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DJ Mustard - Ridin' Around ft. Nipsey Hussle, RJ -
Published: 8 months ago By: DJMustardVEVO

By: DJMustardVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

4, 746, 108 views

53, 832 Likes   2, 273 Dislikes

Music video by DJ Mustard performing Ridin' Around. (C) 2017 Roc Nation, LLC.

LaeLonnie Keys
'LaeLonnie Keys' 1 day ago
You guys are ugli shut up now because you think you all hansm but no
Katelyn Mccornack
'Katelyn Mccornack' 1 week ago
Nipsey hussle always goes hardd🔥
Apache Girl 101
'Apache Girl 101' 1 week ago
nipsey stay turned up,yessss
'이건희' 2 weeks ago
Good homeless music..!
'Harley94' 2 weeks ago
All that lane changing making me dizzy guys lol
Sander Glebbeek
'Sander Glebbeek' 3 weeks ago
look at My banner
'look at My banner' 3 weeks ago
He looks like snoop dogg
Salih Abdu
'Salih Abdu' 4 weeks ago
Love u eritrean Boy nepsey
Mathew Anzaldua
'Mathew Anzaldua' 4 weeks ago
Love this song😎
He A MAN Buddah!
'He A MAN Buddah!' 1 month ago
I was in the feds with Pat, Bo and Freeway Rick
sonknee harris
'sonknee harris' 1 month ago
i was in juvi hall with nipsey....str8 mark
Devon Wright
'Devon Wright' 1 month ago
#YouMakeItFromNothin #$uchAWonderfulFeeling💯👌 #60$
Cole Bush
'Cole Bush' 1 month ago
my clothes ispensive-
Delta Psi
'Delta Psi' 1 month ago
broke a' b'
Thomas Carrillo
'Thomas Carrillo' 1 month ago
Christina Collier
'Christina Collier' 1 month ago
This is tight af
Karrington Schroeter
YG would kill this beat
Master Plays
'Master Plays' 1 month ago
Dj Mustard make's the best beats.
Bryan Hernandez
'Bryan Hernandez' 1 month ago
Came to get money power in my back cuz I did it i pull up in foreign blowing smoke to the ceiling you make it from nothing such a wonderful feeling my clothes are expensive my woes are peelin 👌😎
Gary Smith
'Gary Smith' 1 month ago
nipsey fuckin hussle
Vegeta 1
'Vegeta 1' 2 months ago
omg so awesome #mr.LA
'ThatBoyChub' 2 months ago
ridin round outta boundz #BIGNIPSEY
Chris Castro
'Chris Castro' 2 months ago
They shot this at Lincoln heights California
'IRideBmx97' 2 months ago
straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cynthia Valadez
'Cynthia Valadez' 2 months ago
love this track real laid back and brilliant
Macc Jay
'Macc Jay' 2 months ago
I'm da fuccn connect/I could cut chu a checc! Nip da Great!
'JayThePrince' 2 months ago
that's what I like to see , Crippin with the bloods💯
Young Fadeo
'Young Fadeo' 2 months ago
Nipsey and mr LA I FUCK WITH THIS
Brandon Larry
'Brandon Larry' 2 months ago
'Ckduub' 2 months ago
RJ get off 🤤💯
Vernon King
'Vernon King' 2 months ago
40s on 30 like its Harlem on Vernon, that's a super LA line.
Enriched T
'Enriched T' 2 months ago
rj is boo boo
Zachary Babitz
'Zachary Babitz' 2 months ago
this shit go.woop
mk kingin
'mk kingin' 2 months ago
that's shit go
'GaMeOvEr12454' 2 months ago
dj mustard always making the same beats...
Kalvin Williams
'Kalvin Williams' 2 months ago
Yves Mosengo
'Yves Mosengo' 2 months ago
👍 👍 👍 👍
Christian Mühlberger
where dem hoes tho
Trischa Clow
'Trischa Clow' 2 months ago
compared to J.Cole Eminem Kodak black a biggie wit da hoodie etc these guys are crap don't be mad :/
Tavo Gonzalez
'Tavo Gonzalez' 2 months ago
cool car
'FAZE Hood' 2 months ago
Nicholas Ferguson
'Nicholas Ferguson' 2 months ago
glock30 with a 30 thas a 45 stupid ass bitch
Daniel Gerrard
'Daniel Gerrard' 3 months ago
don't get dragged out the club like a cooooat bitch.
minbar entay eu
'minbar entay eu' 3 months ago
ማራ ኪፊ ኣለዋ ሓወይ ናተይ ቀጽሎ
goat sam
'goat sam' 3 months ago
and thev west is revived !!!!
'BekHD' 3 months ago
Nipsey that's my uncle #Rollin60'sGangBitch
Peyo DuPont
'Peyo DuPont' 3 months ago
They see...
Leek Leek
'Leek Leek' 3 months ago
40s Wit 30 Like It's Harlems On Vernon ❗️
Cubana_187 LOVE
'Cubana_187 LOVE' 3 months ago
Damani Boyd
'Damani Boyd' 3 months ago
hard song
Bling 4Hunnid
'Bling 4Hunnid' 3 months ago
my shit
i_blurry Westbrook
