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Azikiri Special - Latest Yoruba Music Video 2016 -
Published: 9 months ago By: AFRO BEAT Latest Yoruba 2017 Music Video

By: AFRO BEAT Latest Yoruba 2017 Music VideoPublished: 9 months ago

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Azikiri Special feat. Seida kafaya Adeleke, Alh. Mistura Aderounmu, Alh. Sofiat Qamardeen, Alh. Ridwan Dosunmu, Alh. Jemila Alagbe, Alh. Yusuf Akinsemoyin, Hajia Shukurat.

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2015 Fuji Music and Films and 2015 afro juju producers gave their best to offer this Free yoruba afro beat Isamic/Gospel/Apala/juju 2015 musical videos.

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Taophique Suleiman
Ohhhh Allah bless these people that did this Zikir
Taophique Suleiman
Woww it makes my life and hereafter
Taophique Suleiman
Shehu Tijani RTA
Amir Deen Issakou
'Amir Deen Issakou' 2 weeks ago
ilove islamiques allah
Amir Deen Issakou
'Amir Deen Issakou' 2 weeks ago
ilove islamiques
Busari Mukaila Olojede
moi aussi je suis fier d,être musulman
Teni—ola FAGBEMI
'Teni—ola FAGBEMI' 4 weeks ago
Tayo Omoloso
'Tayo Omoloso' 1 month ago
bijahi sheu Ibrahim
Isah Ayat
'Isah Ayat' 1 month ago
I love dat
Prince Adesina Ojo Mumeen
Al-Hamdulillah, I am very proud to be a Muslim no matter what.......... Glad to hear this from our Muslims brothers and sisters in the music industry, Jazzah Kumullahu Kaeran to you all.......... Thank you very much AFRO BEAT for uploading this amazing Azikiri Song of the year for us to watch, Jazzah Kumullahu Kaeran......
'Loukman LANIGNAN' 2 months ago
Depuis que j'ai vu cette vidéo, je ne cesse de la revoie. Très bon travail. J'adore tous simplement. Tout particulièrement le second morceau. Allah est Grand.
Foresight Technologies
Good Job
Lekan Olatunji
'Lekan Olatunji' 3 months ago
this music really blow my mind, I listen to it everyday and every time make me feel gud. kip d gud work
Gool Joba
'Gool Joba' 3 months ago
opeyemi jemila I always gbadun ur tongue ma. and u mistura baba inyass koni iyawo 75, ko kole 75, kora moto 75. not DAT I don't luv baba inyass I luv him Dan u does as Tijaniah and DAT doesn't mean we should add wot is not.
Ashimolowo Rabiat
'Ashimolowo Rabiat' 3 months ago
jazakallah, may Allah increase ur knowledge
Oye Bode
'Oye Bode' 4 months ago
Hello everyone pls don't get things twisted, this music is simply telling us that if you want to be deep in remembrance of Almighty Allah goes through the way of Ibrahim niyas or tijaniyat , not that they praise them more than Almighty Allah or his messenger rosulullahi (saw) .may Allah guide us all to the right path. ma salam
'BABALOLA RUKAYAT' 4 months ago
interesting song,they all did well,and tnx for uploading it for us
Oladepe Shegun
'Oladepe Shegun' 4 months ago
lovely song lovely video lovely features lovely make up in short nice job more grace and knowledge to y'all
Kemi Jibril
'Kemi Jibril' 4 months ago
MashaAllah MashaAllah MsahaAllah Iya kaola never disappoints me anytime anyday I just love her in short I love everyone in this video, May Almighty continue to bless your voices. Afro beat thanks for uploading Azikiri song of the year
Nurudeen Yusuf
'Nurudeen Yusuf' 4 months ago
This is one of the best Azikiri I have ever heard.....More grease to your elbow
Jellysweet Online
'Jellysweet Online' 5 months ago
I tired for dis singers, praising sheikh tijani n niyass before Almighty Allah n his messanger.
lapos elempe
'lapos elempe' 5 months ago
Great Azikiri
Yahya Niass
'Yahya Niass' 5 months ago
ni afikun ni apapo iyawo sheick ibrahim koto 75 opolopo obinrin ti won wa Pelu iyawo nile fun iranlowo jomo gegebi atimope waliyi a gbaye ni won awon eniyan ni lati mawoti won lati ibikibi ni opolopo kasi iyawo won ti kosijebe.wasalam
Yahya Niass
'Yahya Niass' 5 months ago
Asalam Machalla orinyi dun gan o de nialubarika nitoripe orin tiako yin awon eni olorun oto beni Osini lada eni olorun niwon wontele ofin olorun wonsimulo Nikoko ati nigbangba ti amoni sharia.ti cheik Ibrahim niass watunlekan ni mimo ati mimulo ni won fipewoni a cheik jamuhu Baena akikat wa sheriyat .nipa iyawo won gegebi atimope sharia kofaramo ju iyawo merinlo beni iyawo cheik Ibrahim koju merinlo but koye opolopo iyawo tikoje iyawo wonmo ni opolopo kasi iyawo won gbogbo awon ti koje iyawo won mo wonpe seyidi ali sise peki wonko si akosile nitorina akosile cheik lbrahim wafun awa omokewu kosi okan ti Otayo sharia. kaolack ni awabayi anri inti onlo ati isesi won .awon ojulowo lyawo woniyi Seyidat Amin jeng.Seyidat Balakis. Seyidat kole sow ati Seyidat zaenab jallo.wasalam
kareem abidemi fatai
'kareem abidemi fatai' 5 months ago
am proud to be a Muslim
Azeez Yusuf
'Azeez Yusuf' 5 months ago
Ramadan Adebayo
'Ramadan Adebayo' 5 months ago
Nice job
Oyenike Yusuff
'Oyenike Yusuff' 5 months ago
