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Published: 1 year ago By: Tigernetdotcom

By: TigernetdotcomPublished: 1 year ago

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Anthony Gray
'Anthony Gray' 1 year ago
Dabo for president!!!!!!
'LameBudge59' 1 year ago
Don't know Don't care.
Youtube Maintenance
Colin Cowherd is a nasty C Sucker
'KLEFUS MCDONALD' 1 year ago
Colin Cowherd = Buzzfeed News ?
'FinalDragoon' 1 year ago
Colin couldn't handle video games being on ESPN so he quit the channel.
Vincent Adultman
'Vincent Adultman' 1 year ago
'Member there was a dude named Cowherd on ESPN?
Rob Hicks
'Rob Hicks' 1 year ago
THANK YOU DABO I CAN'T STAND COWERD!!!! this is coming from a bama fan. he is the epidimy of gossip
'ablust' 1 year ago
I'm a gamecock, but I have to say I have never seen a coach have more love for his team than Dabo. I am truly in awe of how passionate he is about Clemson football, he definitely has never held back from defending his program. Even though I usually hate Clemson, I have to say I'm really happy for them and Coach Dabo and at the end of the day, it's nice seeing the state of SC bring it home in both baseball and now football this last year!
'OZMX' 1 year ago
swift wind is a retard.
'iMixMaSteR1' 1 year ago
Based Dabo.
Vljmhhnjnjh Bhbfg
'Vljmhhnjnjh Bhbfg' 1 year ago
for once.ill do a dab for dabo and he was right !
Matt Spaulding
'Matt Spaulding' 1 year ago
More people should call out the "Hot take" squad for shit like this. All they do is pretend to have strong opinions about how right they are about stuff, and never own up to how often they are wrong. He never would have addressed these comments if Swinney didn't call him out here.
Carlos Perdomo
'Carlos Perdomo' 1 year ago
He must of thought Clemson was a Dominican or something.
Cale Jacobsen
'Cale Jacobsen' 1 year ago
Clemson lost to NC state
Alex EMP
'Alex EMP' 1 year ago
Clemson is still trash
Haywood Jablowme
'Haywood Jablowme' 1 year ago
I hate Clemson but I love this
Al Kehrer
'Al Kehrer' 1 year ago
cow terd is right douche nosel he actually is awefull I've necrer liked him his show sucks
The Chad
'The Chad' 1 year ago
Every word he said after the game was "The Lord put us here. We love each other!" then he proceeds to call Colin a coward. If it's frauds we are speaking of here one perhaps should think before he speaks.
Michael Highland
'Michael Highland' 1 year ago
from a bama fan... congrats to clemson... and way to go dabo!!!! well said!!! cowherd= cowturd/ "coward"
bob shoy
'bob shoy' 1 year ago
G-Dub 85
'G-Dub 85' 1 year ago
as Steve Smith said, Dabo went 0 to a hunned real quick on Colin lmao....Colin still the man though. ppl today act as if they're never wrong about anything in their life smh and you are omg the world is ending
'ChrisB10' 1 year ago
Clemson looked like shit all year barely winning games against shitty opponents .....
'LordTitan' 1 year ago
'LordTitan' 1 year ago
Dabo... take the black cock, off your both. Before you speak.
'LordTitan' 1 year ago
That comment just made Colin... more popular than ever. Dabo... Troy almost woop your azz.
'Kitelime' 1 year ago
fucking roasted
'Neriyahu' 1 year ago
Escapade Central
'Escapade Central' 1 year ago
Y'all check out my reaction to this 💯 right here on my channel !
Chad Williams
'Chad Williams' 1 year ago
He's not lying
Cliff Paul
'Cliff Paul' 1 year ago
Didn't think it was possible but credit to Clemson. They played one hell of a game and gave us a great game to watch.
'Max' 1 year ago
Next day on the ESPN "Kevin Durant has just signed a 2 year contract Clemson" smh 😂
Aaaal !
'Aaaal !' 1 year ago
Classy. Everyone knows Scarbrough going down led to Bama's demise. That said, I'm glad Bama lost.
'Blackjack115' 1 year ago
kevin James
'kevin James' 1 year ago
um you actually are.
'kushrant' 1 year ago
true coach right there . lives and breathes for those young men .
