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Published: 7 months ago By: Alonzo Lerone

By: Alonzo LeronePublished: 7 months ago

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
'Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios' 25 minutes ago
4:40 my sides... 8:30 My lungs!!
RoseShell Hudson
'RoseShell Hudson' 2 days ago
I died at "hurry cane "
'AlexAwesome15737' 2 days ago
0:29 your welcome.
Theatre Geek
'Theatre Geek' 4 days ago
Part of me has to wonder if these people talk like how they type these things!
Dan Grabo
'Dan Grabo' 5 days ago
Bloods thicker then water
'nekokat' 6 days ago
I have a friend who has lightsaber chopsticks, I wish I knew how to hold them correctly.
'madival' 6 days ago
the one with the -998 degrees .. I seen that on TV cause i live near there 😂😂😂
Official.Saiyafreak _Kaito
Alonzo I like that chibi version and the outro.
William Lemmond
'William Lemmond' 1 week ago
Hi, Alonzo, I Just want you to know that you have a new friend. My roomie is too broke to drink, and needed to forget about some troubles. So I put on one of your long playlists, and from the first video, he loves your stuff - total LOL! So once again, you're making a positive difference. :)
Sparkley Spirit
'Sparkley Spirit' 1 week ago
The corn dog one f***** killed me😂😅😫
Bethany Thomas
'Bethany Thomas' 1 week ago
Dragon 115
'Dragon 115' 2 weeks ago
'Mandygears' 2 weeks ago
literally when people spell 'choked' as 'chocked' it just really grinds my gears...
Alante Jones
'Alante Jones' 2 weeks ago
14:18 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 currently writing my obituary.
Li Taylor; Li
I'm crying laughing and I got the damn hick ups!!!!! 😫😫😂😂
Nanami La Rose
'Nanami La Rose' 2 weeks ago
Song at 13:54
lindsay ball
'lindsay ball' 2 weeks ago
I have been up for about 48 hours now it seems like just watching your videos this shit hilarious af.
Nishimiya Shouko
'Nishimiya Shouko' 2 weeks ago
Brittany Turner
'Brittany Turner' 2 weeks ago
Shootout for the survivors 😂😂😂
Sparkle Unicorn
'Sparkle Unicorn' 2 weeks ago
I like how you apologised but just burst out laughing 😂
SoftlyFalling Sakura
Spotted dick sponge is a real thing XD
Dun Dusty
'Dun Dusty' 2 weeks ago
Spotted Dick and 'balling your eyes out' are both British things lol
'ChiyoChuu' 2 weeks ago
So that's where my thighs went
Sarah Matney
'Sarah Matney' 3 weeks ago
I thought he was changing his shirt over and over before I realized it was a best of video 😂
Ashley Boyle
'Ashley Boyle' 3 weeks ago
at 22 seconds i had hot chili in my mouth and it took every bit of strength to not spit it out from laughing.
Crazy Donut
'Crazy Donut' 3 weeks ago
0:27 Can someone please tell me what that is?
'Cosmogal' 3 weeks ago
Omg I love ya. Your laugh is contagious! I needed this today. I keep sharing your videos on my Facebook. I mean others need a good laugh too!
Ruby Walker
'Ruby Walker' 3 weeks ago
I'll take a synonym bun.. Can I have an antonym bun as well??
'KalonFaith' 3 weeks ago
0:40 Today we have witnessed the idea behind BONELESS PIZZA!
'Haki' 3 weeks ago
11:16 if i die before i wake, pray the kors my soule to take.... my mind just goes straigt to Metallica.
espnz _
'espnz _' 3 weeks ago
I got really mad but how bad people need a dictionary
Mochi Michi
'Mochi Michi' 3 weeks ago
So.. PEMDAS has a different meaning now?? HAHAHAHA
'Aanteatur' 3 weeks ago
Heads up. These were the "cool kids" in school. Do yourself a favor. Be the geek/nerd and actually pay attention in school. I'm glad I didn't end up like those fools. Some I know got locked up repeatedly, killed, live in shit homes or trailer parks, or are just straight up street bums. While they made fun of me in school, I was already making hundreds a week. Now I'm working up to 2-3k a week and it's just steadily increasing. Learn something, kiddos.
