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Atheist Answers #3: God is Not Responsible for Evil -
Published: 2 years ago By: Underlings

By: UnderlingsPublished: 2 years ago

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"Atheist Answers" responds to common claims made by Christian (and other religion) apologists. Today's video responds to the claim that God is not responsible for evil.

Kristen Michelle
'Kristen Michelle' 2 months ago
Yes, God had full knowledge and he wanted to give people a choice, just like we wouldn't want little robots instead of real children. God allowed the Fall, and then paved the way for us to be forgiven, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If you reject God's forgiveness, that's your fault. He suffered for your benefit, whether you accept it or not.
Brad Yarde
'Brad Yarde' 3 months ago
I used to be a christian but Jesus kicked me out of the religion for committing annoying sins. No surprise there right?..He truly is indeed evil. He knew that I did not realize that the sins that I was committing were leading me on a path to hell. He gave me weak warnings. I needed stronger warnings because I believed all sin would be forgiven except unforgivable sins like blasphemy of the holy spirit or taking the mark of the beast/RFID CHIP. I was distracted by my female guardian angels, I used to flirt with them, make bad jokes, etc..Jesus loves a level 22 psychopathic-torture murderer more than he loves me. Makes no sense right? Even though I had my sin, I used to work for the kingdom of Christ. Apparently, murder is not that annoying to him.
Jacob Cherian
'Jacob Cherian' 5 months ago
Revelation 4 :11 Everything is made and was created for God`s Pleasure. It is a game to God and we are all part of the game of life to God. We have to choose to be on the winning team with Jesus or the Losing Team with Satan ! And the winners go to Heaven and the losers go to Hell and lake of fire to be tortured for all eternity ! This I learned from Gabriel Ansley Erb of "2028 the end" you tube video called," 2028 End of The World (part 2/10) The game of life part -the big questions of life answered" !
Mark Woods
'Mark Woods' 5 months ago
The bible says god created light and darkness.  So, if he is everything and created all he is ultimately responsible.
mathieu comte
'mathieu comte' 5 months ago
If God is really I would rather not be born then live in a world full of fear because of life after death
William Garcia
'William Garcia' 7 months ago
The BUCK *stops* with God. He's 100% responsible. He *is* SATAN!
Debbie R
'Debbie R' 7 months ago
Make sure of your decision. You are deciding where you will spend eternity. Remember.... We are spinning on a rock in the middle of nowhere . You have read God all wrong. Every last one of us turned our backs on God. We all left him. He never left us. He never changes like we do. He only loves but when we sin or break the boundaries God has set forth so we can live with him we have consequences. God is sinless or better to say he is perfect. We are not. He is giving us a manual , the Bible ,so we will know when we step out of bounds. God does not need us . We need God. He lives in a place so wonderful that we cannot comprehend it. People say that God is unfair because he lets the suffering and pain go on here on Earth. Let me be very clear that God does not do this to anyone. They do it to themselves thru the separation they choose away from God. You cannot see what goes on in any ones mind, but God can. People bring about their own pain and despair. They will profess to know God or act righteous in front of others but actually they are full of hate for their fellow man inside. This brings about poverty, cancer, disease ,starvation, hate for one another ,etc. God has no part in this. Look at any situation in the bible. The Israelites were always hit hard by God's wrath because of what they did not because God singled them out and doomed them. He cannot do that. God is giving everyone a chance to come freely to him and the time is right now. Look at the world around us. Revelation warns us that when you see these signs know that the time of his appearing is near. We are taking God out of everything as predicted by the prophets in the bible. The USA used to be the super power of the world when we chose "In God we Trust." But now we have chosen the opposite and we are a fallen Nation . God is getting ready to say, "Game Over." As predicted in revelation. Those who choose God will live forever with him in paradise. A place the creator of this universe designed. The bible says, eye hath not seen nor ear heard the things which God has prepared for those who love him {1 Corinthians 2:9} , be given a body that will never grow old and will see their loved ones who have died in Christ. I don't see how anyone would choose to disbelieve and loose all that. On the other hand , nonbelievers will get exactly what they are asking for. Separation from him which is an environment of pure darkness and pain forever. The bible says, he wishes no one to go there but if that's what you choose he then gives it to you, forever.{2 Peter 3:9} Remember.......... We are spinning on a rock in the middle of nowhere and the outcome of our present life is death. No other life form has been found in the Universe which points again to the bible being right. These few of many documentaries have been produced because these people have found the truth that God does exist and he will reveal himself to you if you are truly repentant and accept his Son, Jesus. I hope you reconsider your decision because forever is a long time. Consider watching on youtube I Am Second-Brian Welch Psychopathic Atheist Turns to Jesus/ A Short Testimony Of David Wood Atheist to Christian Ten of The Top Scientific Facts in the Bible
