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Draymond Green & Jae Crowder MMA on the court, Kevin Durant almost thrown out | Warriors vs Cavs -
Published: 4 months ago By: bballplays live

By: bballplays livePublished: 4 months ago

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pam mendoza
'pam mendoza' 2 weeks ago
draymond who?
Daniil Young
'Daniil Young' 2 weeks ago
Calderon calm yo lul ass down
'RAZR' 3 weeks ago
I love how real JVG is keeping it
J Flem
'J Flem' 1 month ago
Fuck u Cal Headazz
'homiefromfl' 1 month ago
Durant think he's a top player now. But he needed a 73-win team to help get one. Fruitcake.
'LifelinegamingFilms' 1 month ago
Dam when Calderon got pissed I got pissed 2 😂🤘🤮
K. Sham
'K. Sham' 1 month ago
Disappointed with draymond, he inverted and had a perfect berimbolo position, he went for the leg drag instead of the back, but when he got the leg drag, he gave up too much space, allowing crowder to recover guard. Should have potentially been an easy pass and 3 points.
Abe Twomey
'Abe Twomey' 1 month ago
J.R. Crowder?
Jesse Caballero
'Jesse Caballero' 1 month ago
I like how the old school dudes preach by the old school days of basketball but want a technical foul called for some bullshit lol They are walking contradictions
Kiko Romano
'Kiko Romano' 1 month ago
Reversal lol
Oh Brother
'Oh Brother' 1 month ago
It seems to me that some players are trying to win the game other than by playing basketball.
Julijan Bone
'Julijan Bone' 2 months ago
durant is a fucking pussy =)
'CashStacks' 2 months ago
Wow good job Caulderon for being a bitch. Move out of the way. You just standing there idiot.
Kristian Vandehei
'Kristian Vandehei' 2 months ago
Green took down Crowder though
Dimas Perez
'Dimas Perez' 2 months ago
I love Jeff
'Trippyhippy12334' 2 months ago
Bias ass commentator obviously Raymond tried to hump this man, as usual he's always onto of another guy, fag
'TheSahil360' 2 months ago
These dreadlock niggas always starting shit
'ridewave444' 2 months ago
Hate that stupid little twerp Van Gundy. Shitty coach. Shitty announcer.
Joao Paulo
'Joao Paulo' 2 months ago
Basketball still live
'tintman831' 2 months ago
Calderon wanted Durant thrown out cuz that’s the only chance they had!!
'dongjunior25' 2 months ago
lol thats a foul, nba on this days haha.
Garran Johnson
'Garran Johnson' 2 months ago
Draymond said come on man wtf! 😂😂
Klaus Wagner
'Klaus Wagner' 2 months ago
what the fuck is midget smiling about? your ass is out of cleveland!!!
Lebron James
'Lebron James' 2 months ago
Where the foul at dumb stupid ass refs
Joe Sanders
'Joe Sanders' 2 months ago
Jeff Van Gundy shut the fuck up omg
'2PointTv' 2 months ago
Anyone see that travel tho??
X-Ghost- 22
'X-Ghost- 22' 2 months ago
KD is still a bitch
Steven Seale
'Steven Seale' 2 months ago
He said nice takedown by j.r crowder
Van Damme
'Van Damme' 2 months ago
blefs help the blowriors🤣🤣🤣
'pejta24' 2 months ago
Mike Litoris
'Mike Litoris' 2 months ago
“MMA” lol what the fuck is this pathetic to even be compared to mma
Kdub 0621
'Kdub 0621' 2 months ago
Green always steady doin something
'eustagoesout' 2 months ago
hey its the old team!
