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Best Vines of 2014 | TOP 200 FUNNIEST Vines of The YEAR ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: TV VineADD

By: TV VineADDPublished: 3 years ago

5, 290, 989 views

37, 061 Likes   1, 215 Dislikes

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Chingun Mendbayar
'Chingun Mendbayar' 4 weeks ago
When vines were creative and funny Ahhhh
Farhan Munawir
'Farhan Munawir' 4 weeks ago
When you realize Shooting Star was before 2017
irock yayy
'irock yayy' 2 months ago
fluffy doge
'fluffy doge' 2 months ago
I'll never get tired of that 11:59
Nafsika Gavrilaki
'Nafsika Gavrilaki' 2 months ago
I miss these times
Fcstyle 10
'Fcstyle 10' 2 months ago
12:05 😂😂
Martin Patt
'Martin Patt' 3 months ago
Apoller 93
'Apoller 93' 3 months ago
11:18 got me dying over here 🤣
sabigara cat
'sabigara cat' 3 months ago
everyone looks soooo young omg!!
7.62 x 39
'7.62 x 39' 4 months ago
2014 was lit
Mãrkî Bīrd
'Mãrkî Bīrd' 4 months ago
I still watch this !! This is my fav dude 😂.
Olivia 1D
'Olivia 1D' 4 months ago
Iconic vines👌
Flavia Kendi
'Flavia Kendi' 4 months ago
I miss the original viners men!!! 2017!!!
'Whacc' 5 months ago
fav part 21:50
'Raliyahh' 5 months ago
Kaylee Banks
'Kaylee Banks' 5 months ago
3:45 with Jack and Jack and 17:40 with Cameron Dallas and Christian Delgrosso!!!!!!!
Homie Yosh
'Homie Yosh' 8 months ago
These are funny
frowN 48611
'frowN 48611' 10 months ago
R.I.P vine whos still watching in 2017?
Mary Barger
'Mary Barger' 10 months ago
Ratchet lessons 😂
Artrepz /Ezra
'Artrepz /Ezra' 10 months ago
wait is that jiffy on her hair at the start!!! JIFFY NOT JIF
Super saiyan Trap ninja
So cringe when those white kids where dancing
AA 11
'AA 11' 11 months ago
The girl dancing were the most annoying ones
Sonya Thomas
'Sonya Thomas' 11 months ago
who was that at 6:19
Ricky Yanez
'Ricky Yanez' 11 months ago
boi 7:39
Emotional duck
'Emotional duck' 11 months ago
Where's 2016? oh wait.....
Daniela A.
'Daniela A.' 11 months ago
when JerryPurp had created the #AndysComingChallenge in 2014
'DATBUBBADOE' 11 months ago
Bignik is such a faggot
'DATBUBBADOE' 11 months ago
This is when vines were funny
Khalil Azhar Meiriadi
'Khalil Azhar Meiriadi' 11 months ago
18:26 song name?
Beast Gaming
'Beast Gaming' 12 months ago
what's the song at 1:30
iHearGreen 31
'iHearGreen 31' 1 year ago
whats the last song
magcon is boss
'magcon is boss' 1 year ago
r.i.p vine, we will all miss u😭😞🙏
Oscar Urquiaga
'Oscar Urquiaga' 1 year ago
RIP Vine.
Vanessa 7
'Vanessa 7' 1 year ago
good old times
Rip Vine. :(
'HellCallBack' 1 year ago
Eh Bee - When it's time for homework xD
Marzia Cupcake
'Marzia Cupcake' 1 year ago
'Alan' 1 year ago
min 1:31 whats the name of that song?
Alex Barlow
'Alex Barlow' 1 year ago
Is it me or does Josh Clark look like David Silva?
Bilal Dmc - بلال
who watche whis in 2023
gamer lamer
'gamer lamer' 1 year ago
back when vines were good
Antonie Váňová
'Antonie Váňová' 1 year ago
16:51 song please??
Nicolas Londoño
'Nicolas Londoño' 1 year ago
Song in 20:22 ?
Joshua Pitchford
'Joshua Pitchford' 1 year ago
music at the Start?
'HappyFeely' 1 year ago
14:59 I died!
Vlad Ryabikov
'Vlad Ryabikov' 1 year ago
You got a friend in me lol
Loco Mojo
'Loco Mojo' 1 year ago
the time when vines are actually funny
Lola Gruberman
'Lola Gruberman' 1 year ago
🍾🍺🍻🍶🍷🍸☕️🍵🍹🍩🍢🍿🍩🍡🍸🍻🍶🍡🍶🍵🍢🍘🍵🍗🍙🍙🌯🌯🍤🍱🍤🍱🍗🍙 I'm such a foodie
'I'm am a turtle 5' 1 year ago
Show off
'飘血妖神' 1 year ago
what means bae
The Crew In Blue
'The Crew In Blue' 1 year ago
Omg I lost it at the dog and the sauce murder scene
Gabi Chan
'Gabi Chan' 1 year ago
p.o.p hold it down...jeez I wish I can dance like that
