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Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter - BBC News -
Published: 6 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 6 months ago

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Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public". He added that it was something they did in Nazi Germany. He criticised the news outlet BuzzFeed for publishing the unsubstantiated claims, calling it a "failing pile of garbage". A heated exchange then took place with journalists but Mr Trump refused to speak on the matter further.

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'pillowbugg' 2 days ago
Trump for Emperor 2020
Baran Bektaş
'Baran Bektaş' 3 days ago
Adam haklı ama fetoyu iade et oç
Cory Alan Whitehurst
absolute gold...
Lee Hardy
'Lee Hardy' 4 days ago
This is worth a watch gerard vamadevan
Richard Rauch
'Richard Rauch' 5 days ago
prez fake news Fuckstick!!! God bless you and fuck you!!!
simon dent
'simon dent' 6 days ago
Why do BBC fake news all ways block comment on youtube ?.
'卓欣颉' 6 days ago
jojo mojo
'jojo mojo' 1 week ago
kill him asap
Chris Garcia
'Chris Garcia' 1 week ago
love him
Walt Woolrich-Hamer
Should I like or dislike?
Re Sane
'Re Sane' 1 week ago
Vcccg can't wait till
Andrew Hsieh
'Andrew Hsieh' 2 weeks ago
Of course it's not appropriate to call a news organisation "fake news"! Did Obama do such a thing? Obviously not! And now, that propaganda video tweet has incited even more violent threats towards CNN, thanks to the ignorant far-right racist mouldy orange supporters who illegally compare CNN to ISIS!
Faisal Mukhtar
'Faisal Mukhtar' 2 weeks ago
CNN is fake but I love watching it every day.
'cyklop1977' 2 weeks ago
heheh bravo
Fredric Tengström
'Fredric Tengström' 2 weeks ago
Such utterly despicable fake.Daughter converted 2 ultra ortodox judaizm, Which has nothing 2 do w judaism. Trump is a typical product of a deranged state of injustice,ie usofratchildfremazonic lansy fraternitiez Well. I who have 2 work hard 2 supply mum,dad,wife and kids see my money being gobbled down by cheap TURDZ like trump,hilary,maddof et cons. Thus Mr T. If u r half of a quarter of that man u claim 2 b. I Dr T,Scandinavian viking challenge u. U ,BOY,choose t weapon. COWARDICE f Aipac.spellz BIG MOUTH.TRue men dont shout,neither do we grab women by their genitals.I sure could sqeeze ur minuscular viagra balls Shalöm.turdz
'PizzaDeliveryMan' 2 weeks ago
Trump: buzzfeed=pile of garbage Me: I thought buzzfeed did Mexicans try Taco Bell how is that garbage
'Henrique_Covers' 2 weeks ago
epic. Congratulations for the courage, Mr. president.
Haus Rosenau
'Haus Rosenau' 2 weeks ago
Trump is so cool. I liket him ⛑
Matthew Fudacz
'Matthew Fudacz' 3 weeks ago
I wish CNN haters AND TRUMP could just move on from this. There's more things to worry about in our country than putting hate on CNN for so long
Matthew Aislabie
'Matthew Aislabie' 3 weeks ago
This guy is the best president for the shameful times we live in. God bless you Trump.
j barnes
'j barnes' 3 weeks ago
Completely appropriate. The Donald shuts down the stupid little news Cuck! CLOWN NEWS NETWORK SUCKS DON KEE DICKS
raj doley
'raj doley' 3 weeks ago
BBC your hand is gone to mustarbate😂😂😂
Juan Sanchez
'Juan Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
this president is just another Nicolas Maduro from Venezuela careful cuz just see how Venezuela is now
santa claws
'santa claws' 3 weeks ago
people that like trump wont u fight for that fag i wont ill sit here at home doing what i do my job better then fighting for trump till we get a real better president then ill fight for our country not trump i aint
Xavier Prime
'Xavier Prime' 3 weeks ago
The 13th fox
'The 13th fox' 3 weeks ago
A hahahaha, "you are a terrible organization" hahaha
Obie antonio
'Obie antonio' 3 weeks ago
President Trump is AWESOME!!!
