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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By:

By: WatchMojo.comPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016

For every great movie and Oscar worthy film to come out of 2016, there was a terrible Razzie worthy film as well. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 worst movies of 2016, and recommend you avoid them at all costs. But what will take the top spot on our list? The wannabe epic Gods of Egypt, the not-funny comedy Dirty Grandpa, or the just plain awful Norm of the North? Watch to find out!

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00:44 #10. “Shut In” (2016)
01:47 #9. “Nine Lives” (2016)
02:52 #8. “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)
03:48 #7. “Suicide Squad” (2016)
04:57 #6. “The Darkness” (2016)
05:55 #5. “Zoolander 2” (2016)
07:00 #4. “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” (2016)
08:01 #3, #2, #1 ????

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'Goldendude0aj' 9 minutes ago
i liked suiside squad
Sayon Das
'Sayon Das' 14 minutes ago
accountant was the worst movie i saw last year
ahmed cr7
'ahmed cr7' 26 minutes ago
The best movies I've seen in 2016 : 1.Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice 2.the nice guys 3.Deadpool 4.captain America Civil war 5.suicide squad 6.Bad moms 7.Batman Bad blood 8.Zotobia 9.Doctor strange 10.justice league VS teen titans
Meldave Oliver
'Meldave Oliver' 1 hour ago
the suicide squad is a set up for a new batman movie
'Loodvik34' 1 hour ago
Assassin's Creed was not a bad movie
Jeralin Banyon
'Jeralin Banyon' 2 hours ago
Suicide Squad was so good tho! 😩❤️
cancerous comment is coming
face it, Suicide Squad succ!!!!!
cancerous comment is coming
dem dislike XD
Alonzo Gaviria
'Alonzo Gaviria' 2 hours ago
I actually think assassins creed wasn't that bad
Jesse vaifanua
'Jesse vaifanua' 2 hours ago
suicide squad was garbage
'cpcahya' 3 hours ago
so many dislikes? must be the army of fanboys lol
'lovX' 3 hours ago
Suicide squad was not the worst but not the best
Jason boyle
'Jason boyle' 3 hours ago
4,3 and 2 were good though....I think you guys should actually watch these movies instead of believing the crap critics write cause most the time they are wrong
'twitchascension' 3 hours ago
"Relegated the Joker to a glorified cameo" I saw this movie in theaters, and honestly if he'd shown up more I'd have walked out. What a shit portrayal. Joker has little place in the Suicide Squad, anyway, and only exists as a reference to Harley Quinn's background.
Connor Carrasquillo
'Connor Carrasquillo' 4 hours ago
Suicid Squad is a awesome movie way better than batman v superman
phil north
'phil north' 4 hours ago
Pure opinionated nonsense, usubscribed
Naseer Ahmad
'Naseer Ahmad' 4 hours ago
All the worst movies in the world come from the USA. No original ideas. Remaking classics into shit. Remaking awesome overseas dramas into shit. These Hollywood Jews love polishing turds and calling them movies.
'MihutzOnline' 5 hours ago
Assassin's creed doesn't deserve to be there...
'ClayPlaysGames' 5 hours ago
Nine lives is number 9 and suicide squad is number 7 wtf is this
Deez Nuts
'Deez Nuts' 6 hours ago
Suicide Squad was rated 3 stars anyways...
Nicolas Martin
'Nicolas Martin' 7 hours ago
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The Doctor
'The Doctor' 7 hours ago
I didn't care for Suicide Squad, but Robbie's portrayal of Harley IMO saved it from being one of the worst movies of the year. Will Smith was bad as Deadshot. The characters were so out of sorts compared to the comic. Waller just kills those FBI agents? Batman confronts Deadshot when he's with his daughter? Captain Boomerang wasn't in every scene? Would it really take the directors, writers, etc. that long to read some of the comics that made this team great in the first place?
ridho ramadhan
'ridho ramadhan' 8 hours ago
suicide squad, too comical, too comedical, need more serious stories
'AnimeFanFTW' 8 hours ago
Where the fuck is Ghostbusters 2016?
Sarah U
'Sarah U'Ren' 8 hours ago
wtf assassins creed was good
Boot Gaming
'Boot Gaming' 9 hours ago
Why was assassins creed on dishonorable mentions? I heard it was good.
Shayan Baig
'Shayan Baig' 9 hours ago
I'm reading comments about people getting so offended because someone is defending suicide squad,while it should have been angry suicide squad fans ruling the comments.... This offended behavior of people who hate DCEU shows that all of you are just biased. I watched that movie as a movie to evoke fun, I had it. that's it....
Khalil A. Rahman
'Khalil A. Rahman' 9 hours ago
you put suicide squad on this list?! FUUUUUUUUUCK. you!
