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Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public". He added that it was something they did in Nazi Germany. He criticised the news outlet BuzzFeed for publishing the unsubstantiated claims, calling it a "failing pile of garbage". A heated exchange then took place with journalists but Mr Trump refused to speak on the matter further.

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duane wai
'duane wai' 11 hours ago
CNN said Trump is a bad guy so he must be good guy for Chinese."Enemy 's enemy is our friend"said by chairman Mao
'Vexxtor' 11 hours ago
Hahahahhahahahahahhaha xDD
Jon Ryan
'Jon Ryan' 16 hours ago
MSM are a bunch of bogus fake news organization that serves their own interest. Trump is doing great. He is a true leader.
Patrick Stewart
'Patrick Stewart' 1 day ago
Nazi Germany is da best. CNN for hell
'ncjuppiter' 2 days ago
Cnn is trash.
tree man
'tree man' 2 days ago
Trump, the leading authority on failing piles of garbage🗑
'THE DUDE4K' 2 days ago
Yes clearly no one likes trump, just look at all the negative comments about him. [sarcasm]
Jhon Deo
'Jhon Deo' 3 days ago
Great job by President Trump
Jack Frost
'Jack Frost' 3 days ago
I use to watch CNN, stopped 3 years ago. Fuck CNN.
Asif Sayyed
'Asif Sayyed' 3 days ago
at the end the, mike guy came like, "now take this"
Vanguard 1
'Vanguard 1' 3 days ago
It's strange how he never calls Fox Entertainment fake, considering from 8-11 PM it resembles the Jerry Springer Show with the over the top personalities they feature. They do have some decent REPORTERS on Fox Entertainment (Shep Smith, Chris Wallace. Bret Baier, Brit Hume,Dana Perino) but they are on mostly during the day. The outrageous HOSTS that yell at everyone (Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Watters, Pirro, Guilfoyle) are relegated to prime time. If you want news, watch the channel during the day. If you want reality TV mayhem, watch it at night. During those 3 hours every other minute they break in with a "Fox News Alert" at the bottom of the screen with just random topics. Some of the Alerts are things like "Obama putting mustard on his cheese burger" (no kidding) or something that happened moths ago. They even run a comedy show on the weekends with a laugh track included. A news channel that airs a comedy show. I think they air another comedy show late in the morning as well. This concept alone makes me wonder if the whole channel is satire, or maybe just the evening and night time slots. The three ditzy hosts (Fox and Friends) in the morning are the best part of the channel. I'm not sure if this is another comedy show or not, but personally I think it has to be. Kilmeade is either talking about humans needing to stop marrying other species (I shit you not), Hegseth throwing an axe and almost killing a man on live TV or two male hosts trying to change a tire during a "Lost Art of Manhood" segment. Kilmeade (again) almost gets run over by the car and then stands in front of it trying to push it for whatever reason and it almost rolls into him. However, they did get 4 out of 5 lug nuts off before the segment ends. So I guess that's a win for them? The camera did keep focusing on the one lug nut that was still on the wheel, which none of the people seemed to notice. So again, this could be a spoof on the whole fake news craze? If this is the case, they are really good at it.
Emerson Velasquez
'Emerson Velasquez' 4 days ago
That good fake news like Jorge Ramos univicion fuckyou Jorge Ramos 4 more years make America graet again Donald Trump good president my president
Vince Barone
'Vince Barone' 6 days ago
Trump knows how to fight ....clean or dirty he hates to lose.....i hope he shows mercy on Canada when it comes to trade negotiations... Trump is amazing....he chooses to Fight for America rather then living what's left of his life in luxury...... Great American comparable to George Washington
'Tehui1974' 1 week ago
Americans love narcissists.
Nick M
'Nick M' 1 week ago
"Mr president elect that's not appropriate"
Wendigo Studios
'Wendigo Studios' 1 week ago
BBC news is just as terrible too
'Niggabite' 1 week ago
Not a great president but fuck he is great at juggling the media
Mark 1707
'Mark 1707' 1 week ago
Gj mr. American President. Well said indeed. But he got one thing wrong. Even the Nazi Germany that many people hate so much about lied and cared for their own country. Modern western countries’ media and politician somehow want to make their own country worse. You may wanna ask yourself who’s the real bad guys here folks.
'mbrazio1' 1 week ago
Este esquerdinha da CNN deve dormir soh de bruços....que Zé ruela
Karl Oehl
'Karl Oehl' 2 weeks ago
Senen Only
'Senen Only' 2 weeks ago
Not only CNN,but BBC also
Loggy Love
'Loggy Love' 2 weeks ago
ahahhaa great guy Mr Trump. Dont know why everbody hates him. There is guys with n*ts. The hater arent used to someone like him. Thats why.
