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Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public". He added that it was something they did in Nazi Germany. He criticised the news outlet BuzzFeed for publishing the unsubstantiated claims, calling it a "failing pile of garbage". A heated exchange then took place with journalists but Mr Trump refused to speak on the matter further.

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Eazy Street
'Eazy Street' 12 hours ago
M46 Patton Tank
'M46 Patton Tank' 14 hours ago
I'm not sure if a "Nazi Germany" has almost half of their population have a gun in their home
'uyiuit' 17 hours ago
I hope he resigns
Lorenzo Malone
'Lorenzo Malone' 18 hours ago
That's not how I real president conducts himself smh, if he really wanted to shut up the reporter he would have gave him a straight up answer to why his new station is so fake
'Matthawilo' 1 day ago
He had to be the President of the United States because America has the power to change nations!!! Long live 45!!! Donald Trump forever!!! -from Australia! :)))
Fossil Lattice 85
'Fossil Lattice 85' 2 days ago
😂 trump has balls of steel
Rufat Ahmedzade
'Rufat Ahmedzade' 2 days ago
Very good
broken heart hotel
Because i knows the true about You. Not heartless Lies.
broken heart hotel
For now i forgive You.
broken heart hotel
You not gone Hurt my Love Angela Merkel again.
broken heart hotel
Forgive them Mr. Donald, they dont know Better. If they dont listen plz nuke everything that moves.
broken heart hotel
Mr. Donald. I think You did collusions, but not with Russia. But with Michael Diana, "one of my friends had to die"
broken heart hotel
Mercifull Mighty Hand allways bless You Mr. Donald.
Fc Zahid
'Fc Zahid' 2 days ago
Why didn't you fire all 4 intel chiefs right away???
'TheVirus3490' 2 days ago
Lmfao for once I agree with trump
Hula Klein
'Hula Klein' 2 days ago
What a legend 😂😂
Chad Gregory
'Chad Gregory' 3 days ago
The nerd got all butthurt he couldn’t get the last word
'ROBZTA M' 3 days ago
CNN should receive a knighthood Do you swear to lie, cheat & deceive from this day until your last day CNN: I swear it by the old gods & the new By the powers granted to me by the mighty Donald Trump & this sword I dub thee CNN "Fake News" arise Fake News
Adilene Olivares
'Adilene Olivares' 3 days ago
He’s it’s fake news please! It’s not you just don’t want them to let people know the truth dude honestly trump sounds like a little kid
Ryan Scarfone
'Ryan Scarfone' 4 days ago
I see a failing pile of garbage on stage
Marco Yankovich
'Marco Yankovich' 4 days ago
Don't be rude <3
'FAwYam' 5 days ago
Anti Muslim org.have Units.missile defence Got ( $ €£ ¥ ₩ ) Strong.Acomenfation What Happens.?
'vknesh0508' 5 days ago
Fake news
The Elf
'The Elf' 5 days ago
You are rich? Hahaha
James Gibson
'James Gibson' 5 days ago
love it thumbs up
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
'ネリス' 6 days ago
thats a mexican actor paid by fox news dont let him fool you
Wade Hardel
'Wade Hardel' 6 days ago
Fake f ____g news is right, all the cowardly mind games. Here's a solution for you news people Get a real f___g job to help this country out instead of just trying to get your worthless ratings up and screw up our younger generation by braimnwashing them with crap.
Ender Dragon
'Ender Dragon' 6 days ago
CNN is just as fake as saying mc Donald’s is real
Bootiful Bootiful
'Bootiful Bootiful' 7 days ago’re fake you’re family is fake and so is your hair
E. Trano
'E. Trano' 7 days ago
Good for trump!!! Fuck them fake ass liberal news pussies
Hong Jet Li
'Hong Jet Li' 7 days ago
tree man
'tree man' 7 days ago
Is it just me or does it appear like Trump know sign language.