'i_blurry Westbrook' 3 months ago
My friend did the musical text thing on me with dis song and told me to look this up
mariam alnadawi
'mariam alnadawi' 3 months ago
Francis Harris
'Francis Harris' 3 months ago
fucc sissys
Jodi Callandret
'Jodi Callandret' 3 months ago
i like how they got seattle shit on my city getting out here now
soulkid 13
'soulkid 13' 3 months ago
hey click this👉 1:58
soulkid 13
'soulkid 13' 3 months ago
hey click this 22
'hearken' 3 months ago
nipsey and kendrick hello??? make it happen
maria Ruiz
'maria Ruiz' 3 months ago
this song lit
Kelvin Makori
'Kelvin Makori' 3 months ago
Never gonna love a broke b***ch ooh
Juan Valadez
'Juan Valadez' 3 months ago
What bently is that ?
Gonzalo Ortiz
'Gonzalo Ortiz' 3 months ago
this my shit my walking out song. .
Henry Sylvester
'Henry Sylvester' 3 months ago
Who's the one with the grill?
David Cage
'David Cage' 3 months ago
‪ New Song Alert!!!! 🚨🚨‬ ‪#WhereIBeen #DavidCageOfficial ‬ ‪‬
'KRISH CHAND' 3 months ago
Damn finally about to put them Sports Jersey again, been sitting in the closet for years .
Chrisaquatic Tanks
'Chrisaquatic Tanks' 3 months ago
nipsey look like a skinny and light-skinned version of snoop dog
Stance Lives Matter.
'Stance Lives Matter.' 3 months ago
anything RJ bangs!
'KRISH CHAND' 3 months ago
Should have put Donthrilla in this bitch lol.
Lolly Stew
'Lolly Stew' 3 months ago
finally nip and rj on the same song dope asf two of my fav artists
Nick Rodriguez
'Nick Rodriguez' 3 months ago
They should of did a remix with snoop, E40, And YG
Camoflague Arizona
'Camoflague Arizona' 4 months ago
Mr Florida
Johnathan Quair
'Johnathan Quair' 4 months ago
RJ better watch the road , nigga look like he bouta crash 😂
Jojo Rock
'Jojo Rock'allNations' 4 months ago
cool sound,
'Et ' ChapadOo' 4 months ago
Kd Os Brs representando ??
An Maria
'An Maria' 4 months ago
'BuzzyBeatz' 4 months ago
The best West Coast song since a while
Arturo flores
'Arturo flores' 4 months ago
Rj the slaps man
slick 69
'slick 69' 4 months ago
this Song turnt Up Ayyyyyee!
'dojoMax' 4 months ago
Man, ain't nothing like west coast.
Gonzalo Ortiz
'Gonzalo Ortiz' 4 months ago
rip to love on some real shit this shit aint for me....Rip
'RiCH ROSS' 4 months ago
they see that we winnin!
lasvon moti Austria
'lasvon moti Austria' 4 months ago
Tre Miller
'Tre Miller' 4 months ago
I can put you in the game and let you hussle the rest
Pinky tino
'Pinky tino' 4 months ago
nipsey 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'alexiOs21100' 4 months ago
holy shitt this beat..
young SB
'young SB' 4 months ago
This nigga only got 150K subs?! Bruh without DJ Mustard there would be no Chris Brown, YG and shit like when u hear "mustard on that beat hoe" (sounds more like mogga on da B hoe) remember its this guy who is behind the beat
Jai Peralta
'Jai Peralta' 4 months ago
he looks like a young Snoop Dogg
1Fast AssChevy
'1Fast AssChevy' 4 months ago
jay 305 woulda overkilled this bitch
'LLCAPTAIN M' 4 months ago
Niggahs been sleeping on nipsey since 2009
youre 無限的我
'youre 無限的我' 4 months ago
see dj mustard on the title. alr knew how this beat would sounds like
Cornejo Inmer
'Cornejo Inmer' 4 months ago
ADDICTED To The WESTSIDE!.. dope! @attglcompany
Hagginwood 2 HollyWood
tara jones
'tara jones' 4 months ago
I like this RJ you are rich
robert lewandowski
'robert lewandowski' 4 months ago
cool song guys
Sirius miko Chan-.-
'Sirius miko Chan-.-' 4 months ago
This not cool more than Kali uschis
'havingfuntimes100' 4 months ago
DJ is the best nigga ever
'havingfuntimes100' 4 months ago
have you guys heard of the song Only Right listen to the Joe Mosses part.
'havingfuntimes100' 4 months ago
If DJ Mustard wanted to be a raper then why the fuck doesn't he sign in his videos.
Joe Layva
'Joe Layva' 4 months ago
rj should have kept the same flow as nipsey's,track is hard but second half with rj got a lil soft
Bruce Lee
'Bruce Lee' 4 months ago
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