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DJ Mustard - Ridin' Around ft. Nipsey Hussle, RJ -
Published: 2 months ago By: DJMustardVEVO

By: DJMustardVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

2, 263, 707 views

34, 132 Likes   1, 113 Dislikes

Music video by DJ Mustard performing Ridin' Around. (C) 2017 Roc Nation, LLC.

Julii Locc
'Julii Locc' 23 hours ago
hittagotta beon
Rayan Daksa
'Rayan Daksa' 1 day ago
love that song, sounds like the 90s west coast songs
Sean Jones
'Sean Jones' 2 days ago
them niggas look like a ripoff snoopdogg and Chris Brown
dominic fotes
'dominic fotes' 2 days ago
fuck you youtube and your 30 second ads.
Air After
'Air After' 2 days ago
Why do I like this so much?
Jada Tyler
'Jada Tyler' 2 days ago
RJ and Nispey hussle lookn like $naccs .😍
Valantis Maleskos
'Valantis Maleskos' 3 days ago
I don't know what y'all are talking bout but I think nip's flow wasn't great enough for this awesome beat, I would get the game instead and add yg for the extra verse!
aka sherri
'aka sherri' 4 days ago
hard music!!! remix with YG
Levi Whitt
'Levi Whitt' 5 days ago
This vid like YGs🤔
Deshawndray Miles
'Deshawndray Miles' 5 days ago
Hey DJ Mustard 😍😘
Molly Gorman
'Molly Gorman' 5 days ago
reppin seattle!!! hell yeah!
'SpaceGhostPurps' 5 days ago
Bullets ain't got no names Nip !
Ahmed Hammoud
'Ahmed Hammoud' 5 days ago
trying too hard man
Israel Gutierrez
'Israel Gutierrez' 6 days ago
shit is koo
'G G' 7 days ago
nipsey got my new new
'bigjohn828' 1 week ago
I'm from NEW YORK NIGGAS, hands down, best beats right now are coming from: "MUSTARD ON THE BEAT" THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES!
Jacob Bluitt
'Jacob Bluitt' 1 week ago
don't sell ur soul 4 that fucking the darkside
Alexis Granados
'Alexis Granados' 1 week ago
Nipsey, Rj, Dom Kennedy, Chance the Rapper all day!! 💯
'GRI7I' 1 week ago
1:28 who is the singer ?
Dylan Mc Mahon
'Dylan Mc Mahon' 1 week ago
Sneaker Head Beginner
RJ went hard lol
Germaine Ranglin
'Germaine Ranglin' 1 week ago
Jay Tolefree
'Jay Tolefree' 1 week ago
better if they had YG
Fuzion Matrix
'Fuzion Matrix' 1 week ago
Rj slayed that shit but that lyric about him with crips and bloods is gona get him shot by the bloods
Jon C.
'Jon C.' 2 weeks ago
on soxlos this shit hard
'STAR BOY' 2 weeks ago
Nice song it a Best song of 2017
'seiya' 2 weeks ago
bongani champane
'bongani champane' 2 weeks ago
sounds like YG...but dope 2...
Matthew Dyck
'Matthew Dyck' 2 weeks ago
That old school sound mixed with mustards style just too good.
'Ovan' 2 weeks ago
Wish this song was longer.
Adam Alegria
'Adam Alegria' 2 weeks ago
Flease Bell
'Flease Bell' 2 weeks ago
rideing around out of bounds meaning being places you not wanted
mansa musa
'mansa musa' 2 weeks ago
this shit hard as fuck
'IVAN ADAMSEL' 2 weeks ago
Lil Brazy
'Lil Brazy' 2 weeks ago
#HILL5tar #100
Deeen!s Beats
'Deeen!s Beats' 2 weeks ago
1:26 - 1:30 my favourite type of flow
Joe Ferguson
'Joe Ferguson' 2 weeks ago
Never gone love no broke ass bitch
Tyler Bryan
'Tyler Bryan' 2 weeks ago
This song is lit
Arturo Landeros
'Arturo Landeros' 2 weeks ago
banger nipdagreat
Junior Hernandez
'Junior Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
Aye they reppin my city wit them jerseys 💯☝🏻 Seattle Gang Shit
Aaron bilger
'Aaron bilger' 2 weeks ago
We Need A Bass Boosted Version Of This!!!
Toya Calhoun
'Toya Calhoun' 2 weeks ago
shataiya brown
'shataiya brown' 2 weeks ago
he's trippin better keep his eyes on the rode ??
SCamp wITh MEmes
'SCamp wITh MEmes' 2 weeks ago
Brandon Me
'Brandon Me' 2 weeks ago
Niggaz reppin Seattle hard
David Vasquez
'David Vasquez' 3 weeks ago
This has to much sauce🔥🔥🔥💴💴💴
Itz Evan
'Itz Evan' 3 weeks ago
🔥🔥Ridin Round, Out of bound, 40 Cal 30 Rounds.🔥🔥 Shit got lit right then.
The Truth330
'The Truth330' 3 weeks ago
He'll yeahh I graduated from high school in 2010 off nis I was going to finish regardless he just motivate me even more .. Now I'm doing big things take care of my family . Just living life you know . Had to change my ways I got closer to God .. Order me to grow I have to let go of some habits thats words too nipsey Ohio to pretty Washington Seattle got love for you nis