Mr. Smile
'Mr. Smile' 9 hours ago
Worst top list of worst movie of 2016😂
Freeze Blade
'Freeze Blade' 10 hours ago
i hate you
F. Joel Price
'F. Joel Price' 10 hours ago
Suicide squad was nothing but a blockbuster movie with lack of storytelling, poor character development, unfunny dialogue, and Margot Robbie being sexual in reference to Wolf of Wall Street IDK. But anyway, very poor choice of a superhero movie, and also-----------------> SUICIDE SQUAD = Very poor choice of Words (Heath Ledger).
Pepe who
Ok um... no Ghostbusters, but Suicide Squad? Plus Joker wasn't even in the Suicide Squad comics, that's probably why he wasn't there too much.
Butterfly Bunny Unicorn
Saw Suicide Squad in the thumbnail, immediately liked. Not even that Kevin James movie was as bad.
no 0B
'no 0B' 11 hours ago
were ghost busters
Hoolio Iglesias
'Hoolio Iglesias' 11 hours ago
While Batman Vs Superman was awful it wasn't a flop. It made something like 600 mil. I think Suicide Squad(probably the worst movie the year) made around 500 mil.
Brandon Foster
'Brandon Foster' 11 hours ago
you should of added batman versus superman.
'ClimbHighGamer' 11 hours ago
Honestly, I didn't think Warcraft was that bad
Kevin Sethre
'Kevin Sethre' 12 hours ago
CinemaSins noise at 5:05
'Revan' 12 hours ago
Fuck suicide squad. Morons are defending it cause they think joker and Harley are goals which in itself is already an absolute fucking joke.
Leyton Manley
'Leyton Manley' 12 hours ago
All these people complaining about how people are complaining on wether or not suicide squad was good or not, it's alll an opinion it really doesn't matter I personally thought it was okay even though it did have major holes and flaws but it's all opinion so stop getting butthurt
johnnie mitchell
'johnnie mitchell' 12 hours ago
Than aid clearly rimvq debate depression soup wooden just.
melissa bullock
'melissa bullock' 12 hours ago
I see a lot of triggered D.C. Fanboys in the comments LOL
Ethan Lin
'Ethan Lin' 13 hours ago
If you search up the ratings, you'll find out that the movies were actually poorly rated
Greg Levsen
'Greg Levsen' 13 hours ago
Dis-honorable mention for Warcraft? Warcraft was amazing. How did Collateral Beauty not make this list?
Rachel Magowan
'Rachel Magowan' 13 hours ago
I don't understand how anyone could like suicide squad, it was over acted shit.
Alex Ross
'Alex Ross' 13 hours ago
Ninja Turtles and Jungle Book should be on this list.
Kadi Apgar
'Kadi Apgar' 14 hours ago
Ppl don't understand suicide squad wasn't about the joker it was about suicide squad and of course it will be confusing it's the first movie the first ones are always confusing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doom_of _Horror
'Doom_of _Horror' 14 hours ago
Your opinion watch mojo not all of us agree with you so you deal with it trash heads
Kitty Spalla
'Kitty Spalla' 14 hours ago
Hey, I saw "Nine Lives" and it was hilarious. My entire family loved it.
Sleeper Shark
'Sleeper Shark' 14 hours ago
5:05 CinemaSins?
D Smyth
'D Smyth' 14 hours ago
I'm sorry but "The Do Over" was an excellent movie probably Sandlers best since 50 First Dates...You added it because it's cool to hate on Sandler
Prickly Cactus King
'Prickly Cactus King' 14 hours ago
3:40 I dunno what you guys are talking about, that shits' comedy GOLD!
Zeren Centris (Aensland Butler)
When I saw a trailer that said The Darkness I was thinking it was gonna be based on the comic/video game but no it was another horror movie that sucked
Will Cohen
'Will Cohen' 15 hours ago
What about Storks? That was shit
Richard Roberts
'Richard Roberts' 15 hours ago
I've stopped expecting movies to be good anymore. Film is dying.
'xytez' 15 hours ago
Suicide Squad is definetely one of the most badadd movies i have ever seen. Fck the haters.. If you don't like Suicide Squad, you probably don't like Deadpool either. I bet ur into Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings and can't handle the goth and comedian in the new cool movies.
angel omar soto
'angel omar soto' 16 hours ago
Batman vs Superman Collateral beauty The Ghostbusters
Kelp Cereal
'Kelp Cereal' 16 hours ago
All eyez on me better not be on the Top 10 worst movies of 2017. It better Not be
Gavin Spenks
'Gavin Spenks' 16 hours ago
Watchmojo usually has great lists but this one is total trash. They said the movies were being rated based off their critic reviews and fan opinions, but Shut In is only rated #10 with the worst Rotten Tomatoes score of 4%. How does that make sense!?
eleni panayotopoulos
'eleni panayotopoulos' 16 hours ago
Suicide squad is the best😍😍🔥🔥
Aidan 548
'Aidan 548' 17 hours ago
Where is Ghostbusters 2016
'thatdude9803' 17 hours ago
900 million at the box office, I wouldn't say bvs was a flop
Smoky Sunsets
'Smoky Sunsets' 17 hours ago
Allegiant honestly sucked...