Samved Iyer
'Samved Iyer' 3 weeks ago
"No not you. Your organization is terrible. Quiet quiet. Don't be rude." HA HA straightforward guy.
Derick Panuelo
'Derick Panuelo' 3 weeks ago
you guys talk like you can act normal while getting attacked by media everyday. Trump has the right to ignore his words. If that was me I'll just crap something and throw at the reporters.
'TheMotorman' 3 weeks ago
Don't be rude, or my wife will smack your testicles.
Rad Shawn ッ
'Rad Shawn ッ' 3 weeks ago
Waliam Roony
'Waliam Roony' 3 weeks ago
Johnson Lyng
'Johnson Lyng' 3 weeks ago
this is just awesome and splendid....Fake news haha.good job Mr President
'Troll' 4 weeks ago
* Standing Ovation*
Shin Jihyun
'Shin Jihyun' 1 month ago
haha. very nice President.!
ely blu
'ely blu' 1 month ago
He can say all the "quiet or shut up" he wants. He can't avoid journalist to do their work. Journalists will never be walked all over and continue doing what they have to do.
Manspider Productions
A moment that will go down in badass history #trump2020
Joe Guzman
'Joe Guzman' 1 month ago
May GOD take them out of business
Joe Guzman
'Joe Guzman' 1 month ago
It's a shame how low has cnn went down they used to report news but today it's just a front for the one world government ,from the beginning of trump presidency all attaking they stoped telling the truth and lost the trust of the American people.
altitude illume
'altitude illume' 1 month ago
altitude illume
'altitude illume' 1 month ago
Rathod Hardik
'Rathod Hardik' 1 month ago
'zameisie' 1 month ago
Is this the same Michael Cohen that is being subpoenaed now
Neo Bear
'Neo Bear' 2 months ago
Get Steiner on the phone!
Thareeq Arkan
'Thareeq Arkan' 2 months ago
get out cnn
Harry Carman
'Harry Carman' 2 months ago
You can't find this clip on CNN, FOX, or any other American News, but it's on Russia Today and British Broadcasting Corporation.
Kumis Ganteng
'Kumis Ganteng' 2 months ago
oh trump....
'刘晟' 2 months ago
Cnn----china negative news
therrx Therrx
'therrx Therrx' 2 months ago
Should I cry or laugh 😂😭?
Victor Torres
'Victor Torres' 2 months ago
WTF Trump? You just blamed a CNN reporter? I will never let you enter the Philippines when you will have a official visit with president duterte.
Paul Daluz
'Paul Daluz' 2 months ago
Bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! LMAO. 😀 I love it!!
'' 2 months ago
buzz feed a failing pile of garbage lmao true dat
Lego Sushi King Productions
Can't believe there are people that believe the nonsense CNN says.
'G C' 2 months ago
Oh and it's appropriate for CNN to put out fake bullshit? Wow it's amazing how DEMORATS think! One way street with there hypocrite asses!
Mr. smiley
'Mr. smiley' 2 months ago
India and America are witnessing a great leadership while most of the other countries are begging for good leaders.
Little Man Huerta
'Little Man Huerta' 2 months ago
damb fake news
Pamela Bairnsfather
'Pamela Bairnsfather' 2 months ago
Somebody should have grabbed that idiot and marched his dumb tuckus out of there! Yelling at the President like that! Fool! Even if you don't like Trump you should have some respect for the office of the President. By the way, I love him and so very proud to finally have a president I am not ashamed of.
Javan RBLX
'Javan RBLX' 2 months ago
Yep, IA released false info and Trump believed that Buzzfeed was a failing pile of shit. Well guess what small hands, Buzzfeed has more damn supporters than you and people would rather vote for Buzzfeed members as President!
Aadi khan
'Aadi khan' 2 months ago
monetize websitte
John Hofmann
'John Hofmann' 2 months ago
Good to know. Only CNN is fake news. Got it.
Dedy Eleqma
'Dedy Eleqma' 2 months ago
president trump is the best..
IronMike 2021
'IronMike 2021' 2 months ago
Trump just roasted the media
'jetsfan2351' 2 months ago
2016: Year the MSM got PWND. 😂
John Chhana
'John Chhana' 2 months ago
You are fake news. LOL.
