGaming /JoshPlays
Had to play this on the hood. It was turning wrong when I change the song to "Nigga, Nigga, Nigga" But thanks to Nipsey this song saved my life and GOT NEW HOOD FRIENDS #SongSavedOurLives
'leo' 3 months ago
RJ has official facebook fanpage?
'DualShockz7' 3 months ago
Dope song n dope Nipsey but Rj smashed the shit out of this track imo
'MURRYCHOOCK' 3 months ago
Is this San Andreas?
'timbow64' 3 months ago
m.adnan el ouafi zed.lachi with you my niggaz
صانع الابتسامة طامس وليسه نامس
انت الوحيد الي اسمع لك دوس ياصاحبي
Erwin G
'Erwin G' 3 months ago
all 1k 👎(broke bitches)..
Leafy Kill your self
'Leafy Kill your self' 3 months ago
Where's the hotdog
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