A Rowing Fish
'A Rowing Fish' 2 weeks ago
What an obnoxious and rude reporter. No surprise he's from CNN
Tuna Dump
'Tuna Dump' 2 weeks ago
CNN black China and makes a lot of lie to twist China, I trusted it before I seeing real China, what a shame.
'L9' 2 weeks ago
Posted by BBC, smh.
Jude Blanch
'Jude Blanch' 2 weeks ago
Woo Hoo!!! Trump tells FAKE NEWS how they SUCK!!! Hispanics for Trump!! Trump20/20
DJ Jackson
'DJ Jackson' 2 weeks ago
You're fake news thank u mr. President
'shredder' 2 weeks ago
Trump should be President of the world !
Jesus Christ
'Jesus Christ' 2 weeks ago
Trump is God!
Viktor  Mihaylov
'Viktor Mihaylov' 2 weeks ago
The best President in a long time . Bravo Donald . Bravo !!!
Jake Sanders
'Jake Sanders' 2 weeks ago
AMERICAAAA!! FUCK YEA!!!! A song we can finally sing again!!!
'Bosco' 2 weeks ago
'nudgexs' 2 weeks ago
“Quiet, quiet” 😂😂
Randall Bermudez
'Randall Bermudez' 3 weeks ago
Donald Trump is a crook.
Accel Well
'Accel Well' 3 weeks ago
The Clinton News network. I love watching him burn this scab media
Mauricio Martinez
'Mauricio Martinez' 3 weeks ago
America Rules! Fake News Drools!
Marcus Bell
'Marcus Bell' 3 weeks ago
Lol dont be rude she ask a questions
'P G' 3 weeks ago
Trump is a disgrace to this country
dmitri chehova
'dmitri chehova' 3 weeks ago
I respect this man.
George R
'George R' 3 weeks ago
'MISTERBIG10111986' 3 weeks ago
just like this
Jason Alburo
'Jason Alburo' 3 weeks ago
How i wish duterte would do that to out media people here in philippines!!!!! Media people are RUDE yet when you confront them they have this automated defense mechanism of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
Naufal Bintang
'Naufal Bintang' 3 weeks ago
actually I do not like him but in this video I like his opinions and actions for it
Here today gone to Maui
President Trump, please let the law abiding public deal with the seditious criminals ...Please !
PowerOf One
'PowerOf One' 3 weeks ago
I salute you Trump. Well handled. Like a boss. lol
'17phillyfan' 3 weeks ago
That’s how fake news started
Damon Tsekos
'Damon Tsekos' 3 weeks ago
Trump slowly but surely is unmasking himself and starting to show off his TRUE Fascist, undemocratic nature...Which Nazi Germany is he talking about?
George Ellis
'George Ellis' 3 weeks ago
Kxnny V
'Kxnny V' 3 weeks ago
They are both stupid
Cubyte // DoctorTeeVee
Is BBC trying to betray CNN?
Gavin Garcia
'Gavin Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Lol that’s my boy
Windows XP 2001
'Windows XP 2001' 3 weeks ago
Trump would make a good comedian 😂😂😂
A.J Zz
'A.J Zz' 3 weeks ago
You are fake news... lol R.I.P CNN
sebastian Daniel
'sebastian Daniel' 3 weeks ago
Jezza Clarkson
'Jezza Clarkson' 4 weeks ago
Reporter should get slapped in the head for that amount of disrespect.
Steve Saunders
'Steve Saunders' 4 weeks ago real TRUMP here!
lilu ram
'lilu ram' 4 weeks ago
his hand gestures are very confident
Networ X
'Networ X' 4 weeks ago
God BLESS you Donald John Trump, President Of The United States Of America.
Donny Berlinger
'Donny Berlinger' 4 weeks ago
“Your organization is terrible.”
Roger Grose
'Roger Grose' 4 weeks ago
I love it how President Trump tells the fake news networks to "stick it up they're ass,"!! WELL DONE MR. PRESIDENT, WELL DONE!!
'HotFuzz90' 4 weeks ago
That guy needs to shut the fuck up when people are speaking. Trump should have ordered for him to be removed from his sight.
Mark J.
'Mark J.' 4 weeks ago
I love to hear people clapping in the back of the press room when Trump says that CNN is Fake News.
