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Published: 3 weeks ago By: ALONZO LERONE

By: ALONZO LERONEPublished: 3 weeks ago

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

Sexiest Ladies
'Sexiest Ladies' 2 hours ago
Adam Palmer
'Adam Palmer' 12 hours ago
sympathy for the devil
Chris Miles
'Chris Miles' 15 hours ago
Kylie Moore
'Kylie Moore' 1 day ago
What was the one picture about the Capri Suns? What was the photo of?
Whites of Eggs
'Whites of Eggs' 1 day ago
Wtf does mr meaner mean
Jeremy TheBarber
'Jeremy TheBarber' 2 days ago
80% of the ppl failing are black...
iTzS4l3m - Minecraft & More.
10:55 dafuq is this kid dumb Lmoa LOL
Reina Torres
'Reina Torres' 2 days ago
😩 lol I can't stand you lol 😂
Rain Drop
'Rain Drop' 2 days ago
Kris Olson
'Kris Olson' 2 days ago
What's wrong with the phrase "... balling my eyes out" that's a phrase that people use all the time?
10/10 Tubers Group
New sub
John Robin
'John Robin' 2 days ago
Jack Cuautle
'Jack Cuautle' 2 days ago
pemdas stands for parenthesis, exponent, multiply, division, addition and subtraction LMAO
xXDylanXx Graal
'xXDylanXx Graal' 2 days ago
Simple Daphne
'Simple Daphne' 3 days ago
Posese Pulu
'Posese Pulu' 3 days ago
I died at the Mr. Meaner lol
'Jupiter' 3 days ago
I am also lack toast and toddler ant and my favorite food is some raw ass pegasus.
'StavRants' 3 days ago
Alonzo u dont monetize ur videos?
Lucky Lemons
'Lucky Lemons' 3 days ago
Stop playing before I calk in synonym bun
disaster disaster
'disaster disaster' 3 days ago 
Gregory Lisella
'Gregory Lisella' 3 days ago
Your title should refer to yourself you dumb as child toucher.
Jesse -Chan
'Jesse -Chan' 3 days ago
Subbing, love this guy! 😂😂😂😂😆
'lucasgirl101' 4 days ago
I SWEAR I get an abdominal workout from laughing every time I watch your videos, Alonzo. It hurts, but I can't stop watching! 😂 Thanks for being hilarious!
Legna Koorbloh
'Legna Koorbloh' 4 days ago
lost it on ALZONO
Simple Daphne
'Simple Daphne' 4 days ago
'NMRAthe TvGANG' 4 days ago
Yes ppl use crack hoes
Nadia Fernandez
'Nadia Fernandez' 4 days ago
What was the thing they were holding when they said it was a Capri sun at :26 seconds?
Pony Girls
'Pony Girls' 4 days ago
Bone Apple teeth
Nick Blair
'Nick Blair' 4 days ago
this guy is funny
Michael Galindo
'Michael Galindo' 4 days ago
Is anyone gonne realize the fact that he said this is the first one of 2016 when this was uploaded when we hit 2017?
Holly Little
'Holly Little' 4 days ago
omg can you narrate my life? cracking up over here.
Tragically Insane
'Tragically Insane' 4 days ago
"Egg Sama." My Otaku ass can't stop laughing now.
Jess Lynna
'Jess Lynna' 4 days ago
how can anyone dislike his vids
keira the animator
what is the song at 13:48? ;u;
Orin Enloe
'Orin Enloe' 5 days ago
@ 4:28-4:35 Fallout fans be like: Garrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
kgb jester
'kgb jester' 5 days ago
My first time watching your videos, you are hilarious! Thank you I'll be back
Rebecca T
'Rebecca T' 5 days ago
Alonzo you've found the most hilarious idiots and how you read it is great.
Jose Perez
'Jose Perez' 5 days ago
the pearl harbor one......👋 boy
Makeup Queen
'Makeup Queen' 5 days ago
2016: the year no one talks about.😂
athea marcos amir
'athea marcos amir' 5 days ago
Dear Alonzo - I caught my foot in the electric lawnmower and now I'm lack toes intolerant.
Hannah Snitkey
'Hannah Snitkey' 5 days ago
alonzo lerone you make my day every time i watch you you are the best ever
Jacques JJVR
'Jacques JJVR' 6 days ago
Gratz on 1mill 👍
Jeovonnie Humphrey
lmao!!! bae so funny! 😂😂😂😂
Amanda Gilmore
'Amanda Gilmore' 6 days ago
these videos make me chuckle a bit. saw the fb thing said to post here and stuff. <(¤-¤<)
'AliceGraceL' 6 days ago
Try to watch this in class and not make a sound
Maddison Vlogs
'Maddison Vlogs' 6 days ago
this shows how stupid america is or just the whole world in general. Wow is this really surprising to everyone is it? IS IT?
Emily Baez
'Emily Baez' 6 days ago
What's a Mr.Meaner
Kirsten Lance
'Kirsten Lance' 6 days ago
4:49 best moment of the whole video
'_lordbeaker_' 6 days ago
if you didn't know Pemdas: Parentheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Multiplication Apparently, a math formula solves STDs
Alexandra Muffin
'Alexandra Muffin' 6 days ago
