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Published: 1 year ago By: Alonzo Lerone

By: Alonzo LeronePublished: 1 year ago

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

Dana Whitehead
'Dana Whitehead' 1 day ago
Spotted dick is an English food lmao :)
Pamela Vaughan
'Pamela Vaughan' 5 days ago
4:03 to 4:10 hilarious
'Marissa' 6 days ago
Rip corn dog lady
Cathy Ford
'Cathy Ford' 2 weeks ago
Bird leaf... I just died.
Official ParisSeidner
*B O N L E S S* *W A T E R M E L O N*
'ArcaneSiren' 2 weeks ago
The Helen Keller one makes me laugh EVERY TIME
'Izzys23' 2 weeks ago
His laugh is so contagious😂
Puppy Lover
'Puppy Lover' 2 weeks ago
SAM AND COLBY!!!!!!!.......oh wait is that the Sam pepper prank bad.
Ali Rayborn
'Ali Rayborn' 3 weeks ago
These people need to grow a brain cell or two
Sandra Salerno
'Sandra Salerno' 3 weeks ago
Bahahahahahhaaha how did you shrink bread 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Savanna Leischer
'Savanna Leischer' 3 weeks ago
..."Raft of God" ... LMAO
Ariana Hunt
'Ariana Hunt' 3 weeks ago
Nice change in hair and clothes 👌😂
Cierra Dunham
'Cierra Dunham' 3 weeks ago
4:34 that product is on wish if you look at the description gray was spelled right 😑
sofia_ leavemealone
'sofia_ leavemealone' 3 weeks ago
I’m half Lebanese
Teigan Mckeon
'Teigan Mckeon' 3 weeks ago
I actually nearly spat my coke out when u said I nearly choked on my bagel
'brislife101' 3 weeks ago
Who else knows where the daddy song comes from? It’s from Tamar and her sisters teasing Towanda
Wargam channel Wwr
'Wargam channel Wwr' 3 weeks ago
Aaliyah Holt
'Aaliyah Holt' 4 weeks ago
That "bitch where" gets me every time.
Jrad Heisenkirk
'Jrad Heisenkirk' 4 weeks ago
The weight is over
Whimsical Nessa
'Whimsical Nessa' 1 month ago
Oh, my god! That tweet from Thomas! Um.... I'm late, but that wasn't a fail if you're catching my drift... 😅
S•Y•D•N•E•Y• !
Nah: “How the fuck you shrink bread” Me:BAHAGGAFUAHGGAAHA My sister: are you ok? are you going to make it? Me: •-• Edit: Also, 7:44 to 7:54 I’m dying 🤣
Jakayla Townsel
'Jakayla Townsel' 1 month ago
The promo message has me weak after a year of watching these 😂 And the crack hoe one AND the free iPhone one 😂
Tina Clayton
'Tina Clayton' 1 month ago
Im slow possibly but i don't get the capri sun one
'Tianna' 1 month ago
kendrick lamar is a hypnotist LMFAO
Amy Bradford
'Amy Bradford' 1 month ago
This is very irrelevant but today I am under a tornado warning.☀Pray.😇
Barry Waldman
'Barry Waldman' 1 month ago
"New Year, new me" Proceeds to go back to laughing at hypothermia
Leah Brazel
'Leah Brazel' 2 months ago
I find it soo funny that he thinks that spotted dick is incorrect because it’s actually correct, spotted dick is the name of the dessert
'It's GhxstMST' 2 months ago
Joshua Wilson
'Joshua Wilson' 2 months ago
"You will love these rip ass avocados" lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aj Gamer
'Aj Gamer' 2 months ago
A TO G TO U TO THE STD Armys where u at???
'AlphaWolf' 2 months ago
SAM AND COLBY ARE THE BEST . at 7:41 also you alonzo
Megan Barber
'Megan Barber' 2 months ago
I can’t spell and even I’m not this bad. If your spelling stuff like overreacting wrong you know you either under 7 years old or you need to go back to your English classes
Rixi The Goat
'Rixi The Goat' 2 months ago
10:11 “Today while driving I found some wild corn dogs growing in their natural habitat” She shouldn’t have a driver’s license of she doesn’t know where corndogs come from.