Xavier Rebolledo
'Xavier Rebolledo' 3 weeks ago
'LilC2000' 3 weeks ago
Why the name say Dj Mustard he didn't even rap...
Omar Slimani
'Omar Slimani' 3 weeks ago
1:25 best of the song
'ItsJoeybrah' 3 weeks ago
reppin seattle teams baby
Brandi ROSE
'Brandi ROSE' 3 weeks ago
This is Too Short of 2017, and Seattle wants their jerseys back....
Aaron Bond
'Aaron Bond' 3 weeks ago
you know this shit is gonna blow up at some point soon
Jada Tyler
'Jada Tyler' 3 weeks ago
Nipsey😍😍😍😍😍RJ💘💘💘💘mustard 👅👅👅
Basile Al
'Basile Al' 3 weeks ago
this shit lit
Harrison Samuel
'Harrison Samuel' 3 weeks ago
wanna be snoop dogg
Harrison Samuel
'Harrison Samuel' 3 weeks ago
wanna be snoop dogg
Young G
'Young G' 3 weeks ago
Its got that good hood vibe 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Trevor Smith
'Trevor Smith' 3 weeks ago
'noah' 3 weeks ago
"pussy on that beat"
Kris Gabz
'Kris Gabz' 3 weeks ago
mehh boring, same sounding shit
Mustard On The Beat
'Mustard On The Beat' 3 weeks ago
Mustard my bro u kill the beat
Luwige Wazir
'Luwige Wazir' 3 weeks ago
mamamia biti uo /
Lucas Rocha Soares
'Lucas Rocha Soares' 3 weeks ago
RJ verse killed all
'odkelp' 3 weeks ago
nipsey hussle, yg, and dom kennedy represent the westcoast rap scene well.
Desiree Hermosillo
'Desiree Hermosillo' 3 weeks ago
Nipsey 💗💗💗
the viper gamer101
'the viper gamer101' 3 weeks ago
will every body who reads this go sub to my channel plz ty
'Nadatall3' 3 weeks ago
Dnasty eddie
'Dnasty eddie' 3 weeks ago
this shit go hard
'Areté' 3 weeks ago
Fucking with this song on daily basis
George Smith
'George Smith' 3 weeks ago
From the east coast to the west saaaiide with 🖤
Miss.Leta Mack
'Miss.Leta Mack' 3 weeks ago
This is my workout song my everyday song !!!!!!!!!! Walking into working like I'm the bomb!!!!!!!!!! Love you Nipsey💯
Felicia Smith
'Felicia Smith' 3 weeks ago
yea rj said right balling as bloods woop good look we need more video in hood hacinda 5 star willeb we on woop woop ha ha
Meris Boss
'Meris Boss' 3 weeks ago
tyga and young thug should have been in this shit
KinGxSpookS 5150
'KinGxSpookS 5150' 4 weeks ago
They wrecked this hoe
Seth Games
'Seth Games' 4 weeks ago
Nobody gonna talk about how dope this beat is?
Ryan Hunt
'Ryan Hunt' 4 weeks ago
seattle love yah
Carlos Juarez
'Carlos Juarez' 4 weeks ago
esta bn vergu la rola 😎
Lulu Jackson
'Lulu Jackson' 4 weeks ago
this shit need yg asfff...but still fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'ImmortalTechnique' 4 weeks ago
What the hell is this shit?
Chad Blake
'Chad Blake' 4 weeks ago
nipsey is hard all the way from UK ✌👍
'OHNOGOOFY' 4 weeks ago
What are ya talking abt Nip and RJ killed this shit No need for no remix
Todd Thompson
'Todd Thompson' 4 weeks ago
never going to love someone broke...what the hells wrong with this world
'Fabian' 4 weeks ago
Niggas still sleeping on Nipseyy Money Power Respect All my Weapons is Fresh Im the fucken connect ican cut yuh a check ican put you in the game let you hussle the rest ALL MONEY IN
tyson khun
'tyson khun' 4 weeks ago
Seattle gear yeeeee
KingOxy O2
'KingOxy O2' 4 weeks ago
Why is it short. It's dope, just wish it was 25 minutes long
'Areté' 4 weeks ago
This aint just fire this greek fire ,burning on water
'Areté' 4 weeks ago
Lit as fuck good start for 2017 this,gotti81 and migos tshirt
slap nip Hussle hard af
Spoity BEY
'Spoity BEY' 4 weeks ago
I Like that. West$ide get the Money
'jDUB1' 4 weeks ago
YG is garbage, Nips a Crip, should blast yg frfr. There was a concert where some crips we're banging on YG and he hid behind his entourage throwing bottles sayin Foh Hunnnit😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bouaza Ez Ahery
'Bouaza Ez Ahery' 4 weeks ago
west coast !bitch
George Petoussis
'George Petoussis' 4 weeks ago
amazing song
Leticia Perez
'Leticia Perez' 4 weeks ago
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