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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016 -
Published: 6 months ago By:

By: WatchMojo.comPublished: 6 months ago

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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016

For every great movie and Oscar worthy film to come out of 2016, there was a terrible Razzie worthy film as well. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 worst movies of 2016, and recommend you avoid them at all costs. But what will take the top spot on our list? The wannabe epic Gods of Egypt, the not-funny comedy Dirty Grandpa, or the just plain awful Norm of the North? Watch to find out!

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00:44 #10. “Shut In” (2016)
01:47 #9. “Nine Lives” (2016)
02:52 #8. “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)
03:48 #7. “Suicide Squad” (2016)
04:57 #6. “The Darkness” (2016)
05:55 #5. “Zoolander 2” (2016)
07:00 #4. “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” (2016)
08:01 #3, #2, #1 ????

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'' 6 months ago
Check out some of the movies featured in this Top 10 and see how bad they are! “Suicide Squad” (2016) “Zoolander 2” (2016) “Gods of Egypt” (2016)
Maria Berglund
'Maria Berglund' 4 hours ago
Suicade sqaud is super
2001Clibra Libra
'2001Clibra Libra' 10 hours ago
The real Joker is supposed to have a crazy laugh not a dumb. "I'm high as fuck right now." laugh. He is supposed to wear a purple suit. just pure purple, a scared mouth. not fish lips. and could harley dress any skankier. sorry but you guys think Joker is boss in this movie but he aint. Rise of the Dark Prince. Had the best Joker. Watch and it and you will something. The fans didn't go for Batman they went for Joker....
2001Clibra Libra
'2001Clibra Libra' 10 hours ago
I agree that Suicide Squad sucked. I mean the Joker looks like a drag queen. Honestly though Batman vs. Superman is a killer movie and so is Dirty Grandpa
Ayanna Brown
'Ayanna Brown' 16 hours ago
Tryna figure out why suicide squad is on here🙄🙄🙄
It's true suicide squad didn't make any sense
'SkeLord' 20 hours ago
the only thing good in suicide squad was Will Smith as Deadshot
Master Olicat
'Master Olicat' 1 day ago
I loved Assasins creed
Master Olicat
'Master Olicat' 1 day ago
Why suicide squad
Ross Mccord
'Ross Mccord' 1 day ago
fuck right off. suicide squad is boss
Wll G
'Wll G' 1 day ago
if the critics hate it but not viewers it's not bad.
NikolasMicro TV
'NikolasMicro TV' 2 days ago
Seriously?Suicide squad is on this list and The Forest isn't?Suicide squad was much better than The Forest.And it was better than a lot of films
Jacelyn Clark
'Jacelyn Clark' 2 days ago
Omg unsubscribed seaside sqaud is bae
'Katiencats' 2 days ago
I loved Suicide Squad
warren lamar
'warren lamar' 2 days ago
#7 was great, I did not see the other 9 films.
Nico Vlasov
'Nico Vlasov' 3 days ago
Say what you want about Suicide Squad, but it had one of the most epic movie soundtracks ever!
Rinal3 Naim
'Rinal3 Naim' 3 days ago
this channel is horrible nine lives and suicide squad are awesome why the f**k are they in these top 10
Felipe Pantoja
'Felipe Pantoja' 3 days ago
Resume of Every Shit in the video: 10- SHUT UP GRANDMA THIS IS A BAD MOVIE 9-Nine Lives? more like Nine Minus Ratings,ps:This Movie Reminds me of Garfield in way 8-y'know what they say about titles? Don't Fucking Put a Title in the Skin Tone of the Protagonists 7-Why don't they live up to their name? 6- The Darkness,if this is a horror movie then you Horror Fanatics can Dislike this Movie,Since the Darkness is a Generic:Attempt to Escape the Demon 5-you already won Against Brutalmoose,WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW?! 4-Assassins Don't Reveal JackShit,if this is his memories he must be a ex-assassin cause,like i said:Assassins Don't Reveal JackShit 3-HEY GRANDMA,YOUR HUSBAND IS CHEATING ON YOU,GO GET EM 2-Quick Explanation:There are No Gods,its just a man trying to defeat a villain 1-Quick Words:Polar Bear in City
Biygrec vlog
'Biygrec vlog's' 3 days ago
I love nine lives!
