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Awesome New Technology COOL GADGETS and Inventions◄⚡ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Minds Eye Design

By: Minds Eye DesignPublished: 3 years ago

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Technology is easy to come by, the hard part is finding the new technology. These cool gadgets and inventions will leave you flabbergasted.
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Enjoy this collection of the latest tech for around the home that includes many futuristic looking items.
This video included iPhone gadgets, household inventions, pet gadgets, wearable gadgets, high tech devices, and many of the top new greatest inventions around.

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Ralph Garrett
'Ralph Garrett' 2 months ago
You have a blessed video!!!
'XPERT MIND' 3 months ago
Cool  😍😍
Rohit Pandey
'Rohit Pandey' 4 months ago
Extra ordinary
Rohit Pandey
'Rohit Pandey' 4 months ago
Mind blowing
Rohit Pandey
'Rohit Pandey' 4 months ago
Scott Naylor
'Scott Naylor' 4 months ago
All of these Inventions are AMAZING!!!
Thiago Vazquez
'Thiago Vazquez' 5 months ago
Fifteen reflection historical speaker massive distance hill highly trial support.
'domthecreative' 8 months ago
Cool vid
Jorgi Postol
'Jorgi Postol' 11 months ago
Deepak Deepakji
'Deepak Deepakji' 11 months ago
8890794726 coll
A Moon
'A Moon' 1 year ago
Who is this? #YoWaddles
caçador carcará
'caçador carcará' 1 year ago
Congratulations Minds Eye Design. The most informed channel on Youtube.
raj khurana
'raj khurana' 1 year ago
awesome inventions
B Pop
'B Pop' 1 year ago
What's, so now you can be one of those jackasses that wears their Sunglasses At Night and can actually get your perv on and still look stupid
Fófis Finkler
'Fófis Finkler' 1 year ago
vcs vão acabar com o mundo
a. banks.
'a. banks.' 1 year ago
A bed fan that cools... I guess that's, only for those hot in bed!
'TechnoHistory' 1 year ago
If you want to get knowledge about histories of technology and new ideas ,so Subscribe us.....THANKS!
pratyush Kumar
'pratyush Kumar' 1 year ago
i say one thing you are mad keep your video and your likes go to hell 😈
pratyush Kumar
'pratyush Kumar' 1 year ago
i say one thing you are mad keep your video and your likes go to hell 😈
Ash Ketchum1318
'Ash Ketchum1318' 1 year ago
are these inventions created by americans??
entertainment ve fun
xem phim zombie
Sana Javaid
'Sana Javaid' 1 year ago
people mostly like practical devices..ive seen alot cool inventions in Japan,but there was no market for it.
'V0rTeX' 1 year ago
I invented the last one.. Cuz I used to do those stuff long before this was made
Dezier Mendez
'Dezier Mendez' 2 years ago
I love this "my calling"😃
'mrmonte51jm' 2 years ago
Be nice if you could provide the links to these products in your drop down. Thanks
Hi Lol
'Hi Lol' 2 years ago
I want the fridge
Khalfan Mohammed
'Khalfan Mohammed' 2 years ago
I liked ur music
zoubirt zoubir
'zoubirt zoubir' 2 years ago
where could i buy the night vision contacts? thanks
Santino -
'Santino -' 2 years ago
panoramic ball....could be the next big thing in art.
Santino -
'Santino -' 2 years ago
isn't there a radio active chemical that makes night vision possible??
sumi akter
'sumi akter' 2 years ago
which company
'JackaBoiPlays' 2 years ago
Not high tech at all.
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'Chillaz' 2 years ago
Hey Guys! I would like to share this great project with you: It will be amazing if you check it out! :)
opu rita
'opu rita' 2 years ago
All the gadgets is very cool and awesome but I like crossbow snowball launcher and i phone projector very much.
'DJ CARAMEL' 2 years ago
are these already invented cause I kinda need those bandages for skat boarding my mom is killing me everytime I get a wound or scratch or stuff
Wesley Groth
'Wesley Groth' 2 years ago
the lazer keyboard can only handle one finger typing.
bi polar tim
'bi polar tim' 2 years ago
some of these products seem kinda lame, i mean what does that kid think he is going to do with a snowball launcher? and the outdoor water dog thinga ma gige , (and btw was that Lassie), ya know this company google has mega bucks and acess to mega resources and this is all they can come up with? if i were google competition i think i would be encouraged, i got bored and only made about 2 or 3 minutes in, then off for another google search
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 2 years ago
I made an electromagnet using a battery... :-(
Martin Grahan
'Martin Grahan' 2 years ago
You want you lose
'sergiojew' 2 years ago
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'Laurie' 2 years ago
Earl Anthony
'Earl Anthony' 2 years ago
that umbrella is pretty cool!
Best Technology Apps
Nice video. Will look through more of your channel
Lionel Hutz
'Lionel Hutz' 2 years ago
Hover boards or gtfo
harold lopezz
'harold lopezz' 2 years ago
this go hard🔥lit
Delitescent Cenotaph
I like how just by reading the name we can tell what those things do... its like calling a door a :space opener or calling an Ape :a forrest king.. xD
lilly waters
'lilly waters' 2 years ago
i would like one of EVERYTHING Thank You
'T P T' 2 years ago