Youcef Guenaoua
'Youcef Guenaoua' 2 months ago
When this is against religions: Freedom of speech. When this is against Donald Duck: "You have no right to speak, go ahead !"
Janet Riggione
'Janet Riggione' 2 months ago
He is just like general George Paton of the1940s Omg I love it all
Furry Person
'Furry Person' 2 months ago
I love Donald Trump. He is telling the truth. Unfortunately, the criminal elite that control parts of the government and the media will continue to attack him as they have done with the recent accusations that he leaked information to Russia. The media are spreading lies about Trump. CNN and the other major news networks should be shut down immediately.
matias gaspar
'matias gaspar' 2 months ago
you're a fake president not the news
RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed
superb job done president ! throw out these fake news . CNN sucks !
Amir Dadou
'Amir Dadou' 2 months ago
How can trump hate fake news when he himself became the president by spreading fake news
nasaie verdasco
'nasaie verdasco' 2 months ago
I like his speech n hand gestures
Jimmy Alvarado
'Jimmy Alvarado' 2 months ago
That's our president of the US. Of A. we don't take crap from no one and anyone.
Shahid Bukhari
'Shahid Bukhari' 2 months ago
Pakistani Americans ... BUY TRUMP 1
'Copernicus' 2 months ago
this is what usa needs. an alpha male
Pete TRc
'Pete TRc' 2 months ago
just like to thank the us marines for coming to our side of the world to spend time with our scouts :) thank you! love Pres. Trump and CNN really is fake news. #MAGA <3 Malaysia
bling 1
'bling 1' 2 months ago
fake news man he's so right CNN is garbage.
'quanta407' 3 months ago
Trump is a clown.
John Krueger
'John Krueger' 3 months ago
donald trump are true ,he telling to media is lying to make a news for him, I always support you, sir donald trump. stupid media and cnn reporter make some fake news to brainwash to american people for hating donald trump.
D 1
'D 1' 3 months ago
😂 brilliant
Lollipop Sucker
'Lollipop Sucker' 3 months ago
Long live king Trump.
Reni L
'Reni L' 3 months ago
OMG this is hideous, this is how a president responds!!! Because he doesn't like something he shuts it down. Is this how this guy deals with everything??? The difference betweeen him and Obama, it's like incomparable.
Hanwool Kim
'Hanwool Kim' 3 months ago
King God Emperor Mode Activated
Jerry Langlois
'Jerry Langlois' 3 months ago
Quiet ! Quiet ! -- the great OZ has spoken !!
subhash horeb
'subhash horeb' 3 months ago
thank u media for killing your credibility and helping trump hahahahaha
Louie Smyth
'Louie Smyth' 3 months ago
Feeding the great American public fake news and bull shit isn't appropriate! Well done Mr President, silence those media maggots
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed
That was fair.
Ricky the sycophantic
This just made me laugh when trump said don't be rude lol
JoJo Dancer
'JoJo Dancer' 3 months ago
ThePolishGamer TPG
'ThePolishGamer TPG' 3 months ago
S197 Cyclone Guy
'S197 Cyclone Guy' 3 months ago
no not you!!
Allyssa Rose
'Allyssa Rose' 3 months ago
i love how the mic at the end just suddenly wobbled across
DoPySkillzTV - Gamer
'DoPySkillzTV - Gamer' 3 months ago
I just like how that mic at 1:47 came from outta nowhere fast asf
'BurgerSlices' 3 months ago
I Love How All People In The Comment Section Is A Trump Supporter
Damen Rowland
'Damen Rowland' 3 months ago
This will go down as a classic and will be replayed for decades just like reagans ( im paying for this microphone) line
Hip Hop Talkx
'Hip Hop Talkx' 3 months ago
The Central Bankers aka Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Chase/Morgans the billionaires & trillionaires are behind all wars and world take over period.
'Herux' 3 months ago
Did he just say Nazi germany..? Wow...
'Prankster_Squidy' 3 months ago
Lucy Rice
'Lucy Rice' 3 months ago
id love to see what is under that hair line
Tim Gardiner
'Tim Gardiner' 3 months ago
Trump is fake
Бэмби Канди
He is so beautifully amazing!
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