Savage Johnson
'Savage Johnson' 1 year ago
Ask Pittsburgh if you guys are frauds..oh wait lmao
Rowdy Rabbit
'Rowdy Rabbit' 1 year ago
Clemson got lucky
'MissionSparta' 1 year ago
You're a fraud. Calm the hell down. You sound like an idiot. That is part of sports. If you're this thin skinned become a kindergarten teacher.
Carolyn Stranberg
'Carolyn Stranberg' 1 year ago
Hey, give the guy a break. He has been fighting this all season while coaching his team. This isn't classless at l. Go get email Dabo
nejolo matrilo
'nejolo matrilo' 1 year ago
D. Trump is a fraud. And he likes golden showers. MAGSA! MAKE AMERICA GOLDEN SHOWER AGAIN
'Eight1Eighty2' 1 year ago
All the guys at Fox Sports are given the green light to be as controversial as possible because it's the only way the Network can get attention.
Heveyweight Heveyweight
why would u ruin a nice clemson shirt by putting it over a set of shoulder pads why
Grizzly Bear
'Grizzly Bear' 1 year ago
cow terd
'grokker99' 1 year ago
Damn that southern accent is fukking ridiculous--u could have the mind of einstein but sound like a racist imbecile.
Steven Allen, Sr
'Steven Allen, Sr' 1 year ago
he only cares about ratings
'Silus' 1 year ago
Cowherd thought VTech-Clemson was a game between two average teams. So yeah, he definitely did NOT do his homework.
'Silus' 1 year ago
Colin's response: Ratings justify anything I say. Fraud confirmed.
Frederick Lim
'Frederick Lim' 1 year ago
What do you expect, coach? It is Fox!
Tra vis
'Tra vis' 1 year ago
Colin Cow Turd. I hate that chump!!! Fraud!!!
'christoc99' 1 year ago
At the end of the day I need to do my almond milk homework
'Jordan' 1 year ago
I like the script being flipped. Its always the high horse media guys talking smack about every team and player top to bottom, criticizing players for the smallest shit ever like taking a boat trip to Miami lol... Cowherd needed a taste of his own medicine and so do the others in the media who criticize every player and team for the smallest crap and make huge headlines off of small crap.
'Miggy83' 1 year ago
Colin Cowherd has been a fraud from day one. He wishes he was Jim Rome, the difference is Rome would admit he was wrong.
'TheVicktator' 1 year ago
Colon Cowherd is definitely a less-than-savory person
Moy Glupyy Drumpf
'Moy Glupyy Drumpf' 1 year ago
Not Colin Coward. It Colon Cowturd.
'DJLocuaz' 1 year ago
like my Facebook page
'beanher' 1 year ago
Colin cowherd is a huge faggot
Kyle Marsh
'Kyle Marsh' 1 year ago
what kind of name was dabo were your drunk parents high?
'MrGonzo23' 1 year ago
what an idiot!
Daily Foodie
'Daily Foodie' 1 year ago
Can't take away that championship. That will echo in eternity
Educate Yourself
'Educate Yourself' 1 year ago
Guys please can you subscribe on my channel
'JEFFKINGS' 1 year ago
Cracked DERP
'Cracked DERP' 1 year ago
I don't know what's going on
Shooter McGavin
'Shooter McGavin' 1 year ago
cowherd said mayweather will fight mcgregor last october! he guaranteed it! and it didnt happen. cowherd just says things to be controversial
Shooter McGavin
'Shooter McGavin' 1 year ago
Colin Cowherd is a professional liar.
Hays Collins
'Hays Collins' 1 year ago
Hey at least Alabama fans and Clemson fans have one thing in common. We all hate Collin Cowturd. Welcome to the club
Jygga Swoop
'Jygga Swoop' 1 year ago
lol the guy on the left laughing
Homey Van Smack
'Homey Van Smack' 1 year ago
As a Bama fan. I love this, because we hate Colin Cowturd. Congrats Dabo and Clemson.
'famguy218' 1 year ago
So happy someone finally called out Cowturd as the fraud he really is. Hope he loses his fucking show
Jason Weidman
'Jason Weidman' 1 year ago
Hahaha. Renfrow's reaction at the end. Priceless!