I laughing so hard I could barely breath!!!😂😂😂😂😄😄😄
Black out
'Black out' 6 days ago
"sue of side" I have a friend named sue and she probably sleeps on her side XD
RedheadFlame05 _
'RedheadFlame05 _' 6 days ago
This is amasing and I love you're laugh
cats and dogs Squad
I died the whole video LAMO
Niamh Muncaster
'Niamh Muncaster' 6 days ago
u know when people had one job these days 😂😂😂😂😂
Ahmaad Gallimore
'Ahmaad Gallimore' 7 days ago
dose he keep changing his outfit ?
kelsey keenan
'kelsey keenan' 7 days ago
When are you going to do another video with Kash????
Sophia Rivera
'Sophia Rivera' 7 days ago
I subscribed!
Twenty Øne American Rejects
How did I not find you earlier you're amazing! :D
Catherine Febrianinda
New Subscribers :D
'SolidRecord728' 1 week ago
Today at work I found some Wild Dictionaries growing in their natural habitat. This was real exciting for me as I have never picked fresh dictionaries before, but I have no idea how to tell when they are ripe as they corrected me horribly no matter how much mustard I put on them.
Elisha Keels
'Elisha Keels' 1 week ago
There's you're thumbs up! YOU HAPPY NOW! SHEESH! 😉
'956bigman' 1 week ago
My girl made some spigedy and Friday chicken abc 123
Lonnie Smith
'Lonnie Smith' 1 week ago
Jazzy Z
'Jazzy Z' 1 week ago
what the hell was that "capri sun"?
M0nst3r_ bunny
'M0nst3r_ bunny' 1 week ago
😂😂😂I love his laugh
Fugitoid/Robbie Rotten
I swear Wendy was mean't to be a sassy black woman
randomness fi
'randomness fi' 1 week ago
weather forecast:- 998
'MSP QUEEN HEART' 1 week ago
If you feel me thumbs up if you don't thumbs up anyway cause you will thumb thumb thumbs up cause u cause u cause u will thumb thumb thumbs up well that being said thumbs up<<< short lyric ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Chelsey MacHenry
'Chelsey MacHenry' 1 week ago
At the beginning he says 2016 instead of 2017 O.O
'graciee' 1 week ago
"BLOOMING STD for only nineteen dollars and ninety fo- i know a few people who got it for free" OMG 😂😭
Dajahnae Randolph
'Dajahnae Randolph' 1 week ago
my mom just made some good food yummy Ron beat his meat😋
Cammy Mc.
'Cammy Mc.' 1 week ago
Did anyone notice the hand next to the babies leg,the tattoo read ''Bottom Boy''?! WTF?!!! :D
Derya Örs
'Derya Örs' 1 week ago
14:19 how can be people so stupid D: it's so scary :DDDDDDD
James Ellenberger
'James Ellenberger' 1 week ago
I laughed so hard at this I sharted myself. Which extra sucked because I was naked.
Crocodile Alligator
i laff so hard at these reetawrds
JuniperW Jasmine
'JuniperW Jasmine' 1 week ago
I laughed so hard when i saw Cameron Dallas
'renisalazar' 1 week ago
Praise the Lord for giving me a brain and the ability to know how to use it!!
Alexa Luna
'Alexa Luna' 1 week ago
what is the name of the song at 3:52 i know its Mariah Carey
faze pow
'faze pow' 1 week ago
Dang anyone else come here from the Wendy's video
'NotVerifiedGaming' 1 week ago
Yes I would to die of temperatures below absolute zero
maria barron
'maria barron' 1 week ago
can we just talk about something really quick, (fifty shades darker ad) how did it go from "bad s&m movie to semi horror & suspense???
'RaginPlayer' 1 week ago
Pemdas is the order of operations /parenthesis p exponents e multiplication division d addition a subtraction s
Alexis Trouble
'Alexis Trouble' 1 week ago
I'm confused about the spotted dick thing, why is that a fail or funny? Its just food.
Ruby kawaii
'Ruby kawaii' 1 week ago
Spotted dick pudding is a real thing (I don't like it) 😂😂😂
Ashley Leilani
'Ashley Leilani' 1 week ago
This isn't funny but somehow whenever he reads it I just start laughing so hard
Angie Vertes19
'Angie Vertes19' 1 week ago
The corndog one is so funny I want to meet the person
Square Armaan
'Square Armaan' 1 week ago
Snuffalo OurWorld
'Snuffalo OurWorld' 1 week ago
-998 xD
Megan S
'Megan S' 1 week ago
This video made my IQ go down.
krista barr
'krista barr' 1 week ago
it's just a prank bro. why you have to be mad? it's just a prank. it's a social experiment.
Brianna Barrow
'Brianna Barrow' 1 week ago
thank you for making me smile everyday
Laura XKR
'Laura XKR' 1 week ago
mom and I nearly pissed our pants laughing at the "corn dog" one!
'MsRussia93' 1 week ago
You are so freekin funny! Whenever I'm down I watch your videos then I feel better
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