Tea and Beer
'Tea and Beer' 1 year ago
why is scottysire hot to me?
'LightbulbTedbear2' 1 year ago
song at 19:06?
'Jiglesmackle' 1 year ago
whats the song at 1:28? please help I need to know it
StarlightDraws 2
'StarlightDraws 2' 1 year ago
I Still Watch This Lol My Fav
Jennifer Hter
'Jennifer Hter' 1 year ago
so cool
jentley djaoen
'jentley djaoen' 1 year ago
Is dit
Davion Calone
'Davion Calone' 1 year ago
Thats his name
Davion Calone
'Davion Calone' 1 year ago
King Bach is in a real movie mr freeze
Baby Beauties
'Baby Beauties' 1 year ago
1:33 to 1:38 kml lmfao dead lol💀💀💀😂😂😂😂
Jason Albero Jr
'Jason Albero Jr' 1 year ago
your vines are the best
Mario Valencia
'Mario Valencia' 1 year ago
Song #2:44 ?
Brianna McDaniel
'Brianna McDaniel' 1 year ago
The song at 8:07 is Oh ho ho it's magic by Pilots
Tom Kappa
'Tom Kappa' 1 year ago
That song at 21:40 is rly nice
'xXYVNGxICEXx' 1 year ago
also what song at 5:21
'xXYVNGxICEXx' 1 year ago
song at 2:13 plzzz
Chase Cruz
'Chase Cruz' 1 year ago
@6:43 if that really happend to me i will just run and call the police lol
Taryn Strampel
'Taryn Strampel' 1 year ago
lol my teacher took my phone today lol sooooo sad
Payton Miller
'Payton Miller' 1 year ago
These people on this video are actually funny.These people are cool like jerry which is what my pawpaws name is.
Rafal Kozlowski
'Rafal Kozlowski' 1 year ago
what is this song ariana grande?
Diana B.
'Diana B.' 2 years ago
Anymarie kiiling it!😍
'H MC' 2 years ago
At 2:20 he's shopping for ladies Depends lmfao
Black Mambito 24
'Black Mambito 24' 2 years ago
Jessi Smiles sounds just like JLaw
Emo Kid24
'Emo Kid24' 2 years ago
I want to be friends with Melvin Gregg
Aramis 19
'Aramis 19' 2 years ago
what song 20:55
Kitten Beatz
'Kitten Beatz' 2 years ago
F is for fucking bitches together U is for us homes. N is for niggas who like fried chicken down there at KFC!
'ImYourMom' 2 years ago
Best vine ever 12:32 that bee thou 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
liem ngoc
'liem ngoc' 2 years ago
What the song at 12:24 plsss?
'PaperPlate' 2 years ago
3:41 - 3:46 The best thing is that she sounds exactly like Katniss
Raymund Bellezatrs
'Raymund Bellezatrs' 2 years ago
colton patrello
'colton patrello' 2 years ago
what is the song at 1:10-1:20
emily gamer and rap
'emily gamer and rap' 2 years ago
pussy ether
CoolGuy Mikey1
'CoolGuy Mikey1' 2 years ago
poopy cow
Độ Chế Channel
'Độ Chế Channel' 2 years ago
1:33 what song
elisa roger
'elisa roger' 2 years ago
What is the song at 0:00?
'0mercenarios0' 2 years ago
oh !! have to share great music and even so if you are short, if I subanlo esposible in a blog please note they are great
Jordan Michael
'Jordan Michael' 2 years ago
Yo Guys Go Check Out my Vines Video lol it's hilarious!!! I'm 13 :D lol Sorry for promote my vine channel to yours video :(
JP Neumann
'JP Neumann' 2 years ago
what is the song at 7:45?
odyseous 1
'odyseous 1' 2 years ago
wtf cane out the TV at 8:32
'Ranicks' 2 years ago
When viners actually tried to be funny
domnic toretto
'domnic toretto' 2 years ago
When vines used to be funny!
Hyka & Margot MSP
'Hyka & Margot MSP' 2 years ago
"Eeeuh, Bikini Bottom? It is 6 hours later away :D" Je suis morte !
Jenke Ovi
'Jenke Ovi' 2 years ago
When you feel a bit more fly then usual😂😂😂
Criper Gaming
'Criper Gaming' 2 years ago
Fahed Awwad 0473
'Fahed Awwad 0473' 2 years ago
hhhh cool
adidas007 Guzman
'adidas007 Guzman' 2 years ago
Ivania Coreas
'Ivania Coreas' 2 years ago
Remember when vines were good??
Clear Queen
'Clear Queen' 2 years ago
song at 3:12 please!
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