Royal Ace
'Royal Ace' 2 months ago
DUMB pass by JR
'NoobEatMahRice' 2 months ago
ty lue was like "damn ok jose didnt know u was like that" arguing with the refs 😭😭😭
Nate Does Things
'Nate Does Things' 2 months ago
J.R. Crowder
'Raymundo11' 2 months ago
Can't throw out baby durant
TreeToker3Taker Official
Ryan Mathurin
'Ryan Mathurin' 3 months ago
Who’s J.R crowder? 💀
'ConvexRook' 3 months ago
Mason Falcon
'Mason Falcon' 3 months ago
Kev Durant u a buster azz mark now u got a ring u da man bytch made lanky slinky get more than 1 then hold yo nutz before Russ come g check u again
Hog Rider
'Hog Rider' 3 months ago
2 fans could fight in the stands and dreymond will still get the tech 😂😂😂
Aaliyah Kennith
'Aaliyah Kennith' 3 months ago
I really think Calderon has a fruity side
Dayne Bryan
'Dayne Bryan' 3 months ago
double standards are never ok
'YaBoyDaniel' 3 months ago
Bruh he shouldn’t be ejected for that shit 😂😂
popsy Sky
'popsy Sky' 3 months ago
gs only winning cuz of refs
Raniel Bansil
'Raniel Bansil' 3 months ago
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K-Vnson Renge
'K-Vnson Renge' 3 months ago
that reversal tho.😂
JR Ruiz
'JR Ruiz' 3 months ago
If that's LeBron he gets ejected.
Jazper John
'Jazper John' 3 months ago
King Klose
'King Klose' 3 months ago
Calderon tssss...i would give him the "T"
wasabi 1337
'wasabi 1337' 3 months ago
Crowder tackles Draymond Green; Jeff Van Gundy laughs and makes a mockery of the play. Kevin Durant nudges Calderon with the ball who's obviously looking to agitate; Jeff screams foul and suggests the entire NBA is rigged. Bronsexualism at its finest. "If he didn't have the first technical foul, Kevin Durant, they would have given him a technical foul! He'd of had a second technical! And it's okay to admit it!"... unless it's LeBron James. He can flop, elbow his way to the basket, cry and scream at the refs every drive and you won't hear a peep out of Jeff Van Gundy.
CST bk
'CST bk' 3 months ago
im surprised he didn't kick him in the nuts. Nice Jiu Jitsu though
jazwox 46
'jazwox 46' 3 months ago
that 'and a nice take down by jae crowder' hahahhah that was lit!
Lavar Ball
'Lavar Ball' 3 months ago
JR Crowder
Junal Inocencio
'Junal Inocencio' 3 months ago
I like how IT laughs.. lols.. I wonder if he is still laughing after that game. Lols...
William Jemison
'William Jemison' 3 months ago
50: bitch I will hit you with these ball
oliver empleo
'oliver empleo' 3 months ago
they just re-enacted what rodman and malone did during the finals way back in 1998,no hard feelings!
'Hutsonthebeast' 3 months ago
Fucking hate refs ruining shit
vanjo ero
'vanjo ero' 3 months ago
dulant snake !!!!!! he snake calderon bro come on our team we will be best record this tear and choke to the cavs in the finals
'SASHA SO' 3 months ago
*this shit funny*
Rusty Keno Marasigan
'Rusty Keno Marasigan' 3 months ago
They showing how bandwagon the refs🖓
Aquiles Baeza Parada
'Aquiles Baeza Parada' 3 months ago
Puercos y como sea kieren ganar por la mala lastima.