Marissa Gamer
'Marissa Gamer' 4 days ago
At 7:58 is that Andrew Lincoln
Rachael Curran
'Rachael Curran' 4 days ago
the suidie aquide
Animesh Deka Phukan
Daniel Roberts
'Daniel Roberts' 5 days ago
Suicide Squad isn't exactly a good film, but it isn't terrible. It's average overall. Like a 5 or 6 out of 10. WarCraft is a bit better than that and shouldn't be in the Dishonorable Mentions. Agree with the other choices, but seriously, where the heck is Independence Day: Resurgence? That movie is absolutely AWFUL.
Candy Cane
'Candy Cane' 5 days ago
come on nine life's is the cutest movie I've seen so far it has my cat in it but he's all black
Erich .R
'Erich .R' 5 days ago
The Do-Over is fucking funny wtf WatchMojo?
The Danny Thomas Channel
Why the fuck is Suicide Squad on here Watch Mojo!! You could of put Batman vs. Superman on their but are fucking high Watch Mojo!! Get Harley Quinn off the fucking cover of this video!!!
Danny Crespin
'Danny Crespin' 5 days ago
Sucide squad was not to mentioned in this list it is a good time to watch for once for the characters in it who did their best
Anny is Here
'Anny is Here' 5 days ago
How dare u diss suiside squad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡u are disgraceful 😡😡
Alex Gutierrez
'Alex Gutierrez' 5 days ago
top 10 reasons people hate watch mojo
Ellen Is bae
'Ellen Is bae' 6 days ago
Suicide squad was actually really good
Khris Bossness
'Khris Bossness' 6 days ago
netflix originals are either very good or very bad. never okay
Ava Izzo
'Ava Izzo' 7 days ago
In my personal opinion, Suicide Squad was not my cup of tea.
Feco Máté
'Feco Máté' 7 days ago
The Punisher
'The Punisher' 1 week ago
what 'WARCRAFT', are u guys Serious!!!!!
Zeep Sheep
'Zeep Sheep' 1 week ago
I thought Dirty Grandpa was hilariously raunchy.
'DAsObiQuiet' 1 week ago
I liked World of Warcraft...although I didn't pay the game originally. *shrug* The others I can agree with
Random Profile
'Random Profile' 1 week ago
SS was amazing. Coluor platte screamed comic book. Bang on castings for El Diablo, Capatin Boomerang and Amanda Waller. Cool film. Far better than the boring BvS, the cringey and pointless Zoolander 2, cash grab "Ghostbusters" and Independence Day: No Will Smith, No Good
Edward Tellam-Clark
Ok I'm not a massive fan of suicide squad and maybe it was to rushed but i think the characters were so cool and it should not be considered BAD
nicole mckenzie
'nicole mckenzie' 1 week ago
how the heck is soar side scrob in it. it amazing
Luis Gustavo Sauler Gomez
I can understand reasons of choices except Suicide squad and shut in. Those movies were good. Like i understand suicide squad but it was great and at least its more watchable than fricking bat man VS super man.
Noah Long
'Noah Long' 1 week ago
I disagree with almost all of them, especially warcraft in the dishonorable mentions
Austin Johnson
'Austin Johnson' 1 week ago
Suicide squad was just terrible, most of their budget was spent on CGI effects and not enough dialogue so the balance was tipped way to far. Good actors but bad lines and not to mention the movie was quick in scene development, it went by so fast scene by scene the movie didn't have enough time to develop character backstory. I feel like they put the movie out just to show they didn't miss this part of the DC universe for future movies to include them in. Not to mention Jared Leto didn't even like the role he played and refused to watch his own acting content. Of course the super hardcore DC fanatics especially those of the batman franchise are going to defend this movie but its all a matter of opinion.
