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DJ Mustard - Ridin' Around ft. Nipsey Hussle, RJ -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: DJMustardVEVO

By: DJMustardVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

1, 456, 919 views

26, 819 Likes   812 Dislikes

Music video by DJ Mustard performing Ridin' Around. (C) 2017 Roc Nation, LLC.

'Areté' 4 hours ago
Lit as fuck good start for 2017 this,gotti81 and migos tshirt
slap nip Hussle hard af
Spoity BEY
'Spoity BEY' 7 hours ago
I Like that. West$ide get the Money
'jDUB1' 12 hours ago
YG is garbage, Nips a Crip, should blast yg frfr. There was a concert where some crips we're banging on YG and he hid behind his entourage throwing bottles sayin Foh Hunnnit😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bouaza Ez Ahery
'Bouaza Ez Ahery' 17 hours ago
west coast !bitch
George Petoussis
'George Petoussis' 1 day ago
amazing song
Leticia Perez
'Leticia Perez' 1 day ago
'GETN2THAMONEY' 1 day ago
shit slap westcoast
Tre Smoove
'Tre Smoove' 2 days ago
nipsey one of my favorite rappers but rj was ass on this song
'color' 2 days ago
West coast has the best hip hop
Sway Calloway
'Sway Calloway' 2 days ago
classic mustard track
cadena de Hotspanish brocoli
Lol is allen iverson 😕😂😂
John Dough
'John Dough' 2 days ago
40s with the 30s like the Harlems on Vernon 👍🏾
Leandro Atherino
'Leandro Atherino' 2 days ago
Brett K
'Brett K' 3 days ago
Mustard is the shhhhhhhhhheeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiit
Rajshe Jones
'Rajshe Jones' 3 days ago
this shit lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Killakay Y
<--------- Check out these freestyles Kingtut Bring'em out 'AND MUCH MORE *HIT ME UP IF U WANNA MAKE SOME REAL MUSIC.*
Dandre Lewis
'Dandre Lewis' 3 days ago
The bro R.J hard I grew up with the homie... OMMIO2017
B Hadnot
'B Hadnot' 3 days ago
dat nigga look lame ass he'll. triple salute to.OG nipsey doe
Oliver Hernandez
'Oliver Hernandez' 4 days ago
Nip with the Seattle mariners jersey fresh
Mastah Wayne Beats
straight bangin'
'BIG SEND' 4 days ago
yg should of been on da beat
Jeremy Kirendall
'Jeremy Kirendall' 4 days ago
Noodle Ending
'Noodle Ending' 4 days ago
0:33 Nipsey dippin blowin kush smoke on 26 n Figueroa u shoulda kept going up till u hit the 50s n 60s! In the backstreets of Highland Park! NeLa
Kelsi charron
'Kelsi charron' 4 days ago
Hey this Kelsi Charron I love you music and you guys are fucking awesome I'm 13 years old❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖🐒🐒💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂💛💛💩💩💩😍😍😍
Isela Rosas Rodriguez
'KING KALIKush' 4 days ago
Ride around 50CAL 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 💰💰💰💰💰
Kevin Davis
'Kevin Davis' 4 days ago
the best song
Noah Feerer
'Noah Feerer' 4 days ago
I need a fucking instrumental for this shit fr
Nick Baterdene
'Nick Baterdene' 4 days ago
Shiit! Way better than mumble rap.
'AfroDance*Musik' 5 days ago
Duce MaCc
'Duce MaCc' 5 days ago
All $ In
'sweetj16real' 5 days ago
Need more west coast tracks like this out there.
'32KEYS BEATS' 5 days ago
mustard on the beat hoe
Gagan Narang
'Gagan Narang' 6 days ago
lack lyrics ... too many repeats..beat is osm!
Valley Mac
'Valley Mac' 6 days ago
Predator 17
'Predator 17' 6 days ago
Y they got on all the Seattle gear?
'Cleto' 6 days ago
Why Nipsey look like he could be Snoop Dogg and Prodigy son
Richie Tee
'Richie Tee' 6 days ago
They Filmed This In My Neighborhood , North East Los Angeles , It Was A Trip Seeing Rj , Nip And Mustard , Felt Like The 90s , How I Would Imagine Seeing Dre And Them Film In Your Hood , Just Crazy 👏🏽
Wassabi j
'Wassabi j' 6 days ago
Nipsey finally gettin the views he deserve guess he said 2017 is his year ??? 💰⚡️🔥
Man the boss gaming
were yg i mad should put yg in hear
U The man
'U The man' 6 days ago
yg need to be in the remix
Sa Konde