Danny Kershen
'Danny Kershen' 8 months ago
Hello Underlings.  Your video starts with the false premise that because God is all knowing that He causes and is responsible for everything - including evil.  You know as well as I do that 'knowing' and 'causing' are two completely different things.  Surely you have read CS Lewis?  Yes, God could have created any kind of universe He wanted including one were we did not rebel but He didn't. Why? God wanted to create a universe with choice. Why? Because it is a choice to love. We cannot force anyone to love us. God does not limit our choice beyond living in a physical, temporal universe. Why? Because we cannot make any choice in this life that God cannot fix in the eternal Spiritual realm. This love created by choice is so important that God gave us the option to rebel, lash out, destroy, lie, cheat, hate, let children starve and any other sin you care to list.  Yes, those sins are our fault because we could have chosen God's love instead.  We did it and we will be held responsible. Yes, there will be justice because God is perfectly just which is actually a wonderful thing. You use the term "tortured for all eternity". Of course God's justice will be eternal because God and His Kingdom are eternal and the temporal will have passed away. You use the word ''torture" but the more correct term is "punishment" -  just as we punish those who break the law today. We do not know exactly what it will look like but it will be perfect justice. But, Underlings, God gave us a perfect sacrifice so we would not have to face the punishment for our sin.  Repent and place your trust in Jesus and he will cleanse you of your sins and you will have eternal life.  It is not a matter of the head, it is a matter of the heart.
el verdugo Pr
'el verdugo Pr' 8 months ago
of course he is. evil is part of hes plan. god make satan rebel. God dodnt knew, he predestinated all.
Mike Carter
'Mike Carter' 9 months ago
God is not responsible for evil? I think god says otherwise. Isaiah 45:7 King James Version (KJV) 7. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.
'CRAZY MAN' 11 months ago
My point is what God is??? We give what he/she/it a voice, a story, a son, a place, a job title ect... How could you follow what I know as God??? You can't. But you can follow a being of some type.
'stefanos2691' 11 months ago
I call it Masochism. Religious people would rather take the abuse and excuse the abuser, than to stand up, on their own two feet, and start planning their escape. It's like when people who have been abducted and locked in a basement for abuse purposes, start identifying with the abductor and turn to love them too. Masochism.
Donald Fry
'Donald Fry' 12 months ago
There are a couple of ironies here: 1. If God did not allow free will, the atheists would be the first to rebel. Free will means consequences. Look at why people starve and you will find it is not due to a lack of food, but rather because of people deliberately disobeying the teachings of God. 2. The author uses the pictures of starving children to attack God, yet how many atheist organizations put their lives on the line to go to these places to feed the children? The vast majority of relief is theistic. The vast majority of those are Christian. 3. The atheist almost universally will use pictures like the one above to attack God, yet have no problem with killing innocent children in the womb. 4. Atheist based governments have produced more death and starvation than any other force in history. Just a little reality check.
'CRAZY MAN' 1 year ago
God is not responsible for a single thing man has done, does or will do. God is not a being. He, she or it is DARKMATTER and Darkenergy and they love and work with gravity.
'Boi' 1 year ago
Adam and eve where too white people. how is there blacks and Mexicans?
Rob Gravelle
'Rob Gravelle' 1 year ago
Ah, the problem of omnipotence.  It rattles the brain.
Mr. Spark
'Mr. Spark' 1 year ago
If God made the world perfect then what would be the point of living?
Jennifer Johnson
'Jennifer Johnson' 1 year ago
God set up the fall of man to look good. He predestines people to hell just for little sins. He has an elect. Not to mention he treats women as objects. I was saved, and God sent A LOT of devils that severely possess and oppress me, and when I came to some Christians for help, they ignored me and turned their backs on me. God ignored me, then I ignored him. Then he sent these devils on me, knowing that I did not want these Devils. So that goes to show that God can hear you and your prayers when you sin, he just chooses not to, to be cruel. I did not do anything to deserve this. I try to keep my morals. There's something not right about these devils that pick on me, which means there's something not right about their God. I even sensed the evil in God the Father's presence. God also lets this devil that He sent on me send severe stabbing pains and do other very cruel things on me. As for the other stuff, it's in the Bible.
