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Top 100 Anwar Jibawi Best Vines Compilation | Best Viners July 2016 -
Published: 6 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 6 months ago

1, 305, 510 views

11, 640 Likes   410 Dislikes

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Sherman Crew (Sherman_Crew [T13TB])
This is removed yet I can watch it somehow
Luka FTW
'Luka FTW' 2 days ago
song on 4:44
Omar Hirbawi
'Omar Hirbawi' 4 days ago
did you see what happened at 10:46 not he video
Florida Girl
'Florida Girl' 1 week ago
This was so funny even with the goat was sounding like it was chocking on d..k
Waad Edo
'Waad Edo' 1 week ago
في دقيقة 2:15 ههههههه
Redwan Redwan Bin Liakat
the best vine in 9:36 funny ever
'Brun'videos '' 2 weeks ago
What's the name of the song at 7:55? (arabic)
Abdullah Hassan
'Abdullah Hassan' 2 weeks ago
I like how the black screen was the top 1 😂
Malakاكرام ايمانMalak
.🐺👊👊👋✊✊💂😍😍😍😘🔐🔨🔧🔑📉📉📇📉📇📇📈 📤📪📦📥📥📐📐📏📈📇📈📁📝📆📦💱💱📧💲💲*62-++#)+)86# 📚📘🎥🎥💾🔍🎶🔕📣📢🎼🎶🔕🎶🔕📼💾🎥💡💡📗📗🔭📄
JPP Games
'JPP Games' 4 weeks ago
Gewrgia Ath.
'Gewrgia Ath.' 4 weeks ago
Chris Wylde
'Chris Wylde' 1 month ago
7:54 song Name
Marko Kristic
'Marko Kristic' 1 month ago
Hello Friend
'Hello Friend' 1 month ago
0:33 song?
andrej neymar11
'andrej neymar11' 1 month ago
also speak Serbian or communicate via google translator and I'm 14 years old
andrej neymar11
'andrej neymar11' 1 month ago
You are a very funny I am from Serbia and the Serbian people a lot watching your idol is my dan napakid even let your hair when you are on the Royal and can not wait to grow my hair, so I could tie a greeting from me from Serbia...
'LOOK LEXDRON' 1 month ago
name song 6:53
Joshua Dela Cruz
'Joshua Dela Cruz' 1 month ago
name of the girl in 8:18.....
'ninjagamer50' 1 month ago
Min mamma är kuksugare
pravin vaghela
'pravin vaghela' 1 month ago
Kibar Liseli
'Kibar Liseli' 2 months ago
666 comment wtf
'DYE 1 GT' 2 months ago
Fareed Saeed
'Fareed Saeed' 2 months ago
4:37 song name....plz......tell me
'CPU CPU' 2 months ago
song 7:54 :D
Horus - Agario
'Horus - Agario' 2 months ago
Best one at 0:09 PS : 2:10 song pls
Mehdi Ch
'Mehdi Ch' 2 months ago
please some one tell me whats the name of music zt time 39 second
'JOEL STANMAN' 2 months ago
música del minuto 8:38
Juan Rios
'Juan Rios' 2 months ago
4:47 ? Please tell the video
Juan Rios
'Juan Rios' 2 months ago
4:45 video
Juan Rios
'Juan Rios' 2 months ago
4:45 ?
Juan Rios
'Juan Rios' 2 months ago
4:49 what do the Perón say
Juan Rios
'Juan Rios' 2 months ago
What do the person say in4:49 b
MaDz E_T-G
'MaDz E_T-G' 2 months ago
anwar is muslim
ilsognodi unarushers
'ilsognodi unarushers' 2 months ago
aosimo karmi
'aosimo karmi' 3 months ago
song name at 1:44 pleasee
CookieGirl :D
'CookieGirl :D' 3 months ago
10:22 Thas Me at daytime im not scared of ghosts at night I am
قناع الشنب
'قناع الشنب' 3 months ago
الئ سعودي لايك
T-Rex Gaming / TG
'T-Rex Gaming / TG' 3 months ago
song name 6:30 ??
Deeznut_ Gamer_YT
'Deeznut_ Gamer_YT' 3 months ago
2:15 is the best
Rahil Khan
'Rahil Khan' 3 months ago
I love it
'Bukiet' 3 months ago
0:32 song?
O. B.
'O. B.' 3 months ago
song at 1:13
'01RiasGremory69' 3 months ago
6:55 name song? Please!
Eemi Suihkonen
'Eemi Suihkonen' 3 months ago
music name 8:53 ??
Yegor Kuznetsov
'Yegor Kuznetsov' 3 months ago
0:40 song please
Umut Yüksel
'Umut Yüksel' 3 months ago
