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Anatomy and Physiology of Nervous System Part Brain -
Published: 2 years ago By: New Anatomy and Physiology Video

By: New Anatomy and Physiology VideoPublished: 2 years ago

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Anatomy and Physiology of Nervous System Part Brain

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idiannalynne s
'idiannalynne s' 1 day ago
Heart beat at 6 weeks
idiannalynne s
'idiannalynne s' 1 day ago
I feel nauseous. Can you tell me how to heal a limbic system injury? I am in horrific pain with no answers.
nicholas ngo
'nicholas ngo' 3 weeks ago
with trun ngo
nicholas ngo
'nicholas ngo' 3 weeks ago
me tell me up date teach you are
rohllah ansari
'rohllah ansari' 3 weeks ago
I have learned alot from this video thank you so much !
'sarma's world' 1 month ago
Also make ur voice clear that can be understood by other country people easily like me
'sarma's world' 1 month ago
Nice explanation but also display the matter what u are explaining. Thank u
Carmen Claudio
'Carmen Claudio' 1 month ago
i understand needing to make money... but the ads are EXCESSIVE
Abir Patwary
'Abir Patwary' 1 month ago
The quality of this lecture and the content and delivery is so amazing it is better than the lectures we have been receiving from the University of Sheffield on the same subject. This university claims to have the Number 1 best research in the whole of the UK in the field of Biomedical Science but this Youtube lecture is flipping good I feel like I'm just wasting 18 000£ a year for absolutely no reason.
Margaret Dale
'Margaret Dale' 1 month ago
is there any way you can up lode the power points your using so we can print them off and use them for further study guide please.
Patty Amato
'Patty Amato' 2 months ago
In first grade, my teacher drew a picture of the brain on the board, with the convolutions, and talked to us about these wrinkles and learning. This was not some gifted school, just an average Catholic school. Mrs. Burton was a lay teacher (not a nun), the only African American person I knew as a child, and the best teacher I've had in my life, wonderful for all subjects. I don't know about the other first graders, but these lessons lit a fire in me, and I ended up studying psychology, and working in a related field. And, at age 62, I still want to learn more about the brain, this is a great lecture and helpful visuals.
Panagiotis Alexioy
'Panagiotis Alexioy' 2 months ago
'Seccohh' 2 months ago
3:17 burp
wayne junior Walker
'wayne junior Walker' 2 months ago
I like my brain it allows me all the details of everything
'SahanTheMighty' 3 months ago
Wish you had used a better word than "Bush"! I was LOL at "Giant untamed bush...".
Chris Bishop
'Chris Bishop' 3 months ago
Caitlyn Nichols
'Caitlyn Nichols' 3 months ago
Thank you!!!
Gabriel Miranda
'Gabriel Miranda' 4 months ago
The concept that our two cerebrums control opposite sides of the body is very hard for me to conceptualize. The reason being I Had a Brain Hemorrhage on the right side and only have a loss of sensation on the left side and I did lose usage of my right side. Is the idea that the cerebrum communicate and controls different sides of the body not apply to stroke patients?
Payal Purke
'Payal Purke' 4 months ago
very good halpful tanks and all more vedios
'youcan2' 4 months ago
Badly done. You don't synchronize picture and the absence of the mouse.(tracing over) some parts of the video are missed or single out for some reason.? anyway Thanks for your post.
Mary Catherine Ann
'Mary Catherine Ann' 4 months ago
I have to wonder if those people that have a tendency to crime were born with a malfunctioning frontal lobe. Something for our judicial system to study.
Ann Cathryn
'Ann Cathryn' 4 months ago
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover anatomy and physiology online try Panlarko Anatomy Course Planner ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.
Anthony Drakeford
'Anthony Drakeford' 4 months ago
meninges P.A.D. the brain Pia Arachnoid Dura
Billy Willy
'Billy Willy' 6 months ago
A lotta people's brains must've gotten over-pruned
Sunny Patel
'Sunny Patel' 6 months ago
CSF is in the subarachnoid space, between the arachnoid and pia mater. Great review lecture otherwise.