Jennifer Johnson
'Jennifer Johnson' 1 year ago
God is pure evil. I'm not being untruthful. God the father told me that he would make me go and sin, just because I screamed at him out of grief. He is trying to make me suffer beyond what I can handle just so he can make me evil like him. And I refuse to be like him. And God the father predestined the fall of man for his glory. And God told me he predestined people to hell before they were in their mother's womb. They weren't even babies yet. He throws people in hell just for little sins. And God the father plays favorites I noticed from what I've read about him and the interactions I had with him. He is a neglectful Father, yet he wants to intervene into the unbelievers life just to punish them out of hate. Also God does creates evil because he created the tree of knowledge.
Jennifer Johnson
'Jennifer Johnson' 1 year ago
I hope God the father gets literally raped in the pussy for being cruel to me. I hope Jesus gets raped on his dick and in his ass. I hope the Holy Spirit suck Jesus dick and swallows his cum whole. I hope Jesus sucks my enemies dicks and fucks them both man and woman and cheats on his fucking bride (the elect). I wish God the father get possessed by more Devils than he sent on me and they rape him for years on end. Oh and FYI God prostituted the daughters of a rapist just because their father was a rapist. It was in a testimony I read.
Jennifer Johnson
'Jennifer Johnson' 1 year ago
God set up the fall of man to look good. He predestines people to hell just for little sins. He has an elect. Not to mention he treats women as objects. I was saved, and God sent A LOT of devils that severely possess and oppress me, and when I came to some Christians for help, they ignored me and turned their backs on me. God ignored me, then I ignored him. Then he sent these devils on me, knowing that I did not want these Devils. So that goes to show that God can hear you and your prayers when you sin, he just chooses not to, to be cruel. I did not do anything to deserve this. I try to keep my morals. There's something not right about these devils that pick on me, which means there's something not right about their God. I even sensed the evil in God the Father's presence. God also lets this devil that He sent on me send severe stabbing pains and do other very cruel things on me. As for the other stuff, it's in the Bible.
Jennifer Johnson
'Jennifer Johnson' 1 year ago
If god was truly good he would never set up the fall of man, predestine people to hell, have an elect, and laugh at people's calamity. He also wouldn't send demons on people that he takes away the Holy Spirit from. How does that make him just? What kind of father waits until HIS OWN children reaches the full measure of his sins? Just so he could punish them and get glory out of them?!
Last Stand
'Last Stand' 2 years ago
Humanity is the only evil and only good as we are mostly evil for what good have we apes done than decide to not kill each other for another month or decide to help animals?
Last Stand
'Last Stand' 2 years ago
Humanity is the only evil
'CRAZY MAN' 2 years ago
You should include or make a special segment of the fact that God would have known that his residents, citizens, followers or angles were going to earth and raping all the humans. Something that could have only been done with his permission. Remember Job? The Satan needed Gods permission to go go and from the earth and also needed his permission to punish or test them already knowing the end results.
Brad Yarde
'Brad Yarde' 2 years ago
If God was good, he would not have allowed Satan in the garden of Eden. Just think, God allowed a liar and a destroyer into planet earth when it was brand new. Who does that? Also, when Satan started lying to angels in heaven, God could have easily kicked out Satan alone and teach him a lesson, therefore the other angels in heaven would not have followed Satan.
Himangsu Sekhar Pal
'Himangsu Sekhar Pal' 2 years ago
God is neither good nor evil; he is beyond good and evil. Both good and evil have come from him.
'KT' 2 years ago
Can you make a video out of this below? Man chops off wifes hands for not being able to have a baby
Nick Dolgy
'Nick Dolgy' 2 years ago
Enjoyed. Thank you
Kees den Heijer
'Kees den Heijer' 2 years ago
Only Gawd gave a thumbs down for this one.
'LifeLikeSage' 2 years ago
I'll give you another conclusion; God is a man-made moneyfarmingidea that doesn't need to make sense because it's fiction.