what more can I say, you guys are tremendous. good job JZK.
Kofo Fola
'Kofo Fola' 6 months ago
very interesting so lonely 😍😘😍😘😍😘
balkis abiola
'balkis abiola' 6 months ago
I can just believe what I just listen to,nobody is disregarding the praise of sheiks but our generation is taking it too far....haba, watin am scared for those sheiks sef,praising them before rosul n Allah, astegfirllah... peace✌✌✌✌
Ibrahim Ibrahim
'Ibrahim Ibrahim' 6 months ago
Omolade Oluwole
'Omolade Oluwole' 7 months ago
Nice job I love dic mistura aderounmu small but mighty
Titi Alabi
'Titi Alabi' 7 months ago
I love opeyemi jemila voice so much
Titi Alabi
'Titi Alabi' 7 months ago
Ogaoo iya kaola ti di funfun.
Real Man
'Real Man' 7 months ago
mutiat abiodun
'mutiat abiodun' 7 months ago
love this song so much
Lawal Muhammadtaofeeq
salaam, you are trying but you need to act as good example for other to copy, men & women touching each other when acting is too bad. to the extent that some of our Muslims sisters bleaching their skin, we have to fear Allah and act accordance to islamic says. thanks
James Laine
'James Laine' 7 months ago
Islam is not an Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) religion, it is the religion of the conquering arabs, forced upon us through slavery and genocide. Like the europeans the arabs enslaved us Africans and forced our conversion to Islam at the end of the sword, as it is written in the Koran. The Saudis still enslave Africans to this day. All Africans are under the spell of the conquerors' magic. Please here this, I am not insulting Islam. I am just saying that we have all abandoned our ancestral religion for that of the conquerors because their magic has made us hate ourselves. 10 grandmothers ago we were once proud of our civilizations, traditions, culture and religion.
shukran shukran
'shukran shukran' 7 months ago
mashall allah....
Nuridin Adams
'Nuridin Adams' 7 months ago
Jazak Allah khaira, wish all muslem merry Eid-kabir over the world. Wishing all mumina and muminat happy Eid.
Ope Yemi
'Ope Yemi' 8 months ago
wow u make my day, this is dikir I loved it, thank you very much adakirun
Ope Yemi
'Ope Yemi' 8 months ago
wow u make my day, this is dikir I loved it, thank you very much adakirun
Ope Yemi
'Ope Yemi' 8 months ago
wow u make my day, this is dikir I loved it, thank you very much adakirun
Khaddy Olukosi
'Khaddy Olukosi' 8 months ago
this people have turn tohriqor to something else totally 😒😒😒😒
Rotimi Saliu
'Rotimi Saliu' 8 months ago
I am proud to be a Muslim
Temilade Loverh.
'Temilade Loverh.' 8 months ago
Please keep praising The Almighty ALLAH (SAW) ,The benevolent God, the giver of Wisdom ,and the giver of all good gifts, Nice one !!!
Agnes Katwela
'Agnes Katwela' 8 months ago
I love your music Allah bless you guys
prince mosafejo
'prince mosafejo' 8 months ago
jazakah llahu khaira,
'NOFISAT BAKARE' 8 months ago
Pls, Hw will i download
Adebiyi Baliqees
'Adebiyi Baliqees' 8 months ago
Masha Allah
Amina Ibraheem
'Amina Ibraheem' 8 months ago
great job, may almighty Allah blessed u all
Aminat Abiodun
'Aminat Abiodun' 9 months ago
wow what a nice azikiri song dis is really nice thanks man @ women jazakum lahu kaira
Aminat Adenusi
'Aminat Adenusi' 9 months ago
This Muslim singers are really digressing, I don't think I like their songs anymore, they praise Alfa's and people more than Allah and his prophets. So bad
Shakirat BelloBature
'Shakirat BelloBature' 9 months ago
May Allah continue to give you all more wisdom. Eni ko akoo woole. Bijahi Rossullulah SAW.
Azeezat Oladeji
'Azeezat Oladeji' 9 months ago
Nice job BT pls upload iyanghana latest song also like America experience video,ola azikiri nd Pataki imo
Adeseun Adeleke
'Adeseun Adeleke' 9 months ago
Iya n Kaola always amaze me.........Good job K singer nd d rest......👍🏾......
Adeola Ade
'Adeola Ade' 9 months ago
ms opeyemi oriyomi
'ms opeyemi oriyomi' 9 months ago
Nice one pls upload obimi
Omowumi Wasila
'Omowumi Wasila' 9 months ago
nice job
Taye Ayinde
'Taye Ayinde' 9 months ago
very good music
Monsurat Omolara
'Monsurat Omolara' 9 months ago
Very nice
Olanike Olayinka
'Olanike Olayinka' 9 months ago
jazaka llahu khair for uploading this intellectual music
Oye Bode
'Oye Bode' 9 months ago
well done guys, jazak Allah khairan but I wish you include iya ghana , but all the same 9ice job
O anny
'O anny' 9 months ago
jazaks to all involved. k'olohun kun yin ni imo amin.
yeyinou yeyinou
'yeyinou yeyinou' 9 months ago
Nigéria que Dieu vous bénisse toutes les chansons que vous faites ça nous éduque dans la vie ça nous apprendre comment Dieu est grand merci Nigéria toutes les chansons que tu fais chaque jour celui qui vient de sortir il est trop bon merci à toutes les chanteuses musulmane de Nigéria que Dieu bénisse et rien que l'Esprit Saint
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