Bobby Warren
'Bobby Warren' 1 year ago
I'm an Bama fan, but I stand with Dabo!!! Cowherd is a joke. A pompous douche
'jacksok2' 1 year ago
You beat my Buckeyes but respect for you for standing up for ya guys.
Adonis Blandon
'Adonis Blandon' 1 year ago
Mark West
'Mark West' 1 year ago
Colin COWARD brought this on himself. Dabo actually went pretty light on him and took it easy on COWARD.
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 year ago
People can't be wrong? Lol y'all are too sensitive. some one doubts you and you get all whiney and childish
Couch Coach
'Couch Coach' 1 year ago
Lol, Dabo is a little overly sensitive for a guy who's a multimillionaire. Look the media is going to do what they do. They're not bad, but they're opportunistic and the tear down story is always more enticing than the build up. Cowheard is alright. He's not everyone's taste, but I like him. He's not afraid to take some chances and give his perspective, even when he's wrong.
'ptbwf' 1 year ago
Ohio State was definitely a fraud. Clemson had no business beating NC State or Florida State either, and Louisville destroyed both of them.
Tony Sinella
'Tony Sinella' 1 year ago
Fuckkkkkk Colin cowherd
Randy Ramnarine
'Randy Ramnarine' 1 year ago
Go Dabo & I ain't even CFB fan lol 😂
'Biyamin' 1 year ago
I luv it 😭😭😭 tell coward to shut up
Alan Flores
'Alan Flores' 1 year ago
hell yeah, fuck you Colin !!!!!!
Derek T
'Derek T' 1 year ago
You go Dabo and this is from a die hard gamecocks fan. Let Colin have it.
'Danimal174' 1 year ago
"What's his name...Colin Coward? The only fraud is that guy. I hope y'all print that!" GET 'EM, DABO!!!
GP Parker
'GP Parker' 1 year ago
Bama fan here, that was one heck of a game and I have nothing but respect for Dabo and the Clemson community. Exciting last couple drives. Dabo deserves it, he's put so much work into that football program. Great National Championship game. ...and screw Colin Coward!
'flyingfishsurf' 1 year ago
The only bigger ass than Colin Cowherd is probably Skip Bayless.  Give me a Bill Walton any day.
'atlg8or6137' 1 year ago
Good to see coaches start to call out these "experts" like Cowherd who are all opinion and no analysis.
'K' 1 year ago
Dabo keeping it 100, lol. Best comment from him was about this not being the pinnacle, just part of the journey. Tremendous leadership for all the young men on his team.
Larry Thompson
'Larry Thompson' 1 year ago
he proved them wrong... it
Teresa Haines
'Teresa Haines' 1 year ago
LOVE me some God serving Tigers. ...#SOPROUD
'andan04' 1 year ago
Can't blame Swinney for using the opportunity to settle a score, but it seems uncharacteristically petty of him. In the context of that moment, who cares what one journalist wrote?
'TIM WILSON' 1 year ago
Good For You Dabo, I cant stand that pencil Neck Geek.. colin coward cow terd
Ruben Gutierrez
'Ruben Gutierrez' 1 year ago
"Print that!" Now that's swagger!
taggle waggle
'taggle waggle' 1 year ago
It's about time someone grilled those little ignorant chatterboxes at espn
'stackleft' 1 year ago
RIP Colin...
cowboyz 89
'cowboyz 89' 1 year ago
bodied em. Coward will be coppin pleas today. He is better off calling in sick
Xavier McKinzie
'Xavier McKinzie' 1 year ago
😁😁😁. Don't come for Dabo!!!
DA Champs of Mile High
Love how "Cowherd" in that southern drawl sounds a lot like coward. I know guys get paid to talk about sports and have their opinions, but there is nothing better than hearing the doubters chatter for several weeks while your team's on a playoff run and then sticking it in their smug faces by hoisting the trophy they never said you could win. Congratulations to Clemson on a national championship and sticking it to loudmouth sports "experts."
Victor Velez
'Victor Velez' 1 year ago
Haha he said coward not cowherd lol classic!!
Afriicun American
'Afriicun American' 1 year ago
last Clemson championship
Kyle Power
'Kyle Power' 1 year ago
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