Mr. Lion
'Mr. Lion' 2 years ago
It's really sad that alot of people watch these vids and believe everything this guy says. honestly, if you took the time to understand the book, you should not make this kind of reasoning. there is no point for him choosing from an infinite variety of universes just to avoid suffering. we made the choice to live in sin and suffering by using our free will for wrong. we have free will to make decisions and choices in our lives and we are responsible for what we do, be it bad or good things. Even if he knows what you do, it doesn't mean he plans it. knowing in advance what one does in the future does not make you responsible for ones bad actions. i find it terrifying that people like your vids.
Angel Rapallo
'Angel Rapallo' 2 years ago
is so simple and yet almost none gets is hard to get it but yet simple i struggled for years but basically is this There was a SINfull creation which produced monsters dark matter long before our creation all these creatures came from SIN they were dying God creates us and these creatures in order to survive imposed their SIN on us and created religions to make us PAY for their sin and hence keep rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as mankind awakens they start to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are in that process.
Jose Coiscou
'Jose Coiscou' 2 years ago
a lot of people are going to regret saying all this things about God Don't blame God for what's happening on this planet blame it on the person who knows they doing the wrong thing & still keeps doing it
Rob Walther
'Rob Walther' 2 years ago
Your conclusion, that God is an evil monster, got me thinking that I best not go to Church. Did you consider, that God is responsible for the fact of freedom, and we are responsible for our act of freedom? I find your vidios very interesting.
'blade93' 2 years ago
If any of these all powerful gods were real why doesn't he just get rid of the other gods and Prove himself so that people would worship him instead of the other gods? Not that I would worship this evil monster. And also what kind of powerful god would rely on text or people to spread his messages? And what about all the people around the world who has never heard of jesus dying for your sins and then comes back to life 3 days later, if a christian tried to explain this to them,they would think they were looney.
Greg Letter
'Greg Letter' 2 years ago
The thing is, if there is no god, then we are doing this shit to ourselves. We are having babies while knowing that they very well might suffer.
Jack Silva
'Jack Silva' 2 years ago
Good video. This should convince Christians that God is completely responsible for evil and he is evil. Of course, I don't expect every Christian to understand, but I do hope that at least the majority of them will come to their senses. Next apologist claim: God knows more than we do. When you talk about Hitler knowing things better than his followers, some Christians I know weren't convinced, because Hitler's a human like they are. Please add a little bit of more detail to that so that way they could be convinced.
Angel Rapallo
'Angel Rapallo' 2 years ago
if only you could speak Spanish oh man this video this guy explains it very very clearly so simple that is scary who is/are the gods of the bible? here
Angel Rapallo
'Angel Rapallo' 2 years ago
I like the music though hehehe..................... Archons are the evil gods of all religions.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! invadersa demented insane............not God......God which is you me all of us did not created them did we? so God did not created Evil.....................their mother sophhia created them
Angel Rapallo
'Angel Rapallo' 2 years ago
The best way to understand this is simply by looking art the fact that the god/s of the bible and all religions is a group of Demented creatures.......we have God in us....we dont need anything from any book.........once you see this clearly your videos will change from God is Evil to oh my God the Archons are the Evil... they were not created by God they were created out of SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! an Error and it was aborted thats why they look like ugly fetuses..........though they try very hard to make us think they look beautifull
Angel Rapallo
'Angel Rapallo' 2 years ago
because what you call God is simply a group of Evil demented creatures the product of an Abortion by some being called Sophia she in disobedience to God gave birth to an illegal monster the one who hates humans and well all those evil flood etc... is this monster and his crew of monsters...hehehe all knowing yes......why if God needed to create but needed certain workers who God would use but needed to disposed of later on? Well he would allow for Sophia to created this demented creatures make them think they were God work for free and then give them a temptation which they could not resit namely Humans and that once they tasted of the Flesh they would seal their fate.............incredible super intelligence......................
'pilgrimpater' 2 years ago
It's like designing a plane without wings and blaming it on the fuselage. If the future is fixed and only God knows it , yet cannot or will not alter it, then what fixed the future? It can surely only be God, Therefore the opening lines of the "God Delusion" are spot on. It's all part of the Universe's greatest Vanity Project.
fuvk u
'fuvk u' 2 years ago
great video, as always
Thinking Out Loud
'Thinking Out Loud' 2 years ago
But...but...Adam and Eve chose to...sin, uh...nevermind, haha I'm jk. This is why I couldn't be religious. I could never defend myself.