Jose cortes
'Jose cortes' 3 months ago
Draymond just only if it was Westbrook boi ur ass died
Belren Tarongoy
'Belren Tarongoy' 3 months ago
Fuck that ref..its KD father..hahaa
Benji Huncho
'Benji Huncho' 3 months ago
I'm going to be honest when I say this for LeBron James in the Jordan comparison and all of that I really don't feel like Jordan ever dismantled franchises like LeBron have I mean he tore up OKC he beat the Spurs for a championship then he beat the Golden State Warriors who was coming off of 73 and 9 season then they have to go out and get Mike Brown then they also had to go get Kevin Durant on top of Swaggy P they keep adding on to that team just to beat one player LeBron James is playing with a bunch of bums who's washed up and old I like wait roses hurt too much it it won't be enough time for his rhythm I mean I hope he gets it together Channing Frye is a waste Iman Shumpert is a waste JR Smith is a waste Tristan Thompson is a waste so really what type of team do LeBron really got he might as well leave enjoy my Rockets play with Harden and Chris Paul and take over the West
James Brannon
'James Brannon' 3 months ago
NBA is some pussy shit now
Tony Ramírez
'Tony Ramírez' 3 months ago
Fuck Jose Calderon
frederick gilbert
'frederick gilbert' 3 months ago
Crowder a bum bron a Mitch and the Cavs are toast
'Phillip' 3 months ago
Crowder built like a tank. I'd hate to see him on a dark ally.
Ache Prime
'Ache Prime' 3 months ago
the commentator saves these players flopping all over just to get a foul.
Lecheng Flan
'Lecheng Flan' 3 months ago
Patya c green beh!!!!
Yo Mammas Boo
'Yo Mammas Boo' 3 months ago
All the dumbass Bronsexuals saying Crowder didn't just get handled, dicksuckers LeBron so bad that they are even blind to his teammates getting punked on😂
'GilbertoTheVlogger' 3 months ago
0:08 "Jr Crowder"😂
'IndohNintendo' 3 months ago
Draymond was pissed he got reversed haha.
Yuan Wantu
'Yuan Wantu' 3 months ago
draymond got served hahaha
Cruz Lil
'Cruz Lil' 3 months ago
Fucking cupcakes
Cruz Lil
'Cruz Lil' 3 months ago
That fucking 🐍 snake
'WhoDey_Sana-YT' 3 months ago
Wuss ass Cavs always tryna get someone ejected.
dr soos
'dr soos' 3 months ago
watch tyronn lue lmfao
'DR. SMK' 3 months ago
Grant C.
'Grant C.' 3 months ago
Lame video
Giovanni !!!
'Giovanni !!!' 3 months ago
Dont fk with JR Crowder
jackie xian
'jackie xian' 3 months ago
Double standard
'Twrite609' 3 months ago
I used to blame the refs for every stupid tech and throwing players out every time they said something. But lets be real these players have become fucking sensitive as hell and they are always whining about every little tap on their wrist. A ref cant call a foul every time they get hit because their would be no players in the game because everyone would foul out. Yes, the players don't deserve to be treated like kids but if I was a ref and I had grown men running up into my face yelling and spiting about every call I would throw their asses out too. They treat the refs like bitches lol
The Light Knight
'The Light Knight' 3 months ago
This is exactly why i dont watch the NBA. The shit is not even fun or competitive anymore. All the best players trying to play with each other. Bogus rodiculous calls. Jus garbage
Cy The Grate
'Cy The Grate' 3 months ago
I still don't know how nothing was called at all in this play... either on Draymond or Crowder but call something, funny shit lol smh
Funked Up
'Funked Up' 3 months ago
LMAO Calderon throwin a spazz attack at the official
Godmarz Popy
'Godmarz Popy' 3 months ago
NBA refs bunch of useless piece of shits
anime chixx
'anime chixx' 3 months ago
Well, it's just a matter of time before draymond green get smacked by other players who has short temper.
'THE BIG 3' 3 months ago
'kukui1251' 3 months ago
The commentator is an mma geek
Andrew Garfield
'Andrew Garfield' 3 months ago
Jae Crowder would fuck up Draymond
Das Effx Grow
'Das Effx Grow' 4 months ago
Hehe wtf
ForeignCray Green
'ForeignCray Green' 4 months ago
Draymond think he tough 😂😂😂 ...I like what I see, finally we got someone on the cavs to Handle him
yotoshi moro
'yotoshi moro' 4 months ago
They called all the BS fouls except the one that really was a foul fuck these NBA Refs!! #GOCAVS
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