'GAMING PREDATOR' 1 week ago
Like Kevin Hart and Ice Cube would say DAMMMMMMMMMNNNN
Thipwadee Somthip
'Thipwadee Somthip' 1 week ago
💋💋💋💋💋 yes 🇱🇷go go
Phil McPhilsalot
'Phil McPhilsalot' 1 week ago
I love how the cnn person says “mr president that is not appropriate” because trumps ignoring him, YET HES THE ONE BEING RUDE AND INTERUPTING A PERSON ASKING A QUESTION
'T-Rex9000' 1 week ago
trump is fake news. CNN tells the truth! Thank god for ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. Fox news and sean hannity are totally fake news.
patrick sunny
'patrick sunny' 1 week ago
Oh God this comment section is driving me crazy !!!!
Ins Retro
'Ins Retro' 1 week ago
Trump funny asf
Dev Mathur
'Dev Mathur' 1 week ago
"You're being rude" says the guy who is the defination of being rude no offense just my opinion 😀
Suzann Puppies are precious
CNN Shut up you Bunch of Liars and Idiots, We Love Our President Donald Trump get used to it.
'MrVaiioo' 1 week ago
Now, In April 2018, it looks very likely that Michael Cohen DID in fact go to Prague - thereby confirming a key part of the Steele dossier.
Zainab C
'Zainab C' 1 week ago
1:13, Donald Trump... at least show some kindess!
Darlene Stories
'Darlene Stories' 1 week ago
Malaysia: I love Trump
'O VIRUS' 1 week ago
I don’t like trump but this dude a straight G😂😂😂
akash pothan
'akash pothan' 1 week ago
Fake =cnn
tree man
'tree man' 1 week ago
Make America Go🚽again =MAGA 😀 Great work Mr. Trump 😈At your service 👿💨💨💨💩💩💩 😈 There's plenty more were that came from, here enjoy some more 👿💨💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Less gas on that one!
Daniel Quiroz
'Daniel Quiroz' 1 week ago
Unfortunately his balls are bigger than his brains. Considering the position he holds... That's very dangerous. Moron!!!
tim kat
'tim kat' 2 weeks ago
Edward Francis
'Edward Francis' 2 weeks ago
Nice move he should bann BBC too Hail Trump
Joel Carrero
'Joel Carrero' 2 weeks ago
Go trump!!!!!
'iam2666' 2 weeks ago
I have always seen the video where he only says "you're fake news". Now i know the backstory. Seriously context matter. #FakeNews
'DILIP SINGH BOTOLA' 2 weeks ago
CNN is fake news
Manjunath Sherigar
'Manjunath Sherigar' 2 weeks ago
Bill Pongi
'Bill Pongi' 2 weeks ago
Fuck you Trump
'gameexpert2011' 2 weeks ago
This is where a new meme was born
Alex Atkinson
'Alex Atkinson' 2 weeks ago
Let’s kill buzzfeed together
'ANTARIS' 2 weeks ago
“You are fake news” I lost it at this point😂
Александр Живалевский
Mr. Trump, for many years now, Russia has been offering cooperation, trade, develop technology, medicine and science together. Why should not we deliver to each other convenient moments? You also know perfectly well that the third world war will lead to the death of all mankind and, therefore, there is no need to provoke Russia, which will not go on provoking moral threats. Keep nerves-they are very difficult to restore. If you are so afraid of your super volcano, cooperating with Russia, you and your people will have a refuge in the event of a global catastrophe, and high technologies and science will allow to create such a project to feed the entire people. If we strive for peace and creation, then our planet is waiting a great future thanks to science and technology, namely the colonization of other planets in space and even huge distances from their home planet in the safe corners of space. People will have the best future of the whole planet ...
Ben V
'Ben V' 2 weeks ago
Trump 2020
Mubarak Moallin
'Mubarak Moallin' 2 weeks ago
The world now CNN fake news Anderson cooper my ass 😂😂😂👊👊👊 the situation my ass 😂😂👊👊
Jaimoe Sarducci
'Jaimoe Sarducci' 2 weeks ago
I wonder who taught him about Nazi Germany
Lawrence Stevens
'Lawrence Stevens' 2 weeks ago
CNN are lying pieces of shits. So are buzzfeed. Trump is a god
Hack to Scratch golf
'hernje' 2 weeks ago
'Illuminati' 2 weeks ago
CNN , buzzfeed is Fake news.