christopher kein
'christopher kein' 1 week ago
Gods of Egypt was awesome what where they supposed to do hire Arabs and so was assassin's creed
jahja king
'jahja king' 1 week ago
suicide squad is awsome but if deathstroke was in the movie it would be amazing
Josh Reidy
'Josh Reidy' 1 week ago
suicide squad made me cry with cringe
Caz0 Man
'Caz0 Man' 1 week ago
suicide squad was lit fuck u watchmojo
Sam Ash
'Sam Ash' 1 week ago
Lists like this cause unnecessary fan wars 😑😑😑
Drew Schwartz
'Drew Schwartz' 1 week ago
Nine lives sucked
'ElliottGreen02'' 2 weeks ago
I really don't get why people are hating on DC films. I mean BvS and SS were so much better than films like the Incredible Hulk, captain America: the first avenger or even Spider-Man homecoming
have a great day
'have a great day' 2 weeks ago
other than suicide squad,I have never heard of the other movies on the list
Kaylee Sand
'Kaylee Sand' 2 weeks ago
Fredrik Jensen
'Fredrik Jensen' 2 weeks ago
Holy stock lead strict peel mistake strip argument progress purpose.
'Mel4227' 2 weeks ago
Cinema Sins noise at 5:06
Isabel Lopez
'Isabel Lopez' 2 weeks ago
Y'all should stfu cause joker is daddy
'MarioGiver' 2 weeks ago
zoolander 2 is one of my favorite tbh
Andrés Felipe Sánchez Cano
Like here every single time that WatchMojo says "Rotten Tomatoes"
Liessy Mejia
'Liessy Mejia' 2 weeks ago
Suicide Squad was not bad
Stan Marsh
'Stan Marsh' 2 weeks ago
i like suicide squad
garrick wally
'garrick wally' 2 weeks ago
what the hell there is suicide squad but no BvS dawn of justice....
'whiteboy345' 2 weeks ago
suicide squad wasn't shit and batman vs superman was crap either
Vendel Fort
'Vendel Fort' 2 weeks ago
'LeafeonBoy' 2 weeks ago
nine lives was pretty much a rip off of The Shaggy Dog starring Tim Allen
michael vititoe
'michael vititoe' 2 weeks ago
are these the same "critics" that picks movies that NOBODY will watch at all to win the awards ? instead of critizing movies, try watching them with real people.
'zbananaz' 2 weeks ago
I loved suicide squad and gods of Egypt
Vaderly Gamer
'Vaderly Gamer' 2 weeks ago
I actually love nine lives
Jake Esteves
'Jake Esteves' 2 weeks ago
suicide squad is a great movie
Kkgamer 17
'Kkgamer 17' 2 weeks ago
Sucide squad is a great movie to me
Play The Trick Shot
'Play The Trick Shot' 2 weeks ago
nruh 9 lives is good movie. dumb bich😂
Eyeless Jack
i didn't think Suicide Squad was that bad it just so Awesome I Loved Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn She pulled it off well and Jared Leto was good as the Joker but he just made Joker dumb and weird but he did make Joker Sexy as Fucking Hell *Dies of Sexiness*
Blue Glitch
'Blue Glitch' 2 weeks ago
I loved nine lives, the last scenes were touching :'D
'raynarayskye' 2 weeks ago
Whateves. I like Zoolander 2.
Nathan Punk Burger Fart
hands down suicide squad was the best movie of 2016 for me
Knowledge 10-5
'Knowledge 10-5' 2 weeks ago
"Batman v Superman was also a flop" turned this idiotic bullshit the fuck off
'EverFaded' 2 weeks ago
I watched Gods of Egypt at the mall when it just came out, and I remember it being really intense and so funny I was laughing through half of it. Except I was pretty stoned.
Krissy Jane
'Krissy Jane' 2 weeks ago
man I was so excited for suicide squad for ages cos of how dark and eerie the trailer was
'valtiansrevenge86ed' 2 weeks ago
Surprised that Suicide Squad is on the list, but where's the Ghostbusters reboot?
'TEYLILy JELLy' 3 weeks ago
rob shnyder stars as- a carrot!
Muhammad Azyumardi Azra
starwarsfan 03
'starwarsfan 03' 3 weeks ago
12 thousand people are politically correct.