'Sa Konde' 6 days ago
Let me know when they get on beat.....
Sara woopwoop
'Sara woopwoop' 7 days ago
love this beat ❤
Jay Duran
'Jay Duran' 7 days ago
Too short missing sounds like something he would kill
Lexter Beats
'Lexter Beats' 7 days ago
anyone mind checking out my beats theyre fire
Dred Paige
'Dred Paige' 1 week ago
Ethan Cryder
'Ethan Cryder' 1 week ago
Yg would've been lit in this song
'four1sixRaps' 1 week ago
2017 is gonna be FIUEGO!!
faze X Coon
'faze X Coon' 1 week ago
Dj mustard the most overrated producer ever, generic as fuck and blatantly jacks from others
The Legends TV
'The Legends TV' 1 week ago
here before it blows up :D
Marco Caliandro
'Marco Caliandro' 1 week ago
Is this song supposed to be satirical?
Jesse Martinez
'Jesse Martinez' 1 week ago
Hell yeah, West be poppin! #Nipsey #Yg #SchoolBoyQ #JayRock #Kendrick #WestCoast #AllStar
William Legend
'William Legend' 1 week ago
Shit goooo 💯
Az Onthebeat
'Az Onthebeat' 1 week ago
who eles seen nipsey do a yg dance move
Buffy Chicken
'Buffy Chicken' 1 week ago
'MrDemon3434' 1 week ago
He looks like a younger prodigy
boo1987 H.P
'boo1987 H.P' 1 week ago
man nipsey one of the hardest out of cali for a while consistent hits
bart loon
'bart loon' 1 week ago
rj comin up fast🔥🔥
kody scot
'kody scot' 1 week ago
cali in this ....
Max Marlow Beats
'Max Marlow Beats' 1 week ago
Damon Johnson
'Damon Johnson' 1 week ago
This shit knock cuz
junkman lo
'junkman lo' 1 week ago
i love it....WEST UP
Tabiths Marks
'Tabiths Marks' 1 week ago
VD “D Navaya” Ncube
Nipsey looks a bit like Prodigy
Tayn Tain
'Tayn Tain' 1 week ago
cute kids
Cali X4NIA
'Cali X4NIA' 1 week ago
30s wid da 40s
nathen romero
'nathen romero' 1 week ago
all in south central L,A showing some lovve to the city ,,90003
cristiano skills
'cristiano skills' 1 week ago
shout out to king of west coast LA
DC Calified
'DC Calified' 1 week ago
FlipNigz 626Cali
DC Calified
'DC Calified' 1 week ago
💯 check my New album as well available everywhere to stream #dccalified #thesuburbsandthestreets urbanlife distribution/rapbay
Freedom “Freedom” J. Harris
WHO is on the beat?? I hear that on a lot of songs in RNBass, but I can't understand what he is saying.
'KING KALIKush' 1 week ago
Riden Around Boss Up . Riden Outbounds 40cal🔫🔫🔫 30 rounds GChit
Geon Brooks
'Geon Brooks' 1 week ago
hardest shit I herd all day 👌👌🔥🔥🔥
'Derkovic' 1 week ago
What is the brand of RJ's cap?
Nicolas Foungues
'Nicolas Foungues' 1 week ago
King Anthony
'King Anthony' 1 week ago
West Coast got the best music right now
John Dew
'John Dew' 1 week ago
Nippseu lowkey legend statuts already🔥🔥🔥
Gerone Paige
'Gerone Paige' 1 week ago
dis say west west all over it ! nipsey the homie and always finesse anything he do but we all heard yg on dis beat or thought about him
Queen pop (cake)
'Queen pop (cake)' 1 week ago
sexy L.A niggas ! Do yo shit tho!
Jessy Arrenquin
'Jessy Arrenquin' 1 week ago
this go omm
'MJ100' 1 week ago
the west coast still doin the thangthang 💯
Shaz Widhani
'Shaz Widhani' 1 week ago
Roberto Ojeda
'Roberto Ojeda' 1 week ago
robert gene
'robert gene' 2 weeks ago
60 NH nip one the best ive eva heard cuz
'TRXLL WXLL' 2 weeks ago
Kid Money Fresh
'Kid Money Fresh' 2 weeks ago
DJ Mustard and these beats. Got that Too Short feel.
Dallas Nateweyes
'Dallas Nateweyes' 2 weeks ago
no music
k9 TheGiant
'k9 TheGiant' 2 weeks ago
I TRIED to get at nip but he never showed me no luv bk but he is still da best i guess u gotta be cruel to b kind....
Jamel Jackson
'Jamel Jackson' 2 weeks ago
RJ 40's on Vernon not the Harlem's 
Couch Gucci
'Couch Gucci' 2 weeks ago
RJ lit my nigga
Zachery Nguyen
'Zachery Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Lit asf
kendrick23 lamar
'kendrick23 lamar' 2 weeks ago
this shit is tough🔥🔥🔥
E38 Guy
'E38 Guy' 2 weeks ago check this shit out, an get cash.
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