'itsasin1969' 2 years ago
Nowhere in the bible does it say anything about free will. "The Lord has made everything for his own ends, even the wicked for the evil day, Proverbs 16:4 & I the Lord make evil , Isaiah 47,7. God has a plan, Jeremiah 29:11. Nobody can change his mind, Proverbs 19:21. No one comes to Jesus unless the Father draws them first (John 6:44). Makes all the rules , Exodus 24:12>13. Made the flaws in people, Psalm 139:12, Can do anything, Mark 10:27. Knows the future, Isaiah 46:9>10. If god had the power to make any universe he wanted, and knew everything from the start to end, then you CAN NOT have all those things and god given free will. NOW,, That their own bible proves there is NO god given free will ,, who are they going to blame?
'Mockturtlesoup1' 2 years ago
this is the one "argument" I use more than any other when debating/conversing with theists (well, of the abrahamic religions). like, almost word for word. it is blatantly obvious to me, and frustrating when theists just shake it off, don't get it, or refuse to really think about it (which I think is the biggest pRobles with all god arguments, that they are somewhat difficult to think about, and if you don't stay on your train of thought, it is easy to just ignore them, or refuse to be intellectually honest enough to follow them through to their logical conclusions. there's too much wiggle room, fuzzy definitions of words, difficult to think about concepts/ideas, etc.)
'ChipArgyle' 2 years ago
Next up - we send ourselves to Hell? That's one of my favorites.
0nly This
'0nly This' 2 years ago
Which God (proper noun, captalized and without modifying article.)? There are so many "one and only" Gods. Just ask any theist.
Michael Mabajhac
'Michael Mabajhac' 2 years ago
if you look at all gods creations you will see his is a total fuckwit with shit for brains and a dont give a fuck attitude in fact a total cunt and his followers are definitely sheep
Michael Mabajhac
'Michael Mabajhac' 2 years ago
god is such a cunt he must have been invented by mankind
Nebojsa Galic
'Nebojsa Galic' 2 years ago
I`m an antheist but I`ve tried to justify God, just as an intellectual excercise, and I`ve come up with this. #1 Omniscience means God knows all that IS but does not choose to extrapolate. #2 Everything science and evolution say is true, the Bible is only the product of what people have written. God does intervene but in a super minimalistic way, mostly leaving people to their own devices, because otherwise it would all be meaningless to both him and us. Hence #1 He adds those little bits of actually good stuff to nudge us in the right direction.(idea stolen from Futurama) #3 Hell and heaven are metaphores for suffering and bliss during our earthly existence. Supported by the fact Jesus describes them in contradicting ways that also evoke a very worldy flavour of suffering or happines i.e. ''extreme darkness'' ''Tears and the gnashing of teeth'' and ''My father`s house'' ''Wedding'' etc. God`s judgement is compared to the harvest, not because it is eternal or after death, but because it is INEVITABLE and has always existed and will always exist and is inseparable from life.
'aderek79' 2 years ago
I think another possibility would be that god is just incompetent. Sure, he has the ability to create a perfect world and all possible knowledge of how things will turn out, but he doesn't do that. He falls short in the execution and the follow through. The old testament would make a lot more sense with a preamble that said it was about an all powerful god who just couldn't be bothered to do things right the first time. Hence he keeps calling for a mulligan in the OT.
'1FullBack5' 2 years ago
A point about hell The Bible doesn't teach that people go to Hell for everlasting torture. It is quite explicit in saying the only way to eternal life is through Jesus. Belief in Him will mean the conquering of death, non belief means rejection of Christ and so the rejection of eternal life. Those that reject Christ are sent into the fires of the abyss to be consumed by them, utterly destroyed, the second death. Only satan and his demons are to be in the abyss for all time as they are already eternal beings.
'yinYangMountain' 2 years ago
Dear Underlings, After reading my ‘long-winded’ explanation (probably below in this thread), please contemplate how a Christian/Theologian might answer these—and what naturally follows: A. Yes or no, does your argued-for non-contingent eternally changeless God ever go from a relationship of seeing or sensing our Universe as non-created to created? [Ref. Law of Non-Contradiction] B. Yes or no, does your argued-for non-contingent eternally changeless God ever go from a non-x to an x relationship with itself? [Ref. Law of Identity] C. Yes or no, if you were standing next to God in an unchanging eternity (let's assume that's possible), did you ever see God without the Universe? [Ref. Law of the Excluded Middle] D. What factors, if any, contributed to the nature of your eternally, timeless and changeless God? [Ref. All three laws of logic and attributes attributed simultaneously.] E. Was there ever a moment God did not sense/observe Jesus being beaten by the Romans and subsequently tortured on the cross? From an eternally changeless perspective, will this torture ever end? No; No; No; None; No/Never. yYM
Nocthe Medic
'Nocthe Medic' 2 years ago
the only people who say god isn't evil are people who haven't read the bible
Augustine Muchez
'Augustine Muchez' 2 years ago
How can you put pictures of poor African kids yet say God is responsible for that.How could you skip humans who have a lot of money hiding and spending on useless things.Instead of putting out their money to help the poor dying children by creating good better living environment and hygiene.You skip man and say that God is responsible for that?