Stephen Lewis
'Stephen Lewis' 4 weeks ago
Every time i see this makes my day
hanzala nadeem
'hanzala nadeem' 4 weeks ago
Trump is Dog ...
lun shi
'lun shi' 4 weeks ago
It's so funny that the man interrupts Donald Trump XD *You are fake news*
Boaz V
'Boaz V' 4 weeks ago
This is what happens when you elect a President who was born in Nazi Germany
'ECHO RANTS' 4 weeks ago
Get fucked Buzzfeed
Jocelyn Velásquez
'Jocelyn Velásquez' 4 weeks ago
No when is leaving no were I don’t care what hack he says I stay here if I eant
henry hillary
'henry hillary' 1 month ago
man.. he say dont be rude but still that guy .. like blasting a machine gun..cnn should be shutdown ,too much liar
Piranha VS.
'Piranha VS.' 1 month ago
Paul Oxo
'Paul Oxo' 1 month ago
The master manipulator Trump is doing what all fundamentalist bigots do, trying to divert attention from his own fake news agenda by accusing others of the very thing he's guilty of.
Ayden Vay
'Ayden Vay' 1 month ago
I love mr.trump he's the best....😊
Joe Ninety
'Joe Ninety' 1 month ago
Intelligence agencies still taking orders from the left. Buzzfeed a lefty propaganda and BS fake news corp. Who takes THEM seriously. I loved Trump for telling BLATANT fake news, what it is. BBC and CNN.
'G J G' 1 month ago
CNN did it to themselves. Get what they deserve.
Jesus Christ
'Jesus Christ' 1 month ago
Ur allowing this dude/chick to murder is dodge.u piece of shit.ur up to because u guys r old is why nobody cares folks.
Patrick McCarthy
'Patrick McCarthy' 1 month ago
Trump doesn't attack anybody, he defends himself from a bunch of liars.
'SUNEP JAMIR' 1 month ago
CNN focus is not journalism but money and power
'badvagirl' 1 month ago
that was Jim Acosta Trump shut down. today Acosta revealed he didn't know the senate needs 60 votes (not 51) to pass a budget extension.
Lawrence Stevens
'Lawrence Stevens' 1 month ago
It’s sad to think that Donald trump is not popular in America, seriously Americans cherish and listen to him he’s amazing, wish we had him over in Europe:
Lawrence Stevens
'Lawrence Stevens' 1 month ago
Trump is a god
Filipe Santos
'Filipe Santos' 1 month ago
American joke president attacking again..
'Fireball' 1 month ago
He who cannot be stumped.
'LiberalDeutsch' 1 month ago
Just about 10 years since, but I'm already missing the olden days:
Liberals R SMI
'Liberals R SMI' 1 month ago
Finally some balls in the white house !! Trump kicked ass unlike Obozo who took it up the ass from Big Mike
Ricky Unga
'Ricky Unga' 1 month ago
“Your organisation is terrible” hahaha
Cool Dude
'Cool Dude' 1 month ago
I just love his comment on Buzzfeed😂😂😂😂😂 0:27 much love from India Prez trump
Mystix Phil
'Mystix Phil' 1 month ago
Lol "buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage."
John Boykins
'John Boykins' 1 month ago
So he thinks it's a disgrace that news agencies publish unsubstantiated claims, yet he has a habit of posting unsubstantiated claims on Twitter, and has even retweeted fake news. Makes sense.
cameron mccarthy
'cameron mccarthy' 1 month ago
Trump is the coolest monkey in the jungle
'BPK5' 1 month ago
Who was the interviewer?
Leonel Lopez
'Leonel Lopez' 1 month ago
Fuck you
Tiffany Smith
'Tiffany Smith' 1 month ago
That's it ...Fake News✔💯
JpopandKpop fans
'JpopandKpop fans' 1 month ago
Oh kim jong brother is become american president 😂😂😂
alcyone svx
'alcyone svx' 1 month ago
dont forget the 9/11 fake news mr trump....oh sorry you already have
Disaster Artist
'Disaster Artist' 1 month ago
Fuck trump
Disaster Artist
'Disaster Artist' 1 month ago
Go fuck your self trump
Disaster Artist
'Disaster Artist' 1 month ago
You are the biggest disgrace ever evil white race
Connor Worley
'Connor Worley' 1 month ago
Love how the reporter says that President Trump was not acting appropriately, when *the reporter is literally interrupting a news conference* Still a funny vid though 😂😂
Dan the whovian
'Dan the whovian' 1 month ago
'you are fake news words of an idiot.
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