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Is Seeing Really Believing? | The Quick and the Curious -
Published: 11 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 11 months ago

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The Quick and the Curious
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Our brains can interpret an image just 13 milliseconds after we see it, but we still don't catch everything. For our visual system to correctly process everything we see, our brains would have to be the size of houses!

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'POPMANIAC17' 11 months ago
It's kind of like seeing cars wheels look like it's slowly turning when it's going fast
Random Llama
'Random Llama' 11 months ago
Here you can see a bunch of gamers saying they can see more than 60fps.... You can't compare a game to real life bro
Harald Lie
'Harald Lie' 11 months ago
'Marnige' 11 months ago
hey, it's Mark rober!
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 11 months ago
humans don't see 60 fps; we see in 15 fps.
Bill S
'Bill S' 11 months ago
neat sculpures. math IS beautiful!
'zHSVClubby' 11 months ago
60fps? I dont think so. I can clearly tell the difference between a 60hz monitor and a 120hz monitor
'SubHek' 11 months ago
60 fps? lol downvoted this propaganda
'Mr BLACK' 11 months ago
seeing is not believing, there are many things we don't understand or able to see but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist
Kepler Born
'Kepler Born' 11 months ago
consoles peasants are going to try and argue this one and fail miserably
Kim Bratton
'Kim Bratton' 11 months ago
I wouldn't mind having one of those!
'blubase06' 11 months ago
excuse me? I can see 144hz a second. console peasants.
Brandon Foley
'Brandon Foley' 11 months ago
The full quote is: Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth. In other words, the experience of it is the truth (being in person and or doing it) as optical illusions, special effects and the like can trick one or more of the senses.
Georgi Strikov
'Georgi Strikov' 11 months ago
Console peasants can only see 30 FPS.
'MrBasketballMD' 11 months ago
Why does he look like a mannequin that came alive
'Marios AVATAR' 11 months ago
'Shady' 11 months ago
But that's actually not right. There are people out there whose brains aren't able to filter out unnecessary information. These are called savants. They can remember every little detail they've seen throughout their entire life and their brains aren't as big as a house..
'D B' 11 months ago
First to say thanks for the knowledge 😅😅
'Shady' 11 months ago
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