Piper Manic
'Piper Manic' 3 weeks ago
the one where u "puked", or the one where the guy had a beanie on and the middle guy had bluish hair. THAT WAS SAM AND COLBY DUUUUDE
'MiraculousTalenny' 3 weeks ago
Boii!! Spotted Dick Sponge is spelled correctly! It's a British dish! Smh😂😂😂
'iamcierra' 3 weeks ago
when he almost threw up was so funny
RAVE - The Best Place on Youtube
sperm dont make babies got me dead
Eva Cole
'Eva Cole' 4 weeks ago
Sam G 😂
Shelly Romer
'Shelly Romer' 4 weeks ago
You are officially my fav YouTuber... watch these before I go to bed, so if it's been a bad day, hell at least I can fall asleep smiling....and yes I did just sound like a creepy jackass, sorry...
ijusdontknow Jones
'ijusdontknow Jones' 4 weeks ago
Simon is the the Ramsay of cooking compare them
'KingRoscoe' 4 weeks ago
When the first Mr.Meanor one came up I was really laughing but then the one right after I think I started having a heart attic
Arno Van den Eynde
'Arno Van den Eynde' 4 weeks ago
I can't get my penis out of the toaster. Don't judge me just help. I'm dying XD
Dank ness
'Dank ness' 4 weeks ago
i have lupus
Nina Ylva Karlsson
'Nina Ylva Karlsson' 1 month ago
Love from Sweden! :D
AutisticFurryThat WillMakeYouWantToDieInRealLife
Lemme gut uh, a B O N E L E S S watermelon.
'jm1305' 1 month ago
Michael Decker
'Michael Decker' 1 month ago
i just lost all Knowledge of anything i knew before watching this
Arsenal fc wins 13 titles
Unsubscribe to #themozhaunted if you do then I will subscribe to you
Seth Donaldson
'Seth Donaldson' 1 month ago
Alonzo go to your Facebook I have hilarious stuff to show you
Vanessa Isherwood
'Vanessa Isherwood' 1 month ago
Does When D's rally us horse meet?
Fajr Fehintola
'Fajr Fehintola' 1 month ago
spotted dick is a British pudding
Lili Pie
'Lili Pie' 1 month ago
Spotted dick sponge is a real thing, it's British 😭but it is actually really good 😋😂
Dauntless Daughter
'Dauntless Daughter' 1 month ago
This video is giving me anxiety. why? Because it's making me question the spelling of everything I ever wrote since 2003 'til now. P.S. Do keep in mind that English is not my mother language. Thank you and have a nice day!✌😝
'J H' 1 month ago
Rob Dyke brought me here. Subscribed after watchin this video 👍
Wolf kins
'Wolf kins' 1 month ago
"My son said these new caprisuns are nasty" if you're wondering what the tweet said and did he find that o-o
Adilene Felix
'Adilene Felix' 1 month ago
" hmu...WITH A DICTIONARY!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wolfie Magnet
'Wolfie Magnet' 1 month ago
The bird leaf one was the best, no questions asked.
damaris zelaya
'damaris zelaya' 1 month ago
the one with the different states on it
damaris zelaya
'damaris zelaya' 1 month ago
oh shit we got the same blanket
Accio Bookworm
'Accio Bookworm' 1 month ago
Only a potterhead would regonize the reference to Harry Potter at 3:10
Avah Meguro
'Avah Meguro' 1 month ago
PEMDAS - Parentheses Exponent Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction
Israel Ramirez
'Israel Ramirez' 1 month ago
Isn't hyperterma is when you are cold
Dani Leon
'Dani Leon' 1 month ago
jovonda spook duplessis
wild corndogs 😂😂😂
'KromedScorpion345' 1 month ago
13:01 "A green thumb in my body" A GREEN THUMB IN YOUR BODY?