3:08 song pls ?
Uzma Asim
'Uzma Asim' 3 months ago
song at 1:47 please?
'MrPanos-Official' 3 months ago
omg what song at 10:13
'GOKU BLACK' 3 months ago
why the same vines all over again
cool gamer
'cool gamer' 3 months ago
what is the name of song in 01:18
Skyler Gameimg
'Skyler Gameimg' 3 months ago
what's the last thing you remember:'( rratata ......OK no I'm sorry. ._.
char teun
'char teun' 4 months ago
Toxic Man
'Toxic Man' 4 months ago
Did anyone know the name of the song at 3:20 ?
KiiNG Moos
'KiiNG Moos' 4 months ago
Song AT 3:30
Muresan Silviu
'Muresan Silviu' 4 months ago
at 5:10 i lost it
Gent Gashi
'Gent Gashi' 4 months ago
The Video M&S Theme [0:16]
KIT S (Sinon)
'KIT S (Sinon)' 4 months ago
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ░░░░░ ░░░░▀█▄▀▄▀██████░▀█▄▀▄▀████▀ ░░░░ ░░░░░░░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░▀██▄█▄█▀
Froilankepd,dod Hernandez Suazo
‫جــمهــوريـة الحــراافيـش‬‎
ااسم الاغنيه الـ فـ الدقيقه 3:12 اايـه
'vaskichabg' 4 months ago
the best video
Jorge Adrian Olalde Murillo
please what song is min 1:44
Froy Silva
'Froy Silva' 4 months ago
song name at 0.34 plss
Jhonni Nuñez
'Jhonni Nuñez' 4 months ago
what the Music minute 8:38
Ahmad Mohamad
'Ahmad Mohamad' 4 months ago
the part in 11:8 killed me
The Mlg Gamer m8
'The Mlg Gamer m8' 4 months ago
Anwar jabwi is awesome 👯
ashley bell
'ashley bell' 4 months ago
i want to be featured
hardy 712
'hardy 712' 4 months ago
what the song name of 04.51
Мирослав Мирчев
6:30 song PLEASE!
Way Dros
'Way Dros' 4 months ago
a hate thé rassicte Vines --'
Santhosh Sivashankar
'Santhosh Sivashankar' 4 months ago
it is sososososososososososososososo funny
'ELIAN CABALLERO' 5 months ago
Moneth Santos
'Moneth Santos' 5 months ago
what is the song at 0:13?
Allend Fatih
'Allend Fatih' 5 months ago
He is the best viner
Umar Iqbal
'Umar Iqbal' 5 months ago
Was anyone else expecting a jump scare between 10:56 and 11:06
brandon juan
'brandon juan' 5 months ago
Maria Luiza
'Maria Luiza' 5 months ago
Maria Luiza
'Maria Luiza' 5 months ago
09:50 music
MLG Shooter
'MLG Shooter' 5 months ago
Ce qui se passe ici reste ici
Hey guys can u pls tell me name of that song at 3.22
'Guy SEIKO' 5 months ago
'LIEVEL ISHERE' 5 months ago
If you like this comment I will cry SO DONT LIKE THIS OR I WILL Bye you ice-cream ;)
'DIoGO_LaVRADOR' 5 months ago
10:16 song pls
Wick Maccanico
'Wick Maccanico' 5 months ago
song at 2:13 ?
Melinda Cardona Ramos
me deja reír jajajajajajajajajaja 😁😃😅
Melinda Cardona Ramos
ese video está Lo máximo y genial me deja reirr😎😊☺y me gusta muchooo
Genesis Mendoza
'Genesis Mendoza' 5 months ago
No and HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😹😹😹😹👍🏼👍🏼👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖖🏻🖖🏻🗣🗣
'Mr1980RG' 5 months ago
I like that video
Simo Bouhouida
'Simo Bouhouida' 5 months ago
song 3.26
'Sitka90' 5 months ago
awesome 😂😂
Reilin Pizarro
'Reilin Pizarro' 5 months ago
reika Albright
'reika Albright' 5 months ago
i love your vine lol love yu
Sadie Humphrey
'Sadie Humphrey' 5 months ago
The video of you hitting the ghost is on ridiculousness
Abdul hadi Abdullah
'Abdul hadi Abdullah' 5 months ago
What is the songs name in which it is in music is better live
Trung Nguyen
'Trung Nguyen' 5 months ago
kiler rajput
'kiler rajput' 5 months ago
3:25 song name ?
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