Why is it that some comments are simply there to be reacted to ?, yet the comment need to be in relation to the video but some always want to stand out so make outrageous comments in the hope some will take interest in them ?. This is the human condition and shows that some have more predominant Neanderthal DNA so if that is the case the next line of text is just for you..a Neanderthal Joke, ugga ugga 2LBs of Sugggga ....
Bluecup Case
'Bluecup Case' 2 years ago
I like it
Bruce Wayne
'Bruce Wayne' 2 years ago
does it come in black?
'Crozbyguy' 2 years ago
Why do you choose mississippi strip club music?
Sunny Cars
'Sunny Cars' 2 years ago
hey idk what other people say, but i liked the video. keep it up.
Jane Esteban
'Jane Esteban' 2 years ago
joke i cant
Jane Esteban
'Jane Esteban' 2 years ago
ill buy everything
Christopher Ross
'Christopher Ross' 2 years ago
Draw web pages on a tablet, simple touchscreen interface! Html Touch™ software.
'ScarlettM' 2 years ago
Most of these are just toys that won't really affect the world and human progress.
Matthew Howlett
'Matthew Howlett' 2 years ago
camera smaller than a match head?! thats kinda freaky ay
Erik Arustamyan
'Erik Arustamyan' 2 years ago
crossbow snowball launcher because just throwing the snowball wasn't good enough
Brett Smith
'Brett Smith' 2 years ago
Damn, wouldn't it be scary to be stranded in the middle of the ocean on one of those "walk on water mats"?
Meyer Films
'Meyer Films' 2 years ago
lol the music... tech fo gangstas!
'FreeD00M' 2 years ago
The mp3 plyer isn't for real its some concept art. I tried to buy one impossible. Its from a guy called Dinnard da Mata
Roger  Polito
'Roger Polito' 2 years ago
an eyeglass that transmit words or anything to your phone or computer as as you read books or speak in any places in offices classroom etc.
'nukeurhouse12' 2 years ago
walk on water mat,,, lol? I remember that thing from ten years ago!
'RPMGamer' 2 years ago
what if the air umbrella ran out of batteries... you would be soaked by the water fall and then in the rain, still cool though it would make me feel like I'm already in the future
Bob Jimenez
'Bob Jimenez' 2 years ago
Night vision contacts are awesome, hopefully the power is created from the natural saline in the eye. Everything in this video was innovative making me want to learn more.
The Lazy Turtle
'The Lazy Turtle' 2 years ago
Vitaliy Supertramp
'Vitaliy Supertramp' 2 years ago
COOL! check out also my video
Wiley Crittenden
'Wiley Crittenden' 2 years ago
Half the stuff in this vid is already invinted
'NytOnPeliAika' 2 years ago
oh god flask sandals ur drink is going to get warm
Anurag Bhai
'Anurag Bhai' 2 years ago
what is that music called
'Berdystg' 2 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the rear view mirror?????
'ArtOfIA' 2 years ago
who can use night vision contact -_- we all know that electrical circuit is hot , who would burn his eyes
Jcantona 7
'Jcantona 7' 2 years ago
I have them all
Толян Крутянский
Video has touched my heart, I am in a state of despair! but glad that developed the technology.
Des Wong
'Des Wong' 2 years ago
most of them are useless. I just saw some inventions by dummies.
'makaylagirl808' 2 years ago
Dammit I wish I invented some of this shit!!!!!
'iClark' 2 years ago
2016+ when new technology
Utari Erliana
'Utari Erliana' 2 years ago
Amazing , very unique technology , very useful for life and daily activity . If we used that with good and positive the technology is certainly very useful.
Brian Downer
'Brian Downer' 2 years ago
I couldn't even watch that whole video.....I saw way too many New 2015 Tech that has been around for years.
E3_Smasher inc
'E3_Smasher inc' 2 years ago
Half of these are fake
Mango Mango
'Mango Mango' 2 years ago
I want them all
'sleezybeatz' 2 years ago
The air blowing umbrella did it for me. Wow
Eric Haugh
'Eric Haugh' 2 years ago
Wow this future sounds great if you're white. or rich. or white.
Eric Haugh
'Eric Haugh' 2 years ago
Flask sandal. Right on.
Seth Edmonds
'Seth Edmonds' 2 years ago
he uploaded this video on my birthday!!!
'StudioKolomna' 2 years ago
Hi! Royalty-free music on my channel!
'Lavenderrose73' 2 years ago
I think that travel washer would be helpful, since I tend to run out of socks or something and need to do laundry long before I could fill up a washer machine. And then there's the hand washables!
'ECL28E' 2 years ago
And yet, we can't feed starving kids in other countries or even our own country
Juszuf Imen
'Juszuf Imen' 2 years ago
666 dislike
Jeremy Irving
'Jeremy Irving' 2 years ago
Baaaaad music
Chris G
'Chris G' 2 years ago
2015 was a fine year...
'MOS3' 2 years ago
I was thinking "oh this is pretty cool" but once I saw the air umbrella and then the 200 mp camera I was just done
Gareth Wan
'Gareth Wan' 2 years ago
Great stuff
'RawIronGamer' 2 years ago
Psychotic Gamer
'Psychotic Gamer' 2 years ago
the people that make these types of invention, what type of engineer are they?
the random guy
'the random guy' 2 years ago
I wanted invisibility
Zulaikha Khan
'Zulaikha Khan' 2 years ago
loved pretty much everything! :O
'rdubby' 2 years ago
90 percent of these weren't actually tech
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