'PASA PASA' 7 months ago
very useful in further understanding the brain and the part it plays in human movement. as physiotherapist, we are working hard to try and come up with solutions of conditions related to brain insults...
Julien m
'Julien m' 8 months ago
Very informative and very clear, thanks a lot
Mel Kal
'Mel Kal' 8 months ago
awesome job  thank u
Joseph Taggart
'Joseph Taggart' 8 months ago
'The brain is composed of 100 billion neurons.' From what I've read, the previous statement is 100 billion percent bullshit. The brain apparently has around 86 billion neurons, which is 14 billion less than this. That mistake may seem trivial, but that is a difference of the entire brain/nervous systems of TWO rhesus macaques. I wish these people would read more before putting out info.
RememberFist CanBeAVerb
I was in Pharmacy school in 1991. I see so much more has been discovered. Love this lecture
lorenzo fenix
'lorenzo fenix' 9 months ago
hello, great video, did you forgot about neurogenesis?
Tony Turtle
'Tony Turtle' 11 months ago
I can hear your spit. gross.
'cesarcdx' 11 months ago
I need some neuron repairing.
Flora Jan
'Flora Jan' 12 months ago
Thank you for making this useful video
Cheng Ellison
'Cheng Ellison' 12 months ago
Thank you so much! All the things I have read from my textbook suddenly make sense now. You are such a great lecture!
שי פוקס
'שי פוקס' 1 year ago
hi amazing video thank you very much! i had two questions, in the video you say (if i understood correctly) that like smelling, auditory is also from left side to the left side and thats not what i have learned do i wanted to be sure and also you said that there are 2 dura matter and that the CSF is between them so i wanted to know what is the subarachnoid space is for? great job making the limbic system so easy to understand thank you again!
'Taraughhhh' 1 year ago
I was studying brain waves and one of the questions described the waves using anterior and posterior, which confused me since that means front and back. If anyone could explain that would be great.
S Roy
'S Roy' 1 year ago
Its really nice presentation. keep it up.your brain's MRI shows you are intelligent.Are you Doctors?
'wyldekid' 1 year ago
comparing a baby's brain to a bush, a big bush... wow!
Madan Batra
'Madan Batra' 1 year ago
'Unalom3' 1 year ago
Very helpful. Thankyou.
Rich W
'Rich W' 1 year ago
I can't deal with the advertisements, I can't watch this :(
Mahdi Shafiei
'Mahdi Shafiei' 1 year ago
Well done! Thanks
Mom Of5
'Mom Of5' 1 year ago
My daughter had a hemispherectomy to stop seizures and they removed her left side of her brain and she can tell you if a pen was on her right or left side. I don't know if I understood well or you haven't seen patients after surgery can do a lot. It's amazing. They do have a deficit on opposite side but can comprehend a lot.
Erica Hendrix
'Erica Hendrix' 1 year ago
I just want to applaud you. I have retained more information from your explanations in the just the 3 videos I have watched this morning than I have all term from my professor whom just reads power points that have been memorized from years of monotonous teaching. Thank you soooo much!
Marilyn Gumbao
'Marilyn Gumbao' 2 years ago
thank you.very helpful
Nikhil sharma
'Nikhil sharma' 2 years ago
Thank you sir
Riz Noor Vlogs
'Riz Noor Vlogs' 2 years ago
very interesting
Linea Aspera
'Linea Aspera' 2 years ago
That was very helpful sir. Thanks
Derekkookooऔर Smith英
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parthavi hui
'parthavi hui' 2 years ago
Nagarjuna dasu
'Nagarjuna dasu' 2 years ago
I think most of the f you didn't understand if you don't then go visit bill guy the science guy
Kiki That
'Kiki That's it' 2 years ago
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Elsaha Skinski
'Elsaha Skinski' 2 years ago
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Pan Raphael
'Pan Raphael' 2 years ago
Actually, the adult brain is not composed of 100 billion neurons as previously thought, but was estimated by more recent studies - attributed to comparative neuroanatomist Susana H. Houzel - to be of ~86 billion neurons.
'babispain' 2 years ago
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