Paddy Land
'Paddy Land' 2 weeks ago
Best thing trump ever did XD
Catherine Hier
'Catherine Hier' 2 weeks ago
Your grandfather was a Nazi Germany. You're just like him! Too bad your father was insane just like you are now! Hate everything about you. You are right on the edge. You're done!!!
Barry Thacker
'Barry Thacker' 2 weeks ago
CNN is A accomplice to the new world order (SATAN) What upsets you the most about Trump? I think it is the fact that Trump can take your assets if you are a child trafficer or big drug dealer. CHECK MATE The 1 percent came very close to inheriting the earth. I had to ask myself did the russians tamper with our tampered voting machines designed by Soros? It had to be God
Sam Cuthbert
'Sam Cuthbert' 2 weeks ago
Germany was a fascist state, so is israel... And so was America, it's nature... some cultures just have different methods for attaining their goals
Joshua Ballenger
'Joshua Ballenger' 2 weeks ago
francis dahiru
'francis dahiru' 3 weeks ago
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Kyle Atherton
'Kyle Atherton' 3 weeks ago
Dont let the fake news media fool you i know plenty of british people who think this guy is a legend 😎😉🤣. No fucks given!
Kyle Atherton
'Kyle Atherton' 3 weeks ago
No not you your fake news 🤣😂🤣 legend
Soumak Nandi
'Soumak Nandi' 3 weeks ago
Crap News Network
'dollysinn' 3 weeks ago
Grabbed the press by the pussy.
Harry Hirsch
'Harry Hirsch' 3 weeks ago
He knows because his ancestors are Germans
Super Robot
'Super Robot' 3 weeks ago
Real christians see this funny converted christians...Thanks to your missionaries for giving us these funny low lives.
'KSH172' 3 weeks ago
It’s funny that CNN came up with the term “fake news” now that term is mainly used for CNN now they want that word to be banned LMFAO if you watch CNN I feel sorry for you and your low IQ
Jesse Norwalt
'Jesse Norwalt' 3 weeks ago
Jim Acosta tells the president elect that calling CNN fake news is inappropriate, could you imagine if Fox or a conservative organization had talked that way to Obama saying it was "Inappropriate" for the president to talk that way. They would have been crucified for it.
Mike O
'Mike O'Moran' 3 weeks ago
Edilson Paca
'Edilson Paca' 3 weeks ago
Don’t be rude hahaha 😂
god bless trump
'Cpr1234' 3 weeks ago
1:40 ur welcome
'oNeMariSsa' 3 weeks ago
fuck you trumpet
American New Yorker
'American New Yorker' 3 weeks ago
That’s why cnn isn’t broadcasting it...!! And BBC’s reporting
Jeremy Uswadi
'Jeremy Uswadi' 3 weeks ago
"don't be rude" you're the guy being rude you dick head,to think that he is a president is very scary ,i am very happy I'm not living in America
Gavin Lee
'Gavin Lee' 4 weeks ago
Buzzfeed blows a stiff one
'Novidity' 4 weeks ago
"miSTER PRESIDENT ELECT THHaTs NoT AppROpRiAte" - *proceeds to attempt to speak over trump whilst he tries to answer someone else's question*
'Mamitous' 4 weeks ago
Do people really still like Trump? Like this post if you don't
Angie CJ
'Angie CJ' 4 weeks ago
CNN - is TMZ
subham basu
'subham basu' 4 weeks ago
Michael Cole???
Augustine Augustus
'Augustine Augustus' 4 weeks ago
Preach Trump!
'神謝' 4 weeks ago
Edward Pardoe
'Edward Pardoe' 4 weeks ago
I admit there's a ton of crap on Buzzfeed, but BuzzFeed Unsolved is a pretty good show.
Bheem Agnihotri
'Bheem Agnihotri' 4 weeks ago
"You're Fake news News"...Trump we love you
Gordon mcclure
'Gordon mcclure' 4 weeks ago
People egg bbc reporters they are still protecting pedophiles in police, shools, and social work.
Real News 45
'Real News 45' 4 weeks ago
"President Elect thats not appropriate" Trump: I dont care. XD
Real News 45
'Real News 45' 4 weeks ago
Thank you for President Trump.
Senen Only
'Senen Only' 4 weeks ago
After attacked by media during campaign...It's time to kick his guts
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