Poopy Face
'Poopy Face' 3 weeks ago
It's honestly sad to see this many people think that Suicide Squad was a good movie
Adam Morales
'Adam Morales' 3 weeks ago
suicide squad is not a worst film
bob jones
'bob jones' 3 weeks ago
batman v superman and suicide squad were good movies your just bad at your job and dont know the definition of a good movie who cares if the plot was pointless know one gives a fuck
'T M' 3 weeks ago
war craft was a bad movie?
Jennifer Story
'Jennifer Story' 3 weeks ago
well don't care about your list some of the movie on that list are great and are getting a 2 movie because they did so well for one and people asking for them to make them. Also Rotten Tomato doesn't really know that what people like in a movie they go only by what they like. Yes I do know what I am talking about when it comes to that.
S Arman
'S Arman' 3 weeks ago
I hate suicide squad,the movie is a shit and he suck,the comics is better than the movie,some people who like this shit you are stupid and watch super-héros movie that are better than this shit like guardiens of the galaxy,the avengers,deadpool,kick ass,x-men and the dark night.
Comedy Center - Movie Reveiws and More
Dirty Grandpa is okay, definitely not a three.
K8 M8
'K8 M8' 3 weeks ago
Never seen Suicide Squad. Never want to.
martins zeimots
'martins zeimots' 3 weeks ago
ok u guys sux u have not seen resident eavil last ! so your list sux
Luis Urbano
'Luis Urbano' 3 weeks ago
was that owen wilson?
Colin McCarty
'Colin McCarty' 3 weeks ago
I laughed at one joke in Norm of the North, when Norm holds up the plastic flamingo and says, "Look, from Florida!" That made me laugh.
Samir Surajpaul
'Samir Surajpaul' 3 weeks ago
Well...Suicide Squad is the Highest grossing worse movie of 2016 lol.
'GPirate' 3 weeks ago
Todd Star
'Todd Star' 3 weeks ago
u guys must be fucking insane...Dirty Grandpa was the best
Mladen GAMES
'Mladen GAMES' 3 weeks ago
suicide squad is best
Bibble Chillemi
'Bibble Chillemi' 3 weeks ago
ok, i haven't seen alot of those movies.... BUT ZOOLANDER 2 WAS AWFUL
Jordan in the flesh
'Jordan in the flesh' 3 weeks ago
All right so here is why suicide squad sucks. The main villian should have been joker instead of the hula hoop dancer and the random muscle who's name you barely remember (Be honest it's fucking stupid). The plot is badly paced and bad anyway. See I can explain without missing imporant details unlike any superhero movie since '08. Basically the team quickly getting thrown together, heading to a building to rescue a VIP (who turns out to be Viola Davis' Amanda Waller), and then going to take on Enchantress and Incubus. That's IT. It also relies wayy to much on pop music. Because the film relies so heavily on pop songs, Steven Price's score doesn't even make a dent, and it's unlikely you'll remember much, if anything, from it. Compare this to BvS, which even its detractors will agree had some killer, memorable leitmotifs, such as Lex's sinister theme and Wonder Woman's insanely kick-a** entrance music. Suicide Squad opens with Amanda Waller basically performing an exposition dump, explaining to her colleagues who the members of the team are, while David Ayer cuts in some sloppily-edited flashbacks. It feels more like a series of YouTube videos. Another thing this silly putty villians no ONE cares about. At least the ultron robots had personilty and were explained. ANd one last thing our heroes. Let me sum it up easily. Take out everyone but Harley, Deadshot, Rick Flag, Amanda Waller and the villians and it's the same movie.(THE SAME MOVIE). Come on now they're were some really interesting chacters and scenes that were taken out that could have made the movie better. All in all BVS was better even tho it has it's flaws it's still a good movie. THis was a disappiontment. If you read all of this thank you. If you ignored it fuck off.
Sam Fields
'Sam Fields' 3 weeks ago
Suicide squad could of been awesome
Michelle Jong
'Michelle Jong' 3 weeks ago
'WheeliesRMstyle' 3 weeks ago
I didn't even have to watch the trailer or the movie to know that 9 lives sucked
Dino Smolčić
'Dino Smolčić' 3 weeks ago
why nine lives?
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