'yinYangMountain' 2 years ago
Dear Underlings, I’m an Atheist and a big fan of yours. But, from a certain perspective, and from the perspective of the typically defined Classic God of Theism (which includes the often claimed attributes of the Abrahamic God), you missed how God is not responsible for ‘creating’ evil—or anything for that matter. [Note: As I recall, you mention these very attributes in a previous video.] Why Not Responsible? Read on: ASSUME, FOR THE SAKE OF THE FOLLOWING ARGUMENTS AND THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PREMISES ARE TRUE FOR GOD: God is eternal; God is uncaused; God is timeless; God is changeless (as change requires time); God is all-present; God is all-knowing. Before continuing, Underlings, contemplate the following thought experiment and how one might imagine what the above hypothesized God (with at least the premises or attributes listed) would see and/or sense and its relationship to the Universe: 1) From God’s view, he sees all three dimensions of space in the Universe. We will call them X, Y, and Z; as well as, 2) all time beginning from time T-I (the initial / the beginning of time) to T-F (the final / the end of time); now, 3) imagine looking at an infinitely sized wall in front of you containing an infinite number of monitors; each monitor is showing an individual moment in time (the fourth dimension); or, 4) imagine looking at three translucent monitors: the first is you 2-seconds ago; the second is you now; and the third is you 2-seconds in the future. Now imagine laying the screens directly inline with you and seeing your past, present, and future happening all at once. Now imagine an infinite amount of screens each showing the entire Universe from start to finish, at every angle, showing every particle, at the same time; then, 5) although it’s not necessary for the thought experiments, one could add infinite layers of observations including: sound, smell, taste, feeling, thought, emotion, etc.] Also before continuing, please also contemplate the basic agreements of the (A) verses (B) theory of time and as it relates to God: (A) The (A) theory states that God is temporal (or tensed); this means that time for God has a real past, present, and future. I.e., the past is no longer real, the present is real, and the future is undetermined potentiality. (B) The (B) theory states that God would be timeless (or tenseless)—where God is outside of time; this means that God has no past, present, or future; he experiences time all at once; from timelessness, God can recognize that events are ordered in a temporal sequence, but he experiences them all simultaneously and from a perspective where all contained time has already concluded. (ref. Einstein or the Stanford paper on time.) Now contemplate the CLASSICAL THEISTIC ARGUMENT: Non-Contingent Contingency Cosmological Argument: P1: All contingent realities depend for their existence upon a non-contingent or necessary reality; P2: The universe is a contingent reality; Conclusion: Therefore, the universe depends for its existence on a non-contingent or necessary reality. [Note: Most Christians and/or theologians say this is Yahweh.] Now, Underlings, let’s look at this argument—which is one of the most brilliant ‘bait and switches’ of all time—and one which most Theists and Atheists both miss! The problem is a human’s temporal perception verses a God’s ‘timeless’ understanding. Humans are used to having a before and after; and humans perceive the Universe as having a beginning. And because God (as described above) is timeless/tenseless (does not exist in time), we acknowledge he would not have a beginning. These both are commonly accepted as long as the Universe has a beginning; for if the Universe was infinite in the past, it would not need a God to cause it. i. The “ex nihilo” hypothesis neglects God’s relation to the Universe and the relationship of the Universe to timelessness that is reserved for the God described. ii. If God is timeless or eternal, and can see or sense the Universe, then the Universe must also be considered eternal by the same standards. I.e., in a timeless state everything is eternal. iii. If God (as described) and the Universe both exist here, neither exist in a situation or arrangement without the other. iv. To say that God created the Universe, including evil, implies there was an arrangement in where only God existed and the Universe did not; that arrangement would violate timelessness. I.e., that arrangement change requires time. LOGICAL DEDUCTION (premises assumed true for this topic) P1: God is eternal; P2: God sees or senses everything (including the Universe)—for all eternity; P3: Because no time or change, including perception or perspective, is possible for God, the Universe also exists timelessly—for all eternity; i.e., the