Morgan M.
'Morgan M.' 2 months ago
7:55 I subscribed to her for that comment😂😂
The RyliriFox
'The RyliriFox' 2 months ago
13:03 or a coke thot. That's probably what the editor thought.
Van Doan
'Van Doan' 2 months ago
It's not filet mignon and asparagus in the picture, it looks like green beans and some other cut of beef
Dana Orr
'Dana Orr' 2 months ago
It is hard to believe that there are so many ignorant people out there. The sad thing is, they really don't care to be any smarter and, they are an increasing part of the population.
'notquiteordinary' 2 months ago
Water is thicker than blood, 100% y'all
A random person who uploads random things
Caramel is a bitch.
Lanae H
'Lanae H' 2 months ago
Phanicing At The Chemical G-Note
7:44 Sam and Colby anyone😏😘
'CarmiiCarm' 3 months ago
You are so funny. PEMDAS= Parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add, subtract.
sarah hayes
'sarah hayes' 3 months ago
i love that alonzo makes me laugh and i love his blanket in the background
Travis Seagroves
'Travis Seagroves' 3 months ago
That dumb fucking gay dude who says being straight is unnatural and finds it gross.... uhhh u realize being gay is actually unnatural and seen gross by many. I think he doesn't know how reproduction works.
The Chairmen
'The Chairmen' 3 months ago
That is a bunch of dumbasses
Wolf Bear
'Wolf Bear' 3 months ago
The Earth isn't even 2017 years old its wayyy older its billions and billons of years old
'21 SAVAGE' 3 months ago
I live in harris county 14:03 in texas houston btw
Gloria Lopez-Avina
'Gloria Lopez-Avina' 3 months ago
I'm from the U.S. and I know spotted dick is a thing. I've heard it mostly in the UK.
'DHIMITRI DINELLA' 3 months ago
Everybody needs a dictionary but I think you need a calendar 😂
Wyatt M
'Wyatt M' 3 months ago
You mean... "Pem-das" (PEMDAS)?? 😂😂
OxxayAubrey MSP
'OxxayAubrey MSP' 3 months ago
Spotted dick sponge is an actual thing 😭😂
Icy Blue Wolf
'Icy Blue Wolf' 3 months ago
Alonzo, you just got yourself a new friend. 🙂
Grant Rissley
'Grant Rissley' 3 months ago
cat tails turn into corn dogs!!!!
Luke Edwards
'Luke Edwards' 3 months ago
thought it was hypothermia
Kay Kay
'Kay Kay' 3 months ago
I lost it when he said "i hate ungrapefruit bitches" 😭😭
Rebekah Vollbracht
'Rebekah Vollbracht' 3 months ago
"balling my eyes out" English thing aha.
no jams jimin
'no jams jimin' 3 months ago
13:48 killed me
Andrew Allen
'Andrew Allen' 3 months ago
Andrew Allen
'Andrew Allen' 3 months ago
Andrew Allen
'Andrew Allen' 3 months ago
'Ari.Plays' 3 months ago
Im so dead
Bobbi Roberts
'Bobbi Roberts' 3 months ago
love yourself
'love yourself' 3 months ago
15:06 the date is off AF
Elli World
'Elli World' 3 months ago
8:27 😂😂😂😂😂 MMMMMMMMM DELICIOUS LGBT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I CANT-- 😂😂😂😂
Jenae adrian
'Jenae adrian' 3 months ago
“Boing application” 😂😂😂😂😂
phil murphy
'phil murphy' 3 months ago
Bidge whatching this on a Sonday 👌
Fierce Light
'Fierce Light' 3 months ago
It's just a prank bro. Why do you have to be mad? It's just a prank.It's a social experiment. (7:38)
Adriana D
'Adriana D' 3 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 omg hahahahahahaha
Damien E
'Damien E' 4 months ago
I had trouble saying "excuse" when I was little (like 2). My mom said I used to say "Accuse me."