Pyrocynthia 01
'Pyrocynthia 01' 17 hours ago
I really liked Suicide Squad tbh. That's just my silly opinion though I guess.
H.T.W. Hardcore Techinal wrestling
Why the hell is the hate goin for dc I'm with DC all the way Suicide squad is amazing
Syntien Merilla
'Syntien Merilla' 17 hours ago
can you also make a video about best movies in 2016? because i wonder that which movies were at least okey. you put all the fcking movies made in 2016 :D btw Warcraft was amazing
FancyCat 107
'FancyCat 107' 17 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought Suicide Squad was awesome? ?? :(
Cynderella man
'Cynderella man' 17 hours ago
suicide squad is a shit!!!! fuck you DC.
Soccer cat.
'Soccer cat.' 17 hours ago
OMG NALA WAS IN A MOVIE? Best movie of the year.
Brady Salesman
'Brady Salesman' 17 hours ago
suicide squad wasn't great but Jesus this and Batman vs superman get way to much hate
Spencer Williams
'Spencer Williams' 18 hours ago
'Sharkyzous' 18 hours ago
Wtf why SuicideSquad why it's good
The Dude
'The Dude' 18 hours ago
Guess I was the only one who didn't hate Suicide Squad. Then again I didn't go in with high expectations like all the super fans did.
HotChickenWings Brahh
Dirty grandpa was a good movie it has mistakes but it was not a number 3 come on!?
Jorge Vega
'Jorge Vega' 18 hours ago
They really put Assassin's Creed in HM but not Deadpool...
Sebastien Benjamin
'Sebastien Benjamin' 19 hours ago
I love Suicide Squad but damn the movie was CRINGE WORTHY the plot was Disgusting I'm a fan of SS but that shit was just insulting
Angel Gonzalez
'Angel Gonzalez' 19 hours ago
No u is rong
'DeathstrokeTT' 19 hours ago
fifty shades of black was amazing XD
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 19 hours ago
Batman Vs Superman was a flop nigga fuck y'all
Noah Paulsen
'Noah Paulsen' 19 hours ago
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Aidan Da rebel 829
'Aidan Da rebel 829' 19 hours ago
No one wants ur opinion
Fatcat Gaming
'Fatcat Gaming' 19 hours ago
I liked Nine Lives enybody with me
Nick Brock
'Nick Brock' 19 hours ago
i know that the critics hated suicide squad, but i liked it. it was definitely not the best, but it was an improvement over batman v superman
Ricky Witte
'Ricky Witte' 20 hours ago
Okay but where is Ghostbusters (2016)? That movie was TERRIBLE!
Fabio Brito
'Fabio Brito' 21 hours ago
Not sure about the warcraft of but k
Pheonix Fire
'Pheonix Fire' 21 hours ago
We're all entitled to our opinions..
Aaron Wood
'Aaron Wood' 21 hours ago
My ex called me jaded cause I didn't want to see most of these movies because I knew they'd suck.
Hadere Nadovsky
'Hadere Nadovsky' 21 hours ago
suicide squad was awesome man
med panda
'med panda' 21 hours ago
i liked, like 5 movies on this list.😐
oscar mollberg
'oscar mollberg' 21 hours ago
i loved suicide squad, 50 shades of black, the do over, warcraft and assasins creed
Joe Helton
'Joe Helton' 22 hours ago
I didn't think that Gods of Egypt wasn't too bad.
'Seeks' 22 hours ago
Warcraft wasnt that bad tho
HousSam LaBiod
'HousSam LaBiod' 22 hours ago
Have you Watchmojo made a "Most acticipated movies of 2017" video ?
Kennedy Willard
'Kennedy Willard' 23 hours ago
These are all based on opinions not facts
'LWgamez' 23 hours ago
Assassin's creed movie was brilliant and it came out on 1st January
Miguel Palma
'Miguel Palma' 23 hours ago
Suicide Squad did suck. I mean, It was really really bad. Having the Joker as the main villain would be better in a dark knight type of movie. But no they had to go with some magic bullcrap and shitty effects and shitty little monsters or whatever that was. BvsS wasn't bad, I even think it was better than the Avengers new movie :/
DSdsdsdsds 724724724
'DSdsdsdsds 724724724' 24 hours ago
Are you serious Warcraft!!!!!!!!
Shawn McRoberts
'Shawn McRoberts' 24 hours ago
Suicide Squad was WAY better than BvS. Seriously it's a character movie, sure the plot was simplistic but it was fun something DC desperately needed.
Breyer Roberts
'Breyer Roberts' 1 day ago
Even though Suicide Squad was rewritten multiple times and the story line wasn't confusing you just had to pay attention during the movie. Over all the movie wasn't great but, it wasn't terrible. I believe there was a worse movie than Suicide Squad to fill its spot on this list.
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