Victoria Howe
'Victoria Howe' 1 month ago
"Hispanic accident" dead😂😂😂😂
Stephanie MacLean
'Stephanie MacLean' 1 month ago
I've only just started watching his videos and seriously why does he almost vomit so often 😂
Faatima Bee
'Faatima Bee' 1 month ago
when he hit us with the Annie theme song 😂😂😂
chino XL
'chino XL' 1 month ago
i can ruin this whoole video by putting the thought of auto correction in ur head. now its not so funny is it, compared to people actually writing those words sounding them out nd then tweeting them.
David Alive
'David Alive' 1 month ago
Hands down love your videos! My favorite one was the blackberry sauce that “tastes like grandma” 😂😂😂😂😂
Zavy Da Boii
'Zavy Da Boii' 1 month ago
No lie but watching him might make me misspell certain words
'Chris' 1 month ago
Dominique White
'Dominique White' 1 month ago
'DaiShanae26' 1 month ago
@ 13:00 he said he doesn't have a green thumb in his body lol
Mr Snake
'Mr Snake' 1 month ago
I saw a weird commercial before this video. It was just a picture of a glazed donut with a creepy synthesized voice saying "I love donuts. They have no nutritional value. But they make me feel good momentarily. 90 seconds of enjoyment is worth the shame I'll feel later. I'm so alone." Then what I think was "#Sunshine" flashed on the screen for about half a second.
pokemon humper69
'pokemon humper69' 1 month ago
at 7:53 wasnt that a Sam and colby video??
Katie Mueller
'Katie Mueller' 1 month ago
Never mind! If I would fully read I would have found it before
Katie Mueller
'Katie Mueller' 1 month ago
How do I send funny "get a dictionary" messages I have found? Got some pretty good ones! :-)
Andrew Bloomfield
'Andrew Bloomfield' 1 month ago
I thought Pearl Harbor was when they (Colonists) dumped the tea in the ocean... Yeah, more like when they (Japanese) bombed the oil from the warships into the ocean... A *totally* easy-to-make mistake... Funny how people forget the important things, huh? Granted, I do too sometimes, but man... how high do you have to be though?
Magan Dann
'Magan Dann' 2 months ago
Jesus christ 5:10 kills me 😂😂
Miranda Reeves
'Miranda Reeves' 2 months ago
It's four am. In trying not to laugh. I may explode
Black and Blue Unicorn
Can I just ask why a 2 year old tried to eat my toe
linkayle su
'linkayle su' 2 months ago
Keep your energy up alonzo... you never fail to make my day. Especially when i'am down....
Cameron Perez
'Cameron Perez' 2 months ago
(At 0:58 and 5:00) Wendys is savage!
Reily Chaco
'Reily Chaco' 2 months ago
What was that song played for that advertisement about the two fingers and a thumb?
Makayla Williams
'Makayla Williams' 2 months ago
Hey at least none of y'all has asked your mom and I quote "what's the colorof a black and white sheep"
Karina Johnson
'Karina Johnson' 2 months ago
Lmao I'm dead obviously not really 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan Croteau
'Jordan Croteau' 2 months ago
The toaster is a reference to college humor
XxMaggie CookixX
'XxMaggie CookixX' 2 months ago
Kids, do NOT rape your bacon OR cheese. Amen.
Ayanna Evans
'Ayanna Evans' 2 months ago
Im done with life😂😂
Li Ri
'Li Ri' 2 months ago
Zoe Tarren Kanakaris
'Zoe Tarren Kanakaris' 2 months ago
lol you farted. 8:40
LeverWerks04 Otherwise known as BremenSnax
Caramel is a bitch 😂😂😂
Brandi Richardson
'Brandi Richardson' 2 months ago
yo, i burned one and watched this shit,,,almost died from laughter😂
Hyori Park
'Hyori Park' 2 months ago
i love you Alonzo
'Jadeybabes' 2 months ago
oh my gosh. i cried laughing! so funny
Panic! AtTheTwentyOneCrybabiesARMY
How is the spotted dick an internet fail? It's not a typo or anything, it's a dessert over here in England
'TheSwollGamer' 2 months ago
you're hilarious
Layla Wiggins
'Layla Wiggins' 2 months ago
Im laughing so much I cant even hold my phone Im weak😂😂😂😂
Ryan Burnett
'Ryan Burnett' 2 months ago
"I hope Denver beats the broncos" lol best damn line of the video
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