The Masked Men
'The Masked Men' 4 months ago
Did he just think PEMDAS was an internet texting acronym?
O. Michelle Varney
'O. Michelle Varney' 4 months ago
Made the mistake of taking a drink of diet mtn dew and watching this. Dew came outta my nose LMAO!
Kari Roby
'Kari Roby' 4 months ago
"New year, new me. *Dies of laughter*" Me too.
Echo Ridel
'Echo Ridel' 4 months ago
A spotted dick is actually a food in England so it isn't a mistake.
Nikki Young
'Nikki Young' 4 months ago
I just lost brain cells😂
Certifiied XXVI
'Certifiied XXVI' 4 months ago
Good laugh at damn near 5am 🤣🤣🤣
Amanda Duprey
'Amanda Duprey' 4 months ago
'Wolffe' 4 months ago
Man, these videos make me check everything I post like 600 times before I post it just in case.
Pierce the Veil 83
'Pierce the Veil 83' 4 months ago
You were right 2017 sucked
Insane fangirl
'Insane fangirl' 4 months ago
1:18 how did they mess up that bad!? They even capitalized Apollo! It's apologies not Apollo geez! Apollo is the Greek god of archery, healing, poetry, music, and more! I don't know why that one makes me so mad. I think it's because I love Greek mythology and PJO, HOO, and TOA.
Sofia Jacinto
'Sofia Jacinto' 4 months ago
who else in 2018
Arionna Aguilar
'Arionna Aguilar' 4 months ago
4:36 had me dying
'lil' 4 months ago
11:19 is that lyric to no air that they altered
uniquelly awesome
'uniquelly awesome' 4 months ago
Marshall arts
Makayla The Ellie
'Makayla The Ellie' 4 months ago
Bacon does not need to be raping baked potatoes. My God. That is so bad. What planet do we live in where food sexually assaults other foods? 😰
Minseok Shin
'Minseok Shin' 4 months ago
Everytime I watch Alonzo laugh I laugh with him lol every video makesme laugh
SINnamon TM
'SINnamon TM' 4 months ago
Okay,who agrees that Caramel is a bitch? XD
Jewel Johnson
'Jewel Johnson' 4 months ago
I lost iq points watching this 😂😂
Danielle Ramsay
'Danielle Ramsay' 4 months ago
I just lost so many brain cells
Lisa Rose
'Lisa Rose' 4 months ago
I can't watch anymore of this. Mr. Alonzo, these posts are making my IQ drop. But they're too funny to turn away. I'm hooked. I need an intervention
Ava Generette
'Ava Generette' 4 months ago
8:35 😂
shamoo Orca
'shamoo Orca' 4 months ago
Bone cap a tweet. Lmoa I'm so fucking dead
'Hawaicc' 4 months ago
The way he says these sentences 😂😂😂
Nikki Villemaire
'Nikki Villemaire' 4 months ago
I am watching this on December 21, 2017; hope he is gonna make a best of 2017 video internet fails when it hits 2018 in 10 days.
aaliyah khan
'aaliyah khan' 4 months ago
at 10:00 i felt like slaping that person
Simple Daphne
'Simple Daphne' 4 months ago
6:43 You laundry it.
'Genesis' 4 months ago
Spotted dick is actually an English dessert. It has a very unfortunate name though.
pewdiepug 03
'pewdiepug 03' 4 months ago
The RyliriFox
'The RyliriFox' 4 months ago
14:04 the TRIPLE SHOOTIN line made this more understandable
The RyliriFox
'The RyliriFox' 4 months ago
14:04 the TRIPLE SHOOTIN line made this more understandable
Api Babes
'Api Babes' 4 months ago
3:04 thats an actual saying. It means crying a lot (in that context)
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