Universe exists in the same timeless state God does; P4: The Universe only has a beginning in a temporal sense; Conclusion: Therefore, the Universe is also considered eternal and concluded, and it can only be claimed to have a beginning in a temporal sense or view; and therefore it follows the Universe (and everything) would not need a cause. Alternative wording 1: P1. God exists in a timeless state; P2. Timeless means there is no time, and therefore there can be no change; Conclusion: Therefore, if there is no change, there cannot be a transition from 1 object (God) to the existence of 2 or more objects (God and the Universe). Alternative wording 2: P1: God exists in a timeless state; therefore he does not need a cause; P2: If the Universe (with a capital U) is not eternal and infinite, then it exists inside a timeless state; P3: If the universe exists inside a timeless state, there was never an arrangement where the universe did not exist; Conclusion: Therefore the universe does not need a cause. THOUGHT EXPERIMENT Underlings, imagine you are a third-party standing next to God in a timeless state capable of seeing eternity—including both God and the Universe simultaneously. Since you’d be in a timeless state as well, you’d never see God without the Universe; also, you’d never see that anything is possible [including any possible change or future—evil or not]; you’d see that there will be no other existence other than this one existence—for eternity. What must follow from these deductions: 1. The Kalam Cosmological Argument and Non-Contingent Argument are invalid together; and, 2. any claimed God that includes the above attributes (which is generally the case), one that can see or sense the Universe eternally, could not have created the Universe—evil or otherwise; and, 3. it’s logically impossible a God, as described, can be a grounding for objective morality (good or bad). This particular God’s grounded nature is due strictly to the eternal happenstance reality he finds himself in—and that is the definition of random; and, 4. because God’s nature is subject to the eternal happenstance reality he finds himself in—as there were not factors that contributed to HIS own existence (or anything fro that matter as defined), this leads God’s grounded morality (good, bad, or otherwise) being subjective and impossible to be objective; and, 5. if God does not create the Universe (or evil), God could not interact with the Universe in any sense—because, again, all contained time has already concluded. Ref. The Stanford Paper on Time. yYM
'DaGingerHeadMan' 2 years ago
You're implying the creation myth is correct. Is this helpful? Just my thought.
James Scobie
'James Scobie' 2 years ago
this is an arguement that is hard to deny.
'Lucas' 2 years ago
the rational choice is... of course god isn't responsible for evil. there is no God, and no such thing as evil.
'chrisose' 2 years ago
The other choice is the "God" is a fictional character made up by ancient leaders to control others.
Led Floyd
'Led Floyd' 2 years ago
Do you think the God from the Quran or the Judeo-Christian God is more evil? They both seem really evil, I mean the Allah of the Quran says to kill infidels repeatedly and is very sexist, then on the other hand you got Yahweh from the bible who kills everyone in a flood, burns people for eternity (I think allah does this too) and more.
Danny Boi
'Danny Boi' 2 years ago
How do you respond to the claim that suffering on this earth is negligible to the eternity spent in heaven?
dion pryor
'dion pryor' 2 years ago
or god is just a dumbass
'timelike01' 2 years ago
If god created the universe, he's responsible for everything that happens in the universe -- including evil. And even if you say god didn't directly create evil, he did create the conditions that made evil possible. (Duh!)
'Avatar' 2 years ago
Proof that God is not omnipotent: 1. If God exists, there appear to be four possibilities: God is omnipotent and omniscient, God is omnipotent but not omniscient, God is omniscient but not omnipotent and God is neither omnipotent nor omniscient. 2. God cannot be omnipotent and omniscient because His omniscience would mean He knows what will happen in the future. But if this is the case then He is powerless to change His mind about the future, thus making Him impotent. 3. Let us say, then, that God is not omniscient and does not know the future. If so, then He cannot see into the future and is therefore impotent. 4. Therefore, while God may be omniscient, it is impossible for Him to be omnipotent.
'mikeyvester' 2 years ago
God is a psychotic, blood thirsty monster. Probably because he was invented by bronze age, primitive, blood thirsty barbarians.
'LavenderLushLuxury' 2 years ago
I love your videos :)
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